Origami - A folding editor

Michael Haardt u31b3hs at cip-s02.informatik.rwth-aachen.de
Fri Feb 22 02:04:16 AEST 1991

Hello world!

A few days before I posted the sources for a folding editor named
Origami in comp.os.minix.  The current version seems to be stable.  If
you never worked with a folding editor before, save the posting and read
the documentation.  There is a section written for those people.  It
takes five minutes to convince me, that folding editors make writing of
programs and documents so much easier, I hope that you will get the same
experience.  This is the newest version we have.  There is full macro
language support and documentation.  Origami runs on PC MINIX 1.5.10 and
SUN 3/4 with SunOS 4.1.

I tried to make this crossposting earlier, but our server was broken.

The sources are uuencoded 13-bit compressed shell archives.  There
should be no problems to unpack and use them.  One archive contains two
of my local system wide include files.  They are identical with the ones
included in my MROFF distribution and should be copied to

Part1 contains keybindings and macros: origami1.5/bindings
Part2 contains the documentation as roff source: origami1.5/doc
Part3 contains the above mentioned include files: /usr/include/local
Part4 and Part5 must be concatenated and contain sources: origami1.5

Part 1 and 2 disappered somewhere on the way to the west coast of USA,
but I reposted them a few minutes ago.

If you have questions, bug reports (with fixes as cdiffs :-) ), or
anything else, you can send me email to:

Michael Haardt (u31b3hs%cip-s01.informatik.rwth-aachen.de at unido.bitnet)


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