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Michael Nolan nolan at
Thu Feb 7 15:18:07 AEST 1991

eesnyder at boulder.Colorado.EDU (Eric E. Snyder) writes:

>Does anyone know where I can obtain (via ftp or whatever) Zip + 4 
>codes and city, state and address data?


Zip + 4 data from the post office takes up something like 30 2400 foot
1600bpi tapes, or something in excess of 1.3G of data.  I don't know of
any archive site for it, and given the size I doubt there is one.

The post office is perfectly willing to sell the data, it costs something
like $1500/year, with either monthly or quarterly updates.  (With logic
only the Post Office could use, the cost is the same whether you get the
monthly or the quarterly updates.)  If you are interested, call the 
customer service rep at your local post office.  They will refer you 
to their addressing systems group in Memphis.  (There is a toll-free
number for that office, but I don't have it handy.  Sorry.)

Michael Nolan
nolan at

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