zipcode (part 5 of 9)

Maj Brian Boyter boyter at bimbo.uucp
Wed Feb 6 14:44:14 AEST 1991

# This is a shell archive (produced by shar 3.49)
# To extract the files from this archive, save it to a file, remove
# everything above the "!/bin/sh" line above, and type "sh file_name".
# made 02/06/1991 03:27 UTC by root at bimbo
# Source directory /local/src/zipcode
# existing files will NOT be overwritten unless -c is specified
# This shar contains:
# length  mode       name
# ------ ---------- ------------------------------------------
#  97754 -rw-r--r-- zipcode.txt.4
# ============= zipcode.txt.4 ==============
if test -f 'zipcode.txt.4' -a X"$1" != X"-c"; then
	echo 'x - skipping zipcode.txt.4 (File already exists)'
echo 'x - extracting zipcode.txt.4 (Text)'
sed 's/^X//' << 'SHAR_EOF' > 'zipcode.txt.4' &&
44671:Sandyville, OH
44672:Sebring, OH
44675:Sherrodsville, OH
44676:Shreve, OH
44677:Smithville, OH
44678:Somerdale, OH
44679:Stillwater, OH
44680:Strasburg, OH
44681:Sugarcreek, OH
44682:Tuscarawas, OH
44683:Uhrichsville, OH
44685:Uniontown, OH
44686:New Philadelphia, OH
44687:Walnut Creek, OH
44688:Waynesburg, OH
44689:Wilmot, OH
44690:Winesburg, OH
44691:Wooster, OH
44693:Deersville, OH
44695:Bowerston, OH
44697:Zoar, OH
44699:Tippecanoe, OH
44700-44712:Canton, OH
44714:Canton, OH
44718:Canton, OH
44720-44721:Canton, OH
44730:Canton, OH
44735:Canton, OH
44750:Canton, OH
44760:Canton, OH
44767:Canton, OH
44798-44799:Canton, OH
44801:Adrian, OH
44802:Alvada, OH
44803:Amsden, OH
44804:Arcadia, OH
44805:Ashland, OH
44807:Attica, OH
44809:Bascom, OH
44811:Bellevue, OH
44813:Bellville, OH
44814:Berlin Heights, OH
44815:Bettsville, OH
44816:Birmingham, OH
44817:Bloomdale, OH
44818:Bloomville, OH
44820:Bucyrus, OH
44822:Butler, OH
44823:Carrothers, OH
44824:Castalia, OH
44825:Chatfield, OH
44826:Collins, OH
44827:Crestline, OH
44828:Flat Rock, OH
44829:Fort Seneca, OH
44830:Fostoria, OH
44833:Galion, OH
44836:Green Springs, OH
44837:Greenwich, OH
44838:Hayesville, OH
44839:Huron, OH
44840:Jeromesville, OH
44841:Kansas, OH
44842:Loudonville, OH
44843:Lucas, OH
44844:Mc Cutchenville, OH
44845:Melmore, OH
44846:Milan, OH
44847:Monroeville, OH
44848:Nankin, OH
44849:Nevada, OH
44850:New Haven, OH
44851:New London, OH
44853:New Riegel, OH
44854:New Washington, OH
44855:North Fairfield, OH
44856:North Robinson, OH
44857:Norwalk, OH
44859:Nova, OH
44860:Oceola, OH
44861:Old Fort, OH
44862:Ontario, OH
44864:Perrysville, OH
44865:Plymouth, OH
44866:Polk, OH
44867:Republic, OH
44870-44871:Sandusky, OH
44874:Savannah, OH
44875:Shelby, OH
44878:Shiloh, OH
44880:Sullivan, OH
44881:Sulphur Springs, OH
44882:Sycamore, OH
44883:Tiffin, OH
44887:Tiro, OH
44888:Willard, OH
44889:Wakeman, OH
44890:Willard, OH
44900-44907:Mansfield, OH
44999:Mansfield, OH
45001:Addyston, OH
45002:Cleves, OH
45003:College Corner, OH
45004:Collinsville, OH
45005:Franklin, OH
45011-45015:Hamilton, OH
45020:Hamilton, OH
45023:Hamilton, OH
45025-45026:Hamilton, OH
45030:Harrison, OH
45032:Harveysburg, OH
45033:Hooven, OH
45034:Kings Mills, OH
45036:Lebanon, OH
45039:Maineville, OH
45040:Mason, OH
45041:Miamitown, OH
45042-45044:Middletown, OH
45050:Monroe, OH
45051:Mount Saint Joseph, OH
45052:North Bend, OH
45053:Okeana, OH
45054:Oregonia, OH
45055:Overpeck, OH
45056:Oxford, OH
45061:Ross, OH
45062:Seven Mile, OH
45063:Shandon, OH
45064:Somerville, OH
45065:South Lebanon, OH
45066:Springboro, OH
45067:Trenton, OH
45068:Waynesville, OH
45069:West Chester, OH
45070:West Elkton, OH
45101:Aberdeen, OH
45102:Amelia, OH
45103:Batavia, OH
45105:Bentonville, OH
45106:Bethel, OH
45107:Blanchester, OH
45110:Buford, OH
45111:Loveland, OH
45112:Chilo, OH
45113:Clarksville, OH
45114:Cuba, OH
45115:Decatur, OH
45118:Fayetteville, OH
45119:Feesburg, OH
45120:Felicity, OH
45121:Georgetown, OH
45122:Goshen, OH
45123:Greenfield, OH
45130:Hamersville, OH
45131:Higginsport, OH
45132:Highland, OH
45133:Hillsboro, OH
45135:Leesburg, OH
45138:Lees Creek, OH
45140:Loveland, OH
45142:Lynchburg, OH
45144:Manchester, OH
45145:Marathon, OH
45146:Martinsville, OH
45147:Miamiville, OH
45148:Midland, OH
45150:Milford, OH
45152:Morrow, OH
45153:Moscow, OH
45154:Mount Orab, OH
45155:Mowrystown, OH
45156:Neville, OH
45157:New Richmond, OH
45158:Newtonsville, OH
45159:New Vienna, OH
45160:Owensville, OH
45162:Pleasant Plain, OH
45164:Port William, OH
45165:Greenfield, OH
45166:Reesville, OH
45167:Ripley, OH
45168:Russellville, OH
45169:Sabina, OH
45171:Sardinia, OH
45172:Sinking Spring, OH
45174:Terrace Park, OH
45176:Williamsburg, OH
45177:Wilmington, OH
45200-45252:Cincinnati, OH
45255:Cincinnati, OH
45258:Cincinnati, OH
45263-45265:Cincinnati, OH
45267-45271:Cincinnati, OH
45273-45275:Cincinnati, OH
45296:Cincinnati, OH
45298-45299:Cincinnati, OH
45301:Alpha, OH
45302:Anna, OH
45303:Ansonia, OH
45304:Arcanum, OH
45305:Bellbrook, OH
45306:Botkins, OH
45307:Bowersville, OH
45308:Bradford, OH
45309:Brookville, OH
45310:Burkettsville, OH
45311:Camden, OH
45312:Casstown, OH
45314:Cedarville, OH
45315:Clayton, OH
45316:Clifton, OH
45317:Conover, OH
45318:Covington, OH
45319:Donnelsville, OH
45320:Eaton, OH
45321:Eldorado, OH
45322:Englewood, OH
45323:Enon, OH
45324:Fairborn, OH
45325:Germantown, OH
45326:Fletcher, OH
45327:Germantown, OH
45328:Gettysburg, OH
45329:Gordon, OH
45330:Gratis, OH
45331:Greenville, OH
45332:Hollansburg, OH
45333:Houston, OH
45334:Jackson Center, OH
45335:Jamestown, OH
45336:Kettlersville, OH
45337:Laura, OH
45338:Lewisburg, OH
45339:Ludlow Falls, OH
45340:Maplewood, OH
45341:Medway, OH
45342-45343:Miamisburg, OH
45344:New Carlisle, OH
45345:New Lebanon, OH
45346:New Madison, OH
45347:New Paris, OH
45348:Rossburg, OH
45349:North Hampton, OH
45350:North Star, OH
45351:Osgood, OH
45352:Palestine, OH
45353:Pemberton, OH
45354:Phillipsburg, OH
45356:Piqua, OH
45358:Pitsburg, OH
45359:Pleasant Hill, OH
45360:Port Jefferson, OH
45361:Potsdam, OH
45362:Rossburg, OH
45363:Russia, OH
45365:Sidney, OH
45366:Tipp City, OH
45367:Sidney, OH
45368:South Charleston, OH
45369:South Vienna, OH
45370:Spring Valley, OH
45371:Tipp City, OH
45372:Tremont City, OH
45373-45374:Troy, OH
45377:Vandalia, OH
45378:Verona, OH
45380:Versailles, OH
45381:West Alexandria, OH
45382:West Manchester, OH
45383:West Milton, OH
45384:Wilberforce, OH
45385:Xenia, OH
45387:Yellow Springs, OH
45388:Yorkshire, OH
45389:Christiansburg, OH
45390:Dayton, OH
45401-45410:Dayton, OH
45412:Dayton, OH
45414-45420:Dayton, OH
45422-45424:Dayton, OH
45426-45433:Dayton, OH
45435:Dayton, OH
45439-45440:Dayton, OH
45444:Dayton, OH
45448-45449:Dayton, OH
45454:Dayton, OH
45458-45459:Dayton, OH
45463:Dayton, OH
45469-45470:Dayton, OH
45475:Dayton, OH
45479:Dayton, OH
45481-45482:Dayton, OH
45490:Dayton, OH
45501-45506:Springfield, OH
45601:Chillicothe, OH
45612:Bainbridge, OH
45613:Beaver, OH
45614:Bidwell, OH
45616:Blue Creek, OH
45617:Bourneville, OH
45618:Cherry Fork, OH
45619:Chesapeake, OH
45620:Cheshire, OH
45621:Coalton, OH
45622:Creola, OH
45623:Crown City, OH
45624:Cynthiana, OH
45628:Frankfort, OH
45629:Franklin Furnace, OH
45630:Friendship, OH
45631:Gallipolis, OH
45633:Hallsville, OH
45634:Hamden, OH
45636:Haverhill, OH
45638:Ironton, OH
45640:Jackson, OH
45642:Jasper, OH
45643:Kerr, OH
45644:Kingston, OH
45645:Kitts Hill, OH
45646:Latham, OH
45647:Londonderry, OH
45648:Lucasville, OH
45650:Lynx, OH
45651:Mc Arthur, OH
45652:Mc Dermott, OH
45653:Minford, OH
45654:New Plymouth, OH
45656:Oak Hill, OH
45657:Otway, OH
45658:Patriot, OH
45659:Pedro, OH
45660:Peebles, OH
45661:Piketon, OH
45662:Portsmouth, OH
45669:Proctorville, OH
45670:Radcliff, OH
45671:Rarden, OH
45672:Ray, OH
45673:Richmond Dale, OH
45674:Rio Grande, OH
45675:Rock Camp, OH
45677:Scioto Furnace, OH
45678:Scottown, OH
45679:Seaman, OH
45680:South Point, OH
45681:South Salem, OH
45682:South Webster, OH
45684:Stout, OH
45685:Thurman, OH
45686:Vinton, OH
45687:Wakefield, OH
45688:Waterloo, OH
45690:Waverly, OH
45692:Wellston, OH
45693:West Union, OH
45694:Wheelersburg, OH
45695:Wilkesville, OH
45696:Willow Wood, OH
45697:Winchester, OH
45698:Zaleski, OH
45699:Lucasville, OH
45701:Athens, OH
45710:Albany, OH
45711:Amesville, OH
45712:Barlow, OH
45713:Bartlett, OH
45714:Belpre, OH
45715:Beverly, OH
45716:Buchtel, OH
45717:Nelsonville, OH
45719:Chauncey, OH
45720:Chester, OH
45721:Coal Run, OH
45723:Coolville, OH
45724:Cutler, OH
45726:Langsville, OH
45727:Dexter City, OH
45729:Fleming, OH
45730:Fly, OH
45732:Glouster, OH
45734:Graysville, OH
45735:Guysville, OH
45739:Hockingport, OH
45740:Jacksonville, OH
45741:Langsville, OH
45742:Little Hocking, OH
45743:Long Bottom, OH
45744:Lowell, OH
45745:Lower Salem, OH
45746:Macksburg, OH
45750:Marietta, OH
45760:Middleport, OH
45761:Millfield, OH
45764:Nelsonville, OH
45766:New Marshfield, OH
45767:New Matamoras, OH
45768:Newport, OH
45769:Pomeroy, OH
45770:Portland, OH
45771:Racine, OH
45772:Reedsville, OH
45773:Reno, OH
45774:Rinard Mills, OH
45775:Rutland, OH
45776:Shade, OH
45777:Amesville, OH
45778:Stewart, OH
45779:Syracuse, OH
45780:The Plains, OH
45781:Torch, OH
45782:Trimble, OH
45783:Tuppers Plains, OH
45784:Vincent, OH
45785:Warner, OH
45786:Waterford, OH
45787:Watertown, OH
45788:Whipple, OH
45789:Wingett Run, OH
45801-45802:Lima, OH
45804-45809:Lima, OH
45810:Ada, OH
45812:Alger, OH
45813:Antwerp, OH
45814:Arlington, OH
45815:Leipsic, OH
45816:Benton Ridge, OH
45817:Bluffton, OH
45819:Lima, OH
45820:Cairo, OH
45821:Cecil, OH
45822:Celina, OH
45826:Celina, OH
45827:Cloverdale, OH
45828:Coldwater, OH
45830:Columbus Grove, OH
45831:Continental, OH
45832:Convoy, OH
45833:Delphos, OH
45835:Dola, OH
45836:Dunkirk, OH
45837:Continental, OH
45838:Elgin, OH
45839-45840:Findlay, OH
45841:Rawson, OH
45843:Forest, OH
45844:Fort Jennings, OH
45845:Fort Loramie, OH
45846:Fort Recovery, OH
45848:Glandorf, OH
45849:Grover Hill, OH
45850:Harrod, OH
45851:Haviland, OH
45853:Kalida, OH
45854:Lafayette, OH
45855:Latty, OH
45856:Leipsic, OH
45858:Mc Comb, OH
45859:Mc Guffey, OH
45860:Maria Stein, OH
45861:Melrose, OH
45862:Mendon, OH
45863:Middle Point, OH
45864:Miller City, OH
45865:Minster, OH
45866:Montezuma, OH
45867:Mount Blanchard, OH
45868:Mount Cory, OH
45869:New Bremen, OH
45870:New Hampshire, OH
45871:New Knoxville, OH
45872:North Baltimore, OH
45873:Oakwood, OH
45874:Ohio City, OH
45875:Ottawa, OH
45876:Ottoville, OH
45877:Pandora, OH
45879:Paulding, OH
45880:Payne, OH
45881:Rawson, OH
45882:Rockford, OH
45883:Saint Henry, OH
45884:Saint Johns, OH
45885:Saint Marys, OH
45886:Scott, OH
45887:Spencerville, OH
45888:Uniopolis, OH
45889:Van Buren, OH
45890:Vanlue, OH
45891:Van Wert, OH
45893:Vaughnsville, OH
45894:Venedocia, OH
45895:Wapakoneta, OH
45896:Waynesfield, OH
45897:Williamstown, OH
45898:Willshire, OH
45899:Wren, OH
45944:Cincinnati, OH
45999:Cincinnati, OH
46001:Alexandria, IN
46011-46018:Anderson, IN
46030:Arcadia, IN
46031:Atlanta, IN
46032:Carmel, IN
46034:Cicero, IN
46035:Colfax, IN
46036:Elwood, IN
46038:Fishers, IN
46039:Forest, IN
46040:Fortville, IN
46041:Frankfort, IN
46044:Frankton, IN
46045:Goldsmith, IN
46046:Hillisburg, IN
46047:Hobbs, IN
46048:Ingalls, IN
46049:Kempton, IN
46050:Kirklin, IN
46051:Lapel, IN
46052:Lebanon, IN
46055:Mc Cordsville, IN
46056:Markleville, IN
46057:Michigantown, IN
46058:Mulberry, IN
46060:Noblesville, IN
46063:Orestes, IN
46064:Pendleton, IN
46065:Rossville, IN
46067:Sedalia, IN
46068:Sharpsville, IN
46069:Sheridan, IN
46070:Summitville, IN
46071:Thorntown, IN
46072:Tipton, IN
46074:Westfield, IN
46075:Whitestown, IN
46076:Windfall, IN
46077:Zionsville, IN
46102:Advance, IN
46103:Amo, IN
46104:Arlington, IN
46105:Bainbridge, IN
46106:Bargersville, IN
46107:Beech Grove, IN
46110:Boggstown, IN
46111:Brooklyn, IN
46112:Brownsburg, IN
46113:Camby, IN
46114:Cartersburg, IN
46115:Carthage, IN
46116:Centerton, IN
46117:Charlottesville, IN
46118:Clayton, IN
46120:Cloverdale, IN
46121:Coatesville, IN
46122:Danville, IN
46124:Edinburgh, IN
46125:Eminence, IN
46126:Fairland, IN
46127:Falmouth, IN
46128:Fillmore, IN
46129:Finly, IN
46130:Fountaintown, IN
46131:Franklin, IN
46133:Glenwood, IN
46135:Greencastle, IN
46140:Greenfield, IN
46142-46143:Greenwood, IN
46144:Gwynneville, IN
46146:Homer, IN
46147:Jamestown, IN
46148:Knightstown, IN
46149:Lizton, IN
46150:Manilla, IN
46151:Martinsville, IN
46154:Maxwell, IN
46155:Mays, IN
46156:Milroy, IN
46157:Monrovia, IN
46158:Mooresville, IN
46160:Morgantown, IN
46161:Morristown, IN
46162:Needham, IN
46163:New Palestine, IN
46164:Nineveh, IN
46165:North Salem, IN
46166:Paragon, IN
46167:Pittsboro, IN
46168:Plainfield, IN
46170:Putnamville, IN
46171:Reelsville, IN
46172:Roachdale, IN
46173:Rushville, IN
46175:Russellville, IN
46176:Shelbyville, IN
46180:Stilesville, IN
46181:Trafalgar, IN
46182:Waldron, IN
46183:West Newton, IN
46184:Whiteland, IN
46186:Wilkinson, IN
46187:Willow Branch, IN
46200-46209:Indianapolis, IN
46214:Indianapolis, IN
46216-46227:Indianapolis, IN
46229-46231:Indianapolis, IN
46234:Indianapolis, IN
46236-46237:Indianapolis, IN
46239-46241:Indianapolis, IN
46244:Indianapolis, IN
46249-46251:Indianapolis, IN
46253-46256:Indianapolis, IN
46259-46260:Indianapolis, IN
46266:Indianapolis, IN
46268:Indianapolis, IN
46277-46278:Indianapolis, IN
46280:Indianapolis, IN
46282-46283:Indianapolis, IN
46285:Indianapolis, IN
46290-46291:Indianapolis, IN
46301:Beverly Shores, IN
46302:Boone Grove, IN
46303:Cedar Lake, IN
46304:Chesterton, IN
46307:Crown Point, IN
46310:Demotte, IN
46311:Dyer, IN
46312:East Chicago, IN
46319:Griffith, IN
46320-46325:Hammond, IN
46327:Hammond, IN
46340:Hanna, IN
46341:Hebron, IN
46342:Hobart, IN
46345:Kingsbury, IN
46346:Kingsford Heights, IN
46347:Kouts, IN
46348:La Crosse, IN
46349:Lake Village, IN
46350:La Porte, IN
46351:Stillwell, IN
46355:Leroy, IN
46356:Lowell, IN
46360:Michigan City, IN
46365:Mill Creek, IN
46366:North Judson, IN
46367:Otis, IN
46368:Portage, IN
46371:Rolling Prairie, IN
46372:Roselawn, IN
46373:Saint John, IN
46374:San Pierre, IN
46375:Schererville, IN
46376:Schneider, IN
46377:Shelby, IN
46379:Sumava Resorts, IN
46380:Tefft, IN
46381:Thayer, IN
46382:Union Mills, IN
46383-46384:Valparaiso, IN
46390:Wanatah, IN
46391:Westville, IN
46392:Wheatfield, IN
46393:Wheeler, IN
46394:Whiting, IN
46399:Lowell, IN
46400-46411:Gary, IN
46501:Argos, IN
46502:Atwood, IN
46504:Bourbon, IN
46506:Bremen, IN
46507:Bristol, IN
46508:Burket, IN
46510:Claypool, IN
46511:Culver, IN
46513:Donaldson, IN
46514-46517:Elkhart, IN
46524:Etna Green, IN
46526:Goshen, IN
46530:Granger, IN
46531:Grovertown, IN
46532:Hamlet, IN
46534:Knox, IN
46536:Lakeville, IN
46537:Lapaz, IN
46538:Leesburg, IN
46539:Mentone, IN
46540:Middlebury, IN
46542:Milford, IN
46543:Millersburg, IN
46544-46545:Mishawaka, IN
46550:Nappanee, IN
46552:New Carlisle, IN
46553:New Paris, IN
46554:North Liberty, IN
46555:North Webster, IN
46556:Notre Dame, IN
46561:Osceola, IN
46562:Pierceton, IN
46563:Plymouth, IN
46565:Shipshewana, IN
46566:Sidney, IN
46567:Syracuse, IN
46570:Tippecanoe, IN
46571:Topeka, IN
46572:Tyner, IN
46573:Wakarusa, IN
46574:Walkerton, IN
46580:Warsaw, IN
46590:Winona Lake, IN
46595:Wyatt, IN
46600-46601:South Bend, IN
46604:South Bend, IN
46612-46620:South Bend, IN
46624-46626:South Bend, IN
46628-46629:South Bend, IN
46634-46635:South Bend, IN
46637:South Bend, IN
46660:South Bend, IN
46680:South Bend, IN
46701:Albion, IN
46702:Andrews, IN
46703:Angola, IN
46704:Arcola, IN
46705:Ashley, IN
46706:Auburn, IN
46710:Avilla, IN
46711:Berne, IN
46713:Bippus, IN
46714:Bluffton, IN
46720:Brimfield, IN
46721:Butler, IN
46723:Churubusco, IN
46725:Columbia City, IN
46730:Corunna, IN
46731:Craigville, IN
46732:Cromwell, IN
46733:Decatur, IN
46737:Fremont, IN
46738:Garrett, IN
46740:Geneva, IN
46741:Grabill, IN
46742:Hamilton, IN
46743:Harlan, IN
46744:Helmer, IN
46745:Hoagland, IN
46746:Howe, IN
46747:Hudson, IN
46748:Huntertown, IN
46750:Huntington, IN
46755:Kendallville, IN
46759:Keystone, IN
46760:Kimmell, IN
46761:Lagrange, IN
46763:Laotto, IN
46764:Larwill, IN
46765:Leo, IN
46766:Liberty Center, IN
46767:Ligonier, IN
46769:Linn Grove, IN
46770:Markle, IN
46771:Mongo, IN
46772:Monroe, IN
46773:Monroeville, IN
46774:New Haven, IN
46776:Orland, IN
46777:Ossian, IN
46778:Petroleum, IN
46779:Pleasant Lake, IN
46780:Pleasant Mills, IN
46781:Poneto, IN
46782:Preble, IN
46783:Roanoke, IN
46784:Rome City, IN
46785:Saint Joe, IN
46786:South Milford, IN
46787:South Whitley, IN
46788:Spencerville, IN
46789:Stroh, IN
46790:Tocsin, IN
46791:Uniondale, IN
46792:Warren, IN
46793:Waterloo, IN
46794:Wawaka, IN
46795:Wolcottville, IN
46796:Wolflake, IN
46797:Woodburn, IN
46798:Yoder, IN
46799:Zanesville, IN
46800-46809:Fort Wayne, IN
46815-46816:Fort Wayne, IN
46818-46819:Fort Wayne, IN
46825:Fort Wayne, IN
46835:Fort Wayne, IN
46845:Fort Wayne, IN
46850-46869:Fort Wayne, IN
46885:Fort Wayne, IN
46895-46899:Fort Wayne, IN
46901-46904:Kokomo, IN
46910:Akron, IN
46911:Amboy, IN
46912:Athens, IN
46913:Bringhurst, IN
46914:Bunker Hill, IN
46915:Burlington, IN
46916:Burrows, IN
46917:Camden, IN
46919:Converse, IN
46920:Cutler, IN
46921:Deedsville, IN
46922:Delong, IN
46923:Delphi, IN
46925:Denham, IN
46926:Denver, IN
46928:Fairmount, IN
46929:Flora, IN
46930:Fowlerton, IN
46931:Fulton, IN
46932:Galveston, IN
46933:Gas City, IN
46935:Grass Creek, IN
46936:Greentown, IN
46937:Hemlock, IN
46938:Jonesboro, IN
46939:Kewanna, IN
46940:La Fontaine, IN
46941:Lagro, IN
46942:Lake Cicott, IN
46943:Laketon, IN
46944:Landess, IN
46945:Leiters Ford, IN
46946:Liberty Mills, IN
46947:Logansport, IN
46950:Lucerne, IN
46951:Macy, IN
46952-46953:Marion, IN
46957:Matthews, IN
46958:Mexico, IN
46959:Miami, IN
46960:Monterey, IN
46961:New Waverly, IN
46962:North Manchester, IN
46965:Oakford, IN
46967:Onward, IN
46968:Ora, IN
46970:Peru, IN
46971:Grissom Air Force Base, IN
46974:Roann, IN
46975:Rochester, IN
46977:Rockfield, IN
46978:Royal Center, IN
46979:Russiaville, IN
46980:Servia, IN
46982:Silver Lake, IN
46983:Sims, IN
46984:Somerset, IN
46985:Star City, IN
46986:Swayzee, IN
46987:Sweetser, IN
46988:Twelve Mile, IN
46989:Upland, IN
46990:Urbana, IN
46991:Van Buren, IN
46992:Wabash, IN
46994:Walton, IN
46995:West Middleton, IN
46996:Winamac, IN
46998:Young America, IN
47001:Aurora, IN
47006:Batesville, IN
47010:Bath, IN
47011:Bennington, IN
47012:Brookville, IN
47016:Cedar Grove, IN
47017:Cross Plains, IN
47018:Dillsboro, IN
47019:East Enterprise, IN
47020:Florence, IN
47021:Friendship, IN
47022:Guilford, IN
47023:Holton, IN
47024:Laurel, IN
47025:Lawrenceburg, IN
47030:Metamora, IN
47031:Milan, IN
47032:Moores Hill, IN
47033:Morris, IN
47034:Napoleon, IN
47035:New Trenton, IN
47036:Oldenburg, IN
47037:Osgood, IN
47038:Patriot, IN
47039:Pierceville, IN
47040:Rising Sun, IN
47041:Sunman, IN
47042:Versailles, IN
47043:Vevay, IN
47060:West Harrison, IN
47102:Austin, IN
47104:Bethlehem, IN
47106:Borden, IN
47107:Bradford, IN
47108:Campbellsburg, IN
47110:Central, IN
47111:Charlestown, IN
47112:Corydon, IN
47114:Crandall, IN
47115:Depauw, IN
47116:Eckerty, IN
47117:Elizabeth, IN
47118:English, IN
47119:Floyds Knobs, IN
47120:Fredericksburg, IN
47122:Georgetown, IN
47123:Grantsburg, IN
47124:Greenville, IN
47125:Hardinsburg, IN
47126:Henryville, IN
47130-47134:Jeffersonville, IN
47135:Laconia, IN
47136:Lanesville, IN
47137:Leavenworth, IN
47138:Lexington, IN
47139:Little York, IN
47140:Marengo, IN
47141:Marysville, IN
47142:Mauckport, IN
47143:Memphis, IN
47144:Jeffersonville, IN
47145:Milltown, IN
47146:Mount Saint Francis, IN
47147:Nabb, IN
47150:New Albany, IN
47160:New Middletown, IN
47161:New Salisbury, IN
47162:New Washington, IN
47163:Otisco, IN
47164:Palmyra, IN
47165:Pekin, IN
47166:Ramsey, IN
47167:Salem, IN
47170:Scottsburg, IN
47172:Sellersburg, IN
47174:Sulphur, IN
47175:Taswell, IN
47177:Underwood, IN
47178:West Fork, IN
47199:Jeffersonville, IN
47201-47203:Columbus, IN
47220:Brownstown, IN
47222:Burney, IN
47223:Butlerville, IN
47224:Canaan, IN
47225:Clarksburg, IN
47226:Clifford, IN
47227:Commiskey, IN
47228:Cortland, IN
47229:Crothersville, IN
47230:Deputy, IN
47231:Dupont, IN
47232:Elizabethtown, IN
47234:Flat Rock, IN
47235:Freetown, IN
47236:Elizabethtown, IN
47240:Greensburg, IN
47243:Hanover, IN
47244:Hartsville, IN
47245:Hayden, IN
47246:Hope, IN
47247:Jonesville, IN
47249:Kurtz, IN
47250:Madison, IN
47260:Medora, IN
47261:Millhousen, IN
47262:Nebraska, IN
47263:New Point, IN
47264:Norman, IN
47265:North Vernon, IN
47270:Paris Crossing, IN
47272:Saint Paul, IN
47273:Scipio, IN
47274:Seymour, IN
47280:Taylorsville, IN
47281:Vallonia, IN
47282:Vernon, IN
47283:Westport, IN
47302-47308:Muncie, IN
47320:Albany, IN
47322:Bentonville, IN
47324:Boston, IN
47325:Brownsville, IN
47326:Bryant, IN
47327:Cambridge City, IN
47330:Centerville, IN
47331:Connersville, IN
47334:Daleville, IN
47335:Dublin, IN
47336:Dunkirk, IN
47337:Dunreith, IN
47338:Eaton, IN
47339:Economy, IN
47340:Farmland, IN
47341:Fountain City, IN
47342:Gaston, IN
47344:Greensboro, IN
47345:Greens Fork, IN
47346:Hagerstown, IN
47348:Hartford City, IN
47351:Kennard, IN
47352:Lewisville, IN
47353:Liberty, IN
47354:Losantville, IN
47355:Lynn, IN
47356:Middletown, IN
47357:Milton, IN
47358:Modoc, IN
47359:Montpelier, IN
47360:Mooreland, IN
47361:Mount Summit, IN
47362:New Castle, IN
47366:New Lisbon, IN
47367:Oakville, IN
47368:Parker City, IN
47369:Pennville, IN
47370:Pershing, IN
47371:Portland, IN
47373:Redkey, IN
47374-47375:Richmond, IN
47380:Ridgeville, IN
47381:Portland, IN
47382:Saratoga, IN
47383:Selma, IN
47384:Shirley, IN
47385:Spiceland, IN
47386:Springport, IN
47387:Straughn, IN
47388:Sulphur Springs, IN
47390:Union City, IN
47392:Webster, IN
47393:Williamsburg, IN
47394:Winchester, IN
47396:Yorktown, IN
47401-47408:Bloomington, IN
47420:Avoca, IN
47421:Bedford, IN
47424:Bloomfield, IN
47426:Clear Creek, IN
47427:Coal City, IN
47429:Ellettsville, IN
47430:Fort Ritner, IN
47431:Freedom, IN
47432:French Lick, IN
47433:Gosport, IN
47434:Harrodsburg, IN
47435:Helmsburg, IN
47436:Heltonville, IN
47437:Huron, IN
47438:Jasonville, IN
47439:Koleen, IN
47441:Linton, IN
47443:Lyons, IN
47445:Midland, IN
47446:Mitchell, IN
47448:Nashville, IN
47449:Newberry, IN
47451:Oolitic, IN
47452:Orleans, IN
47453:Owensburg, IN
47454:Paoli, IN
47455:Patricksburg, IN
47456:Quincy, IN
47457:Scotland, IN
47458:Smithville, IN
47459:Solsberry, IN
47460:Spencer, IN
47462:Springville, IN
47463:Stanford, IN
47464:Stinesville, IN
47465:Switz City, IN
47467:Tunnelton, IN
47468:Unionville, IN
47469:West Baden Springs, IN
47470:Williams, IN
47471:Worthington, IN
47501:Washington, IN
47512:Bicknell, IN
47513:Birdseye, IN
47514:Branchville, IN
47515:Bristow, IN
47516:Bruceville, IN
47519:Cannelburg, IN
47520:Cannelton, IN
47521:Celestine, IN
47522:Crane, IN
47523:Dale, IN
47524:Decker, IN
47525:Derby, IN
47527:Dubois, IN
47528:Edwardsport, IN
47529:Elnora, IN
47530:Emison, IN
47531:Evanston, IN
47532:Ferdinand, IN
47535:Freelandville, IN
47536:Fulda, IN
47537:Gentryville, IN
47541:Holland, IN
47542:Huntingburg, IN
47544:Indian Springs, IN
47545:Ireland, IN
47546:Jasper, IN
47550:Lamar, IN
47551:Leopold, IN
47552:Lincoln City, IN
47553:Loogootee, IN
47555:Magnet, IN
47556:Mariah Hill, IN
47557:Monroe City, IN
47558:Montgomery, IN
47559:Mount Pleasant, IN
47561:Oaktown, IN
47562:Odon, IN
47564:Otwell, IN
47567:Petersburg, IN
47568:Plainville, IN
47573:Ragsdale, IN
47574:Rome, IN
47575:Saint Anthony, IN
47576:Saint Croix, IN
47577:Saint Meinrad, IN
47578:Sandborn, IN
47579:Santa Claus, IN
47580:Birdseye, IN
47581:Shoals, IN
47584:Spurgeon, IN
47585:Stendal, IN
47586:Tell City, IN
47587:Tobinsport, IN
47588:Troy, IN
47590:Velpen, IN
47591:Vincennes, IN
47596:Westphalia, IN
47597:Wheatland, IN
47598:Winslow, IN
47601:Boonville, IN
47610:Chandler, IN
47611:Chrisney, IN
47612:Cynthiana, IN
47613:Elberfeld, IN
47614:Folsomville, IN
47615:Grandview, IN
47616:Griffin, IN
47617:Hatfield, IN
47618:Inglefield, IN
47619:Lynnville, IN
47620:Mount Vernon, IN
47629-47630:Newburgh, IN
47631:New Harmony, IN
47633:Poseyville, IN
47634:Richland, IN
47635:Rockport, IN
47636:Stewartsville, IN
47637:Tennyson, IN
47638:Wadesville, IN
47639:Haubstadt, IN
47640:Hazleton, IN
47647:Buckskin, IN
47648:Fort Branch, IN
47649:Francisco, IN
47654:Mackey, IN
47660:Oakland City, IN
47665:Owensville, IN
47666:Patoka, IN
47670-47671:Princeton, IN
47683:Somerville, IN
47700-47706:Evansville, IN
47708:Evansville, IN
47710-47714:Evansville, IN
47715:Lawndale, IN
47716:Evansville, IN
47719:Evansville, IN
47721-47722:Evansville, IN
47724:Evansville, IN
47727:Evansville, IN
47730-47737:Evansville, IN
47739-47741:Evansville, IN
47744:Evansville, IN
47747:Evansville, IN
47750:Evansville, IN
47801-47805:Terre Haute, IN
47807-47809:Terre Haute, IN
47811-47812:Terre Haute, IN
47830:Bellmore, IN
47831:Blanford, IN
47832:Bloomingdale, IN
47833:Bowling Green, IN
47834:Brazil, IN
47836:Bridgeton, IN
47837:Carbon, IN
47838:Carlisle, IN
47840:Centerpoint, IN
47841:Clay City, IN
47842:Clinton, IN
47845:Coalmont, IN
47846:Cory, IN
47847:Dana, IN
47848:Dugger, IN
47849:Fairbanks, IN
47850:Farmersburg, IN
47851:Fontanet, IN
47852:Graysville, IN
47853:Harmony, IN
47854:Hillsdale, IN
47855:Hymera, IN
47856:Judson, IN
47857:Knightsville, IN
47858:Lewis, IN
47859:Marshall, IN
47860:Mecca, IN
47861:Merom, IN
47862:Montezuma, IN
47863:New Goshen, IN
47864:Sullivan, IN
47865:Paxton, IN
47866:Pimento, IN
47868:Poland, IN
47869:Prairie Creek, IN
47870:Prairieton, IN
47871:Riley, IN
47872:Rockville, IN
47874:Rosedale, IN
47875:Saint Bernice, IN
47876:Saint Mary-Of-*The-Woods, IN
47877:Sandford, IN
47878:Seelyville, IN
47879:Shelburn, IN
47880:Shepardsville, IN
47881:Staunton, IN
47882:Sullivan, IN
47884:Universal, IN
47885:West Terre Haute, IN
47901-47907:Lafayette, IN
47916:Alamo, IN
47917:Ambia, IN
47918:Attica, IN
47920:Battle Ground, IN
47921:Boswell, IN
47922:Brook, IN
47923:Brookston, IN
47924:Buck Creek, IN
47925:Buffalo, IN
47926:Burnettsville, IN
47928:Cayuga, IN
47929:Chalmers, IN
47930:Clarks Hill, IN
47931:Colburn, IN
47932:Covington, IN
47933-47939:Crawfordsville, IN
47940:Darlington, IN
47941:Dayton, IN
47942:Earl Park, IN
47943:Fair Oaks, IN
47944:Fowler, IN
47946:Francesville, IN
47948:Goodland, IN
47949:Hillsboro, IN
47950:Idaville, IN
47951:Kentland, IN
47952:Kingman, IN
47954:Ladoga, IN
47955:Linden, IN
47956:Marshfield, IN
47957:Medaryville, IN
47958:Mellott, IN
47959:Monon, IN
47960:Monticello, IN
47962:Montmorenci, IN
47963:Morocco, IN
47964:Mount Ayr, IN
47965:New Market, IN
47966:Newport, IN
47967:New Richmond, IN
47968:New Ross, IN
47969:Newtown, IN
47970:Otterbein, IN
47971:Oxford, IN
47973:Pence, IN
47974:Perrysville, IN
47975:Pine Village, IN
47976:Earl Park, IN
47977:Remington, IN
47978:Rensselaer, IN
47980:Reynolds, IN
47981:Romney, IN
47982:State Line, IN
47983:Stockwell, IN
47984:Talbot, IN
47985:Tangier, IN
47986:Fowler, IN
47987:Veedersburg, IN
47988:Wallace, IN
47989:Waveland, IN
47990:Waynetown, IN
47991:West Lebanon, IN
47992:Westpoint, IN
47993:Williamsport, IN
47994:Wingate, IN
47995:Wolcott, IN
47997:Yeoman, IN
48001:Algonac, MI
48002:Allenton, MI
48003:Almont, MI
48004:Anchorville, MI
48005:Armada, MI
48006:Avoca, MI
48007:Troy, MI
48008-48012:Birmingham, MI
48013:Bloomfield Hills, MI
48014:Capac, MI
48015:Center Line, MI
48016:Clarkston, MI
48017:Clawson, MI
48018:Farmington, MI
48019:Davisburg, MI
48020:Drayton Plains, MI
48021:East Detroit, MI
48022:Emmett, MI
48023:Fair Haven, MI
48024:Farmington, MI
48025:Franklin, MI
48026:Fraser, MI
48027:Goodells, MI
48028:Harsens Island, MI
48029:Hartland, MI
48030:Hazel Park, MI
48031:Highland, MI
48032:Jeddo, MI
48033:Pontiac, MI
48034:Southfield, MI
48035:Lake Orion, MI
48036:Lakeville, MI
48037:Southfield, MI
48038:Leonard, MI
48039:Marine City, MI
48040:Marysville, MI
48041:Memphis, MI
48042:Milford, MI
48043-48046:Mount Clemens, MI
48047:New Baltimore, MI
48048:New Haven, MI
48049:North Street, MI
48050:Novi, MI
48051:Oxford, MI
48052:Algonac, MI
48053-48059:Pontiac, MI
48060-48061:Port Huron, MI
48062:Richmond, MI
48063-48064:Rochester, MI
48065:Romeo, MI
48066:Roseville, MI
48067-48068:Royal Oak, MI
48069:Pleasant Ridge, MI
48070:Huntington Woods, MI
48071:Madison Heights, MI
48072:Berkley, MI
48073:Royal Oak, MI
48074:Smiths Creek, MI
48075-48076:Southfield, MI
48077:Utica, MI
48078:Sterling Heights, MI
48079:Saint Clair, MI
48080-48082:Saint Clair Shores, MI
48083-48084:Troy, MI
48085:Union Lake, MI
48086:Southfield, MI
48087:Utica, MI
48088:Walled Lake, MI
48089-48093:Warren, MI
48094:Washington, MI
48095:Waterford, MI
48096:Wixom, MI
48097:Yale, MI
48098-48099:Troy, MI
48101:Allen Park, MI
48103-48109:Ann Arbor, MI
48110:Azalia, MI
48111:Belleville, MI
48115:Bridgewater, MI
48116:Brighton, MI
48117:Carleton, MI
48118:Chelsea, MI
48120-48121:Dearborn, MI
48122:Melvindale, MI
48123-48126:Dearborn, MI
48127:Dearborn Heights, MI
48128:Dearborn, MI
48130:Dexter, MI
48131:Dundee, MI
48133:Erie, MI
48134:Flat Rock, MI
48135:Garden City, MI
48137:Gregory, MI
48138:Grosse Ile, MI
48139:Hamburg, MI
48140:Ida, MI
48141:Inkster, MI
48143:Lakeland, MI
48144:Lambertville, MI
48145:La Salle, MI
48146:Lincoln Park, MI
48150-48154:Livonia, MI
48157:Luna Pier, MI
48158:Manchester, MI
48159:Maybee, MI
48160:Milan, MI
48161:Monroe, MI
48164:New Boston, MI
48165:New Hudson, MI
48166:Newport, MI
48167:Northville, MI
48169:Pinckney, MI
48170:Plymouth, MI
48173:Rockwood, MI
48174:Romulus, MI
48175:Salem, MI
48176:Saline, MI
48177:Samaria, MI
48178:South Lyon, MI
48179:South Rockwood, MI
48180:Taylor, MI
48182:Temperance, MI
48183:Trenton, MI
48184:Wayne, MI
48185:Westland, MI
48187-48188:Canton, MI
48189:Whitmore Lake, MI
48190:Whittaker, MI
48191:Willis, MI
48192:Wyandotte, MI
48195:Southgate, MI
48197-48198:Ypsilanti, MI
48200-48202:Detroit, MI
48203:Highland Park, MI
48204-48211:Detroit, MI
48212:Hamtramck, MI
48213-48217:Detroit, MI
48218:River Rouge, MI
48219:Detroit, MI
48220:Ferndale, MI
48221-48228:Detroit, MI
48229:Ecorse, MI
48230:Grosse Pointe, MI
48231-48235:Detroit, MI
48236:Grosse Pointe, MI
48237:Oak Park, MI
48238:Detroit, MI
48239-48240:Redford, MI
48242-48244:Detroit, MI
48254-48255:Detroit, MI
48258:Detroit, MI
48260:Detroit, MI
48264-48269:Detroit, MI
48272:Detroit, MI
48274-48275:Detroit, MI
48277-48278:Detroit, MI
48288:Detroit, MI
48295:Detroit, MI
48297:Detroit, MI
48299:Detroit, MI
48301:Port Huron, MI
48302:Bloomfield Hills North, MI
48303:Bloomfield Hills, MI
48304:Pontiac, MI
48305:Roseville, MI
48308-48309:Rochester, MI
48310-48311:Utica, MI
48320:Keego Harbor, MI
48321-48322:Pontiac, MI
48331-48333:Farmington, MI
48397:Warren, MI
48398:Clawson, MI
48401:Applegate, MI
48410:Argyle, MI
48411:Atlas, MI
48412:Attica, MI
48413:Bad Axe, MI
48414:Bancroft, MI
48415:Birch Run, MI
48416:Brown City, MI
48417:Burt, MI
48418:Byron, MI
48419:Carsonville, MI
48420:Clio, MI
48421:Columbiaville, MI
48422:Croswell, MI
48423:Davison, MI
48426:Decker, MI
48427:Deckerville, MI
48428:Dryden, MI
48429:Durand, MI
48430:Fenton, MI
48432:Filion, MI
48433:Flushing, MI
48434:Forestville, MI
48435:Fostoria, MI
48436:Gaines, MI
48437:Genesee, MI
48438:Goodrich, MI
48439:Grand Blanc, MI
48440:Hadley, MI
48441:Harbor Beach, MI
48442:Holly, MI
48444:Imlay City, MI
48445:Kinde, MI
48446:Lapeer, MI
48449:Lennon, MI
48450:Lexington, MI
48451:Linden, MI
48452:Attica, MI
48453:Marlette, MI
48454:Melvin, MI
48455:Metamora, MI
48456:Minden City, MI
48457:Montrose, MI
48458:Mount Morris, MI
48460:New Lothrop, MI
48461:North Branch, MI
48462:Ortonville, MI
48463:Otisville, MI
48464:Otter Lake, MI
48465:Minden City, MI
48466:Peck, MI
48467:Port Austin, MI
48468:Port Hope, MI
48469:Port Sanilac, MI
48470:Ruth, MI
48471:Sandusky, MI
48472:Snover, MI
48473:Swartz Creek, MI
48475:Ubly, MI
48476:Vernon, MI
48500-48509:Flint, MI
48519:Flint, MI
48529:Flint, MI
48531:Northwest, MI
48532:Flint, MI
48550-48557:Flint, MI
48559:Flint, MI
48601-48608:Saginaw, MI
48610:Alger, MI
48611:Auburn, MI
48612:Beaverton, MI
48613:Rhodes, MI
48614:Brant, MI
48615:Breckenridge, MI
48616:Chesaning, MI
48617:Clare, MI
48618:Coleman, MI
48619:Comins, MI
48620:Edenville, MI
48621:Fairview, MI
48622:Farwell, MI
48623:Freeland, MI
48624:Gladwin, MI
48625:Harrison, MI
48626:Hemlock, MI
48627:Higgins Lake, MI
48628:Hope, MI
48629:Houghton Lake, MI
48630:Houghton Lake Heights, MI
48631:Kawkawlin, MI
48632:Lake, MI
48633:Lake George, MI
48634:Linwood, MI
48635:Lupton, MI
48636:Luzerne, MI
48637:Merrill, MI
48640-48641:Midland, MI
48647:Mio, MI
48649:Oakley, MI
48650:Pinconning, MI
48651:Prudenville, MI
48652:Rhodes, MI
48653:Roscommon, MI
48654:Rose City, MI
48655:Saint Charles, MI
48656:Saint Helen, MI
48657:Sanford, MI
48658:Standish, MI
48659:Sterling, MI
48661:West Branch, MI
48662:Wheeler, MI
48663:Saginaw, MI
48667:Midland, MI
48670:Midland, MI
48674:Midland, MI
48686:Midland, MI
48701:Akron, MI
48703:Au Gres, MI
48705:Barton City, MI
48706-48708:Bay City, MI
48710:Bay City, MI
48720:Bay Port, MI
48721:Black River, MI
48722:Bridgeport, MI
48723:Caro, MI
48724:Carrollton, MI
48725:Caseville, MI
48726:Cass City, MI
48727:Clifford, MI
48728:Curran, MI
48729:Deford, MI
48730:East Tawas, MI
48731:Elkton, MI
48732:Essexville, MI
48733:Fairgrove, MI
48734:Frankenmuth, MI
48735:Gagetown, MI
48736:Gilford, MI
48737:Glennie, MI
48738:Greenbush, MI
48739:Hale, MI
48740:Harrisville, MI
48741:Kingston, MI
48742:Lincoln, MI
48743:Long Lake, MI
48744:Mayville, MI
48745:Mikado, MI
48746:Millington, MI
48747:Munger, MI
48748:National City, MI
48749:Omer, MI
48750:Oscoda, MI
48753:Oscoda, MI
48754:Owendale, MI
48755:Pigeon, MI
48756:Prescott, MI
48757:Reese, MI
48758:Richville, MI
48759:Sebewaing, MI
48760:Silverwood, MI
48761:South Branch, MI
48762:Spruce, MI
48763:East Tawas, MI
48764:Tawas City, MI
48765:Turner, MI
48766:Twining, MI
48767:Unionville, MI
48768-48769:Vassar, MI
48770:Whittemore, MI
48787:Frankenmuth, MI
48801-48802:Alma, MI
48804:Mount Pleasant, MI
48805:Okemos, MI
48806:Ashley, MI
48807:Bannister, MI
48808:Bath, MI
48809:Belding, MI
48810:Carland, MI
48811:Carson City, MI
48812:Cedar Lake, MI
48813:Charlotte, MI
48815:Clarksville, MI
48816:Cohoctah, MI
48817:Corunna, MI
48818:Crystal, MI
48819:Dansville, MI
48820:De Witt, MI
48821:Dimondale, MI
48822:Eagle, MI
48823-48826:East Lansing, MI
48827:Eaton Rapids, MI
48829:Edmore, MI
48830:Elm Hall, MI
48831:Elsie, MI
48832:Elwell, MI
48833:Eureka, MI
48834:Fenwick, MI
48835:Fowler, MI
48836:Fowlerville, MI
48837:Grand Ledge, MI
48838:Greenville, MI
48840:Haslett, MI
48841:Henderson, MI
48842:Holt, MI
48843-48844:Howell, MI
48845:Hubbardston, MI
48846:Ionia, MI
48847:Ithaca, MI
48848:Laingsburg, MI
48849:Lake Odessa, MI
48850:Lakeview, MI
48851:Lyons, MI
48852:Mc Brides, MI
48853:Maple Rapids, MI
48854:Mason, MI
48856:Middleton, MI
48857:Morrice, MI
48858-48859:Mount Pleasant, MI
48860:Muir, MI
48861:Mulliken, MI
48862:North Star, MI
48863:Oak Grove, MI
48864:Okemos, MI
48865:Orleans, MI
48866:Ovid, MI
48867:Owosso, MI
48870:Palo, MI
48871:Perrinton, MI
48872:Perry, MI
48873:Pewamo, MI
48874:Pompeii, MI
48875:Portland, MI
48876:Potterville, MI
48877:Riverdale, MI
48878:Rosebush, MI
48879:Saint Johns, MI
48880:Saint Louis, MI
48881:Saranac, MI
48882:Shaftsburg, MI
48883:Shepherd, MI
48884:Sheridan, MI
48885:Sidney, MI
48886:Six Lakes, MI
48887:Smyrna, MI
48888:Stanton, MI
48889:Sumner, MI
48890:Sunfield, MI
48891:Vestaburg, MI
48892:Webberville, MI
48893:Weidman, MI
48894:Westphalia, MI
48895:Williamston, MI
48896:Winn, MI
48897:Woodland, MI
48900-48901:Lansing, MI
48906-48913:Lansing, MI
48915-48919:Lansing, MI
48921-48922:Lansing, MI
48924:Lansing, MI
48929-48930:Lansing, MI
48933:Lansing, MI
48937:Lansing, MI
48950:Lansing, MI
48956:Lansing, MI
48980:Lansing, MI
49001-49005:Kalamazoo, MI
49007-49009:Kalamazoo, MI
49010:Allegan, MI
49011:Athens, MI
49012:Augusta, MI
49013:Bangor, MI
49015-49017:Battle Creek, MI
49020:Bedford, MI
49021:Bellevue, MI
49022:Benton Harbor, MI
49026:Bloomingdale, MI
49027:Breedsville, MI
49028:Bronson, MI
49029:Burlington, MI
49030:Burr Oak, MI
49031:Cassopolis, MI
49032:Centreville, MI
49033:Ceresco, MI
49034:Climax, MI
49035:Cloverdale, MI
49036:Coldwater, MI
49038:Coloma, MI
49039:Hagar Shores, MI
49040:Colon, MI
49041:Comstock, MI
49042:Constantine, MI
49043:Covert, MI
49045:Decatur, MI
49046:Delton, MI
49047:Dowagiac, MI
49050:Dowling, MI
49051:East Leroy, MI
49052:Fulton, MI
49053:Galesburg, MI
49055:Gobles, MI
49056:Grand Junction, MI
49057:Hartford, MI
49058:Hastings, MI
49060:Hickory Corners, MI
49061:Jones, MI
49062:Kendall, MI
49063:Lacota, MI
49064:Lawrence, MI
49065:Lawton, MI
49066:Leonidas, MI
49067:Marcellus, MI
49068-49069:Marshall, MI
49070:Martin, MI
49071:Mattawan, MI
49072:Mendon, MI
49073:Nashville, MI
49074:Nazareth, MI
49075:Nottawa, MI
49076:Olivet, MI
49077:Oshtemo, MI
49078:Otsego, MI
49079:Paw Paw, MI
49080:Plainwell, MI
49081:Portage, MI
49082:Quincy, MI
49083:Richland, MI
49084:Riverside, MI
49085:Saint Joseph, MI
49087:Schoolcraft, MI
49088:Scotts, MI
49089:Sherwood, MI
49090:South Haven, MI
49091:Sturgis, MI
49092:Tekonsha, MI
49093:Three Rivers, MI
49094:Union City, MI
49095:Vandalia, MI
49096:Vermontville, MI
49097:Vicksburg, MI
49098:Watervliet, MI
49099:White Pigeon, MI
49101:Baroda, MI
49102:Berrien Center, MI
49103-49104:Berrien Springs, MI
49106:Bridgman, MI
49107:Buchanan, MI
49111:Eau Claire, MI
49112:Edwardsburg, MI
49113:Galien, MI
49115:Harbert, MI
49116:Lakeside, MI
49117:New Buffalo, MI
49119:New Troy, MI
49120-49121:Niles, MI
49125:Sawyer, MI
49126:Sodus, MI
49127:Stevensville, MI
49128:Three Oaks, MI
49129:Union Pier, MI
49130:Union, MI
49201-49204:Jackson, MI
49220:Addison, MI
49221:Adrian, MI
49224:Albion, MI
49227:Allen, MI
49228:Blissfield, MI
49229:Britton, MI
49230:Brooklyn, MI
49231:Cadmus, MI
49232:Camden, MI
49233:Cement City, MI
49234:Clarklake, MI
49235:Clayton, MI
49236:Clinton, MI
49237:Concord, MI
49238:Deerfield, MI
49239:Frontier, MI
49240:Grass Lake, MI
49241:Hanover, MI
49242:Hillsdale, MI
49245:Homer, MI
49246:Horton, MI
49247:Hudson, MI
49248:Jasper, MI
49249:Jerome, MI
49250:Jonesville, MI
49251:Leslie, MI
49252:Litchfield, MI
49253:Manitou Beach, MI
49254:Michigan Center, MI
49255:Montgomery, MI
49256:Morenci, MI
49257:Moscow, MI
49258:Mosherville, MI
49259:Munith, MI
49261:Napoleon, MI
49262:North Adams, MI
49263:Norvell, MI
49264:Onondaga, MI
49265:Onsted, MI
49266:Osseo, MI
49267:Ottawa Lake, MI
49268:Palmyra, MI
49269:Parma, MI
49270:Petersburg, MI
49271:Pittsford, MI
49272:Pleasant Lake, MI
49273:Prattville, MI
49274:Reading, MI
49275:Ridgeway, MI
49276:Riga, MI
49277:Rives Junction, MI
49278:Rollin, MI
49279:Sand Creek, MI
49280:Seneca, MI
49281:Somerset, MI
49282:Somerset Center, MI
49283:Spring Arbor, MI
49284:Springport, MI
49285:Stockbridge, MI
49286:Tecumseh, MI
49287:Tipton, MI
49288:Waldron, MI
49289:Weston, MI
49301:Ada, MI
49302:Alto, MI
49303:Bailey, MI
49304:Baldwin, MI
49305:Barryton, MI
49306:Belmont, MI
49307:Big Rapids, MI
49309:Bitely, MI
49310:Blanchard, MI
49311:Bradley, MI
49312:Brohman, MI
49313:Brunswick, MI
49314:Burnips, MI
49315:Byron Center, MI
49316:Caledonia, MI
49317:Cannonsburg, MI
49318:Casnovia, MI
49319:Cedar Springs, MI
49320:Chippewa Lake, MI
49321:Comstock Park, MI
49322:Coral, MI
49323:Dorr, MI
49325:Freeport, MI
49326:Gowen, MI
49327:Grant, MI
49328:Hopkins, MI
49329:Howard City, MI
49330:Kent City, MI
49331:Lowell, MI
49332:Mecosta, MI
49333:Middleville, MI
49334:Millbrook, MI
49335:Moline, MI
49336:Morley, MI
49337:Newaygo, MI
49338:Paris, MI
49339:Pierson, MI
49340:Remus, MI
49341:Rockford, MI
49342:Rodney, MI
49343:Sand Lake, MI
49344:Shelbyville, MI
49345:Sparta, MI
49346:Stanwood, MI
49347:Trufant, MI
49348:Wayland, MI
49349:White Cloud, MI
49351:Rockford, MI
49355-49357:Ada, MI
49401:Allendale, MI
49402:Branch, MI
49403:Conklin, MI
49404:Coopersville, MI
49405:Custer, MI
49406:Douglas, MI
49408:Fennville, MI
49409:Ferrysburg, MI
49410:Fountain, MI
49411:Free Soil, MI
49412:Fremont, MI
49415:Fruitport, MI
49416:Glenn, MI
49417:Grand Haven, MI
49418:Grandville, MI
49419:Hamilton, MI
49420:Hart, MI
49421:Hesperia, MI
49422-49424:Holland, MI
49425:Holton, MI
49426:Hudsonville, MI
49427:Jamestown, MI
49428-49429:Jenison, MI
49430:Lamont, MI
49431:Ludington, MI
49434:Macatawa, MI
49435:Marne, MI
49436:Mears, MI
49437:Montague, MI
49440-49445:Muskegon, MI
49446:New Era, MI
49447:New Richmond, MI
49448:Nunica, MI
49449:Pentwater, MI
49450:Pullman, MI
49451:Ravenna, MI
49452:Rothbury, MI
49453:Saugatuck, MI
49454:Scottville, MI
49455:Shelby, MI
49456:Spring Lake, MI
49457:Twin Lake, MI
49458:Walhalla, MI
49459:Walkerville, MI
49460:West Olive, MI
49461:Whitehall, MI
49463:Whitehall, MI
49464:Zeeland, MI
49468:Grandville, MI
49470:Muskegon, MI
49500-49507:Grand Rapids, MI
49508:Kentwood, MI
49509:Wyoming, MI
49510:Grand Rapids, MI
49512:Grand Rapids, MI
49516:Grand Rapids, MI
49518:Kentwood, MI
49523:Grand Rapids, MI
49528:Grand Rapids, MI
49530:Grand Rapids, MI
49538:Grand Rapids, MI
49546:Grand Rapids, MI
49548:Grand Rapids, MI
49550:Grand Rapids, MI
49555:Grand Rapids, MI
49560:Grand Rapids, MI
49588:Grand Rapids, MI
49599:Grand Rapids, MI
49601:Cadillac, MI
49610:Acme, MI
49611:Alba, MI
49612:Alden, MI
49613:Arcadia, MI
49614:Bear Lake, MI
49615:Bellaire, MI
49616:Benzonia, MI
49617:Beulah, MI
49618:Boon, MI
49619:Brethren, MI
49620:Buckley, MI
49621:Cedar, MI
49622:Central Lake, MI
49623:Chase, MI
49625:Copemish, MI
49626:Eastlake, MI
49627:Eastport, MI
49628:Elberta, MI
49629:Elk Rapids, MI
49630:Empire, MI
49631:Evart, MI
49632:Falmouth, MI
49633:Fife Lake, MI
49634:Filer City, MI
49635:Frankfort, MI
49636:Glen Arbor, MI
49637:Grawn, MI
49638:Harrietta, MI
49639:Hersey, MI
49640:Honor, MI
49641:Hoxeyville, MI
49642:Idlewild, MI
49643:Interlochen, MI
49644:Irons, MI
49645:Kaleva, MI
49646:Kalkaska, MI
49647:Karlin, MI
49648:Kewadin, MI
49649:Kingsley, MI
49650:Lake Ann, MI
49651:Lake City, MI
49653:Lake Leelanau, MI
49654:Leland, MI
49655:Le Roy, MI
49656:Luther, MI
49657:Mc Bain, MI
49659:Mancelona, MI
49660:Manistee, MI
49663:Manton, MI
49664:Maple City, MI
49665:Marion, MI
49666:Mayfield, MI
49667:Merritt, MI
49668:Mesick, MI
49670:Northport, MI
49673:Old Mission, MI
49674:Omena, MI
49675:Onekama, MI
49676:Rapid City, MI
49677:Reed City, MI
49679:Sears, MI
49680:South Boardman, MI
49682:Suttons Bay, MI
49683:Thompsonville, MI
49684-49685:Traverse City, MI
49688:Tustin, MI
49689:Wellston, MI
49690:Williamsburg, MI
49701:Mackinaw City, MI
49705:Afton, MI
49706:Alanson, MI
49707:Alpena, MI
49709:Atlanta, MI
49710:Barbeau, MI
49711:Charlevoix, MI
49712:Boyne City, MI
49713:Boyne Falls, MI
49715:Brimley, MI
49716:Brutus, MI
49717:Burt Lake, MI
49718:Carp Lake, MI
49719:Cedarville, MI
49720:Charlevoix, MI
49721:Cheboygan, MI
49722:Conway, MI
49723:Cross Village, MI
49724:Dafter, MI
49725:De Tour Village, MI
49726:Drummond Island, MI
49727:East Jordan, MI
49728:Eckerman, MI
49729:Ellsworth, MI
49730:Elmira, MI
49733:Frederic, MI
49735:Gaylord, MI
49736:Goetzville, MI
49737:Harbor Springs, MI
49738-49739:Grayling, MI
49740:Harbor Springs, MI
49743:Hawks, MI
49744:Herron, MI
49745:Hessel, MI
49746:Hillman, MI
49747:Hubbard Lake, MI
49748:Hulbert, MI
49749:Indian River, MI
49751:Johannesburg, MI
49752:Kinross, MI
49753:Lachine, MI
49755:Levering, MI
49756:Lewiston, MI
49757:Mackinac Island, MI
49759:Millersburg, MI
49760:Moran, MI
49761:Mullett Lake, MI
49762:Naubinway, MI
49764:Oden, MI
49765:Onaway, MI
49766:Ossineke, MI
49768:Paradise, MI
49769:Pellston, MI
49770:Petoskey, MI
49774:Pickford, MI
49775:Pointe Aux Pins, MI
49776:Posen, MI
49777:Presque Isle, MI
49778:Brimley, MI
49779:Rogers City, MI
49780:Rudyard, MI
49781:Saint Ignace, MI
49782:Saint James, MI
49783:Sault Sainte Marie, MI
49784-49785:Kincheloe, MI
49788:Sault Sainte Marie, MI
49789:Stalwart, MI
49790:Eckerman, MI
49791:Topinabee, MI
49792:Tower, MI
49793:Trout Lake, MI
49795:Vanderbilt, MI
49796:Walloon Lake, MI
49797:Waters, MI
49799:Wolverine, MI
49801:Iron Mountain, MI
49805:Allouez, MI
49806:Au Train, MI
49807:Bark River, MI
49808:Big Bay, MI
49812:Carney, MI
49813:Cedar River, MI
49814:Champion, MI
49815:Channing, MI
49816:Chatham, MI
49817:Cooks, MI
49818:Cornell, MI
49819:Arnold, MI
49820:Curtis, MI
49821:Daggett, MI
49822:Deerton, MI
49825:Eben Junction, MI
49826:Rumely, MI
49827:Engadine, MI
49829:Escanaba, MI
49831:Felch, MI
49833:Little Lake, MI
49834:Foster City, MI
49835:Garden, MI
49836:Germfask, MI
49837:Gladstone, MI
49838:Gould City, MI
49839:Grand Marais, MI
49840:Gulliver, MI
49841:Gwinn, MI
49843:K I Sawyer A F B, MI
49845:Harris, MI
49847:Hermansville, MI
49848:Ingalls, MI
49849:Ishpeming, MI
49852:Loretto, MI
49853:Mc Millan, MI
49854:Manistique, MI
49855:Marquette, MI
49858:Menominee, MI
49861:Michigamme, MI
49862:Munising, MI
49863:Nadeau, MI
49864:Nahma, MI
49865:National Mine, MI
49866:Negaunee, MI
49868:Newberry, MI
49869:Northland, MI
49870:Norway, MI
49871:Palmer, MI
49872:Perkins, MI
49873:Perronville, MI
49874:Powers, MI
49876:Quinnesec, MI
49877:Ralph, MI
49878:Rapid River, MI
49879:Republic, MI
49880:Rock, MI
49881:Sagola, MI
49883:Seney, MI
49884:Shingleton, MI
49885:Skandia, MI
49886:Spalding, MI
49887:Stephenson, MI
49889:Thompson, MI
49890:Traunik, MI
49891:Trenary, MI
49892:Vulcan, MI
49893:Wallace, MI
49894:Wells, MI
49895:Wetmore, MI
49896:Wilson, MI
49901:Ahmeek, MI
49902:Alpha, MI
49903:Amasa, MI
49905:Atlantic Mine, MI
49908:Baraga, MI
49909:Beechwood, MI
49910:Bergland, MI
49911:Bessemer, MI
49912:Bruce Crossing, MI
49913:Calumet, MI
49915:Caspian, MI
49916:Chassell, MI
49917:Copper City, MI
49918:Copper Harbor, MI
49919:Covington, MI
49920:Crystal Falls, MI
49921:Houghton, MI
49922:Dollar Bay, MI
49924:Eagle River, MI
49925:Ewen, MI
49927:Gaastra, MI
49928:Gay, MI
49929:Greenland, MI
49930:Hancock, MI
49931:Houghton, MI
49934:Hubbell, MI
49935:Iron River, MI
49936:Alvin, MI
49938:Ironwood, MI
49942:Kearsarge, MI
49943:Kenton, MI
49944:Keweenaw Bay, MI
49945:Lake Linden, MI
49946:L' Anse, MI
49947:Marenisco, MI
49948:Mass City, MI
49950:Mohawk, MI
49952:Nisula, MI
49953:Ontonagon, MI
49955:Painesdale, MI
49958:Pelkie, MI
49959:Ramsay, MI
49960:Rockland, MI
49961:Sidnaw, MI
49962:Skanee, MI
49963:South Range, MI
49964:Stambaugh, MI
49965:Toivola, MI
49967:Trout Creek, MI
49968:Wakefield, MI
49969:Watersmeet, MI
49970:Watton, MI
49971:White Pine, MI
50001:Ackworth, IA
50002:Adair, IA
50003:Adel, IA
50005:Albion, IA
50006:Alden, IA
50007:Alleman, IA
50008:Allerton, IA
50009:Altoona, IA
50010-50013:Ames, IA
50015:Ankeny, IA
50020:Anita, IA
50021:Ankeny, IA
50022:Atlantic, IA
50025:Audubon, IA
50026:Bagley, IA
50027:Barnes City, IA
50028:Baxter, IA
50029:Bayard, IA
50030:Beaconsfield, IA
50031:Beaver, IA
50032:Berwick, IA
50033:Bevington, IA
50034:Blairsburg, IA
50035:Bondurant, IA
50036:Boone, IA
50038:Booneville, IA
50039:Bouton, IA
50040:Boxholm, IA
50041:Bradford, IA
50042:Brayton, IA
50043:Alden, IA
50044:Bussey, IA
50046:Cambridge, IA
50047:Carlisle, IA
50048:Casey, IA
50049:Chariton, IA
50050:Churdan, IA
50051:Clemons, IA
50052:Clio, IA
50053:Des Moines, IA
50054:Colfax, IA
50055:Collins, IA
50056:Colo, IA
50057:Columbia, IA
50058:Coon Rapids, IA
50059:Cooper, IA
50060:Corydon, IA
50061:Cumming, IA
50062:Dallas, IA
50063:Dallas Center, IA
50064:Dana, IA
50065:Davis City, IA
50066:Dawson, IA
50067:Decatur, IA
50068:Derby, IA
50069:De Soto, IA
50070:Dexter, IA
50071:Dows, IA
50072:Earlham, IA
50073:Elkhart, IA
50074:Ellston, IA
50075:Ellsworth, IA
50076:Exira, IA
50077:Churdan, IA
50078:Ferguson, IA
50101:Galt, IA
50102:Garden City, IA
50103:Garden Grove, IA
50104:Gibson, IA
50105:Gilbert, IA
50106:Gilman, IA
50107:Grand Junction, IA
50108:Grand River, IA
50109:Granger, IA
50110:Gray, IA
50111:Grimes, IA
50112:Grinnell, IA
50115:Guthrie Center, IA
50116:Hamilton, IA
50117:Hamlin, IA
50118:Hartford, IA
50119:Harvey, IA
50120:Haverhill, IA
50122:Hubbard, IA
50123:Humeston, IA
50124:Huxley, IA
50125:Indianola, IA
50126:Iowa Falls, IA
50127:Mingo, IA
50128:Jamaica, IA
50129:Jefferson, IA
50130:Jewell, IA
50131:Johnston, IA
50132:Kamrar, IA
50133:Kellerton, IA
50134:Kelley, IA
50135:Kellogg, IA
50136:Keswick, IA
50137:Killduff, IA
50138:Knoxville, IA
50139:Lacona, IA
50140:Lamoni, IA
50141:Laurel, IA
50142:Le Grand, IA
50143:Leighton, IA
50144:Leon, IA
50145:Liberty Center, IA
50146:Linden, IA
50147:Lineville, IA
50148:Liscomb, IA
50149:Lorimor, IA
50150:Lovilia, IA
50151:Lucas, IA
50152:Luther, IA
50153:Lynnville, IA
50154:Mc Callsburg, IA
50155:Macksburg, IA
50156:Madrid, IA
50157:Malcom, IA
50158:Marshalltown, IA
50160:Martensdale, IA
50161:Maxwell, IA
50162:Melbourne, IA
50163:Melcher, IA
50164:Menlo, IA
50165:Millerton, IA
50166:Milo, IA
50167:Minburn, IA
50168:Mingo, IA
50169:Mitchellville, IA
50170:Monroe, IA
50171-50172:Montezuma, IA
50173:Montour, IA
50174:Murray, IA
50177:Grinnell, IA
50201:Nevada, IA
50206:New Providence, IA
50207:New Sharon, IA
50208:Newton, IA
50210:New Virginia, IA
50211:Norwalk, IA
50212:Ogden, IA
50213:Osceola, IA
50214:Otley, IA
50216:Panora, IA
50217:Paton, IA
50218:Patterson, IA
50219:Pella, IA
50220:Perry, IA
50221:Pershing, IA
50222:Peru, IA
50223:Pilot Mound, IA
50224:Davis City, IA
50225:Pleasantville, IA
50226:Polk City, IA
50227:Popejoy, IA
50228:Prairie City, IA
50229:Prole, IA
50230:Radcliffe, IA
50231:Randall, IA
50232:Reasnor, IA
50233:Redfield, IA
50234:Rhodes, IA
50235:Rippey, IA
50236:Roland, IA
50237:Runnells, IA
50238:Russell, IA
50239:Saint Anthony, IA
50240:Saint Charles, IA
50241:Saint Marys, IA
50242:Searsboro, IA
50243:Sheldahl, IA
50244:Slater, IA
50246:Stanhope, IA
50247:State Center, IA
50248:Story City, IA
50249:Stratford, IA
50250:Stuart, IA
50251:Sully, IA
50252:Swan, IA
50253:Taintor, IA
50254:Thayer, IA
50255:Thornburg, IA
50256:Tracy, IA
50257:Truro, IA
50258-50259:Union, IA
50261:Van Meter, IA
50262:Van Wert, IA
50263:Waukee, IA
50264:Weldon, IA
50265:West Des Moines, IA
50268:What Cheer, IA
50269:Whitten, IA
50271:Williams, IA
50272:Williamson, IA
50273:Winterset, IA
50274:Wiota, IA
50275:Woodburn, IA
50276:Woodward, IA
50277:Yale, IA
50278:Zearing, IA
50300-50314:Des Moines, IA
50315:South Des Moines, IA
50316-50322:Des Moines, IA
50328-50336:Des Moines, IA
50338-50340:Des Moines, IA
50347:Des Moines, IA
50350:Des Moines, IA
50359-50364:Des Moines, IA
50367-50369:Des Moines, IA
50380-50381:Des Moines, IA
50393-50398:Des Moines, IA
50401:Mason City, IA
50420:Alexander, IA
50421:Belmond, IA
50423:Britt, IA
50424:Buffalo Center, IA
50426:Carpenter, IA
50427:Chapin, IA
50428:Clear Lake, IA
50430:Corwith, IA
50431:Coulter, IA
50432:Crystal Lake, IA
50433:Dougherty, IA
50434:Fertile, IA
50435:Floyd, IA
50436:Forest City, IA
50438:Garner, IA
50439:Goodell, IA
50440:Grafton, IA
50441:Hampton, IA
50444:Hanlontown, IA
50445:Hayfield, IA
50446:Joice, IA
50447:Kanawha, IA
50448:Kensett, IA
50449:Klemme, IA
50450:Lake Mills, IA
50451:Lakota, IA
50452:Latimer, IA
50453:Leland, IA
50454:Little Cedar, IA
50455:Mc Intire, IA
50456:Manly, IA
50457:Meservey, IA
50458:Nora Springs, IA
50459:Northwood, IA
50460:Orchard, IA
50461:Osage, IA
50464:Plymouth, IA
50465:Rake, IA
50466:Riceville, IA
50467:Mason City, IA
50468:Rockford, IA
50469:Rockwell, IA
50470:Rowan, IA
50471:Rudd, IA
50472:Saint Ansgar, IA
50473:Scarville, IA
50475:Sheffield, IA
50476:Stacyville, IA
50477:Swaledale, IA
50478:Thompson, IA
50479:Thornton, IA
50480:Titonka, IA
50481:Saint Ansgar, IA
50482:Ventura, IA
50483:Wesley, IA
50484:Woden, IA
50501:Fort Dodge, IA
50510:Albert City, IA
50511:Algona, IA
50514:Armstrong, IA
50515:Ayrshire, IA
50516:Badger, IA
50517:Bancroft, IA
50518:Barnum, IA
50519:Bode, IA
50520:Bradgate, IA
50521:Burnside, IA
50522:Burt, IA
50523:Callender, IA
50524:Clare, IA
50525:Clarion, IA
50526:Collins, IA
50527:Curlew, IA
50528:Cylinder, IA
50529:Dakota City, IA
50530:Dayton, IA
50531:Dolliver, IA
50532:Duncombe, IA
50533:Eagle Grove, IA
50535:Early, IA
50536:Emmetsburg, IA
50538:Farnhamville, IA
50539:Fenton, IA
50540:Fonda, IA
50541:Gilmore City, IA
50542:Goldfield, IA
50543:Gowrie, IA
50544:Harcourt, IA
50545:Hardy, IA
50546:Havelock, IA
50548:Humboldt, IA
50551:Jolley, IA
50552:Knierim, IA
50553:Knoke, IA
50554:Laurens, IA
50556:Ledyard, IA
50557:Lehigh, IA
50558:Livermore, IA
50559:Lone Rock, IA
50560:Lu Verne, IA
50561:Lytton, IA
50562:Mallard, IA
50563:Manson, IA
50565:Marathon, IA
50566:Moorland, IA
50567:Nemaha, IA
50568:Newell, IA
50569:Otho, IA
50570:Ottosen, IA
50571:Palmer, IA
50573:Plover, IA
50574:Pocahontas, IA
50575:Pomeroy, IA
50576:Rembrandt, IA
50577:Renwick, IA
50578:Ringsted, IA
50579:Rockwell City, IA
50580:Rodman, IA
50581:Rolfe, IA
50582:Rutland, IA
50583:Sac City, IA
50585:Sioux Rapids, IA
50586:Somers, IA
50587:Rinard, IA
50588:Storm Lake, IA
50590:Swea City, IA
50591:Thor, IA
50592:Truesdale, IA
50593:Varina, IA
50594:Vincent, IA
50595:Webster City, IA
50597:West Bend, IA
50598:Whittemore, IA
50599:Woolstock, IA
50601:Ackley, IA
50602:Allison, IA
50603:Alta Vista, IA
50604:Aplington, IA
50605:Aredale, IA
50606:Arlington, IA
50607:Aurora, IA
50608:Austinville, IA
50609:Beaman, IA
50611:Bristow, IA
50612:Buckingham, IA
50613-50614:Cedar Falls, IA
50616:Charles City, IA
50619:Clarksville, IA
50620:Charles City, IA
50621:Conrad, IA
50622:Denver, IA
50623:Dewar, IA
50624:Dike, IA
50625:Dumont, IA
50626:Dunkerton, IA
50627:Eldora, IA
50628:Elma, IA
50629:Fairbank, IA
50630:Fredericksburg, IA
50631:Frederika, IA
50632:Garwin, IA
50633:Geneva, IA
50634:Gilbertville, IA
50635:Gladbrook, IA
50636:Greene, IA
50637:Green Mountain, IA
50638:Grundy Center, IA
50640:Hansell, IA
50641:Hazleton, IA
50642:Holland, IA
50643:Hudson, IA
50644:Independence, IA
50645:Ionia, IA
50647:Janesville, IA
50648:Jesup, IA
50649:Kesley, IA
50650:Lamont, IA
50651:La Porte City, IA
50652:Lincoln, IA
50653:Marble Rock, IA
50654:Masonville, IA
50655:Maynard, IA
50657:Morrison, IA
50658:Nashua, IA
50659:New Hampton, IA
50660:New Hartford, IA
50661:New Hampton, IA
50662:Oelwein, IA
50664:Oran, IA
50665:Parkersburg, IA
50666:Plainfield, IA
50667:Raymond, IA
50668:Readlyn, IA
50669:Reinbeck, IA
50670:Shell Rock, IA
50671:Stanley, IA
50672:Steamboat Rock, IA
50673:Stout, IA
50674:Sumner, IA
50675:Traer, IA
50676:Tripoli, IA
50677:Waverly, IA
50680:Wellsburg, IA
50681:Westgate, IA
50682:Winthrop, IA
50700-50704:Waterloo, IA
50706-50707:Waterloo, IA
50801:Creston, IA
50830:Afton, IA
50831:Arispe, IA
50833:Bedford, IA
50835:Benton, IA
50836:Blockton, IA
50837:Bridgewater, IA
50839:Carbon, IA
50840:Clearfield, IA
50841:Corning, IA
50842:Cromwell, IA
50843:Cumberland, IA
50844:Delphos, IA
50845:Diagonal, IA
50846:Fontanelle, IA
50847:Grant, IA
50848:Gravity, IA
50849:Greenfield, IA
50850:Kent, IA
50851:Lenox, IA
50852:Maloy, IA
50853:Massena, IA
50854:Mount Ayr, IA
50855:Mount Etna, IA
50857:Nodaway, IA
50858:Orient, IA
50859:Prescott, IA
50860:Redding, IA
50861:Shannon City, IA
50862:Sharpsburg, IA
50863:Tingley, IA
50864:Villisca, IA
50936:Des Moines, IA
50940:Des Moines, IA
50947:Des Moines, IA
50950:Des Moines, IA
50980-50981:Des Moines, IA
51001:Akron, IA
51002:Alta, IA
51003:Alton, IA
51004:Anthon, IA
51005:Aurelia, IA
51006:Battle Creek, IA
51007:Bronson, IA
51008:Brunsville, IA
51009:Calumet, IA
51010:Castana, IA
51011:Chatsworth, IA
51012:Cherokee, IA
51014:Cleghorn, IA
51015:Climbing Hill, IA
51016:Correctionville, IA
51017:Craig, IA
51018:Cushing, IA
51019:Danbury, IA
51020:Galva, IA
51022:Granville, IA
51023:Hawarden, IA
51024:Hinton, IA
51025:Holstein, IA
51026:Hornick, IA
51027:Ireton, IA
51028:Kingsley, IA
51029:Larrabee, IA
51030:Lawton, IA
51031:Le Mars, IA
51033:Linn Grove, IA
51034:Mapleton, IA
51035:Marcus, IA
51036:Maurice, IA
51037:Meriden, IA
51038:Merrill, IA
51039:Moville, IA
51040:Onawa, IA
51041:Orange City, IA
51044:Oto, IA
51045:Oyens, IA
51046:Paullina, IA
51047:Peterson, IA
51048:Pierson, IA
51049:Quimby, IA
51050:Remsen, IA
51051:Rodney, IA
51052:Salix, IA
51053:Schaller, IA
51054:Sergeant Bluff, IA
51055:Sloan, IA
51056:Smithland, IA
51057:Lemars, IA
51058:Sutherland, IA
51059:Turin, IA
51060:Ute, IA
51061:Washta, IA
51062:Westfield, IA
51063:Whiting, IA
51100-51111:Sioux City, IA
51201:Sheldon, IA
51230:Alvord, IA
51231:Archer, IA
51232:Ashton, IA
51234:Boyden, IA
51235:Doon, IA
51237:George, IA
51238:Hospers, IA
51239:Hull, IA
51240:Inwood, IA
51241:Larchwood, IA
51242:Lester, IA
51243:Little Rock, IA
51244:Sheldon, IA
51245:Primghar, IA
51246:Rock Rapids, IA
51247:Rock Valley, IA
51248:Sanborn, IA
51249:Sibley, IA
51250:Sioux Center, IA
51301:Spencer, IA
51330:Allendorf, IA
51331:Arnolds Park, IA
51333:Dickens, IA
51334:Estherville, IA
51338:Everly, IA
51340:Fostoria, IA
51341:Gillett Grove, IA
51342:Graettinger, IA
51343:Spencer, IA
51344:Gruver, IA
51345:Harris, IA
51346:Hartley, IA
51347:Lake Park, IA
51349:Ocheyedan, IA
51350:Melvin, IA
51351:Milford, IA
51354:Ocheyedan, IA
51355:Okoboji, IA
51357:Royal, IA
51358:Ruthven, IA
51360:Spirit Lake, IA
51363:Superior, IA
51364:Terril, IA
51365:Wallingford, IA
51366:Webb, IA
51401:Carroll, IA
51430:Arcadia, IA
51431:Arthur, IA
51432:Manning, IA
51433:Auburn, IA
51436:Breda, IA
51437:Carnarvon, IA
51439:Charter Oak, IA
51440:Dedham, IA
51441:Deloit, IA
51442:Denison, IA
51443:Glidden, IA
51444:Halbur, IA
51445:Ida Grove, IA
51446:Irwin, IA
51447:Kirkman, IA
51448:Kiron, IA
51449:Lake City, IA
51450:Lake View, IA
51451:Lanesboro, IA
51452:Lidderdale, IA
51453:Lohrville, IA
51454:Manilla, IA
51455:Manning, IA
51458:Odebolt, IA
51459:Ralston, IA
51460:Ricketts, IA
51461:Schleswig, IA
51462:Scranton, IA
51463:Templeton, IA
51465:Vail, IA
51466:Wall Lake, IA
51467:Westside, IA
51501-51503:Council Bluffs, IA
51510:Omaha, IA
51519:Underwood, IA
51520:Arion, IA
51521:Avoca, IA
51523:Blencoe, IA
51525:Carson, IA
51526:Crescent, IA
51527:Defiance, IA
51528:Dow City, IA
51529:Dunlap, IA
51530:Earling, IA
51531:Elk Horn, IA
51532:Elliott, IA
51533:Emerson, IA
51534:Glenwood, IA
51535:Griswold, IA
51536:Hancock, IA
51537:Harlan, IA
51540:Hastings, IA
51541:Henderson, IA
51542:Honey Creek, IA
51543:Kimballton, IA
51544:Lewis, IA
51545:Little Sioux, IA
51546:Logan, IA
51548:Mc Clelland, IA
51549:Macedonia, IA
51550:Logan, IA
51551:Malvern, IA
51552:Marne, IA
51553:Minden, IA
51554:Mineola, IA
51555:Missouri Valley, IA
51556:Modale, IA
51557:Mondamin, IA
51558:Moorhead, IA
51559:Neola, IA
51560:Oakland, IA
51561:Pacific Junction, IA
51562:Panama, IA
51563:Persia, IA
51564:Pisgah, IA
51565:Portsmouth, IA
51566:Red Oak, IA
51570:Shelby, IA
51571:Silver City, IA
51572:Soldier, IA
51573:Stanton, IA
51574:Tennant, IA
51575:Treynor, IA
51576:Underwood, IA
51577:Walnut, IA
51578:Westphalia, IA
51579:Woodbine, IA
51591:Red Oak, IA
51593:Council Bluffs, IA
51601-51603:Shenandoah, IA
51630:Blanchard, IA
51631:Braddyville, IA
51632:Clarinda, IA
51636:Coin, IA
51637:College Springs, IA
51638:Essex, IA
51639:Farragut, IA
51640:Hamburg, IA
51645:Imogene, IA
51646:New Market, IA
51647:Northboro, IA
51648:Percival, IA
51649:Randolph, IA
51650:Riverton, IA
51651:Shambaugh, IA
51652:Sidney, IA
51653:Tabor, IA
51654-51655:Thurman, IA
51656:Yorktown, IA
51693:Shenandoah, IA
52001:Dubuque, IA
52004:Dubuque, IA
52030:Andrew, IA
52031:Bellevue, IA
52032:Bernard, IA
52033:Cascade, IA
52035:Colesburg, IA
52036:Delaware, IA
52037:Delmar, IA
52038:Dundee, IA
52039:Durango, IA
52040:Dyersville, IA
52041:Earlville, IA
52042:Edgewood, IA
52043:Elkader, IA
52044:Elkport, IA
52045:Epworth, IA
52046:Farley, IA
52047:Farmersburg, IA
52048:Garber, IA
52049:Garnavillo, IA
52050:Greeley, IA
52051:Green Island, IA
52052:Guttenberg, IA
52053:Holy Cross, IA
52054:La Motte, IA
52055:Littleport, IA
52056:Luxemburg, IA
52057:Manchester, IA
52060:Maquoketa, IA
52064:Miles, IA
52065:New Vienna, IA
52066:North Buena Vista, IA
52068:Peosta, IA
52069:Preston, IA
52070:Sabula, IA
52071:Saint Donatus, IA
52072:Saint Olaf, IA
52073:Sherrill, IA
52074:Spragueville, IA
52075:Springbrook, IA
52076:Strawberry Point, IA
52077:Volga, IA
52078:Worthington, IA
52079:Zwingle, IA
52101:Decorah, IA
52130:Alpha, IA
52131:Burr Oak, IA
52132:Calmar, IA
52133:Castalia, IA
52134:Chester, IA
52135:Clermont, IA
52136:Cresco, IA
52140:Dorchester, IA
52141:Elgin, IA
52142:Fayette, IA
52143:Festina, IA
52144:Fort Atkinson, IA
52146:Harpers Ferry, IA
52147:Hawkeye, IA
52149:Highlandville, IA
52150:Jackson Junction, IA
52151:Lansing, IA
52154:Lawler, IA
52155:Lime Springs, IA
52156:Luana, IA
52157:Mc Gregor, IA
52158:Marquette, IA
52159:Monona, IA
52160:New Albin, IA
52161:Ossian, IA
52162:Postville, IA
52163:Protivin, IA
52164:Randalia, IA
52165:Ridgeway, IA
52166:Saint Lucas, IA
52167:Saratoga, IA
52168:Spillville, IA
52169:Wadena, IA
52170:Waterville, IA
52171:Waucoma, IA
52172:Waukon, IA
52175:West Union, IA
52201:Ainsworth, IA
52202:Alburnett, IA
52203-52204:Amana, IA
52205:Anamosa, IA
52206:Atkins, IA
52207:Baldwin, IA
52208:Belle Plaine, IA
52209:Blairstown, IA
52210:Brandon, IA
52211:Brooklyn, IA
52212:Center Junction, IA
52213:Center Point, IA
52214:Central City, IA
52215:Chelsea, IA
52216:Clarence, IA
52217:Clutier, IA
52218:Coggon, IA
52219:Prairieburg, IA
52220:Conroy, IA
52222:Deep River, IA
52223:Delhi, IA
52224:Dysart, IA
52225:Elberon, IA
52226:Elwood, IA
52227:Ely, IA
52228:Fairfax, IA
52229:Garrison, IA
52230:Hale, IA
52231:Harper, IA
52232:Hartwick, IA
52233:Hiawatha, IA
52235:Hills, IA
52236:Homestead, IA
52237:Hopkinton, IA
52240:Iowa City, IA
52241:Coralville, IA
52242-52246:Iowa City, IA
52247:Kalona, IA
52248:Keota, IA
52249:Keystone, IA
52250:Kinross, IA
52251:Ladora, IA
52252:Langworthy, IA
52253:Lisbon, IA
52254:Lost Nation, IA
52255:Lowden, IA
52257:Luzerne, IA
52301:Marengo, IA
52302:Marion, IA
52305:Martelle, IA
52306:Mechanicsville, IA
52307:Middle, IA
52308:Millersburg, IA
52309:Monmouth, IA
52310:Monticello, IA
52312:Morley, IA
52313:Mount Auburn, IA
52314:Mount Vernon, IA
52315:Newhall, IA
52316:North English, IA
52317:North Liberty, IA
52318:Norway, IA
52319:Oakdale, IA
52320:Olin, IA
52321:Onslow, IA
52322:Oxford, IA
52323:Oxford Junction, IA
52324:Palo, IA
52325:Parnell, IA
52326:Quasqueton, IA
52327:Riverside, IA
52328:Robins, IA
52329:Rowley, IA
52330:Ryan, IA
52331:Scotch Grove, IA
52332:Shellsburg, IA
52333:Solon, IA
52334:South Amana, IA
52335:South English, IA
52336:Springville, IA
52337:Stanwood, IA
52338:Swisher, IA
52339:Tama, IA
52340:Tiffin, IA
52341:Toddville, IA
52342:Toledo, IA
52343:Toronto, IA
52344:Troy Mills, IA
52345:Urbana, IA
52346:Van Horne, IA
52347:Victor, IA
52348:Vining, IA
52349:Vinton, IA
52350:Viola, IA
52351:Walford, IA
52352:Walker, IA
52353:Washington, IA
52354:Watkins, IA
52355:Webster, IA
52356:Wellman, IA
52357:West, IA
52358:West Branch, IA
52359:West Chester, IA
52361:Williamsburg, IA
52362:Wyoming, IA
52400-52409:Cedar Rapids, IA
52498-52499:Cedar Rapids, IA
52501:Ottumwa, IA
52530:Agency, IA
52531:Albia, IA
52533:Batavia, IA
52534:Beacon, IA
52535:Birmingham, IA
52536:Blakesburg, IA
52537:Bloomfield, IA
52538:West Grove, IA
52540:Brighton, IA
52542:Cantril, IA
52543:Cedar, IA
52544:Centerville, IA
52548:Chillicothe, IA
52549:Cincinnati, IA
52550:Delta, IA
52551:Douds, IA
52552:Drakesville, IA
52553:Eddyville, IA
52554:Eldon, IA
52555:Exline, IA
52556:Fairfield, IA
52560:Floris, IA
52561:Fremont, IA
52562:Hayesville, IA
52563:Hedrick, IA
52565:Keosauqua, IA
52566:Kirkville, IA
52567:Libertyville, IA
52568:Martinsburg, IA
52569:Melrose, IA
52570:Milton, IA
52571:Moravia, IA
52572:Moulton, IA
52573:Mount Sterling, IA
52574:Mystic, IA
52575:Numa, IA
52576:Ollie, IA
52577:Oskaloosa, IA
52580:Packwood, IA
52581:Plano, IA
52583:Promise City, IA
52584:Pulaski, IA
52585:Richland, IA
52586:Rose Hill, IA
52588:Selma, IA
52590:Seymour, IA
52591:Sigourney, IA
52593:Udell, IA
52594:Unionville, IA
52595:University Park, IA
52601:Burlington, IA
52619:Argyle, IA
52620:Bonaparte, IA
52621:Crawfordsville, IA
52623:Danville, IA
52624:Denmark, IA
52625:Donnellson, IA
52626:Farmington, IA
52627:Fort Madison, IA
52630:Hillsboro, IA
52631:Houghton, IA
52632:Keokuk, IA
52635:Lockridge, IA
52637:Mediapolis, IA
52638:Middletown, IA
52639:Montrose, IA
52640:Morning Sun, IA
52641:Mount Pleasant, IA
52642:Rome, IA
52644:Mount Union, IA
52645:New London, IA
52646:Oakville, IA
52647:Olds, IA
52648:Pilot Grove, IA
52649:Salem, IA
52650:Sperry, IA
52651:Stockport, IA
52652:Swedesburg, IA
52653:Wapello, IA
52654:Wayland, IA
52655:West Burlington, IA
52656:West Point, IA
52657:Saint Paul, IA
52658:Wever, IA
52659:Winfield, IA
52660:Yarmouth, IA
52701:Andover, IA
52720:Atalissa, IA
52721:Bennett, IA
52722:Bettendorf, IA
52725:Big Rock, IA
52726:Blue Grass, IA
52727:Bryant, IA
52728:Buffalo, IA
52729:Calamus, IA
52730:Camanche, IA
52731:Charlotte, IA
52732:Clinton, IA
52734-52736:Clinton, IA
52737:Columbus City, IA
52738:Columbus Junction, IA
52739:Conesville, IA
52742:De Witt, IA
52745:Dixon, IA
52746:Donahue, IA
52747:Durant, IA
52748:Eldridge, IA
52749:Fruitland, IA
52750:Goose Lake, IA
52751:Grand Mound, IA
52752:Grandview, IA
52753:Le Claire, IA
52754:Letts, IA
52755:Lone Tree, IA
52756:Long Grove, IA
52757:Low Moor, IA
52758:Mc Causland, IA
52759:Montpelier, IA
52760:Moscow, IA
52761:Muscatine, IA
52765:New Liberty, IA
52766:Nichols, IA
52767:Pleasant Valley, IA
52768:Princeton, IA
52769:Stockton, IA
52771:Teeds Grove, IA
52772:Tipton, IA
52773:Walcott, IA
52774:Welton, IA
52776:West Liberty, IA
52777:Wheatland, IA
52778:Wilton, IA
52800-52809:Davenport, IA
53001:Adell, WI
53002:Allenton, WI
53003:Ashippun, WI
53004:Belgium, WI
53005:Brookfield, WI
53006:Brownsville, WI
53007:Butler, WI
53008:Brookfield, WI
53009:Brownsville, WI
53010:Campbellsport, WI
53011:Cascade, WI
53012:Cedarburg, WI
53013:Cedar Grove, WI
53014:Chilton, WI
53015:Cleveland, WI
53016:Clyman, WI
53017:Colgate, WI
53018:Delafield, WI
53019:Eden, WI
53020:Elkhart Lake, WI
53021:Fredonia, WI
53022:Germantown, WI
53023:Glenbeulah, WI
53024:Grafton, WI
53026:Greenbush, WI
53027:Hartford, WI
53029:Hartland, WI
53031:Hingham, WI
53032:Horicon, WI
53033:Hubertus, WI
53034:Hustisford, WI
53035:Iron Ridge, WI
53036:Ixonia, WI
53037:Jackson, WI
53038:Johnson Creek, WI
53039:Juneau, WI
53040:Kewaskum, WI
53042:Kiel, WI
53044:Kohler, WI
53046:Lannon, WI
53047:Lebanon, WI
53048:Lomira, WI
53049:Malone, WI
53050:Mayville, WI
53051:Menomonee Falls, WI
53056:Merton, WI
53057:Mount Calvary, WI
53058:Nashotah, WI
53059:Neosho, WI
53060:Newburg, WI
53061-53062:New Holstein, WI
53063:Newton, WI
53064:North Lake, WI
53065:Oakfield, WI
53066:Oconomowoc, WI
53069:Okauchee, WI
53070:Oostburg, WI
53072:Pewaukee, WI
53073:Plymouth, WI
53074:Port Washington, WI
53075:Random Lake, WI
53076:Richfield, WI
53077:Rockfield, WI
53078:Rubicon, WI
53079:Saint Cloud, WI
53080:Saukville, WI
53081-53083:Sheboygan, WI
53085:Sheboygan Falls, WI
53086:Slinger, WI
53088:Stockbridge, WI
53089:Sussex, WI
53091:Theresa, WI
53092:Thiensville, WI
53093:Waldo, WI
53094:Watertown, WI
53095-53096:West Bend, WI
53099:Woodland, WI
53101:Bassett, WI
53102:Benet Lake, WI
53103:Big Bend, WI
53104:Bristol, WI
53105:Burlington, WI
53108:Caledonia, WI
53109:Camp Lake, WI
53110:Cudahy, WI
53114:Darien, WI
53115:Delavan, WI
53118:Dousman, WI
53119:Eagle, WI
53120:East Troy, WI
53121:Elkhorn, WI
53122:Elm Grove, WI
53125:Fontana, WI
53126:Franksville, WI
53127:Genesee Depot, WI
53128:Genoa City, WI
53129:Greendale, WI
53130:Hales Corners, WI
53132:Hales Corners, WI
53137:Helenville, WI
53138:Honey Creek, WI
53139:Kansasville, WI
53140-53142:Kenosha, WI
53146:New Berlin, WI
53147:Lake Geneva, WI
53148:Lyons, WI
53149:Mukwonago, WI
53150:Muskego, WI
53151:New Berlin, WI
53152:New Munster, WI
53153:North Prairie, WI
53154:Oak Creek, WI
53156:Palmyra, WI
53157:Pell Lake, WI
53158:Pleasant Prairie, WI
53159:Powers Lake, WI
53167:Rochester, WI
53168:Salem, WI
53170:Silver Lake, WI
53171:Somers, WI
53172:South Milwaukee, WI
53176:Springfield, WI
53177:Sturtevant, WI
53178:Sullivan, WI
53179:Trevor, WI
53181:Twin Lakes, WI
53182:Union Grove, WI
53183:Wales, WI
53184:Walworth, WI
53185:Waterford, WI
53186-53188:Waukesha, WI
53190:Whitewater, WI
53191:Williams Bay, WI
53192:Wilmot, WI
53193:Wood, WI
53194:Woodworth, WI
53195:Zenda, WI
53200-53228:Milwaukee, WI
53233:Milwaukee, WI
53237:Milwaukee, WI
53259-53260:Milwaukee, WI
53263:Milwaukee, WI
53267-53268:Milwaukee, WI
53270:Milwaukee, WI
53277-53278:Milwaukee, WI
53280-53281:Milwaukee, WI
53288:Milwaukee, WI
53290:Milwaukee, WI
53293:Milwaukee, WI
53295:Milwaukee, WI
53400-53408:Racine, WI
53501:Afton, WI
53502:Albany, WI
53503:Arena, WI
53504:Argyle, WI
53505:Avalon, WI
53506:Avoca, WI
53507:Barneveld, WI
53508:Belleville, WI
53510:Belmont, WI
53511:Beloit, WI
53515:Black Earth, WI
53516:Blanchardville, WI
53517:Blue Mounds, WI
53518:Blue River, WI
53520:Brodhead, WI
53521:Brooklyn, WI
53522:Browntown, WI
53523:Cambridge, WI
53525:Clinton, WI
53526:Cobb, WI
53527:Cottage Grove, WI
53528:Cross Plains, WI
53529:Dane, WI
53530:Darlington, WI
53531:Deerfield, WI
53532:De Forest, WI
53533:Dodgeville, WI
53534:Edgerton, WI
53535:Edmund, WI
53536:Evansville, WI
53537:Footville, WI
53538:Fort Atkinson, WI
53540:Gotham, WI
53541:Gratiot, WI
53542:Hanover, WI
53543:Highland, WI
53544:Hollandale, WI
53545-53547:Janesville, WI
53549:Jefferson, WI
53550:Juda, WI
53551:Lake Mills, WI
53553:Linden, WI
53554:Livingston, WI
53555:Lodi, WI
53556:Lone Rock, WI
53557:Lowell, WI
53558:Mc Farland, WI
53559:Marshall, WI
53560:Mazomanie, WI
53561:Merrimac, WI
53562:Middleton, WI
53563:Milton, WI
53565:Mineral Point, WI
53566:Monroe, WI
53569:Montfort, WI
53570:Monticello, WI
53571:Morrisonville, WI
53572:Mount Horeb, WI
53573:Muscoda, WI
53574:New Glarus, WI
53575:Oregon, WI
53576:Orfordville, WI
53577:Plain, WI
53578:Prairie Du Sac, WI
53579:Reeseville, WI
53580:Rewey, WI
53581:Richland Center, WI
53582:Ridgeway, WI
53583:Sauk City, WI
53584:Sextonville, WI
53585:Sharon, WI
53586:Shullsburg, WI
53587:South Wayne, WI
53588:Spring Green, WI
53589:Stoughton, WI
53590-53591:Sun Prairie, WI
53593:Verona, WI
53594:Waterloo, WI
53595:Dodgeville, WI
53596:Sun Prairie, WI
53597:Waunakee, WI
53598:Windsor, WI
53599:Woodford, WI
53700-53711:Madison, WI
53713-53719:Madison, WI
53777-53780:Madison, WI
53782-53794:Madison, WI
53801:Bagley, WI
53802:Beetown, WI
53803:Benton, WI
53804:Bloomington, WI
53805:Boscobel, WI
53806:Cassville, WI
53807:Cuba City, WI
53808:Dickeyville, WI
53809:Fennimore, WI
53810:Glen Haven, WI
53811:Hazel Green, WI
53812:Kieler, WI
53813:Lancaster, WI
53816:Mount Hope, WI
53817:Patch Grove, WI
53818:Platteville, WI
53820:Potosi, WI
53821:Prairie Du Chien, WI
53824:Sinsinawa, WI
53825:Stitzer, WI
53826:Wauzeka, WI
53827:Woodman, WI
53901:Portage, WI
53910:Adams, WI
53911:Arlington, WI
53912:Columbus, WI
53913:Baraboo, WI
53916:Beaver Dam, WI
53919:Brandon, WI
53920:Briggsville, WI
53921:Brooks, WI
53922:Burnett, WI
53923:Cambria, WI
53924:Cazenovia, WI
53925:Columbus, WI
53926:Dalton, WI
53927:Friendship, WI
53928:Doylestown, WI
53929:Elroy, WI
53930:Endeavor, WI
53931:Fair Water, WI
53932:Fall River, WI
53933:Fox Lake, WI
53934:Friendship, WI
53935:Friesland, WI
53936:Grand Marsh, WI
53937:Hillpoint, WI
53939:Kingston, WI
53940:Lake Delton, WI
53941:La Valle, WI
53942:Limeridge, WI
53943:Loganville, WI
53944:Lyndon Station, WI
53945:Manchester, WI
53946:Markesan, WI
53947:Marquette, WI
53948:Mauston, WI
53949:Montello, WI
53950:New Lisbon, WI
53951:North Freedom, WI
53952:Oxford, WI
53953:Packwaukee, WI
53954:Pardeeville, WI
53955:Poynette, WI
53956-53957:Randolph, WI
53959:Reedsburg, WI
53960:Rio, WI
53961:Rock Springs, WI
53962:Union Center, WI
53963:Waupun, WI
53964:Westfield, WI
53965:Wisconsin Dells, WI
53968:Wonewoc, WI
53969:Wyocena, WI
54001:Amery, WI
54002:Baldwin, WI
54003:Beldenville, WI
54004:Clayton, WI
54005:Clear Lake, WI
54006:Cushing, WI
54007:Deer Park, WI
54008:Amery, WI
54009:Dresser, WI
54010-54011:Ellsworth, WI
54012-54013:Glenwood City, WI
54014:Hager City, WI
54015:Hammond, WI
54016:Hudson, WI
54017:New Richmond, WI
54020:Osceola, WI
54021:Prescott, WI
54022:River Falls, WI
54023:Roberts, WI
54024:Saint Croix Falls, WI
54025:Somerset, WI
54026:Star Prairie, WI
54027:Wilson, WI
54028:Woodville, WI
54082:Somerset, WI
54101:Abrams, WI
54102:Amberg, WI
54103:Armstrong Creek, WI
54104:Athelstane, WI
54106:Black Creek, WI
54107-54108:Bonduel, WI
54110:Brillion, WI
54111:Cecil, WI
54112:Coleman, WI
54113:Combined Locks, WI
54114:Crivitz, WI
54115:De Pere, WI
54119:Dunbar, WI
54120:Fence, WI
54121:Florence, WI
54123:Forest Junction, WI
54124:Gillett, WI
54125:Goodman, WI
54126:Greenleaf, WI
54127:Green Valley, WI
54128:Gresham, WI
54129:Hilbert, WI
54130:Kaukauna, WI
54131:Freedom, WI
54135:Keshena, WI
54136:Kimberly, WI
54137:Krakow, WI
54138:Lakewood, WI
54139:Lena, WI
54140:Little Chute, WI
54141:Little Suamico, WI
54143:Marinette, WI
54149:Mountain, WI
54150:Neopit, WI
54151:Niagara, WI
54152:Nichols, WI
54153:Oconto, WI
54154:Oconto Falls, WI
54155:Oneida, WI
54156:Pembine, WI
54157:Peshtigo, WI
54159:Porterfield, WI
54160:Potter, WI
54161:Pound, WI
54162:Pulaski, WI
54164:Pulcifer, WI
54165:Seymour, WI
54166:Shawano, WI
54169:Sherwood, WI
54170:Shiocton, WI
54171:Krakow, WI
54172:Lena, WI
54173:Suamico, WI
54174:Suring, WI
54175:Townsend, WI
54176:Underhill, WI
54177:Wausaukee, WI
54180:Wrightstown, WI
54182:Zachow, WI
54201:Algoma, WI
54202:Baileys Harbor, WI
54203:Branch, WI
54204:Brussels, WI
54205:Casco, WI
54206:Cato, WI
54207:Collins, WI
54208:Denmark, WI
54209:Egg Harbor, WI
54210:Ellison Bay, WI
54211:Ephraim, WI
54212:Fish Creek, WI
54213:Forestville, WI
54214:Francis Creek, WI
54215:Kellnersville, WI
54216:Kewaunee, WI
54217:Luxemburg, WI
54220-54221:Manitowoc, WI
54226:Maplewood, WI
54227:Maribel, WI
54228:Mishicot, WI
54229:New Franken, WI
54230:Reedsville, WI
54231:Rio Creek, WI
54232:Saint Nazianz, WI
54234:Sister Bay, WI
54235:Sturgeon Bay, WI
54240:Tisch Mills, WI
54241:Two Rivers, WI
54245:Valders, WI
54246:Washington Island, WI
54247:Whitelaw, WI
54300-54308:Green Bay, WI
54311:Green Bay, WI
54313:Green Bay, WI
54324:Green Bay, WI
54344:Green Bay, WI
54401-54402:Wausau, WI
54404:Marshfield, WI
54405:Abbotsford, WI
54406:Amherst, WI
54407:Amherst Junction, WI
54408:Aniwa, WI
54409:Antigo, WI
54410:Arpin, WI
54411:Athens, WI
54412:Auburndale, WI
54413:Babcock, WI
54414:Birnamwood, WI
54415:Blenker, WI
54416:Bowler, WI
54417:Brokaw, WI
54418:Bryant, WI
54419:Chelsea, WI
54420:Chili, WI
54421:Colby, WI
54422:Curtiss, WI
54423:Custer, WI
54424:Deerbrook, WI
54425:Dorchester, WI
54426:Edgar, WI
54427:Eland, WI
54428:Elcho, WI
54429:Elderon, WI
54430:Elton, WI
54432:Galloway, WI
54433:Gilman, WI
54434:Jump River, WI
54435:Gleason, WI
54436:Granton, WI
54437:Greenwood, WI
54438:Hamburg, WI
54439:Hannibal, WI
54440:Hatley, WI
54441:Hewitt, WI
54442:Irma, WI
54443:Junction City, WI
54444:Kempster, WI
54445:Lily, WI
54446:Loyal, WI
54447:Lublin, WI
54448:Marathon, WI
54449:Marshfield, WI
54450:Mattoon, WI
54451:Medford, WI
54452:Merrill, WI
54453:Milan, WI
54454:Milladore, WI
54455:Mosinee, WI
54456:Neillsville, WI
54457:Nekoosa, WI
54458:Nelsonville, WI
54459:Ogema, WI
54460:Owen, WI
54462:Pearson, WI
54463:Pelican Lake, WI
54464:Phlox, WI
54465:Pickerel, WI
54466:Pittsville, WI
54467:Plover, WI
54469:Port Edwards, WI
54470:Rib Lake, WI
54471:Ringle, WI
54472:Marshfield, WI
54473:Rosholt, WI
54474:Rothschild, WI
54475:Rudolph, WI
54476:Schofield, WI
54479:Spencer, WI
54480:Stetsonville, WI
54481-54482:Stevens Point, WI
54484:Stratford, WI
54485:Summit Lake, WI
54486:Tigerton, WI
54487:Tomahawk, WI
54488:Unity, WI
54489:Vesper, WI
54490:Westboro, WI
54491:White Lake, WI
54492:Stevens Point, WI
54493:Willard, WI
54494-54495:Wisconsin Rapids, WI
54498:Withee, WI
54499:Wittenberg, WI
54501:Rhinelander, WI
54511:Argonne, WI
54512:Boulder Junction, WI
54513:Brantwood, WI
54514:Butternut, WI
54515:Catawba, WI
54516:Cavour, WI
54517:Clam Lake, WI
54519:Conover, WI
54520:Crandon, WI
54521:Eagle River, WI
54524:Fifield, WI
54525:Gile, WI
54526:Glen Flora, WI
54527:Glidden, WI
54528:Gurney, WI
54529:Harshaw, WI
54530:Hawkins, WI
54531:Hazelhurst, WI
54532:Heafford Junction, WI
54534:Hurley, WI
54536:Iron Belt, WI
54537:Kennan, WI
54538:Lac Du Flambeau, WI
54539:Lake Tomahawk, WI
54540:Land O' Lakes, WI
54541:Laona, WI
54542:Long Lake, WI
54543:Mc Naughton, WI
54545:Manitowish Waters, WI
54546:Mellen, WI
54547:Mercer, WI
54548:Minocqua, WI
54549:Monico, WI
54550:Montreal, WI
54552:Park Falls, WI
54554:Phelps, WI
54555:Phillips, WI
54556:Prentice, WI
54557:Presque Isle, WI
54558:Saint Germain, WI
54559:Saxon, WI
54560:Sayner, WI
54561:Starlake, WI
54562:Three Lakes, WI
54563:Tony, WI
54564:Tripoli, WI
54565:Upson, WI
54566:Wabeno, WI
54567:Winchester, WI
54568:Woodruff, WI
54601-54603:La Crosse, WI
54610:Alma, WI
54611:Alma Center, WI
54612:Arcadia, WI
54613:Arkdale, WI
54614:Bangor, WI
54615:Black River Falls, WI
54616:Blair, WI
54617:Viola, WI
54618:Camp Douglas, WI
54619:Cashton, WI
54620:Cataract, WI
54621:Chaseburg, WI
54622:Cochrane, WI
54623:Coon Valley, WI
54624:De Soto, WI
54625:Dodge, WI
54626:Eastman, WI
54627:Ettrick, WI
54628:Ferryville, WI
54629:Fountain City, WI
54630:Galesville, WI
54631:Gays Mills, WI
54632:Genoa, WI
54634:Hillsboro, WI
54635:Hixton, WI
54636:Holmen, WI
54637:Camp Douglas, WI
54638:Kendall, WI
54639:La Farge, WI
54640:Ferryville, WI
54641:Mather, WI
54642:Melrose, WI
54643:Millston, WI
54644:Mindoro, WI
54645:Mount Sterling, WI
54646:Necedah, WI
54648:Norwalk, WI
54649:Oakdale, WI
54650:Onalaska, WI
54651:Ontario, WI
54652:Readstown, WI
54653:Rockland, WI
54654:Seneca, WI
54655:Soldiers Grove, WI
54656:Sparta, WI
54657:Steuben, WI
54658:Stoddard, WI
54659:Taylor, WI
54660:Tomah, WI
54661:Trempealeau, WI
54662:Tunnel City, WI
54663:De Soto, WI
54664:Viola, WI
54665:Viroqua, WI
54666:Warrens, WI
54667:Westby, WI
54669:West Salem, WI
54670:Wilton, WI
54671:Wyeville, WI
54701-54703:Eau Claire, WI
54720:Altoona, WI
54721:Arkansaw, WI
54722:Augusta, WI
54723:Bay City, WI
54724:Bloomer, WI
54725:Boyceville, WI
54726:Boyd, WI
54727:Cadott, WI
54728:Chetek, WI
54729:Chippewa Falls, WI
54730:Colfax, WI
54731:Conrath, WI
54732:Cornell, WI
54733:Dallas, WI
54734:Downing, WI
54735:Downsville, WI
54736:Durand, WI
54737:Eau Galle, WI
54738:Eleva, WI
54739:Elk Mound, WI
54740:Elmwood, WI
54741:Fairchild, WI
54742:Fall Creek, WI
54743:Gilmanton, WI
54744:Dallas, WI
54745:Holcombe, WI
54746:Humbird, WI
54747:Independence, WI
54748:Jim Falls, WI
54749:Knapp, WI
54750:Maiden Rock, WI
54751:Menomonie, WI
54754:Merrillan, WI
54755:Mondovi, WI
54756:Nelson, WI
54757:New Auburn, WI
54758:Osseo, WI
54759:Pepin, WI
54760:Pigeon Falls, WI
54761:Plum City, WI
54762:Prairie Farm, WI
54763:Ridgeland, WI
54764:Mondovi, WI
54765:Sand Creek, WI
54766:Sheldon, WI
54767:Spring Valley, WI
54768:Stanley, WI
54769:Stockholm, WI
54770:Strum, WI
54771:Thorp, WI
54772:Wheeler, WI
54773:Whitehall, WI
54774:Chippewa Falls, WI
54801:Spooner, WI
54805:Almena, WI
54806:Ashland, WI
54810:Balsam Lake, WI
54812:Barron, WI
54813:Barronett, WI
54814:Bayfield, WI
54816:Mason, WI
54817:Birchwood, WI
54818:Brill, WI
54819:Bruce, WI
54820:Brule, WI
54821:Cable, WI
54822:Cameron, WI
54824:Centuria, WI
54826:Comstock, WI
54827:Cornucopia, WI
54828:Couderay, WI
54829:Cumberland, WI
54830:Danbury, WI
54832:Drummond, WI
54834:Edgewater, WI
54835:Exeland, WI
54836:Superior, WI
54837:Frederic, WI
54838:Gordon, WI
54839:Grand View, WI
54840:Grantsburg, WI
54841:Haugen, WI
54842:Hawthorne, WI
54843:Hayward, WI
54844:Herbster, WI
54845:Hertel, WI
54846:High Bridge, WI
54847:Iron River, WI
54848:Ladysmith, WI
54849:Lake Nebagamon, WI
54850:La Pointe, WI
54851:Lewis, WI
54853:Luck, WI
54854:Maple, WI
54855:Marengo, WI
54856:Mason, WI
54857:Mikana, WI
54858:Milltown, WI
54859:Minong, WI
54861:Odanah, WI
54862:Winter, WI
54864:Poplar, WI
54865:Port Wing, WI
54866:Poskin, WI
54867:Radisson, WI
54868:Rice Lake, WI
54870:Sarona, WI
54871:Shell Lake, WI
54872:Siren, WI
54873:Solon Springs, WI
54874:South Range, WI
54875:Springbrook, WI
54876:Stone Lake, WI
54880:Superior, WI
54888:Trego, WI
54889:Turtle Lake, WI
54890:Wascott, WI
54891:Washburn, WI
54893:Webster, WI
54895:Weyerhaeuser, WI
54896:Winter, WI
54901-54904:Oshkosh, WI
54906:Oshkosh, WI
54909:Almond, WI
54911-54915:Appleton, WI
54919:Appleton, WI
54921:Bancroft, WI
54922:Bear Creek, WI
54923:Berlin, WI
54926:Big Falls, WI
54927:Butte Des Morts, WI
54928:Caroline, WI
54929:Clintonville, WI
54930:Coloma, WI
54931:Dale, WI
54932:Eldorado, WI
54933:Embarrass, WI
54934:Eureka, WI
54935-54936:Fond Du Lac, WI
54940:Fremont, WI
54941:Green Lake, WI
54942:Greenville, WI
54943:Hancock, WI
54944:Hortonville, WI
54945:Iola, WI
54946:King, WI
54947:Larsen, WI
54948:Leopolis, WI
54949:Manawa, WI
54950:Marion, WI
54951:Medina, WI
54952:Menasha, WI
54956-54957:Neenah, WI
54960:Neshkoro, WI
54961:New London, WI
54962:Ogdensburg, WI
54963:Omro, WI
54964:Pickett, WI
54965:Pine River, WI
54966:Plainfield, WI
54967:Poy Sippi, WI
54968:Princeton, WI
54969:Readfield, WI
54970:Redgranite, WI
54971:Ripon, WI
54974:Rosendale, WI
54975:Royalton, WI
54976:Saxeville, WI
54977:Scandinavia, WI
54978:Tilleda, WI
54979:Van Dyne, WI
54980:Waukau, WI
54981:Waupaca, WI
54982:Wautoma, WI
54983:Weyauwega, WI
54984:Wild Rose, WI
54985:Winnebago, WI
54986:Winneconne, WI
54990:Iola, WI
55001:Afton, MN
55002:Center City, MN
55003:Bayport, MN
55004:Beroun, MN
55005:Bethel, MN
55006:Braham, MN
55007:Brook Park, MN
55008:Cambridge, MN
55009:Cannon Falls, MN
55010:Castle Rock, MN
55011:Cedar, MN
55012:Center City, MN
55013:Chisago City, MN
55014:Circle Pines, MN
55016:Cottage Grove, MN
55017:Dalbo, MN
55018:Dennison, MN
55019:Dundas, MN
55020:Elko, MN
55021:Faribault, MN
55024:Farmington, MN
55025:Forest Lake, MN
55026:Frontenac, MN
55027:Goodhue, MN
55029:Grandy, MN
55030:Grasston, MN
55031:Hampton, MN
55032:Harris, MN
55033:Hastings, MN
55036:Grasston, MN
55037:Hinckley, MN
55038:Hugo, MN
55040:Isanti, MN
55041:Lake City, MN
55042:Lake Elmo, MN
55043:Lakeland, MN
55044:Lakeville, MN
55045:Lindstrom, MN
55046:Lonsdale, MN
55047:Marine On Saint Croix, MN
55048:Markville, MN
55049:Medford, MN
55051:Mora, MN
55052:Morristown, MN
55053:Nerstrand, MN
55054:New Market, MN
55055:Newport, MN
55056:North Branch, MN
55057:Northfield, MN
55060:Owatonna, MN
55063:Pine City, MN
55064:Brook Park, MN
55065:Randolph, MN
55066:Red Wing, MN
55067:Rush City, MN
55068:Rosemount, MN
55069:Rush City, MN
55070:Saint Francis, MN
55071:Saint Paul Park, MN
55072:Sandstone, MN
55073:Scandia, MN
55074:Shafer, MN
55075:South Saint Paul, MN
55079:Stacy, MN
55080:Stanchfield, MN
55082-55083:Stillwater, MN
55084:Taylors Falls, MN
55085:Vermillion, MN
55087:Warsaw, MN
55088:Webster, MN
55089:Welch, MN
55090:Willernie, MN
55092:Wyoming, MN
55100-55127:Saint Paul, MN
55133:Saint Paul, MN
55144-55146:Saint Paul, MN
55150:Saint Paul, MN
55155:Saint Paul, MN
55161:Saint Paul, MN
55164-55166:Saint Paul, MN
55168-55172:Saint Paul, MN
55175:Saint Paul, MN
55177:Saint Paul, MN
55182:Saint Paul, MN
55189-55191:Saint Paul, MN
55301:Albertville, MN
55302:Annandale, MN
55303-55304:Anoka, MN
55307:Arlington, MN
55308:Becker, MN
55309:Big Lake, MN
55310:Bird Island, MN
55312:Brownton, MN
55313:Buffalo, MN
55314:Buffalo Lake, MN
55315:Carver, MN
55316:Champlin, MN
55317:Chanhassen, MN
55318:Chaska, MN
55319:Clear Lake, MN
55320:Clearwater, MN
55321:Cokato, MN
55322:Cologne, MN
55323:Crystal Bay, MN
55324:Darwin, MN
55325:Dassel, MN
55326:Kingston, MN
55327:Dayton, MN
55328:Delano, MN
55329:Eden Valley, MN
55330:Elk River, MN
55331:Excelsior, MN
55332:Fairfax, MN
55333:Franklin, MN
55334:Gaylord, MN
55335:Gibbon, MN
55336:Glencoe, MN
55337:Burnsville, MN
55338:Green Isle, MN
55339:Hamburg, MN
55340:Hamel, MN
55341:Hanover, MN
55342:Hector, MN
55343:Hopkins, MN
55344:Eden Prairie, MN
55345:Minnetonka, MN
55346-55347:Eden Prairie, MN
55348:Maple Plain, MN
55349:Howard Lake, MN
55350:Hutchinson, MN
55352:Jordan, MN
55353:Kimball, MN
55354:Lester Prairie, MN
55355:Litchfield, MN
55356:Long Lake, MN
55357:Loretto, MN
55358:Maple Lake, MN
55359:Maple Plain, MN
55360:Mayer, MN
55361:Minnetonka Beach, MN
55362:Monticello, MN
55363:Montrose, MN
55364:Mound, MN
55365:Monticello, MN
55366:New Auburn, MN
55367:New Germany, MN
55368:Norwood, MN
55369:Osseo, MN
55370:Plato, MN
55371:Princeton, MN
55372:Prior Lake, MN
55373:Rockford, MN
55374:Rogers, MN
55375:Saint Bonifacius, MN
55376:Saint Michael, MN
55377:Santiago, MN
55378:Savage, MN
55379:Shakopee, MN
55380:Silver Creek, MN
55381:Silver Lake, MN
55382:South Haven, MN
55383:Norwood, MN
55384:Spring Park, MN
55385:Stewart, MN
55386:Victoria, MN
55387:Waconia, MN
55388:Watertown, MN
55389:Watkins, MN
55390:Waverly, MN
55391:Wayzata, MN
55392:Navarre, MN
55393:Howard Lake, MN
55394:Young America, MN
55395:Winsted, MN
55396:Winthrop, MN
55397:Young America, MN
55398:Zimmerman, MN
55399:Young America, MN
55400-55438:Minneapolis, MN
55440-55447:Minneapolis, MN
55450:Minneapolis, MN
55454-55455:Minneapolis, MN
55458-55460:Minneapolis, MN
55470:Minneapolis, MN
55472-55473:Minneapolis, MN
55478-55480:Minneapolis, MN
55483-55488:Minneapolis, MN
55601:Beaver Bay, MN
55602:Brimson, MN
55603:Finland, MN
55604:Grand Marais, MN
55605:Grand Portage, MN
55606:Hovland, MN
55607:Silver Bay, MN
55609:Knife River, MN
55612:Lutsen, MN
55613:Schroeder, MN
55614:Silver Bay, MN
55615:Tofte, MN
55616:Two Harbors, MN
55701:Adolph, MN
55702:Alborn, MN
55703:Angora, MN
55704:Askov, MN
55705:Aurora, MN
55706:Babbitt, MN
55707:Barnum, MN
55708:Biwabik, MN
55709:Bovey, MN
55710:Britt, MN
55711:Brookston, MN
55712:Bruno, MN
55713:Buhl, MN
55716:Calumet, MN
55717:Cotton, MN
55718:Carlton, MN
55719:Chisholm, MN
55720:Cloquet, MN
55721:Cohasset, MN
55722:Coleraine, MN
55723:Cook, MN
55724:Cotton, MN
55725:Crane Lake, MN
55726:Cromwell, MN
55727:Culver, MN
55728:Denham, MN
55729:Kerrick, MN
55731:Ely, MN
55732:Embarrass, MN
55733:Esko, MN
55734:Eveleth, MN
55735:Finlayson, MN
55736:Floodwood, MN
55738:Forbes, MN
55740:Gheen, MN
55741:Gilbert, MN
55742:Goodland, MN
55744-55745:Grand Rapids, MN
55746-55747:Hibbing, MN
55748:Hill City, MN
55749:Wrenshall, MN
55750:Hoyt Lakes, MN
55751:Iron, MN
55752:Jacobson, MN
55753:Keewatin, MN
55754:Kelly Lake, MN
55755:Kelsey, MN
55756:Kerrick, MN
55757:Kettle River, MN
55758:Kinney, MN
55760:Mc Gregor, MN
55761:Mc Kinley, MN
55762:Mahtowa, MN
55763:Makinen, MN
55764:Marble, MN
55765:Meadowlands, MN
55766:Cotton, MN
55767:Moose Lake, MN
55768:Mountain Iron, MN
55769:Nashwauk, MN
55771-55772:Orr, MN
55773:Parkville, MN
55775:Pengilly, MN
55777:Virginia, MN
55778:Rutledge, MN
55779:Saginaw, MN
55780:Sawyer, MN
55781:Side Lake, MN
55782:Soudan, MN
55783:Sturgeon Lake, MN
55784:Swan River, MN
55785:Hill City, MN
55786:Taconite, MN
55787:Tamarack, MN
55788:Cook, MN
55789:Meadowlands, MN
55790:Tower, MN
55791:Twig, MN
55792:Virginia, MN
55793:Warba, MN
55794:Wawina, MN
55795:Willow River, MN
55796:Winton, MN
55797:Wrenshall, MN
55798:Wright, MN
55799:Zim, MN
55800-55808:Duluth, MN
55810-55812:Duluth, MN
55814-55816:Duluth, MN
55901-55905:Rochester, MN
55909:Adams, MN
55910:Altura, MN
55912:Austin, MN
55917:Blooming Prairie, MN
55918:Brownsdale, MN
55919:Brownsville, MN
55920:Byron, MN
55921:Caledonia, MN
55922:Canton, MN
55923:Chatfield, MN
55924:Claremont, MN
55925:Dakota, MN
55926:Dexter, MN
55927:Dodge Center, MN
55929:Dover, MN
55931:Eitzen, MN
55932:Elgin, MN
55933:Elkton, MN
55934:Eyota, MN
55935:Fountain, MN
55936:Grand Meadow, MN
55937:Granger, MN
55938:Rochester, MN
55939:Harmony, MN
55940:Hayfield, MN
55941:Hokah, MN
55942:Winona, MN
55943:Houston, MN
55944:Kasson, MN
55945:Kellogg, MN
55946:Kenyon, MN
55947:La Crescent, MN
55949:Lanesboro, MN
55950:Lansing, MN
55951:Le Roy, MN
55952:Lewiston, MN
55953:Lyle, MN
55954:Mabel, MN
55955:Mantorville, MN
55956:Mazeppa, MN
55957:Millville, MN
55959:Minnesota City, MN
55960:Oronoco, MN
55961:Ostrander, MN
55962:Peterson, MN
55963:Pine Island, MN
55964:Plainview, MN
55965:Preston, MN
55967:Racine, MN
55968:Reads Landing, MN
55969:Rollingstone, MN
55970:Rose Creek, MN
55971:Rushford, MN
55972:Saint Charles, MN
55973:Sargeant, MN
55974:Spring Grove, MN
55975:Spring Valley, MN
55976:Stewartville, MN
55977:Taopi, MN
55978:Theilman, MN
55979:Utica, MN
55981:Wabasha, MN
55982:Waltham, MN
55983:Wanamingo, MN
55985:West Concord, MN
55986:Whalan, MN
55987-55988:Winona, MN
55990:Wykoff, MN
55991:Zumbro Falls, MN
55992:Zumbrota, MN
56001-56002:Mankato, MN
56007:Albert Lea, MN
56009:Alden, MN
56010:Amboy, MN
56011:Belle Plaine, MN
56013:Blue Earth, MN
56014:Bricelyn, MN
56016:Clarks Grove, MN
56017:Cleveland, MN
56019:Comfrey, MN
56020:Conger, MN
56021:Courtland, MN
56022:Darfur, MN
56023:Delavan, MN
56024:Eagle Lake, MN
56025:Easton, MN
56026:Ellendale, MN
56027:Elmore, MN
56028:Elysian, MN
56029:Emmons, MN
56030:Essig, MN
56031:Fairmont, MN
56032:Freeborn, MN
56033:Frost, MN
56034:Garden City, MN
56035:Geneva, MN
56036:Glenville, MN
56037:Good Thunder, MN
56039:Granada, MN
56041:Hanska, MN
56042:Hartland, MN
56043:Hayward, MN
56044:Henderson, MN
56045:Hollandale, MN
56046:Hope, MN
56047:Huntley, MN
56048:Janesville, MN
56050:Kasota, MN
56051:Kiester, MN
56052:Kilkenny, MN
56053:Klossner, MN
56054:Lafayette, MN
56055:Lake Crystal, MN
56056:La Salle, MN
56057:Le Center, MN
56058:Le Sueur, MN
56060:Lewisville, MN
56061:London, MN
56062:Madelia, MN
56063:Madison Lake, MN
56064:Manchester, MN
56065:Mapleton, MN
56067:Meriden, MN
56068:Minnesota Lake, MN
56069:Montgomery, MN
56070:Myrtle, MN
56071:New Prague, MN
56072:New Richland, MN
56073:New Ulm, MN
56074:Nicollet, MN
56075:Northrop, MN
56076:Oakland, MN
56077:Otisco, MN
56078:Pemberton, MN
56080:Saint Clair, MN
56081:Saint James, MN
56082:Saint Peter, MN
56083:Sanborn, MN
56084:Searles, MN
56085:Sleepy Eye, MN
56087:Springfield, MN
56088:Truman, MN
56089:Twin Lakes, MN
56090:Vernon Center, MN
56091:Waldorf, MN
56092:Walters, MN
56093:Waseca, MN
56096:Waterville, MN
56097:Wells, MN
56098:Winnebago, MN
56101:Windom, MN
56110:Adrian, MN
56111:Alpha, MN
56112:Amiret, MN
56113:Arco, MN
56114:Avoca, MN
56115:Balaton, MN
56116:Beaver Creek, MN
56117:Bigelow, MN
56118:Bingham Lake, MN
56119:Brewster, MN
56120:Butterfield, MN
56121:Ceylon, MN
56122:Chandler, MN
56123:Currie, MN
56124:Delft, MN
56125:Dovray, MN
56126:Dundee, MN
56127:Dunnell, MN
56128:Edgerton, MN
56129:Ellsworth, MN
56130:Florence, MN
56131:Fulda, MN
56132:Garvin, MN
56133:Hadley, MN
56134:Hardwick, MN
56135:Hatfield, MN
56136:Hendricks, MN
56137:Heron Lake, MN
56138:Hills, MN
56139:Holland, MN
56140:Ihlen, MN
56141:Iona, MN
56142:Ivanhoe, MN
56143:Jackson, MN
56144:Jasper, MN
56145:Jeffers, MN
56146:Kanaranzi, MN
56147:Kenneth, MN
56149:Lake Benton, MN
56150:Lakefield, MN
56151:Lake Wilson, MN
56152:Lamberton, MN
56153:Leota, MN
56155:Lismore, MN
56156:Luverne, MN
56157:Lynd, MN
56158:Magnolia, MN
56159:Mountain Lake, MN
56160:Odin, MN
56161:Okabena, MN
56162:Ormsby, MN
56164:Pipestone, MN
56165:Reading, MN
56166:Revere, MN
56167:Round Lake, MN
56168:Rushmore, MN
56169:Russell, MN
56170:Ruthton, MN
56171:Sherburn, MN
56172:Slayton, MN
56173:Steen, MN
56174:Storden, MN
56175:Tracy, MN
56176:Trimont, MN
56177:Trosky, MN
56178:Tyler, MN
56179:Verdi, MN
56180:Walnut Grove, MN
56181:Welcome, MN
56183:Westbrook, MN
56184:Wilder, MN
56185:Wilmont, MN
56186:Woodstock, MN
56187:Worthington, MN
56201:Willmar, MN
56207:Alberta, MN
56208:Appleton, MN
56209:Atwater, MN
56210:Graceville, MN
56211:Beardsley, MN
56212:Bellingham, MN
56214:Belview, MN
56215:Benson, MN
56216:Blomkest, MN
56218:Boyd, MN
56219:Browns Valley, MN
56220:Canby, MN
56221:Chokio, MN
56222:Clara City, MN
56223:Clarkfield, MN
56224:Clements, MN
56225:Clinton, MN
56226:Clontarf, MN
56227:Correll, MN
56228:Cosmos, MN
56229:Cottonwood, MN
56230:Danube, MN
56231:Danvers, MN
56232:Dawson, MN
56233:De Graff, MN
56235:Donnelly, MN
56236:Dumont, MN
56237:Echo, MN
56238:Evan, MN
56239:Ghent, MN
56240:Graceville, MN
56241:Granite Falls, MN
56243:Grove City, MN
56244:Hancock, MN
56245:Hanley Falls, MN
56246:Hawick, MN
56247:Hazel Run, MN
56248:Herman, MN
56249:Holloway, MN
56250:Johnson, MN
56251:Kandiyohi, MN
56252:Kerkhoven, MN
56253:Lake Lillian, MN
56254:Louisburg, MN
56255:Lucan, MN
56256:Madison, MN
56257:Marietta, MN
56258:Marshall, MN
56260:Maynard, MN
56262:Milan, MN
56263:Milroy, MN
56264:Minneota, MN
56265:Montevideo, MN
56266:Morgan, MN
56267:Morris, MN
56270:Morton, MN
56271:Murdock, MN
56272:Nassau, MN
56273:New London, MN
56274:Norcross, MN
56276:Odessa, MN
56277:Olivia, MN
56278:Ortonville, MN
56279:Pennock, MN
56280:Porter, MN
56281:Prinsburg, MN
56282:Raymond, MN
56283:Redwood Falls, MN
56284:Renville, MN
56285:Sacred Heart, MN
56286:Saint Leo, MN
56287:Seaforth, MN
56288:Spicer, MN
56289:Sunburg, MN
56290:Svea, MN
56291:Taunton, MN
56292:Vesta, MN
56293:Wabasso, MN
56294:Wanda, MN
56295:Watson, MN
56296:Wheaton, MN
56297:Wood Lake, MN
56301-56304:Saint Cloud, MN
56307:Albany, MN
56308:Alexandria, MN
56309:Ashby, MN
56310:Avon, MN
56311:Barrett, MN
56312:Belgrade, MN
56313:Bock, MN
56314:Bowlus, MN
56315:Brandon, MN
56316:Brooten, MN
56317:Buckman, MN
56318:Burtrum, MN
56319:Carlos, MN
56320:Cold Spring, MN
56321:Collegeville, MN
56323:Cyrus, MN
56324:Dalton, MN
56325:Elrosa, MN
56326:Evansville, MN
56327:Farwell, MN
56328:Flensburg, MN
56329:Foley, MN
56330:Foreston, MN
56331:Freeport, MN
56332:Garfield, MN
56333:Gilman, MN
56334:Glenwood, MN
56335:Greenwald, MN
56336:Grey Eagle, MN
56338:Hillman, MN
56339:Hoffman, MN
56340:Holdingford, MN
56341:Holmes City, MN
56342:Isle, MN
56343:Kensington, MN
56344:Lastrup, MN
56345:Little Falls, MN
56346-56347:Long Prairie, MN
56349:Lowry, MN
56350:Mc Grath, MN
56352:Melrose, MN
56353:Milaca, MN
56354:Miltona, MN
56355:Nelson, MN
56356:New Munich, MN
56357:Oak Park, MN
56358:Ogilvie, MN
56359:Onamia, MN
56360:Osakis, MN
56361:Parkers Prairie, MN
56362:Paynesville, MN
56363:Pease, MN
56364:Pierz, MN
56367:Rice, MN
56368:Richmond, MN
56369:Rockville, MN
56371:Roscoe, MN
56372:Saint Cloud, MN
56373:Royalton, MN
56374-56375:Saint Joseph, MN
56376:Saint Martin, MN
56377:Sartell, MN
56378:Sauk Centre, MN
56379:Sauk Rapids, MN
56380:Sedan, MN
56381:Starbuck, MN
56382:Swanville, MN
56384:Upsala, MN
56385:Villard, MN
56386:Wahkon, MN
56387:Waite Park, MN
56389:Sauk Centre, MN
56393:Saint Cloud, MN
56395-56396:Saint Cloud, MN
56401:Brainerd, MN
56425:Brainerd, MN
56430:Ah-Gwah-Ching, MN
56431:Aitkin, MN
56433:Akeley, MN
56434:Aldrich, MN
56435:Backus, MN
56436:Benedict, MN
56437:Bertha, MN
56438:Browerville, MN
56440:Clarissa, MN
56441:Crosby, MN
56442:Crosslake, MN
56443:Cushing, MN
56444:Deerwood, MN
56446:Eagle Bend, MN
56447:Emily, MN
56448:Fifty Lakes, MN
56449:Fort Ripley, MN
56450:Garrison, MN
56452:Hackensack, MN
56453:Hewitt, MN
56455:Ironton, MN
56456:Jenkins, MN
56458:Lake George, MN
56459:Lake Hubert, MN
56460:Lake Itasca, MN
56461:Laporte, MN
56462:Motley, MN
56463:Manhattan Beach, MN
56464:Menahga, MN
56465:Merrifield, MN
56466:Motley, MN
56467:Nevis, MN
56468:Nisswa, MN
56469:Palisade, MN
56470:Park Rapids, MN
56472:Pequot Lakes, MN
56473:Pillager, MN
56474:Pine River, MN
56475:Randall, MN
56477-56478:Sebeka, MN
56479:Staples, MN
56481:Verndale, MN
56482:Wadena, MN
56484:Walker, MN
56485:Whipholt, MN
56501-56502:Detroit Lakes, MN
56510:Ada, MN
56511:Audubon, MN
56513:Baker, MN
56514:Barnesville, MN
56515:Battle Lake, MN
56516:Bejou, MN
56517:Beltrami, MN
56518:Bluffton, MN
56519:Borup, MN
56520:Breckenridge, MN
56521:Callaway, MN
56522:Campbell, MN
56523:Climax, MN
56524:Clitherall, MN
56525:Comstock, MN
56527:Deer Creek, MN
56528:Dent, MN
56529:Dilworth, MN
56531:Elbow Lake, MN
56533:Elizabeth, MN
56534:Erhard, MN
56535:Erskine, MN
56536:Felton, MN
56537:Fergus Falls, MN
56540:Fertile, MN
56541:Flom, MN
56542:Fosston, MN
56543:Foxhome, MN
56544:Frazee, MN
56545:Gary, MN
56546:Georgetown, MN
56547:Glyndon, MN
56548:Halstad, MN
56549:Hawley, MN
56550:Hendrum, MN
56551:Henning, MN
56552:Hitterdal, MN
56553:Kent, MN
56554:Lake Park, MN
56556:McIntosh, MN
56557:Mahnomen, MN
56560:Moorhead, MN
56565:Nashua, MN
56566:Naytahwaush, MN
56567:New York Mills, MN
56568:Nielsville, MN
56569:Ogema, MN
56570:Osage, MN
56571:Ottertail, MN
56572:Pelican Rapids, MN
56573:Perham, MN
56574:Perley, MN
56575:Ponsford, MN
56576:Richville, MN
56577:Richwood, MN
56578:Rochert, MN
56579:Rothsay, MN
56580:Sabin, MN
56581:Shelly, MN
56583:Tintah, MN
56584:Twin Valley, MN
56585:Ulen, MN
56586:Underwood, MN
56587:Vergas, MN
56588:Vining, MN
56589:Waubun, MN
56590:Wendell, MN
56591:White Earth, MN
56592:Winger, MN
56593:Wolf Lake, MN
56594:Wolverton, MN
56601:Bemidji, MN
56619:Bemidji, MN
56621:Bagley, MN
56623:Baudette, MN
56625:Solway, MN
56626:Bena, MN
56627:Big Falls, MN
56628:Bigfork, MN
56629:Birchdale, MN
56630:Blackduck, MN
56631:Bowstring, MN
56632:Boy River, MN
56633:Cass Lake, MN
56634:Clearbrook, MN
56636-56637:Deer River, MN
56639:Effie, MN
56641:Federal Dam, MN
56644:Gonvick, MN
56646:Gully, MN
56647:Hines, MN
56649:International Falls, MN
56650:Kelliher, MN
56651:Lengby, MN
56652:Leonard, MN
56653:Littlefork, MN
56654:Loman, MN
56655:Longville, MN
56657:Marcell, MN
56658:Bemidji, MN
56659:Max, MN
56660:Mizpah, MN
56661:Northome, MN
56662:Outing, MN
56663:Pennington, MN
56664:Shevlin, MN
56665:Pitt, MN
56666:Ponemah, MN
56667:Puposky, MN
56668:Ranier, MN
56669:Ray, MN
56670:Redby, MN
56671:Redlake, MN
56672:Remer, MN
56673:Roosevelt, MN
56674:Saum, MN
56676:Shevlin, MN
56678:Solway, MN
56679:South International Falls, MN
56680:Spring Lake, MN
56681:Squaw Lake, MN
56682:Roosevelt, MN
56683:Tenstrike, MN
56684:Trail, MN
56685:Waskish, MN
56686:Williams, MN
56687:Wilton, MN
56688:Deer River, MN
56701:Thief River Falls, MN
56710:Alvarado, MN
56711:Angle Inlet, MN
56712:Angus, MN
56713:Argyle, MN
56714:Badger, MN
56715:Brooks, MN
56716:Crookston, MN
56720:Donaldson, MN
56721:East Grand Forks, MN
56722:Euclid, MN
56723:Fisher, MN
56724:Gatzke, MN
56725:Goodridge, MN
56726:Greenbush, MN
56727:Grygla, MN
56728:Hallock, MN
56729:Halma, MN
56731:Humboldt, MN
56732:Karlstad, MN
56733:Kennedy, MN
56734:Lake Bronson, MN
56735:Lancaster, MN
56736:Mentor, MN
56737:Middle River, MN
56738:Newfolden, MN
56740:Noyes, MN
56741:Oak Island, MN
56742:Oklee, MN
56744:Oslo, MN
56748:Plummer, MN
56750:Red Lake Falls, MN
56751:Roseau, MN
56754:Saint Hilaire, MN
56755:Saint Vincent, MN
56756:Salol, MN
56757:Stephen, MN
56758:Strandquist, MN
56759:Strathcona, MN
56760:Viking, MN
56761:Wannaska, MN
56762:Warren, MN
56763:Warroad, MN
57001:Alcester, SD
57002:Aurora, SD
57003:Baltic, SD
57004:Beresford, SD
57005:Brandon, SD
57006-57007:Brookings, SD
57010:Burbank, SD
57012:Canistota, SD
57013:Canton, SD
chmod 0644 zipcode.txt.4 ||
echo 'restore of zipcode.txt.4 failed'
Wc_c="`wc -c < 'zipcode.txt.4'`"
test 97754 -eq "$Wc_c" ||
	echo 'zipcode.txt.4: original size 97754, current size' "$Wc_c"
exit 0
   Maj. Brian A Boyter
   US Army Foreign Science & Technology Center
   Charlottesville, Va 22901                         __
   off: (804)980-7362                              (    )
   home:     973-9440                             {      }
                                                   (    )
   boyter at                      ||
   Just say glow......                       _______<  >_______

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