Tass visual threaded newsreader

Rich Skrenta skrenta at blekko.commodore.com
Fri Feb 15 06:32:15 AEST 1991

Tass is a full screen threaded newsreader.

	o Organizes articles by threads.  Displays a really nice
	  article selection page.

	o Group selection page makes it easy to scan newsgroups, subscribe,
	  unsubscribe, reorder your .newsrc

	o If you've ever used Notes, this is the program for you.
	  Tass looks a lot like Notes, but has a few improvements:
		visual group selection page, Notes didn't have one
		rn style unread article detection as opposed to single timeline
		uses standard /usr/spool/news article layout

I wrote Tass because I "learned" the Usenet on Notes and couldn't stand rn.
No rn flames here, but if you've wished you could view the news a different
way, try Tass.

Newsreading style under Tass tends to be different than with rn.  Instead of
plowing through each group reading everything unread, you may find yourself
reading fewer articles in more groups.  It's easier to skip about and only
read interesting threads with Tass.

Tass keeps an index file for each group.  The first time you enter a group,
it will be a bit slow creating this file.  After that Tass will incrementally
update the index file and there should be little delay.

You can also run Tass in "update mode" out of cron to update the indexes.

If you make Tass setuid news, it will keep the indexes in the spool directory
for each group.  If not, Tass will hide them in the user's home directory.

skrenta at blekko.commodore.com

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