list V1.2.1.1 - Prints documented listings

Christian Schlichtherle chris at
Fri Feb 8 05:41:19 AEST 1991

I'm really sorry for this, but... it has happened!
There is a bug in list V1.2! It will not work when listing individual
files which include a pathname (for example "list ./list.c ./Makefile"
won't work). I have fixed this problem with a little patch.
Sorry, no context diff...

------------ Cut here --------------
	    listpath[ptr - path	+ 1] = '\0';
static char sccsid[] = "@(#) list.c 91/02/07 ";
 * @(#) list.c	91/02/07 
------------ Cut here --------------

Save these lines into "diff" and
don't forget to give write permission to list.c before executing:

ed list.c < diff


patch < diff

P.S.: I have to say it again, sorry...
Snail: Christian Schlichtherle, Elbscheweg 20, 5802 Wetter 4, Germany
Email: chris at	Tel.: +49 2335 7550
"Der Tod ist ein Meister aus Deutschland" -- Paul Celan

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