ListServ for UNIX

Frank Elsner elsner at
Tue Feb 19 22:24:17 AEST 1991

I'm currently implementing a list server under UNIX and would like to get
in touch with people which do, have done or need the same to share opinions
and discuss list server related topics.

FYI the current help of my list server reads:

| Welcome to ListServ at TUBerlin/ZRZ <listserv at>.
| Currently the following commands are available:
| Command     Argument   Option       Description
| -------     --------   ------       -----------
| help                              - This information
| register    Your Name             - Register as a ListServ user
| list        <listname>            - List mailing list
| review      <listname>            - List members of mailing list
| query       <listname>            - List list of which you are member
| subscribe   <listname>            - Subscribe to mailing list
| unsubscribe <listname>            - Unsubscribe from mailing list
| Send your command(s), one per line, in the body of a mail to the address
|                      <listserv at>.
| Commands may be given in upper-, lower- or even mixed-case, but please note
| that arguments and options are case-sensitive.  Wildcards are supported in
| arguments, except for the "subscribe" command, for obvious reasons.
| Send questions, bug reports, problems to <listserv-mgmt at>.
| Stay tuned for more information on this exiting topic.

If you want to try it, please do it, but send me some comment about it.

Frank Elsner, Postmaster at Technical University Berlin (Germany)
                            Computing Center
                            <elsner at>

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