RNALIB 2.2 beta: advanced MAIL/LIST SERVER for unix

Paolo Ventafridda venta at otello.sublink.org
Mon Feb 11 06:48:43 AEST 1991

This is RNALIB version 2.2 beta. I'm posting here before the official
release (revision A) comes out in c.s.misc . 
RNALIB is an advanced mail server running under bourne shell on any unix
system. It's been developed under AT&T unix 3.2.1 and SCO UNIX. It should
run also on xenix 386 without problems. Will not run on a 286 system.

Rnalib does everything netlib from at&t does, plus a bunch of neat features.
Handles binary files, encoding, conversions, splitting, mailing lists.
I would say it also makes the coffee..

This is not a toy. A lot of time was spent on it, during two long years.

Please use the 'comp' distribution's newsgroups for comments, since i 
don't get the 'alt' (sigh). I read all of the comp.mail groups and of
course comp.unix.shell .

Ciao, Paolo

Paolo Ventafridda     -*-     INTERNET: venta at otello.sublink.org
TELEMATIX MILANO - Via C.Gomes 10, 20124 Milano -  +39-2-6706012

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