zipcode (part 6 of 9)

Maj Brian Boyter boyter at bimbo.uucp
Wed Feb 6 14:45:36 AEST 1991

# This is a shell archive (produced by shar 3.49)
# To extract the files from this archive, save it to a file, remove
# everything above the "!/bin/sh" line above, and type "sh file_name".
# made 02/06/1991 03:27 UTC by root at bimbo
# Source directory /local/src/zipcode
# existing files will NOT be overwritten unless -c is specified
# This shar contains:
# length  mode       name
# ------ ---------- ------------------------------------------
#  95838 -rw-r--r-- zipcode.txt.5
# ============= zipcode.txt.5 ==============
if test -f 'zipcode.txt.5' -a X"$1" != X"-c"; then
	echo 'x - skipping zipcode.txt.5 (File already exists)'
echo 'x - extracting zipcode.txt.5 (Text)'
sed 's/^X//' << 'SHAR_EOF' > 'zipcode.txt.5' &&
57014:Centerville, SD
57015:Chancellor, SD
57016:Chester, SD
57017:Colman, SD
57018:Colton, SD
57019:Corson, SD
57020:Crooks, SD
57021:Davis, SD
57022:Dell Rapids, SD
57023:Dolton, SD
57024:Egan, SD
57025:Elk Point, SD
57026:Elkton, SD
57027:Fairview, SD
57028:Flandreau, SD
57029:Freeman, SD
57030:Garretson, SD
57031:Gayville, SD
57032:Harrisburg, SD
57033:Hartford, SD
57034:Hudson, SD
57035:Humboldt, SD
57036:Hurley, SD
57037:Irene, SD
57038:Jefferson, SD
57039:Lennox, SD
57040:Lesterville, SD
57041:Lyons, SD
57042:Madison, SD
57043:Marion, SD
57044:Meckling, SD
57045:Menno, SD
57046:Mission Hill, SD
57047:Monroe, SD
57048:Montrose, SD
57049:North Sioux City, SD
57050:Nunda, SD
57051:Oldham, SD
57052:Olivet, SD
57053:Parker, SD
57054:Ramona, SD
57055:Renner, SD
57056:Rowena, SD
57057:Rutland, SD
57058:Salem, SD
57059:Scotland, SD
57060:Sherman, SD
57061:Sinai, SD
57062:Springfield, SD
57063:Tabor, SD
57064:Tea, SD
57065:Trent, SD
57066:Tyndall, SD
57067:Utica, SD
57068:Valley Springs, SD
57069:Vermillion, SD
57070:Viborg, SD
57071:Volga, SD
57072:Volin, SD
57073:Wakonda, SD
57074:Ward, SD
57075:Wentworth, SD
57076:Winfred, SD
57077:Worthing, SD
57078-57079:Yankton, SD
57101-57107:Sioux Falls, SD
57115:Buffalo Ridge, SD
57116-57118:Sioux Falls, SD
57188-57198:Sioux Falls, SD
57201:Watertown, SD
57202:Waverly, SD
57210:Albee, SD
57212:Arlington, SD
57213:Astoria, SD
57214:Badger, SD
57216:Big Stone City, SD
57217:Bradley, SD
57218:Brandt, SD
57219:Bristol, SD
57220:Bruce, SD
57221:Bryant, SD
57223:Castlewood, SD
57224:Claire City, SD
57225:Clark, SD
57226:Clear Lake, SD
57227:Corona, SD
57229:Crocker, SD
57230:Dempster, SD
57231:De Smet, SD
57232:Eden, SD
57233:Erwin, SD
57234:Estelline, SD
57235:Florence, SD
57236:Garden City, SD
57237:Gary, SD
57238:Goodwin, SD
57239:Grenville, SD
57241:Hayti, SD
57242:Hazel, SD
57243:Henry, SD
57244:Hetland, SD
57245:Kranzburg, SD
57246:La Bolt, SD
57247:Lake City, SD
57248:Lake Norden, SD
57249:Lake Preston, SD
57250:Lily, SD
57251:Marvin, SD
57252-57253:Milbank, SD
57255:New Effington, SD
57256:Ortley, SD
57257:Peever, SD
57258:Raymond, SD
57259:Revillo, SD
57260:Rosholt, SD
57261:Roslyn, SD
57262:Sisseton, SD
57263:South Shore, SD
57264:Stockholm, SD
57265:Strandburg, SD
57266:Summit, SD
57268:Toronto, SD
57269:Twin Brooks, SD
57270:Veblen, SD
57271:Vienna, SD
57272:Wallace, SD
57273:Waubay, SD
57274:Webster, SD
57276:White, SD
57278:Willow Lake, SD
57279:Wilmot, SD
57301:Mitchell, SD
57311:Alexandria, SD
57312:Alpena, SD
57313:Armour, SD
57314:Artesian, SD
57315:Avon, SD
57316:Bancroft, SD
57317:Bonesteel, SD
57319:Bridgewater, SD
57321:Canova, SD
57322:Carpenter, SD
57323:Carthage, SD
57324:Cavour, SD
57325-57326:Chamberlain, SD
57328:Corsica, SD
57329:Dante, SD
57330:Delmont, SD
57331:Dimock, SD
57332:Emery, SD
57334:Ethan, SD
57335:Fairfax, SD
57336:Farmer, SD
57337:Fedora, SD
57338:Forestburg, SD
57339:Fort Thompson, SD
57340:Fulton, SD
57341:Gann Valley, SD
57342:Geddes, SD
57344:Harrison, SD
57345:Highmore, SD
57346:Stephan, SD
57348:Hitchcock, SD
57349:Howard, SD
57350:Huron, SD
57353:Iroquois, SD
57354:Kaylor, SD
57355:Kimball, SD
57356:Lake Andes, SD
57357:Ravinia, SD
57358:Lane, SD
57359:Letcher, SD
57361:Marty, SD
57362:Miller, SD
57363:Mount Vernon, SD
57364:New Holland, SD
57365:Oacoma, SD
57366:Parkston, SD
57367:Pickstown, SD
57368:Plankinton, SD
57369:Platte, SD
57370:Pukwana, SD
57371:Ree Heights, SD
57373:Saint Lawrence, SD
57374:Spencer, SD
57375:Stickney, SD
57376:Tripp, SD
57379:Virgil, SD
57380:Wagner, SD
57381:Wessington, SD
57382:Wessington Springs, SD
57383:White Lake, SD
57384:Wolsey, SD
57385:Woonsocket, SD
57386:Yale, SD
57401-57402:Aberdeen, SD
57420:Akaska, SD
57421:Amherst, SD
57422:Andover, SD
57423:Artas, SD
57424:Ashton, SD
57425:Athol, SD
57426:Barnard, SD
57427:Bath, SD
57428:Bowdle, SD
57429:Brentford, SD
57430:Britton, SD
57432:Claremont, SD
57433:Columbia, SD
57434:Conde, SD
57435:Cresbard, SD
57436:Doland, SD
57437:Eureka, SD
57438:Faulkton, SD
57439:Ferney, SD
57440:Frankfort, SD
57441:Frederick, SD
57442:Gettysburg, SD
57445:Groton, SD
57446:Hecla, SD
57448:Hosmer, SD
57449:Houghton, SD
57450:Hoven, SD
57451:Ipswich, SD
57452:Java, SD
57454:Langford, SD
57455:Lebanon, SD
57456:Leola, SD
57457:Longlake, SD
57460:Mansfield, SD
57461:Mellette, SD
57462:Mina, SD
57465:Northville, SD
57466:Onaka, SD
57467:Orient, SD
57468:Pierpont, SD
57469:Redfield, SD
57470:Rockham, SD
57471:Roscoe, SD
57472:Selby, SD
57473:Seneca, SD
57474:Stratford, SD
57475:Tolstoy, SD
57476:Tulare, SD
57477:Turton, SD
57479:Warner, SD
57481:Westport, SD
57483:Zell, SD
57501:Pierre, SD
57520:Agar, SD
57521:Belvidere, SD
57522:Blunt, SD
57523:Burke, SD
57526:Carter, SD
57527:Cedarbutte, SD
57528:Colome, SD
57529:Dallas, SD
57531:Draper, SD
57532:Fort Pierre, SD
57533:Gregory, SD
57534:Hamill, SD
57536:Harrold, SD
57537:Hayes, SD
57538:Herrick, SD
57540:Holabird, SD
57541:Ideal, SD
57542:Iona, SD
57543:Kadoka, SD
57544:Kennebec, SD
57545:Keyapaha, SD
57547:Longvalley, SD
57548:Lower Brule, SD
57551:Martin, SD
57552:Midland, SD
57553:Milesville, SD
57555:Mission, SD
57557:Mission Ridge, SD
57559:Murdo, SD
57560:Norris, SD
57562:Okaton, SD
57563:Okreek, SD
57564:Onida, SD
57566:Parmelee, SD
57567:Philip, SD
57568:Presho, SD
57569:Reliance, SD
57570:Rosebud, SD
57571:Saint Charles, SD
57572:Saint Francis, SD
57574:Tuthill, SD
57576:Vivian, SD
57577:Wanblee, SD
57578:Wewela, SD
57579:White River, SD
57580-57581:Winner, SD
57584:Witten, SD
57585:Wood, SD
57601:Mobridge, SD
57620:Bison, SD
57621:Bullhead, SD
57622:Cherry Creek, SD
57623:Dupree, SD
57625:Eagle Butte, SD
57626:Faith, SD
57628:Firesteel, SD
57629:Glad Valley, SD
57630:Glencross, SD
57631:Glenham, SD
57632:Herreid, SD
57633:Isabel, SD
57634:Keldron, SD
57636:Lantry, SD
57638:Lemmon, SD
57639:Little Eagle, SD
57640:Lodgepole, SD
57641:Mc Intosh, SD
57642:Mc Laughlin, SD
57643:Mahto, SD
57644:Meadow, SD
57645:Morristown, SD
57646:Mound City, SD
57647:Parade, SD
57648:Pollock, SD
57649:Prairie City, SD
57650:Ralph, SD
57651:Reva, SD
57652:Ridgeview, SD
57653:Shadehill, SD
57656:Timber Lake, SD
57657:Trail City, SD
57658:Wakpala, SD
57660:Watauga, SD
57661:Whitehorse, SD
57701-57702:Rapid City, SD
57706:Ellsworth A F B, SD
57708:Bethlehem, SD
57709:Rapid City, SD
57714:Allen, SD
57715:Ardmore, SD
57716:Batesland, SD
57717:Belle Fourche, SD
57718:Black Hawk, SD
57719:Box Elder, SD
57720:Buffalo, SD
57722:Buffalo Gap, SD
57724:Camp Crook, SD
57725:Caputa, SD
57729:Creighton, SD
57730:Custer, SD
57732:Deadwood, SD
57735:Edgemont, SD
57736:Elm Springs, SD
57737:Enning, SD
57738:Fairburn, SD
57741:Fort Meade, SD
57742:Fruitdale, SD
57744:Hermosa, SD
57745:Hill City, SD
57747:Hot Springs, SD
57748:Howes, SD
57750:Interior, SD
57751:Keystone, SD
57752:Kyle, SD
57754:Lead, SD
57755:Ludlow, SD
57756:Manderson, SD
57757:Marcus, SD
57758:Mud Butte, SD
57759:Nemo, SD
57760:Newell, SD
57761:New Underwood, SD
57762:Nisland, SD
57763:Oelrichs, SD
57764:Oglala, SD
57765:Opal, SD
57766:Oral, SD
57767:Owanka, SD
57769:Piedmont, SD
57770:Pine Ridge, SD
57772:Porcupine, SD
57773:Pringle, SD
57774:Provo, SD
57775:Quinn, SD
57776:Redig, SD
57777:Redowl, SD
57778:Rochford, SD
57779:Saint Onge, SD
57780:Scenic, SD
57782:Smithwick, SD
57783:Spearfish, SD
57785:Sturgis, SD
57787:Union Center, SD
57788:Vale, SD
57790:Wall, SD
57791:Wasta, SD
57792:White Owl, SD
57793:Whitewood, SD
57794:Wounded Knee, SD
57795:Zeona, SD
58001:Abercrombie, ND
58002:Absaraka, ND
58003:Alice, ND
58004:Amenia, ND
58005:Argusville, ND
58006:Arthur, ND
58007:Ayr, ND
58008:Barney, ND
58009:Blanchard, ND
58011:Buffalo, ND
58012:Casselton, ND
58013:Cayuga, ND
58014:Chaffee, ND
58015:Christine, ND
58016:Clifford, ND
58017:Cogswell, ND
58018:Colfax, ND
58021:Davenport, ND
58027:Enderlin, ND
58029:Erie, ND
58030:Fairmount, ND
58031:Fingal, ND
58032:Forman, ND
58033:Fort Ransom, ND
58035:Galesburg, ND
58036:Gardner, ND
58038:Grandin, ND
58039:Great Bend, ND
58040:Gwinner, ND
58041:Hankinson, ND
58042:Harwood, ND
58043:Havana, ND
58045:Hillsboro, ND
58046:Hope, ND
58047:Horace, ND
58048:Hunter, ND
58049:Kathryn, ND
58051:Kindred, ND
58052:Leonard, ND
58053:Lidgerwood, ND
58054:Lisbon, ND
58056:Luverne, ND
58057:McLeod, ND
58058:Mantador, ND
58059:Mapleton, ND
58060:Milnor, ND
58061:Mooreton, ND
58062:Nome, ND
58063:Oriska, ND
58064:Page, ND
58065:Pillsbury, ND
58067:Rutland, ND
58068:Sheldon, ND
58069:Gwinner, ND
58071:Tower City, ND
58072:Valley City, ND
58074-58076:Wahpeton, ND
58077:Walcott, ND
58078:West Fargo, ND
58079:Wheatland, ND
58081:Wyndmere, ND
58102-58103:Fargo, ND
58105-58109:Fargo, ND
58121-58124:Fargo, ND
58126:Fargo, ND
58201-58207:Grand Forks, ND
58210:Adams, ND
58212:Aneta, ND
58213:Ardoch, ND
58214:Arvilla, ND
58216:Bathgate, ND
58218:Buxton, ND
58219:Caledonia, ND
58220:Cavalier, ND
58222:Crystal, ND
58223:Cummings, ND
58224:Michigan, ND
58225:Drayton, ND
58227:Edinburg, ND
58228:Emerado, ND
58229:Fairdale, ND
58230:Finley, ND
58231:Fordville, ND
58233:Forest River, ND
58235:Gilby, ND
58236:Glasston, ND
58237:Grafton, ND
58238:Hamilton, ND
58239:Hannah, ND
58240:Hatton, ND
58241:Hensel, ND
58243:Hoople, ND
58244:Inkster, ND
58245:Johnstown, ND
58246:Joliette, ND
58249:Langdon, ND
58250:Lankin, ND
58251:Larimore, ND
58253:McCanna, ND
58254:McVille, ND
58255:Maida, ND
58256:Manvel, ND
58257:Mayville, ND
58258:Mekinock, ND
58259:Michigan, ND
58260:Milton, ND
58261:Minto, ND
58262:Mountain, ND
58264:Nash, ND
58265:Neche, ND
58266:Niagara, ND
58267:Northwood, ND
58269:Osnabrock, ND
58270:Park River, ND
58271:Pembina, ND
58272:Petersburg, ND
58273:Pisek, ND
58274:Portland, ND
58275:Reynolds, ND
58276:Saint Thomas, ND
58277:Sharon, ND
58278:Thompson, ND
58279:Union, ND
58281:Wales, ND
58282:Walhalla, ND
58301:Devils Lake, ND
58310:Agate, ND
58311:Alsen, ND
58313:Balta, ND
58315:Barton, ND
58316:Belcourt, ND
58317:Bisbee, ND
58318:Bottineau, ND
58319:Bremen, ND
58320:Brinsmade, ND
58321:Brocket, ND
58322:Calio, ND
58323:Calvin, ND
58324:Cando, ND
58325:Churchs Ferry, ND
58327:Crary, ND
58328:Doyon, ND
58329:Dunseith, ND
58330:Edmore, ND
58331:Egeland, ND
58332:Esmond, ND
58333:Fillmore, ND
58335:Fort Totten, ND
58337:Hamberg, ND
58338:Hampden, ND
58339:Hansboro, ND
58341:Harvey, ND
58342:Heimdal, ND
58343:Knox, ND
58344:Lakota, ND
58345:Lawton, ND
58346:Leeds, ND
58348:Maddock, ND
58351:Minnewaukan, ND
58352:Munich, ND
58353:Mylo, ND
58355:Nekoma, ND
58356:New Rockford, ND
58357:Oberon, ND
58359:Orrin, ND
58360:Overly, ND
58361:Pekin, ND
58362:Penn, ND
58363:Perth, ND
58365:Rocklake, ND
58366:Rolette, ND
58367:Rolla, ND
58368:Rugby, ND
58369:Saint John, ND
58370:Saint Michael, ND
58371:San Haven, ND
58372:Sarles, ND
58373:Selz, ND
58374:Sheyenne, ND
58377:Starkweather, ND
58379:Tokio, ND
58380:Tolna, ND
58381:Warwick, ND
58382:Webster, ND
58384:Willow City, ND
58385:Wolford, ND
58386:York, ND
58401-58402:Jamestown, ND
58411:Alfred, ND
58412:Arena, ND
58413:Ashley, ND
58415:Berlin, ND
58416:Binford, ND
58417:Bordulac, ND
58418:Bowdon, ND
58420:Buchanan, ND
58421:Carrington, ND
58422:Cathay, ND
58423:Chaseley, ND
58424:Cleveland, ND
58425:Cooperstown, ND
58426:Courtenay, ND
58427:Crystal Springs, ND
58428:Dawson, ND
58429:Dazey, ND
58430:Denhoff, ND
58431:Dickey, ND
58432:Eckelson, ND
58433:Edgeley, ND
58436:Ellendale, ND
58438:Fessenden, ND
58439:Forbes, ND
58440:Fredonia, ND
58441:Fullerton, ND
58442:Gackle, ND
58443:Glenfield, ND
58444:Goodrich, ND
58445:Grace City, ND
58447:Guelph, ND
58448:Hannaford, ND
58450:Heaton, ND
58451:Hurdsfield, ND
58452:Jessie, ND
58454:Jud, ND
58455:Kensal, ND
58456:Kulm, ND
58458:La Moure, ND
58460:Lehr, ND
58461:Litchville, ND
58463:Mc Clusky, ND
58464:Mc Henry, ND
58465:Manfred, ND
58466:Marion, ND
58467:Medina, ND
58469:Merricourt, ND
58471:Monango, ND
58472:Montpelier, ND
58473:Nortonville, ND
58474:Oakes, ND
58475:Pettibone, ND
58476:Pingree, ND
58477:Regan, ND
58478:Robinson, ND
58479:Rogers, ND
58480:Sanborn, ND
58481:Spiritwood, ND
58482:Steele, ND
58483:Streeter, ND
58484:Sutton, ND
58486:Sykeston, ND
58487:Tappen, ND
58488:Tuttle, ND
58489:Venturia, ND
58490:Verona, ND
58492:Wimbledon, ND
58494:Wing, ND
58495:Wishek, ND
58496:Woodworth, ND
58497:Ypsilanti, ND
58501-58502:Bismarck, ND
58504-58505:Bismarck, ND
58520:Almont, ND
58521:Baldwin, ND
58523:Beulah, ND
58524:Braddock, ND
58528:Cannon Ball, ND
58529:Carson, ND
58530:Center, ND
58531:Coleharbor, ND
58532:Driscoll, ND
58533:Elgin, ND
58535:Flasher, ND
58537:Fort Rice, ND
58538:Fort Yates, ND
58540:Garrison, ND
58541:Golden Valley, ND
58542:Hague, ND
58544:Hazelton, ND
58545:Hazen, ND
58547:Hensler, ND
58549:Kintyre, ND
58551:Leith, ND
58552:Linton, ND
58553:Mc Kenzie, ND
58554:Mandan, ND
58558:Menoken, ND
58559:Mercer, ND
58560:Moffit, ND
58561:Napoleon, ND
58562:New Leipzig, ND
58563:New Salem, ND
58564:Raleigh, ND
58565:Riverdale, ND
58566:Saint Anthony, ND
58568:Selfridge, ND
58569:Shields, ND
58570:Solen, ND
58571:Stanton, ND
58572:Sterling, ND
58573:Strasburg, ND
58575:Turtle Lake, ND
58576:Underwood, ND
58577:Washburn, ND
58579:Wilton, ND
58580:Zap, ND
58581:Zeeland, ND
58601-58602:Dickinson, ND
58620:Amidon, ND
58621:Beach, ND
58622:Belfield, ND
58623:Bowman, ND
58625:Dodge, ND
58626:Dunn Center, ND
58627:Fairfield, ND
58630:Gladstone, ND
58631:Glen Ullin, ND
58632:Golva, ND
58634:Grassy Butte, ND
58636:Halliday, ND
58637:Haynes, ND
58638:Hebron, ND
58639:Hettinger, ND
58640:Killdeer, ND
58641:Lefor, ND
58642:Manning, ND
58643:Marmarth, ND
58644:Marshall, ND
58645:Medora, ND
58646:Mott, ND
58647:New England, ND
58649:Reeder, ND
58650:Regent, ND
58651:Rhame, ND
58652:Richardton, ND
58653:Scranton, ND
58654:Sentinel Butte, ND
58655:South Heart, ND
58656:Taylor, ND
58657:Trotters, ND
58701-58702:Minot, ND
58704:Minot A F B, ND
58705:Minot, ND
58710:Anamoose, ND
58711:Antler, ND
58712:Balfour, ND
58713:Bantry, ND
58714:Battleview, ND
58715:Belden, ND
58716:Benedict, ND
58718:Berthold, ND
58720:Blaisdell, ND
58721:Bowbells, ND
58722:Burlington, ND
58723:Butte, ND
58725:Carpio, ND
58727:Columbus, ND
58728:Coteau, ND
58730:Crosby, ND
58731:Deering, ND
58732:Denbigh, ND
58733:Des Lacs, ND
58734:Donnybrook, ND
58735:Douglas, ND
58736:Drake, ND
58737:Flaxton, ND
58738:Foxholm, ND
58739:Gardena, ND
58740:Glenburn, ND
58741:Granville, ND
58744:Karlsruhe, ND
58746:Kenmare, ND
58747:Kief, ND
58748:Kramer, ND
58749:Landa, ND
58750:Lansford, ND
58752:Lignite, ND
58755:Mc Gregor, ND
58756:Makoti, ND
58757:Mandaree, ND
58758:Martin, ND
58759:Max, ND
58760:Maxbass, ND
58761:Mohall, ND
58762:Newburg, ND
58763:New Town, ND
58765:Noonan, ND
58768:Norwich, ND
58769:Palermo, ND
58770:Parshall, ND
58771:Plaza, ND
58772:Portal, ND
58773:Powers Lake, ND
58775:Roseglen, ND
58776:Ross, ND
58778:Ruso, ND
58779:Ryder, ND
58781:Sawyer, ND
58782:Sherwood, ND
58783:Souris, ND
58784:Stanley, ND
58785:Surrey, ND
58787:Tolley, ND
58788:Towner, ND
58789:Upham, ND
58790:Velva, ND
58792:Voltaire, ND
58793:Westhope, ND
58794:White Earth, ND
58795:Wildrose, ND
58801-58802:Williston, ND
58830:Alamo, ND
58831:Alexander, ND
58832:Alkabo, ND
58833:Ambrose, ND
58835:Arnegard, ND
58838:Cartwright, ND
58843:Epping, ND
58844:Fortuna, ND
58845:Grenora, ND
58847:Keene, ND
58849:Ray, ND
58850:Spring Brook, ND
58852:Tioga, ND
58853:Trenton, ND
58854:Watford City, ND
58856:Zahl, ND
59001:Absarokee, MT
59002:Billings, MT
59003-59004:Ashland, MT
59006:Ballantine, MT
59007:Bearcreek, MT
59008:Belfry, MT
59010:Bighorn, MT
59011:Big Timber, MT
59012:Birney, MT
59013:Roberts, MT
59014:Bridger, MT
59015:Broadview, MT
59016:Busby, MT
59017:Winnett, MT
59018:Clyde Park, MT
59019:Columbus, MT
59020:Cooke City, MT
59021:Corwin Springs, MT
59022:Crow Agency, MT
59024:Custer, MT
59025:Decker, MT
59026:Edgar, MT
59027:Emigrant, MT
59028:Fishtail, MT
59029:Fromberg, MT
59030:Gardiner, MT
59031:Garryowen, MT
59032:Grass Range, MT
59033:Greycliff, MT
59034-59035:Hardin, MT
59036:Harlowton, MT
59037:Huntley, MT
59038:Hysham, MT
59039:Ingomar, MT
59041:Joliet, MT
59043:Lame Deer, MT
59044:Laurel, MT
59046:Lavina, MT
59047:Livingston, MT
59050:Lodge Grass, MT
59051:Red Lodge, MT
59052:Mc Leod, MT
59053:Martinsdale, MT
59054:Melstone, MT
59055:Melville, MT
59057:Molt, MT
59058:Winnett, MT
59059:Musselshell, MT
59061:Absarokee, MT
59062:Otter, MT
59063:Park City, MT
59064:Pompeys Pillar, MT
59065:Pray, MT
59066:Pryor, MT
59067:Rapelje, MT
59068:Red Lodge, MT
59069:Reedpoint, MT
59070:Roberts, MT
59071:Roscoe, MT
59072-59073:Roundup, MT
59074:Ryegate, MT
59075:Saint Xavier, MT
59076:Sanders, MT
59077:Sand Springs, MT
59078:Shawmut, MT
59079:Shepherd, MT
59080:Laurel, MT
59081:Cooke City, MT
59082:Springdale, MT
59083:Sumatra, MT
59084:Roundup, MT
59085:Twodot, MT
59086:Wilsall, MT
59087:Winnett, MT
59088:Worden, MT
59089:Wyola, MT
59100-59107:Billings, MT
59111-59112:Billings, MT
59114-59117:Billings, MT
59201:Wolf Point, MT
59211:Antelope, MT
59212:Bainville, MT
59213:Brockton, MT
59214:Brockway, MT
59215:Circle, MT
59217:Crane, MT
59218:Culbertson, MT
59219:Dagmar, MT
59221:Fairview, MT
59222:Flaxville, MT
59223:Fort Peck, MT
59224:Scobey, MT
59225:Frazer, MT
59226:Froid, MT
59230-59231:Glasgow, MT
59240:Glentana, MT
59241:Hinsdale, MT
59242:Homestead, MT
59243:Lambert, MT
59244:Larslan, MT
59245:Mc Cabe, MT
59247:Medicine Lake, MT
59248:Nashua, MT
59250:Opheim, MT
59252:Outlook, MT
59253:Peerless, MT
59254:Plentywood, MT
59255:Poplar, MT
59256:Raymond, MT
59257:Redstone, MT
59258:Reserve, MT
59259:Richey, MT
59260:Richland, MT
59261:Saco, MT
59262:Savage, MT
59263:Scobey, MT
59270:Sidney, MT
59273:Vandalia, MT
59274:Vida, MT
59275:Westby, MT
59276:Whitetail, MT
59301:Miles City, MT
59311:Alzada, MT
59312:Angela, MT
59313:Baker, MT
59314:Biddle, MT
59315:Bloomfield, MT
59316:Boyes, MT
59317:Broadus, MT
59318:Brusett, MT
59319:Capitol, MT
59322:Cohagen, MT
59323:Colstrip, MT
59324:Ekalaka, MT
59326:Fallon, MT
59327:Forsyth, MT
59330:Glendive, MT
59332:Hammond, MT
59333:Hathaway, MT
59336:Ismay, MT
59337:Jordan, MT
59338:Kinsey, MT
59339:Lindsay, MT
59341:Fallon, MT
59342:Mill Iron, MT
59343:Olive, MT
59344:Plevna, MT
59345:Miles City, MT
59347:Rosebud, MT
59348:Broadus, MT
59349:Terry, MT
59351:Volborg, MT
59353:Wibaux, MT
59354:Willard, MT
59401-59406:Great Falls, MT
59410:Augusta, MT
59411:Babb, MT
59412:Belt, MT
59414:Great Falls, MT
59416:Brady, MT
59417:Browning, MT
59418:Buffalo, MT
59419:Bynum, MT
59420:Carter, MT
59421:Cascade, MT
59422:Choteau, MT
59423:Christina, MT
59424:Coffee Creek, MT
59425:Conrad, MT
59427:Cut Bank, MT
59430:Denton, MT
59432:Dupuyer, MT
59433:Dutton, MT
59434:East Glacier Park, MT
59435:Ethridge, MT
59436:Fairfield, MT
59440:Great Falls, MT
59441:Forestgrove, MT
59442:Fort Benton, MT
59443:Fort Shaw, MT
59444:Galata, MT
59445:Lewistown, MT
59446:Geraldine, MT
59447:Geyser, MT
59448:Heart Butte, MT
59450:Highwood, MT
59451:Hilger, MT
59452:Hobson, MT
59453:Judith Gap, MT
59454:Kevin, MT
59456:Ledger, MT
59457:Lewistown, MT
59460:Loma, MT
59461:Lothair, MT
59462:Moccasin, MT
59463:Monarch, MT
59464:Moore, MT
59465:Neihart, MT
59466:Oilmont, MT
59467:Pendroy, MT
59468:Power, MT
59469:Raynesford, MT
59471:Roy, MT
59472:Sand Coulee, MT
59473:Cut Bank, MT
59474:Shelby, MT
59476:Great Falls, MT
59477:Simms, MT
59479:Stanford, MT
59480:Stockett, MT
59482:Sunburst, MT
59483:Sun River, MT
59484:Sweetgrass, MT
59485:Ulm, MT
59486:Valier, MT
59487:Vaughn, MT
59489:Winifred, MT
59501:Havre, MT
59520:Big Sandy, MT
59521:Box Elder, MT
59522:Chester, MT
59523:Chinook, MT
59524:Dodson, MT
59525:Gildford, MT
59526:Harlem, MT
59527:Hays, MT
59528:Hingham, MT
59529:Hogeland, MT
59530:Inverness, MT
59531:Joplin, MT
59532:Kremlin, MT
59535:Lloyd, MT
59537:Loring, MT
59538:Malta, MT
59540:Rudyard, MT
59542:Turner, MT
59544:Whitewater, MT
59545:Whitlash, MT
59546:Zortman, MT
59547:Zurich, MT
59601:Helena, MT
59604:Helena, MT
59620:Helena, MT
59623-59626:Helena, MT
59631:Basin, MT
59632:Boulder, MT
59633:Canyon Creek, MT
59634:Clancy, MT
59635:East Helena, MT
59636:Fort Harrison, MT
59638:Jefferson City, MT
59639:Lincoln, MT
59640:Marysville, MT
59641:Toston, MT
59642:Ringling, MT
59643:Toston, MT
59644:Townsend, MT
59645:White Sulphur Springs, MT
59647:East Helena, MT
59648:Wolf Creek, MT
59701-59703:Butte, MT
59707:Butte, MT
59710:Alder, MT
59711:Anaconda, MT
59713:Avon, MT
59714:Belgrade, MT
59715-59717:Bozeman, MT
59720:Cameron, MT
59721:Cardwell, MT
59722:Deer Lodge, MT
59724-59725:Dillon, MT
59727:Divide, MT
59728:Elliston, MT
59729:Ennis, MT
59730:Gallatin Gateway, MT
59731:Deer Lodge, MT
59732:Dillon, MT
59733:Deer Lodge, MT
59735:Harrison, MT
59736:Jackson, MT
59739:Lima, MT
59740:Mc Allister, MT
59741:Manhattan, MT
59743:Melrose, MT
59745:Norris, MT
59746:Dillon, MT
59747:Pony, MT
59748:Ramsay, MT
59749:Sheridan, MT
59750:Butte, MT
59751:Silver Star, MT
59752:Three Forks, MT
59754:Twin Bridges, MT
59755:Virginia City, MT
59756:Warmsprings, MT
59758:West Yellowstone, MT
59759:Whitehall, MT
59760:Willow Creek, MT
59761:Wisdom, MT
59762:Wise River, MT
59771-59772:Bozeman, MT
59801-59803:Missoula, MT
59806-59807:Missoula, MT
59812:Missoula, MT
59820:Alberton, MT
59821:Arlee, MT
59823:Bonner, MT
59824:Charlo, MT
59825:Clinton, MT
59826:Condon, MT
59827:Conner, MT
59828:Corvallis, MT
59829:Darby, MT
59830:Saint Regis, MT
59831:Dixon, MT
59832:Drummond, MT
59833:Florence, MT
59834:Frenchtown, MT
59835:Grantsdale, MT
59836:Bonner, MT
59837:Hall, MT
59840-59841:Hamilton, MT
59842:Saint Regis, MT
59843:Helmville, MT
59844:Heron, MT
59845:Hot Springs, MT
59846:Frenchtown, MT
59847:Lolo, MT
59848:Lonepine, MT
59851:Milltown, MT
59852:Niarada, MT
59853:Noxon, MT
59854:Ovando, MT
59855:Pablo, MT
59856:Paradise, MT
59858:Philipsburg, MT
59859:Plains, MT
59860:Polson, MT
59863:Arlee, MT
59864:Ronan, MT
59865:Saint Ignatius, MT
59866-59867:Saint Regis, MT
59868:Seeley Lake, MT
59870:Stevensville, MT
59871:Sula, MT
59872:Superior, MT
59873:Thompson Falls, MT
59874:Trout Creek, MT
59875:Victor, MT
59901-59903:Kalispell, MT
59910:Big Arm, MT
59911:Bigfork, MT
59912-59913:Columbia Falls, MT
59914:Dayton, MT
59915:Elmo, MT
59916:West Glacier, MT
59917:Eureka, MT
59918:Fortine, MT
59919:Columbia Falls, MT
59920:Kila, MT
59921:West Glacier, MT
59922:Lakeside, MT
59923:Libby, MT
59925:Marion, MT
59926:Columbia Falls, MT
59927:Olney, MT
59928:Columbia Falls, MT
59929:Proctor, MT
59930:Rexford, MT
59931:Rollins, MT
59932:Somers, MT
59933:Stryker, MT
59934:Trego, MT
59935:Troy, MT
59936:West Glacier, MT
59937:Whitefish, MT
60001:Alden, IL
60002:Antioch, IL
60004-60006:Arlington Heights, IL
60007:Elk Grove Village, IL
60008:Rolling Meadows, IL
60009:Elk Grove Village, IL
60010-60011:Barrington, IL
60012:Crystal Lake, IL
60013:Cary, IL
60014:Crystal Lake, IL
60015:Deerfield, IL
60016-60019:Des Plaines, IL
60020:Fox Lake, IL
60021:Fox River Grove, IL
60022:Glencoe, IL
60025-60026:Glenview, IL
60029:Golf, IL
60030:Grayslake, IL
60031:Gurnee, IL
60033:Harvard, IL
60034:Hebron, IL
60035:Highland Park, IL
60037:Fort Sheridan, IL
60040:Highwood, IL
60041:Ingleside, IL
60042:Island Lake, IL
60043:Kenilworth, IL
60044:Lake Bluff, IL
60045:Lake Forest, IL
60046:Lake Villa, IL
60047:Lake Zurich, IL
60048:Libertyville, IL
60049:Lake Zurich, IL
60050:Mc Henry, IL
60053:Morton Grove, IL
60056:Mount Prospect, IL
60057:Des Plaines, IL
60060:Mundelein, IL
60061:Vernon Hills, IL
60062:Northbrook, IL
60063:Deerfield, IL
60064:North Chicago, IL
60065-60066:Northbrook, IL
60067:Palatine, IL
60068:Park Ridge, IL
60069:Prairie View, IL
60070:Prospect Heights, IL
60071:Richmond, IL
60072:Ringwood, IL
60073:Round Lake, IL
60074:Palatine, IL
60075:Russell, IL
60076-60077:Skokie, IL
60078:Palatine, IL
60079:Waukegan, IL
60080:Solon Mills, IL
60081:Spring Grove, IL
60082:Techny, IL
60083:Wadsworth, IL
60084:Wauconda, IL
60085:Waukegan, IL
60086:North Chicago, IL
60087:Waukegan, IL
60088:Great Lakes, IL
60089:Buffalo Grove, IL
60090:Wheeling, IL
60091:Wilmette, IL
60093:Winnetka, IL
60096:Winthrop Harbor, IL
60097:Wonder Lake, IL
60098:Woodstock, IL
60099:Zion, IL
60101:Addison, IL
60102:Algonquin, IL
60103:Bartlett, IL
60104:Bellwood, IL
60105-60106:Bensenville, IL
60107:Streamwood, IL
60108:Bloomingdale, IL
60109:Burlington, IL
60110:Carpentersville, IL
60111:Clare, IL
60112:Cortland, IL
60113:Creston, IL
60115:De Kalb, IL
60118:Dundee, IL
60119:Elburn, IL
60120-60123:Elgin, IL
60126:Elmhurst, IL
60128:No Suburban Facility, IL
60129:Esmond, IL
60130:Forest Park, IL
60131:Franklin Park, IL
60132:No Suburban Facility, IL
60134:Geneva, IL
60135:Genoa, IL
60136:Gilberts, IL
60137-60138:Glen Ellyn, IL
60139:Glendale Heights, IL
60140:Hampshire, IL
60141:Hines, IL
60142:Huntley, IL
60143:Itasca, IL
60144:Kaneville, IL
60145:Kingston, IL
60146:Kirkland, IL
60147:Lafox, IL
60148-60149:Lombard, IL
60150:Malta, IL
60151:Maple Park, IL
60152:Marengo, IL
60153:Maywood, IL
60155-60156:No Suburban Facility, IL
60157:Medinah, IL
60158:No Suburban Facility, IL
60159:Woodfield-Schaumburg, IL
60160-60161:Melrose Park, IL
60162-60163:Hillside, IL
60164:Northlake, IL
60165:Melrose Park, IL
60166-60168:Schaumburg, IL
60169:No Suburban Facility, IL
60170:Plato Center, IL
60171:River Grove, IL
60172:Roselle, IL
60173:Woodfield-Schaumburg, IL
60174-60175:Saint Charles, IL
60176:Schiller Park, IL
60177:South Elgin, IL
60178:Sycamore, IL
60180:Union, IL
60181:Villa Park, IL
60182:Virgil, IL
60183:Wasco, IL
60184:Wayne, IL
60185:West Chicago, IL
60187:Wheaton, IL
60188:Carol Stream, IL
60189:Wheaton, IL
60190:Winfield, IL
60191:Wood Dale, IL
60192:Hoffman Estates, IL
60193-60194:Schaumburg, IL
60195:Hoffman Estates, IL
60196:Schaumburg, IL
60197-60199:No Suburban Facility, IL
60201-60204:Evanston, IL
60208-60209:Evanston, IL
60251:No Suburban Facility, IL
60301-60304:Oak Park, IL
60305:River Forest, IL
60351:No Suburban Facility, IL
60401:Beecher, IL
60402:Berwyn, IL
60406:Blue Island, IL
60407:Braceville, IL
60408:Braidwood, IL
60409:Calumet City, IL
60410:Channahon, IL
60411:Chicago Heights, IL
60415:Chicago Ridge, IL
60416:Coal City, IL
60417:Crete, IL
60418:Custer Park, IL
60419:Dolton, IL
60420:Dwight, IL
60421:Elwood, IL
60422:Flossmoor, IL
60423:Frankfort, IL
60424:Gardner, IL
60425:Glenwood, IL
60426:Harvey, IL
60429:Hazel Crest, IL
60430:Homewood, IL
60431-60436:Joliet, IL
60437:Kinsman, IL
60438:Lansing, IL
60439:Lemont, IL
60441:Lockport, IL
60442:Manhattan, IL
60443:Matteson, IL
60444:Mazon, IL
60445:Midlothian, IL
60447:Minooka, IL
60448:Mokena, IL
60449:Monee, IL
60450:Morris, IL
60451:New Lenox, IL
60452:Oak Forest, IL
60453-60459:Oak Lawn, IL
60460:Odell, IL
60461:Olympia Fields, IL
60462:Orland Park, IL
60463:Palos Heights, IL
60464-60465:Palos Park, IL
60466:Park Forest, IL
60468:Peotone, IL
60469:Posen, IL
60470:Ransom, IL
60471:Richton Park, IL
60472:Robbins, IL
60473:South Holland, IL
60474:South Wilmington, IL
60475:Steger, IL
60476:Thornton, IL
60477-60478:Tinley Park, IL
60479:Verona, IL
60480:Willow Springs, IL
60481:Wilmington, IL
60482:Worth, IL
60488:Flossmoor, IL
60499:So Suburban Facility, IL
60501:Summit-Argo, IL
60504-60507:Aurora, IL
60510:Batavia, IL
60511:Big Rock, IL
60512:Bristol, IL
60513:Brookfield, IL
60514:Clarendon Hills, IL
60515-60517:Downers Grove, IL
60518:Earlville, IL
60519:Eola, IL
60520:Hinckley, IL
60521-60522:Hinsdale, IL
60525-60527:La Grange, IL
60530:Lee, IL
60531:Leland, IL
60532:Lisle, IL
60534:Lyons, IL
60536:Millbrook, IL
60537:Millington, IL
60538:Montgomery, IL
60539:Mooseheart, IL
60540:Naperville, IL
60541:Newark, IL
60542:North Aurora, IL
60543:Oswego, IL
60544:Plainfield, IL
60545:Plano, IL
60546:Riverside, IL
60548:Sandwich, IL
60549:Serena, IL
60550:Shabbona, IL
60551:Sheridan, IL
60552:Somonauk, IL
60553:Steward, IL
60554:Sugar Grove, IL
60555:Warrenville, IL
60556:Waterman, IL
60557:Wedron, IL
60558:Western Springs, IL
60559:Westmont, IL
60560:Yorkville, IL
60565-60566:Naperville, IL
60568:Aurora, IL
60570:Hinsdale, IL
60588:Hinsdale, IL
60600-60660:Chicago, IL
60662-60665:Chicago, IL
60666:Amf Ohare, IL
60667-60673:Chicago, IL
60675:Chicago, IL
60677-60681:Chicago, IL
60684-60685:Chicago, IL
60687:Chicago, IL
60690-60691:Chicago, IL
60693-60694:Chicago, IL
60696-60699:Chicago, IL
60901-60902:Kankakee, IL
60910:Aroma Park, IL
60911:Ashkum, IL
60912:Beaverville, IL
60913:Bonfield, IL
60914:Bourbonnais, IL
60915:Bradley, IL
60917:Buckingham, IL
60918:Buckley, IL
60919:Cabery, IL
60920:Campus, IL
60921:Chatsworth, IL
60922:Chebanse, IL
60924:Cissna Park, IL
60926:Claytonville, IL
60927:Clifton, IL
60928:Crescent City, IL
60929:Cullom, IL
60930:Danforth, IL
60931:Donovan, IL
60932:East Lynn, IL
60933:Elliott, IL
60934:Emington, IL
60935:Essex, IL
60936:Gibson City, IL
60938:Gilman, IL
60939:Goodwine, IL
60940:Grant Park, IL
60941:Herscher, IL
60942:Hoopeston, IL
60944:Hopkins Park, IL
60945:Iroquois, IL
60946:Kempton, IL
60948:Loda, IL
60949:Ludlow, IL
60950:Manteno, IL
60951:Martinton, IL
60952:Melvin, IL
60953:Milford, IL
60954:Momence, IL
60955:Onarga, IL
60956:Papineau, IL
60957:Paxton, IL
60959:Piper City, IL
60960:Rankin, IL
60961:Reddick, IL
60962:Roberts, IL
60963:Rossville, IL
60964:Saint Anne, IL
60966:Sheldon, IL
60967:Stockland, IL
60968:Thawville, IL
60969:Union Hill, IL
60970:Watseka, IL
60973:Wellington, IL
60974:Woodland, IL
61001:Apple River, IL
61006:Ashton, IL
61007:Baileyville, IL
61008:Belvidere, IL
61010:Byron, IL
61011:Caledonia, IL
61012:Capron, IL
61013:Cedarville, IL
61014:Chadwick, IL
61015:Chana, IL
61016:Cherry Valley, IL
61017:Coleta, IL
61018:Dakota, IL
61019:Davis, IL
61020:Davis Junction, IL
61021:Dixon, IL
61024:Durand, IL
61025:East Dubuque, IL
61027:Eleroy, IL
61028:Elizabeth, IL
61030:Forreston, IL
61031:Franklin Grove, IL
61032:Freeport, IL
61036:Galena, IL
61037:Galt, IL
61038:Garden Prairie, IL
61039:German Valley, IL
61041:Hanover, IL
61042:Harmon, IL
61043:Holcomb, IL
61044:Kent, IL
61045:Kings, IL
61046:Lanark, IL
61047:Leaf River, IL
61048:Lena, IL
61049:Lindenwood, IL
61050:Mc Connell, IL
61051:Milledgeville, IL
61052:Monroe Center, IL
61053:Mount Carroll, IL
61054:Mount Morris, IL
61057:Nachusa, IL
61058:Nelson, IL
61059:Nora, IL
61060:Orangeville, IL
61061:Oregon, IL
61062:Pearl City, IL
61063:Pecatonica, IL
61064:Polo, IL
61065:Poplar Grove, IL
61067:Ridott, IL
61068:Rochelle, IL
61070:Rock City, IL
61071:Rock Falls, IL
61072:Rockton, IL
61073:Roscoe, IL
61074:Savanna, IL
61075:Scales Mound, IL
61076:Scioto Mills, IL
61077:Seward, IL
61078:Shannon, IL
61079:Shirland, IL
61080:South Beloit, IL
61081:Sterling, IL
61084:Stillman Valley, IL
61085:Stockton, IL
61087:Warren, IL
61088:Winnebago, IL
61089:Winslow, IL
61091:Woosung, IL
61100-61112:Rockford, IL
61125-61126:Rockford, IL
61130-61132:Rockford, IL
61201:Rock Island, IL
61204:Rock Island, IL
61206:Rock Island, IL
61230:Albany, IL
61231:Aledo, IL
61232:Andalusia, IL
61233:Andover, IL
61234:Annawan, IL
61235:Atkinson, IL
61236:Barstow, IL
61237:Buffalo Prairie, IL
61238:Cambridge, IL
61239:Carbon Cliff, IL
61240:Coal Valley, IL
61241:Colona, IL
61242:Cordova, IL
61243:Deer Grove, IL
61244:East Moline, IL
61249:Moline, IL
61250:Erie, IL
61251:Fenton, IL
61252:Fulton, IL
61254:Geneseo, IL
61256:Hampton, IL
61257:Hillsdale, IL
61258:Hooppole, IL
61259:Illinois City, IL
61260:Joy, IL
61261:Lyndon, IL
61262:Lynn Center, IL
61263:Matherville, IL
61264:Milan, IL
61265:Moline, IL
61270:Morrison, IL
61272:New Boston, IL
61273:Orion, IL
61274:Osco, IL
61275:Port Byron, IL
61276:Preemption, IL
61277:Prophetstown, IL
61278:Rapids City, IL
61279:Reynolds, IL
61281:Sherrard, IL
61282:Silvis, IL
61283:Tampico, IL
61284:Taylor Ridge, IL
61285:Thomson, IL
61299:Rock Island, IL
61301:La Salle, IL
61310:Amboy, IL
61311:Ancona, IL
61312:Arlington, IL
61313:Blackstone, IL
61314:Buda, IL
61315:Bureau, IL
61316:Cedar Point, IL
61317:Cherry, IL
61318:Compton, IL
61319:Cornell, IL
61320:Dalzell, IL
61321:Dana, IL
61322:Depue, IL
61323:Dover, IL
61324:Eldena, IL
61325:Grand Ridge, IL
61326:Granville, IL
61327:Hennepin, IL
61328:Kasbeer, IL
61329:Ladd, IL
61330:La Moille, IL
61331:Lee Center, IL
61332:Leonore, IL
61333:Long Point, IL
61334:Lostant, IL
61335:Mc Nabb, IL
61336:Magnolia, IL
61337:Malden, IL
61338:Manlius, IL
61339:Manville, IL
61340:Mark, IL
61341:Marseilles, IL
61342:Mendota, IL
61344:Mineral, IL
61345:Neponset, IL
61346:New Bedford, IL
61348:Oglesby, IL
61349:Ohio, IL
61350:Ottawa, IL
61353:Paw Paw, IL
61354:Peru, IL
61356:Princeton, IL
61358:Rutland, IL
61359:Seatonville, IL
61360:Seneca, IL
61361:Sheffield, IL
61362:Spring Valley, IL
61363:Standard, IL
61364:Streator, IL
61367:Sublette, IL
61368:Tiskilwa, IL
61369:Toluca, IL
61370:Tonica, IL
61371:Triumph, IL
61372:Troy Grove, IL
61373:Utica, IL
61374:Van Orin, IL
61375:Varna, IL
61376:Walnut, IL
61377:Wenona, IL
61378:West Brooklyn, IL
61379:Wyanet, IL
61401-61402:Galesburg, IL
61410:Abingdon, IL
61411:Adair, IL
61412:Alexis, IL
61413:Alpha, IL
61414:Altona, IL
61415:Avon, IL
61416:Bardolph, IL
61417:Berwick, IL
61418:Biggsville, IL
61419:Bishop Hill, IL
61420:Blandinsville, IL
61421:Bradford, IL
61422:Bushnell, IL
61423:Cameron, IL
61424:Camp Grove, IL
61425:Carman, IL
61426:Castleton, IL
61427:Cuba, IL
61428:Dahinda, IL
61430:East Galesburg, IL
61431:Ellisville, IL
61432:Fairview, IL
61433:Fiatt, IL
61434:Galva, IL
61435:Gerlaw, IL
61436:Gilson, IL
61437:Gladstone, IL
61438:Good Hope, IL
61439:Henderson, IL
61440:Industry, IL
61441:Ipava, IL
61442:Keithsburg, IL
61443:Kewanee, IL
61447:Kirkwood, IL
61448:Knoxville, IL
61449:La Fayette, IL
61450:La Harpe, IL
61451:Laura, IL
61452:Littleton, IL
61453:Little York, IL
61454:Lomax, IL
61455:Macomb, IL
61458:Maquon, IL
61459:Marietta, IL
61460:Media, IL
61462:Monmouth, IL
61465:New Windsor, IL
61466:North Henderson, IL
61467:Oneida, IL
61468:Opheim, IL
61469:Oquawka, IL
61470:Prairie City, IL
61471:Raritan, IL
61472:Rio, IL
61473:Roseville, IL
61474:Saint Augustine, IL
61475:Blandinsville, IL
61476:Seaton, IL
61477:Smithfield, IL
61478:Smithshire, IL
61479:Speer, IL
61480:Stronghurst, IL
61482:Table Grove, IL
61483:Toulon, IL
61484:Vermont, IL
61485:Victoria, IL
61486:Viola, IL
61488:Wataga, IL
61489:Williamsfield, IL
61490:Woodhull, IL
61491:Wyoming, IL
61501:Astoria, IL
61516:Benson, IL
61517-61518:Brimfield, IL
61519:Bryant, IL
61520:Canton, IL
61523:Chillicothe, IL
61524:Dunfermline, IL
61525:Dunlap, IL
61526:Edelstein, IL
61528:Edwards, IL
61529:Elmwood, IL
61530:Eureka, IL
61531:Farmington, IL
61532:Forest City, IL
61533:Glasford, IL
61534:Green Valley, IL
61535:Groveland, IL
61536:Hanna City, IL
61537:Henry, IL
61539:Kingston Mines, IL
61540:Lacon, IL
61541:La Rose, IL
61542:Lewistown, IL
61543:Liverpool, IL
61544:London Mills, IL
61545:Lowpoint, IL
61546:Manito, IL
61547:Mapleton, IL
61548:Metamora, IL
61550:Morton, IL
61552:Mossville, IL
61553:Norris, IL
61554-61555:Pekin, IL
61558:Pekin, IL
61559:Princeville, IL
61560:Putnam, IL
61561:Roanoke, IL
61562:Rome, IL
61563:Saint David, IL
61564:South Pekin, IL
61565:Sparland, IL
61567:Topeka, IL
61568:Tremont, IL
61569:Trivoli, IL
61570:Washburn, IL
61571:Washington, IL
61572:Yates City, IL
61600-61607:Peoria, IL
61611:Peoria, IL
61613-61615:Peoria, IL
61625:Peoria, IL
61628-61641:Peoria, IL
61643-61644:Peoria, IL
61649-61656:Peoria, IL
61701-61702:Bloomington, IL
61704:Bloomington, IL
61709-61710:Bloomington, IL
61720:Anchor, IL
61721:Armington, IL
61722:Arrowsmith, IL
61723:Atlanta, IL
61724:Bellflower, IL
61725:Carlock, IL
61726:Chenoa, IL
61727:Clinton, IL
61728:Colfax, IL
61729:Congerville, IL
61730:Cooksville, IL
61731:Cropsey, IL
61732:Danvers, IL
61733:Deer Creek, IL
61734:Delavan, IL
61735:Dewitt, IL
61736:Downs, IL
61737:Ellsworth, IL
61738:El Paso, IL
61739:Fairbury, IL
61740:Flanagan, IL
61741:Forrest, IL
61742:Goodfield, IL
61743:Graymont, IL
61744:Gridley, IL
61745:Heyworth, IL
61746:Holder, IL
61747:Hopedale, IL
61748:Hudson, IL
61749:Kenney, IL
61750:Lane, IL
61751:Lawndale, IL
61752:Le Roy, IL
61753:Lexington, IL
61754:Mc Lean, IL
61755:Mackinaw, IL
61756:Maroa, IL
61758:Merna, IL
61759:Minier, IL
61760:Minonk, IL
61761:Normal, IL
61764:Pontiac, IL
61769:Saunemin, IL
61770:Saybrook, IL
61771:Secor, IL
61772:Shirley, IL
61773:Sibley, IL
61774:Stanford, IL
61775:Strawn, IL
61776:Towanda, IL
61777:Wapella, IL
61778:Waynesville, IL
61799:Bloomington, IL
61801:Urbana, IL
61810:Allerton, IL
61811:Alvin, IL
61812:Armstrong, IL
61813:Bement, IL
61814:Bismarck, IL
61815:Bondville, IL
61816:Broadlands, IL
61817:Catlin, IL
61818:Cerro Gordo, IL
61820-61821:Champaign, IL
61830:Cisco, IL
61831:Collison, IL
61832:Danville, IL
61833:Tilton, IL
61834:Danville, IL
61839:De Land, IL
61840:Dewey, IL
61841:Fairmount, IL
61842:Farmer City, IL
61843:Fisher, IL
61844:Fithian, IL
61845:Foosland, IL
61846:Georgetown, IL
61847:Gifford, IL
61848:Henning, IL
61849:Homer, IL
61850:Indianola, IL
61851:Ivesdale, IL
61852:Longview, IL
61853:Mahomet, IL
61854:Mansfield, IL
61855:Milmine, IL
61856:Monticello, IL
61857:Muncie, IL
61858:Oakwood, IL
61859:Ogden, IL
61862:Penfield, IL
61863:Pesotum, IL
61864:Philo, IL
61865:Potomac, IL
61866:Rantoul, IL
61868:Rantoul, IL
61870:Ridge Farm, IL
61871:Royal, IL
61872:Sadorus, IL
61873:Saint Joseph, IL
61874:Savoy, IL
61875:Seymour, IL
61876:Sidell, IL
61877:Sidney, IL
61878:Thomasboro, IL
61880:Tolono, IL
61882:Weldon, IL
61883:Westville, IL
61884:White Heath, IL
61910:Arcola, IL
61911:Arthur, IL
61912:Ashmore, IL
61913:Atwood, IL
61914:Bethany, IL
61917:Brocton, IL
61919:Camargo, IL
61920:Charleston, IL
61924:Chrisman, IL
61925:Dalton City, IL
61928:Gays, IL
61929:Hammond, IL
61930:Hindsboro, IL
61931:Humboldt, IL
61932:Hume, IL
61933:Kansas, IL
61936:La Place, IL
61937:Lovington, IL
61938:Mattoon, IL
61940:Metcalf, IL
61941:Murdock, IL
61942:Newman, IL
61943:Oakland, IL
61944:Paris, IL
61949:Redmon, IL
61951:Sullivan, IL
61953:Tuscola, IL
61955:Vermilion, IL
61956:Villa Grove, IL
61957:Windsor, IL
61989:Mattoon, IL
62001:Alhambra, IL
62002:Alton, IL
62006:Batchtown, IL
62009:Benld, IL
62010:Bethalto, IL
62011:Bingham, IL
62012:Brighton, IL
62013:Brussels, IL
62014:Bunker Hill, IL
62015:Butler, IL
62016:Carrollton, IL
62017:Coffeen, IL
62018:Cottage Hills, IL
62019:Donnellson, IL
62020:Dorchester, IL
62021:Dorsey, IL
62022:Dow, IL
62023:Eagarville, IL
62024:East Alton, IL
62025-62026:Edwardsville, IL
62027:Eldred, IL
62028:Elsah, IL
62030:Fidelity, IL
62031:Fieldon, IL
62032:Fillmore, IL
62033:Gillespie, IL
62034:Glen Carbon, IL
62035:Godfrey, IL
62036:Golden Eagle, IL
62037:Grafton, IL
62040:Granite City, IL
62044:Greenfield, IL
62045:Hamburg, IL
62046:Hamel, IL
62047:Hardin, IL
62048:Hartford, IL
62049:Hillsboro, IL
62050:Hillview, IL
62051:Irving, IL
62052:Jerseyville, IL
62053:Kampsville, IL
62054:Kane, IL
62056:Litchfield, IL
62058:Livingston, IL
62059:Lovejoy, IL
62060:Madison, IL
62061:Marine, IL
62062:Maryville, IL
62063:Medora, IL
62064:Meppen, IL
62065:Michael, IL
62067:Moro, IL
62069:Mount Olive, IL
62070:Mozier, IL
62071:National Stock Yards, IL
62074:New Douglas, IL
62075:Nokomis, IL
62076:Ohlman, IL
62077:Panama, IL
62078:Patterson, IL
62079:Piasa, IL
62080:Ramsey, IL
62081:Rockbridge, IL
62082:Roodhouse, IL
62083:Rosamond, IL
62084:Roxana, IL
62085:Sawyerville, IL
62086:Sorento, IL
62087:South Roxana, IL
62088:Staunton, IL
62089:Taylor Springs, IL
62090:Venice, IL
62091:Walshville, IL
62092:White Hall, IL
62093:Wilsonville, IL
62094:Witt, IL
62095:Wood River, IL
62097:Worden, IL
62098:Wrights, IL
62201-62205:East Saint Louis, IL
62206:Cahokia, IL
62207:East Saint Louis, IL
62208:Fairview Heights, IL
62214:Addieville, IL
62215:Albers, IL
62216:Aviston, IL
62217:Baldwin, IL
62218:Bartelso, IL
62219:Beckemeyer, IL
62220-62223:Belleville, IL
62224:Mascoutah, IL
62225:Scott A F B, IL
62230:Breese, IL
62231:Carlyle, IL
62232:Caseyville, IL
62233:Chester, IL
62234:Collinsville, IL
62236:Columbia, IL
62237:Coulterville, IL
62238:Cutler, IL
62239:Dupo, IL
62240:East Carondelet, IL
62241:Ellis Grove, IL
62242:Evansville, IL
62243:Freeburg, IL
62244:Fults, IL
62245:Germantown, IL
62246:Greenville, IL
62247:Hagarstown, IL
62248:Hecker, IL
62249:Highland, IL
62250:Hoffman, IL
62252:Huey, IL
62253:Keyesport, IL
62254:Lebanon, IL
62255:Lenzburg, IL
62256:Maeystown, IL
62257:Marissa, IL
62258:Mascoutah, IL
62259:Menard, IL
62260:Millstadt, IL
62261:Prairie Du Rocher, IL
62262:Mulberry Grove, IL
62263:Nashville, IL
62264:New Athens, IL
62265:New Baden, IL
62266:New Memphis, IL
62268:Oakdale, IL
62269:O' Fallon, IL
62271:Okawville, IL
62272:Percy, IL
62273:Pierron, IL
62274:Pinckneyville, IL
62275:Pocahontas, IL
62277:Prairie Du Rocher, IL
62278:Red Bud, IL
62279:Renault, IL
62280:Rockwood, IL
62281:Saint Jacob, IL
62282:Saint Libory, IL
62283:Shattuc, IL
62284:Smithboro, IL
62285:Smithton, IL
62286:Sparta, IL
62288:Steeleville, IL
62289:Summerfield, IL
62290:Swanwick, IL
62292:Tilden, IL
62293:Trenton, IL
62294:Troy, IL
62295:Valmeyer, IL
62296:Venedy, IL
62297:Walsh, IL
62298:Waterloo, IL
62301:Quincy, IL
62305-62306:Quincy, IL
62310:Adrian, IL
62311:Augusta, IL
62312:Barry, IL
62313:Basco, IL
62314:Baylis, IL
62316:Bowen, IL
62318:Burnside, IL
62319:Camden, IL
62320:Camp Point, IL
62321:Carthage, IL
62323:Chambersburg, IL
62324:Clayton, IL
62325:Coatsburg, IL
62326:Colchester, IL
62327:Colmar, IL
62328:Columbus, IL
62329:Colusa, IL
62330:Dallas City, IL
62332:Detroit, IL
62334:Elvaston, IL
62336:Ferris, IL
62338:Fowler, IL
62339:Golden, IL
62340:Griggsville, IL
62341:Hamilton, IL
62343:Hull, IL
62344:Huntsville, IL
62345:Kinderhook, IL
62346:La Prairie, IL
62347:Liberty, IL
62348:Lima, IL
62349:Loraine, IL
62351:Mendon, IL
62352:Milton, IL
62353:Mount Sterling, IL
62354:Nauvoo, IL
62355:Nebo, IL
62356:New Canton, IL
62357:New Salem, IL
62358:Niota, IL
62359:Paloma, IL
62360:Payson, IL
62361:Pearl, IL
62362:Perry, IL
62363:Pittsfield, IL
62365:Plainville, IL
62366:Pleasant Hill, IL
62367:Plymouth, IL
62370:Rockport, IL
62372:Summer Hill, IL
62373:Sutter, IL
62374:Tennessee, IL
62375:Timewell, IL
62376:Ursa, IL
62378:Versailles, IL
62379:Warsaw, IL
62380:West Point, IL
62401:Effingham, IL
62410:Allendale, IL
62411:Altamont, IL
62413:Annapolis, IL
62414:Beecher City, IL
62415:Birds, IL
62417:Bridgeport, IL
62418:Brownstown, IL
62419:Calhoun, IL
62420:Casey, IL
62421:Claremont, IL
62422:Cowden, IL
62423:Dennison, IL
62424:Dieterich, IL
62425:Dundas, IL
62426:Edgewood, IL
62427:Flat Rock, IL
62428:Greenup, IL
62431:Herrick, IL
62432:Hidalgo, IL
62433:Hutsonville, IL
62434:Ingraham, IL
62435:Janesville, IL
62436:Jewett, IL
62438:Lakewood, IL
62439:Lawrenceville, IL
62440:Lerna, IL
62441:Marshall, IL
62442:Martinsville, IL
62443:Mason, IL
62444:Beecher City, IL
62445:Montrose, IL
62446:Mount Erie, IL
62447:Neoga, IL
62448:Newton, IL
62449:Oblong, IL
62450:Olney, IL
62451:Palestine, IL
62452:Parkersburg, IL
62454:Robinson, IL
62458:Saint Elmo, IL
62459:Sainte Marie, IL
62460:Saint Francisville, IL
62461:Shumway, IL
62462:Sigel, IL
62463:Stewardson, IL
62464:Stoy, IL
62465:Strasburg, IL
62466:Sumner, IL
62467:Teutopolis, IL
62468:Toledo, IL
62469:Trilla, IL
62471:Vandalia, IL
62473:Watson, IL
62474:Westfield, IL
62475:West Liberty, IL
62476:West Salem, IL
62477:West Union, IL
62478:West York, IL
62479:Wheeler, IL
62480:Willow Hill, IL
62481:Yale, IL
62501:Argenta, IL
62510:Assumption, IL
62511:Atwater, IL
62512:Beason, IL
62513:Blue Mound, IL
62514:Boody, IL
62515:Buffalo, IL
62517:Bulpitt, IL
62518:Chestnut, IL
62519:Cornland, IL
62520:Dawson, IL
62521-62523:Decatur, IL
62525-62527:Decatur, IL
62530:Divernon, IL
62531:Edinburg, IL
62532:Elwin, IL
62533:Farmersville, IL
62534:Findlay, IL
62535:Forsyth, IL
62536:Glenarm, IL
62537:Harristown, IL
62538:Harvel, IL
62539:Illiopolis, IL
62540:Kincaid, IL
62541:Lake Fork, IL
62543:Latham, IL
62544:Macon, IL
62545:Mechanicsburg, IL
62546:Morrisonville, IL
62547:Mount Auburn, IL
62548:Mount Pulaski, IL
62549:Mount Zion, IL
62550:Moweaqua, IL
62551:Niantic, IL
62552:Oakley, IL
62553:Oconee, IL
62554:Oreana, IL
62555:Owaneco, IL
62556:Palmer, IL
62557:Pana, IL
62558:Pawnee, IL
62560:Raymond, IL
62561:Riverton, IL
62563:Rochester, IL
62565:Shelbyville, IL
62567:Stonington, IL
62568:Taylorville, IL
62570:Tovey, IL
62571:Tower Hill, IL
62572:Waggoner, IL
62573:Warrensburg, IL
62574:Westervelt, IL
62601:Alexander, IL
62610:Alsey, IL
62611:Arenzville, IL
62612:Ashland, IL
62613:Athens, IL
62615:Auburn, IL
62617:Bath, IL
62618:Beardstown, IL
62621:Bluffs, IL
62622:Bluff Springs, IL
62623:Broadwell, IL
62624:Browning, IL
62625:Cantrall, IL
62626:Carlinville, IL
62627:Chandlerville, IL
62628:Chapin, IL
62629:Chatham, IL
62630:Chesterfield, IL
62631:Concord, IL
62633:Easton, IL
62634:Elkhart, IL
62635:Emden, IL
62638:Franklin, IL
62639:Frederick, IL
62640:Girard, IL
62642:Greenview, IL
62643:Hartsburg, IL
62644:Havana, IL
62649:Hettick, IL
62650-62651:Jacksonville, IL
62655:Kilbourne, IL
62656:Lincoln, IL
62659:Petersburg, IL
62660:Literberry, IL
62661:Loami, IL
62662:Lowder, IL
62663:Manchester, IL
62664:Mason City, IL
62665:Meredosia, IL
62666:Middletown, IL
62667:Modesto, IL
62668:Murrayville, IL
62670:New Berlin, IL
62671:New Holland, IL
62672:Nilwood, IL
62673:Oakford, IL
62674:Palmyra, IL
62675:Petersburg, IL
62676:Plainview, IL
62677:Pleasant Plains, IL
62681:Rushville, IL
62682:San Jose, IL
62683:Scottville, IL
62684:Sherman, IL
62685:Shipman, IL
62686:Standard City, IL
62688:Tallula, IL
62689:Thayer, IL
62690:Virden, IL
62691:Virginia, IL
62692:Waverly, IL
62693:Williamsville, IL
62694:Winchester, IL
62695:Woodson, IL
62700-62709:Springfield, IL
62711-62713:Springfield, IL
62715-62716:Springfield, IL
62718-62723:Springfield, IL
62726:Springfield, IL
62736:Springfield, IL
62739:Springfield, IL
62746:Springfield, IL
62756-62757:Springfield, IL
62761-62767:Springfield, IL
62769:Springfield, IL
62776-62777:Springfield, IL
62781:Springfield, IL
62786:Springfield, IL
62791:Springfield, IL
62794:Springfield, IL
62796:Springfield, IL
62801:Centralia, IL
62803:Hoyleton, IL
62805:Akin, IL
62806:Albion, IL
62807:Alma, IL
62808:Ashley, IL
62809:Barnhill, IL
62810:Belle Rive, IL
62811:Bellmont, IL
62812:Benton, IL
62813:Bible Grove, IL
62814:Bluford, IL
62815:Bone Gap, IL
62816:Bonnie, IL
62817:Broughton, IL
62818:Browns, IL
62819:Buckner, IL
62820:Burnt Prairie, IL
62821:Carmi, IL
62822:Christopher, IL
62823:Cisne, IL
62824:Clay City, IL
62825:Coello, IL
62827:Crossville, IL
62828:Dahlgren, IL
62829:Dale, IL
62830:Dix, IL
62831:Du Bois, IL
62832:Du Quoin, IL
62833:Ellery, IL
62834:Emma, IL
62835:Enfield, IL
62836:Ewing, IL
62837:Fairfield, IL
62838:Farina, IL
62839:Flora, IL
62840:Frankfort Heights, IL
62841:Freeman Spur, IL
62842:Geff, IL
62843:Golden Gate, IL
62844:Grayville, IL
62845:Herald, IL
62846:Ina, IL
62847:Iola, IL
62848:Irvington, IL
62849:Iuka, IL
62850:Johnsonville, IL
62851:Keenes, IL
62852:Keensburg, IL
62853:Kell, IL
62854:Kinmundy, IL
62855:Lancaster, IL
62856:Logan, IL
62857:Loogootee, IL
62858:Louisville, IL
62859:Mc Leansboro, IL
62860:Macedonia, IL
62861:Maunie, IL
62862:Mill Shoals, IL
62863:Mount Carmel, IL
62864:Mount Vernon, IL
62865:Mulkeytown, IL
62866:Nason, IL
62867:New Haven, IL
62868:Noble, IL
62869:Norris City, IL
62870:Odin, IL
62871:Omaha, IL
62872:Opdyke, IL
62874:Orient, IL
62875:Patoka, IL
62876:Radom, IL
62877:Richview, IL
62878:Rinard, IL
62879:Sailor Springs, IL
62880:Saint Peter, IL
62881:Salem, IL
62882:Sandoval, IL
62883:Scheller, IL
62884:Sesser, IL
62885:Shobonier, IL
62886:Sims, IL
62887:Springerton, IL
62888:Tamaroa, IL
62889:Texico, IL
62890:Thompsonville, IL
62891:Valier, IL
62892:Vernon, IL
62893:Walnut Hill, IL
62894:Waltonville, IL
62895:Wayne City, IL
62896:West Frankfort, IL
62897:Whittington, IL
62898:Woodlawn, IL
62899:Xenia, IL
62901-62903:Carbondale, IL
62905:Alto Pass, IL
62906:Anna, IL
62907:Ava, IL
62908:Belknap, IL
62909:Boles, IL
62910:Brookport, IL
62911:Brownfield, IL
62912:Buncombe, IL
62913:Cache, IL
62914:Cairo, IL
62915:Cambria, IL
62916:Campbell Hill, IL
62917:Carrier Mills, IL
62918:Carterville, IL
62919:Cave In Rock, IL
62920:Cobden, IL
62921:Colp, IL
62922:Creal Springs, IL
62923:Cypress, IL
62924:De Soto, IL
62926:Dongola, IL
62927:Dowell, IL
62928:Eddyville, IL
62929:Elco, IL
62930:Eldorado, IL
62931:Elizabethtown, IL
62932:Elkville, IL
62933:Energy, IL
62934:Equality, IL
62935:Galatia, IL
62938:Golconda, IL
62939:Goreville, IL
62940:Gorham, IL
62941:Grand Chain, IL
62942:Grand Tower, IL
62943:Grantsburg, IL
62944:Hamletsburg, IL
62945:Harco, IL
62946:Harrisburg, IL
62947:Herod, IL
62948:Herrin, IL
62949:Hurst, IL
62950:Jacob, IL
62951:Johnston City, IL
62952:Jonesboro, IL
62953:Joppa, IL
62954:Junction, IL
62955:Karbers Ridge, IL
62956:Karnak, IL
62957:Mc Clure, IL
62958:Makanda, IL
62959:Marion, IL
62960:Metropolis, IL
62961:Millcreek, IL
62962:Miller City, IL
62963:Mound City, IL
62964:Mounds, IL
62965:Muddy, IL
62966:Murphysboro, IL
62967:New Burnside, IL
62969:Olive Branch, IL
62970:Olmsted, IL
62971:Oraville, IL
62972:Ozark, IL
62973:Perks, IL
62974:Pittsburg, IL
62975:Pomona, IL
62976:Pulaski, IL
62977:Raleigh, IL
62979:Ridgway, IL
62982:Rosiclare, IL
62983:Royalton, IL
62984:Shawneetown, IL
62985:Simpson, IL
62987:Stonefort, IL
62988:Tamms, IL
62990:Thebes, IL
62991:Tunnel Hill, IL
62992:Ullin, IL
62993:Unity, IL
62994:Vergennes, IL
62995:Vienna, IL
62996:Villa Ridge, IL
62997:Willisville, IL
62998:Wolf Lake, IL
62999:Zeigler, IL
63001:Allenton, MO
63005-63006:Chesterfield, MO
63010:Arnold, MO
63011:Ballwin, MO
63012:Barnhart, MO
63013:Beaufort, MO
63014:Berger, MO
63015:Catawissa, MO
63016:Cedar Hill, MO
63017:Chesterfield, MO
63018:Crescent, MO
63019:Crystal City, MO
63020:De Soto, MO
63021-63022:Ballwin, MO
63023:Dittmer, MO
63025:Eureka, MO
63026:Fenton, MO
63028:Festus, MO
63030:Fletcher, MO
63031-63034:Florissant, MO
63036:French Village, MO
63037:Gerald, MO
63038:Glencoe, MO
63039:Gray Summit, MO
63040:Grover, MO
63041:Grubville, MO
63042:Hazelwood, MO
63043:Maryland Heights, MO
63044:Bridgeton, MO
63045:Hazelwood, MO
63047:Hematite, MO
63048:Herculaneum, MO
63049:High Ridge, MO
63050:Hillsboro, MO
63051:House Springs, MO
63052:Imperial, MO
63053:Kimmswick, MO
63055:Labadie, MO
63056:Leslie, MO
63057:Liguori, MO
63060:Lonedell, MO
63061:Luebbering, MO
63065:Mapaville, MO
63066:Morse Mill, MO
63068:New Haven, MO
63069:Pacific, MO
63070:Pevely, MO
63071:Richwoods, MO
63072:Robertsville, MO
63073:Saint Albans, MO
63074:Saint Ann, MO
63077:Saint Clair, MO
63079:Stanton, MO
63080:Sullivan, MO
63083:Sulphur Springs, MO
63084:Union, MO
63087:Valles Mines, MO
63088:Valley Park, MO
63089:Villa Ridge, MO
63090:Washington, MO
63091:Rosebud, MO
63099:Fenton, MO
63101-63141:Saint Louis, MO
63143-63147:Saint Louis, MO
63150:Saint Louis, MO
63152-63158:Saint Louis, MO
63160:Saint Louis, MO
63163-63164:Saint Louis, MO
63166-63167:Saint Louis, MO
63169:Saint Louis, MO
63171:Saint Louis, MO
63177-63180:Saint Louis, MO
63182:Saint Louis, MO
63188:Saint Louis, MO
63195-63196:Saint Louis, MO
63198-63199:Saint Louis, MO
63301-63303:Saint Charles, MO
63330:Annada, MO
63332:Augusta, MO
63333:Bellflower, MO
63334:Bowling Green, MO
63336:Clarksville, MO
63338:Cottleville, MO
63339:Curryville, MO
63341:Defiance, MO
63342:Dutzow, MO
63343:Elsberry, MO
63344:Eolia, MO
63345:Farber, MO
63346:Flinthill, MO
63347:Foley, MO
63348:Foristell, MO
63349:Hawk Point, MO
63350:High Hill, MO
63351:Jonesburg, MO
63352:Laddonia, MO
63353:Louisiana, MO
63357:Marthasville, MO
63359:Middletown, MO
63361:Montgomery City, MO
63362:Moscow Mills, MO
63363:New Florence, MO
63364:New Hartford, MO
63365:New Melle, MO
63366-63367:O' Fallon, MO
63369:Old Monroe, MO
63370:Olney, MO
63371:Paynesville, MO
63373:Portage Des Sioux, MO
63376:Saint Peters, MO
63377:Silex, MO
63378:Treloar, MO
63379:Troy, MO
63381:Truxton, MO
63382:Vandalia, MO
63383:Warrenton, MO
63384:Wellsville, MO
63385:Wentzville, MO
63386:West Alton, MO
63387:Whiteside, MO
63388:Williamsburg, MO
63389:Winfield, MO
63390:Wright City, MO
63394:Wentzville, MO
63401:Hannibal, MO
63430:Alexandria, MO
63431:Anabel, MO
63432:Arbela, MO
63433:Ashburn, MO
63434:Bethel, MO
63435:Canton, MO
63436:Center, MO
63437:Clarence, MO
63438:Durham, MO
63439:Emden, MO
63440:Ewing, MO
63441:Frankford, MO
63442:Granger, MO
63443:Hunnewell, MO
63445:Kahoka, MO
63446:Knox City, MO
63447:La Belle, MO
63448:La Grange, MO
63450:Lentner, MO
63451:Leonard, MO
63452:Lewistown, MO
63453:Luray, MO
63454:Maywood, MO
63456:Monroe City, MO
63457:Monticello, MO
63458:Newark, MO
63459:New London, MO
63460:Novelty, MO
63461:Palmyra, MO
63462:Perry, MO
63463:Philadelphia, MO
63464:Plevna, MO
63465:Revere, MO
63466:Saint Patrick, MO
63467:Saverton, MO
63468:Shelbina, MO
63469:Shelbyville, MO
63470:Steffenville, MO
63471:Taylor, MO
63472:Wayland, MO
63473:Williamstown, MO
63474:Wyaconda, MO
63501:Kirksville, MO
63530:Atlanta, MO
63531:Baring, MO
63532:Bevier, MO
63533:Brashear, MO
63534:Callao, MO
63535:Coatsville, MO
63536:Downing, MO
63537:Edina, MO
63538:Elmer, MO
63539:Ethel, MO
63540:Gibbs, MO
63541:Glenwood, MO
63543:Gorin, MO
63544:Green Castle, MO
63545:Green City, MO
63546:Greentop, MO
63547:Hurdland, MO
63548:Lancaster, MO
63549:La Plata, MO
63551:Livonia, MO
63552:Macon, MO
63555:Memphis, MO
63556:Milan, MO
63557:New Boston, MO
63558:New Cambria, MO
63559:Novinger, MO
63560:Pollock, MO
63561:Queen City, MO
63563:Rutledge, MO
63565:Unionville, MO
63566:Winigan, MO
63567:Worthington, MO
63601:Flat River, MO
63620:Annapolis, MO
63621:Arcadia, MO
63622:Belgrade, MO
63623:Belleview, MO
63624:Bismarck, MO
63625:Black, MO
63626:Blackwell, MO
63627:Bloomsdale, MO
63628:Bonne Terre, MO
63629:Bunker, MO
63630:Cadet, MO
63631:Caledonia, MO
63632:Cascade, MO
63633:Centerville, MO
63636:Des Arc, MO
63637:Doe Run, MO
63638:Ellington, MO
63640:Farmington, MO
63644:Frankclay, MO
63645:Fredericktown, MO
63646:Glover, MO
63648:Irondale, MO
63650:Ironton, MO
63651:Knob Lick, MO
63653:Leadwood, MO
63654:Lesterville, MO
63655:Marquand, MO
63656:Middle Brook, MO
63659:Mine La Motte, MO
63660:Mineral Point, MO
63661:New Offenburg, MO
63662:Patton, MO
63663:Pilot Knob, MO
63664:Potosi, MO
63665:Redford, MO
63666:Reynolds, MO
63670:Sainte Genevieve, MO
63673:Saint Marys, MO
63674:Tiff, MO
63675:Vulcan, MO
63701-63702:Cape Girardeau, MO
63730:Advance, MO
63732:Altenburg, MO
63733:Arab, MO
63735:Bell City, MO
63736:Benton, MO
63737:Brazeau, MO
63738:Brownwood, MO
63739:Burfordville, MO
63740:Chaffee, MO
63742:Commerce, MO
63743:Daisy, MO
63744:Delta, MO
63745:Dutchtown, MO
63746:Farrar, MO
63747:Friedheim, MO
63748:Frohna, MO
63750:Gipsy, MO
63751:Glenallen, MO
63752:Gordonville, MO
63753:Grassy, MO
63755:Jackson, MO
63758:Kelso, MO
63760:Leopold, MO
63762:Lutesville, MO
63763:Mc Gee, MO
63764:Marble Hill, MO
63765:Menfro, MO
63766:Millersville, MO
63767:Morley, MO
63768:New Wells, MO
63769:Oak Ridge, MO
63770:Old Appleton, MO
63771:Oran, MO
63772:Painton, MO
63774:Perkins, MO
63775:Perryville, MO
63776:Mc Bride, MO
63779:Pocahontas, MO
63780:Scott City, MO
63781:Sedgewickville, MO
63782:Sturdivant, MO
63783:Uniontown, MO
63784:Vanduser, MO
63785:Whitewater, MO
63786:Wittenberg, MO
63787:Zalma, MO
63801:Sikeston, MO
63820:Anniston, MO
63821:Arbyrd, MO
63822:Bernie, MO
63823:Bertrand, MO
63824:Blodgett, MO
63825:Bloomfield, MO
63826:Braggadocio, MO
63827:Bragg City, MO
63828:Canalou, MO
63829:Cardwell, MO
63830:Caruthersville, MO
63833:Catron, MO
63834:Charleston, MO
63837:Clarkton, MO
63838:Conran, MO
63839:Cooter, MO
63840:Deering, MO
63841:Dexter, MO
63845:East Prairie, MO
63846:Essex, MO
63847:Gibson, MO
63848:Gideon, MO
63849:Gobler, MO
63850:Grayridge, MO
63851:Hayti, MO
63852:Holcomb, MO
63853:Holland, MO
63855:Hornersville, MO
63857:Kennett, MO
63860:Kewanee, MO
63862:Lilbourn, MO
63863:Malden, MO
63866:Marston, MO
63867:Matthews, MO
63868:Morehouse, MO
63869:New Madrid, MO
63870:Parma, MO
63871:Pascola, MO
63873:Portageville, MO
63874:Risco, MO
63875:Rives, MO
63876:Senath, MO
63877:Steele, MO
63878:Tallapoosa, MO
63879:Wardell, MO
63880:Whiteoak, MO
63881:Wolf Island, MO
63882:Wyatt, MO
63901:Poplar Bluff, MO
63931:Briar, MO
63932:Broseley, MO
63933:Campbell, MO
63934:Clubb, MO
63935:Doniphan, MO
63936:Dudley, MO
63937:Ellsinore, MO
63938:Fagus, MO
63939:Fairdealing, MO
63940:Fisk, MO
63941:Fremont, MO
63942:Gatewood, MO
63943:Grandin, MO
63944:Greenville, MO
63945:Harviell, MO
63947:Hiram, MO
63950:Lodi, MO
63951:Lowndes, MO
63952:Mill Spring, MO
63953:Naylor, MO
63954:Neelyville, MO
63955:Oxly, MO
63956:Patterson, MO
63957:Piedmont, MO
63959:Poynor, MO
63960:Puxico, MO
63961:Qulin, MO
63962:Rombauer, MO
63963:Shook, MO
63964:Silva, MO
63965:Van Buren, MO
63966:Wappapello, MO
63967:Williamsville, MO
64001:Alma, MO
64011:Bates City, MO
64012:Belton, MO
64015:Blue Springs, MO
64016:Buckner, MO
64017:Camden, MO
64018:Camden Point, MO
64019:Centerview, MO
64020:Concordia, MO
64021:Corder, MO
64022:Dover, MO
64024:Excelsior Springs, MO
64028:Farley, MO
64029:Grain Valley, MO
64030:Grandview, MO
64034:Greenwood, MO
64035:Hardin, MO
64036:Henrietta, MO
64037:Higginsville, MO
64040:Holden, MO
64048:Holt, MO
64050-64058:Independence, MO
64060:Kearney, MO
64061:Kingsville, MO
64062:Lawson, MO
64063-64065:Lees Summit, MO
64066:Levasy, MO
64067:Lexington, MO
64068:Liberty, MO
64070:Lone Jack, MO
64071:Mayview, MO
64072:Missouri City, MO
64073:Mosby, MO
64074:Napoleon, MO
64075:Oak Grove, MO
64076:Odessa, MO
64077:Orrick, MO
64078:Peculiar, MO
64079:Platte City, MO
64080:Pleasant Hill, MO
64081-64082:Lees Summit, MO
64083:Raymore, MO
64084:Rayville, MO
64085:Richmond, MO
64088:Sibley, MO
64089:Smithville, MO
64090:Strasburg, MO
64092:Waldron, MO
64093:Warrensburg, MO
64095:Kansas City, MO
64096:Waverly, MO
64097:Wellington, MO
64098:Weston, MO
64099-64102:Kansas City, MO
64105-64106:Kansas City, MO
64108-64114:Kansas City, MO
64116-64120:Kansas City, MO
64123-64134:Kansas City, MO
64136-64139:Kansas City, MO
64141-64142:Kansas City, MO
64144-64147:Kansas City, MO
64149-64158:Kansas City, MO
64160-64161:Kansas City, MO
64163-64168:Kansas City, MO
64170:Kansas City, MO
64172-64173:Kansas City, MO
64179-64180:Kansas City, MO
64183-64185:Kansas City, MO
64187:Kansas City, MO
64189-64199:Kansas City, MO
64401:Agency, MO
64402:Albany, MO
64420:Allendale, MO
64421:Amazonia, MO
64422:Amity, MO
64423:Barnard, MO
64424:Bethany, MO
64425:Bigelow, MO
64426:Blythedale, MO
64427:Bolckow, MO
64428:Burlington Junction, MO
64429:Cameron, MO
64430:Clarksdale, MO
64431:Clearmont, MO
64432:Clyde, MO
64433:Conception, MO
64434:Conception Junction, MO
64435:Craig, MO
64436:Cosby, MO
64437:Craig, MO
64438:Darlington, MO
64439:Dearborn, MO
64440:De Kalb, MO
64441:Denver, MO
64442:Eagleville, MO
64443:Easton, MO
64444:Edgerton, MO
64445:Elmo, MO
64446:Fairfax, MO
64447:Maysville, MO
64448:Faucett, MO
64449:Fillmore, MO
64451-64452:Forest City, MO
64453:Gentry, MO
64454:Gower, MO
64455:Graham, MO
64456:Grant City, MO
64457:Guilford, MO
64458:Grant City, MO
64459:Helena, MO
64461:Hopkins, MO
64463:King City, MO
64465:Lathrop, MO
64466:Maitland, MO
64467:Martinsville, MO
64468:Maryville, MO
64469:Maysville, MO
64470:Mound City, MO
64471:New Hampton, MO
64473:Oregon, MO
64474:Osborn, MO
64475:Parnell, MO
64476:Pickering, MO
64477:Plattsburg, MO
64478:Quitman, MO
64479:Ravenwood, MO
64480:Rea, MO
64481:Ridgeway, MO
64482:Rock Port, MO
64483:Rosendale, MO
64484:Rushville, MO
64485:Savannah, MO
64486:Sheridan, MO
64487:Skidmore, MO
64489:Stanberry, MO
64490:Stewartsville, MO
64491:Tarkio, MO
64492:Trimble, MO
64493:Turney, MO
64494:Union Star, MO
64496:Rock Port, MO
64497:Weatherby, MO
64498:Westboro, MO
64499:Worth, MO
64500-64508:Saint Joseph, MO
64601:Chillicothe, MO
64620:Altamont, MO
64621:Chillicothe, MO
64622:Bogard, MO
64623:Bosworth, MO
64624:Braymer, MO
64625:Breckenridge, MO
64628:Brookfield, MO
64630:Browning, MO
64631:Bucklin, MO
64632:Cainsville, MO
64633:Carrollton, MO
64635:Chula, MO
64636:Coffey, MO
64637:Cowgill, MO
64638:Dawn, MO
64639:De Witt, MO
64640:Gallatin, MO
64641:Galt, MO
64642:Gilman City, MO
64643:Hale, MO
64644:Hamilton, MO
64645:Newtown, MO
64646:Humphreys, MO
64647:Jameson, MO
64648:Jamesport, MO
64649:Kidder, MO
64650:Kingston, MO
64651:Laclede, MO
64652:Laredo, MO
64653:Linneus, MO
64654:Chillicothe, MO
64655:Lucerne, MO
64656:Ludlow, MO
64657:Mc Fall, MO
64658:Marceline, MO
64659:Meadville, MO
64660:Mendon, MO
64661:Mercer, MO
64664:Mooresville, MO
64665:Trenton, MO
64667:Newtown, MO
64668:Norborne, MO
64670:Pattonsburg, MO
64671:Polo, MO
64672:Powersville, MO
64673:Princeton, MO
64674:Purdin, MO
64676:Rothville, MO
64677:Saint Catharine, MO
64679:Spickard, MO
64680:Norborne, MO
64681:Sumner, MO
64682:Tina, MO
64683:Trenton, MO
64686:Utica, MO
64687:Wakenda, MO
64688:Wheeling, MO
64689:Winston, MO
64701:Harrisonville, MO
64720:Adrian, MO
64722:Amoret, MO
64723:Amsterdam, MO
64724:Appleton City, MO
64725:Archie, MO
64726:Blairstown, MO
64728:Bronaugh, MO
64730:Butler, MO
64733:Chilhowee, MO
64734:Cleveland, MO
64735:Clinton, MO
64738:Collins, MO
64739:Creighton, MO
64740:Deepwater, MO
64741:Deerfield, MO
64742:Drexel, MO
64743:East Lynne, MO
64744:El Dorado Springs, MO
64745:Foster, MO
64746:Freeman, MO
64747:Garden City, MO
64748:Golden City, MO
64750:Harwood, MO
64751:Horton, MO
64752:Hume, MO
64755:Jasper, MO
64756:Jerico Springs, MO
64759:Lamar, MO
64760:Latour, MO
64761:Leeton, MO
64762:Liberal, MO
64763:Lowry City, MO
64765:Metz, MO
64766:Lamar, MO
64767:Milo, MO
64769:Mindenmines, MO
64770:Montrose, MO
64771:Moundville, MO
64772:Nevada, MO
64776:Osceola, MO
64777:Butler, MO
64778:Richards, MO
64779:Rich Hill, MO
64780:Rockville, MO
64781:Roscoe, MO
64783:Schell City, MO
64784:Sheldon, MO
64788:Urich, MO
64789:Osceola, MO
64790:Walker, MO
64801-64804:Joplin, MO
64830:Alba, MO
64831:Anderson, MO
64832:Asbury, MO
64833:Avilla, MO
64834:Carl Junction, MO
64835:Carterville, MO
64836:Carthage, MO
64840:Diamond, MO
64841:Duenweg, MO
64842:Fairview, MO
64843:Goodman, MO
64844:Granby, MO
64847:Lanagan, MO
64848:La Russell, MO
64849:Neck City, MO
64850:Neosho, MO
64853:Neosho, MO
64854:Noel, MO
64855:Oronogo, MO
64856:Pineville, MO
64857:Purcell, MO
64858:Racine, MO
64859:Reeds, MO
64861:Rocky Comfort, MO
64862:Sarcoxie, MO
64863:South West City, MO
64864:Saginaw, MO
64865:Seneca, MO
64866:Stark City, MO
64867:Stella, MO
64868:Tiff City, MO
64869:Waco, MO
64870:Webb City, MO
64873:Wentworth, MO
64874:Wheaton, MO
64944:Kansas City, MO
64999:Kansas City, MO
65001:Argyle, MO
65010:Ashland, MO
65011:Barnett, MO
65013:Belle, MO
65014:Bland, MO
65016:Bonnots Mill, MO
65017:Brumley, MO
65018:California, MO
65020:Camdenton, MO
65022:Cedar City, MO
65023:Centertown, MO
65024:Chamois, MO
65025:Clarksburg, MO
65026:Eldon, MO
65031:Etterville, MO
65032:Eugene, MO
65034:Fortuna, MO
65035:Freeburg, MO
65036:Gasconade, MO
65037:Gravois Mills, MO
65038:Laurie, MO
65039:Hartsburg, MO
65040:Henley, MO
65041:Hermann, MO
65042:High Point, MO
65043:Holts Summit, MO
65046:Jamestown, MO
65047:Kaiser, MO
65048:Koeltztown, MO
65049:Lake Ozark, MO
65050:Latham, MO
65051:Linn, MO
65052:Linn Creek, MO
65053:Lohman, MO
65054:Loose Creek, MO
65055:Mc Girk, MO
65056:Mc Kittrick, MO
65058:Meta, MO
65059:Mokane, MO
65061:Morrison, MO
65062:Mount Sterling, MO
65063:New Bloomfield, MO
65064:Olean, MO
65065:Osage Beach, MO
65066:Owensville, MO
65067:Portland, MO
65068:Prairie Home, MO
65069:Rhineland, MO
65072:Rocky Mount, MO
65074:Russellville, MO
65075:Saint Elizabeth, MO
65076:Saint Thomas, MO
65077:Steedman, MO
65078:Stover, MO
65079:Sunrise Beach, MO
65080:Tebbetts, MO
65081:Tipton, MO
65082:Tuscumbia, MO
65083:Ulman, MO
65084:Versailles, MO
65085:Westphalia, MO
65101-65109:Jefferson City, MO
65199:Jefferson City, MO
65201-65203:Columbia, MO
65205:Columbia, MO
65211-65212:Columbia, MO
65215-65218:Columbia, MO
65230:Armstrong, MO
65231:Auxvasse, MO
65232:Benton City, MO
65233:Boonville, MO
65236:Brunswick, MO
65237:Bunceton, MO
65239:Cairo, MO
65240:Centralia, MO
65243:Clark, MO
65244:Clifton Hill, MO
65246:Dalton, MO
65247:Excello, MO
65248:Fayette, MO
65250:Franklin, MO
65251:Fulton, MO
65254:Glasgow, MO
65255:Hallsville, MO
65256:Harrisburg, MO
65257:Higbee, MO
65258:Holliday, MO
65259:Huntsville, MO
65260:Jacksonville, MO
65261:Keytesville, MO
65262:Kingdom City, MO
65263:Madison, MO
65264:Martinsburg, MO
65265:Mexico, MO
65270:Moberly, MO
65274:New Franklin, MO
65275:Paris, MO
65276:Pilot Grove, MO
65278:Renick, MO
65279:Rocheport, MO
65280:Rush Hill, MO
65281:Salisbury, MO
65282:Santa Fe, MO
65283:Stoutsville, MO
65284:Sturgeon, MO
65285:Thompson, MO
65286:Triplett, MO
65287:Wooldridge, MO
65291:Columbia, MO
65299:Mid-Missouri Gmf, MO
65301:Sedalia, MO
65305:Whiteman A F B, MO
65320:Arrow Rock, MO
65321:Blackburn, MO
65322:Blackwater, MO
65323:Calhoun, MO
65324:Climax Springs, MO
65325:Cole Camp, MO
65326:Edwards, MO
65327:Emma, MO
65329:Florence, MO
65330:Gilliam, MO
65332:Green Ridge, MO
65333:Houstonia, MO
65334:Hughesville, MO
65335:Ionia, MO
65336:Knob Noster, MO
65337:La Monte, MO
65338:Lincoln, MO
65339:Malta Bend, MO
65340:Marshall, MO
65344:Miami, MO
65345:Mora, MO
65347:Nelson, MO
65348:Otterville, MO
65349:Slater, MO
65350:Smithton, MO
65351:Sweet Springs, MO
65354:Syracuse, MO
65355:Warsaw, MO
65360:Windsor, MO
65401:Rolla, MO
65433:Bendavis, MO
65436:Beulah, MO
65438:Birch Tree, MO
65439:Bixby, MO
65440:Boss, MO
65441:Bourbon, MO
65443:Brinktown, MO
65444:Bucyrus, MO
65446:Cherryville, MO
65449:Cook Station, MO
65451:Courtois, MO
65452:Crocker, MO
65453:Cuba, MO
65456:Davisville, MO
65457:Devils Elbow, MO
65459:Dixon, MO
65461:Duke, MO
65462:Edgar Springs, MO
65463:Eldridge, MO
65464:Elk Creek, MO
65466:Eminence, MO
65468:Eunice, MO
65470:Falcon, MO
65473:Fort Leonard Wood, MO
65479:Hartshorn, MO
65483:Houston, MO
65484:Huggins, MO
65486:Iberia, MO
65501:Jadwin, MO
65529:Jerome, MO
65532:Lake Spring, MO
65534:Laquey, MO
65535:Leasburg, MO
65536:Lebanon, MO
65540:Lecoma, MO
65541:Lenox, MO
65542:Licking, MO
65543:Lynchburg, MO
65546:Montier, MO
65548:Mountain View, MO
65550:Newburg, MO
65552:Plato, MO
65555:Raymondville, MO
65556:Richland, MO
65557:Roby, MO
65559:Saint James, MO
65560:Salem, MO
65564:Solo, MO
65565:Steelville, MO
65566:Viburnum, MO
65567:Stoutland, MO
65570:Success, MO
65571:Summersville, MO
65572:Swedeborg, MO
65573:Teresita, MO
65580:Vichy, MO
65582:Vienna, MO
65583:Waynesville, MO
65586:Wesco, MO
65588:Winona, MO
65589:Yukon, MO
65590:Long Lane, MO
65591:Montreal, MO
65601:Aldrich, MO
65603:Arcola, MO
65604:Ash Grove, MO
65605:Aurora, MO
65606:Alton, MO
65607:Caplinger Mills, MO
65608:Ava, MO
65609:Bakersfield, MO
65610:Billings, MO
65611:Blue Eye, MO
65612:Bois D'Arc, MO
65613:Bolivar, MO
65614:Bradleyville, MO
65616:Branson, MO
65617:Brighton, MO
65618:Brixey, MO
65619:Brookline Station, MO
65620:Bruner, MO
65622:Buffalo, MO
65623:Butterfield, MO
65624:Cape Fair, MO
65625:Cassville, MO
65626:Caulfield, MO
65627:Cedarcreek, MO
65629:Chadwick, MO
65630:Chestnutridge, MO
65631:Clever, MO
65632:Conway, MO
65633:Crane, MO
65634:Cross Timbers, MO
65635:Dadeville, MO
65636:Diggins, MO
65637:Dora, MO
65638:Drury, MO
65640:Dunnegan, MO
65641:Eagle Rock, MO
65644:Elkland, MO
65645:Eudora, MO
65646:Everton, MO
65647:Exeter, MO
65648:Fair Grove, MO
65649:Fair Play, MO
65650:Flemington, MO
65652:Fordland, MO
65653:Forsyth, MO
65654:Freistatt, MO
65655:Gainesville, MO
65656:Galena, MO
65657:Garrison, MO
65658:Golden, MO
65659:Goodson, MO
65660:Graff, MO
65661:Greenfield, MO
65662:Grovespring, MO
65663:Half Way, MO
65664:Halltown, MO
65666:Hardenville, MO
65667:Hartville, MO
65668:Hermitage, MO
65669:Highlandville, MO
65672:Hollister, MO
65674:Humansville, MO
65675:Hurley, MO
65676:Isabella, MO
65679:Kirbyville, MO
65680:Kissee Mills, MO
65681:Lampe, MO
65682:Lockwood, MO
65685:Louisburg, MO
65686:Kimberling City, MO
65688:Brandsville, MO
65689:Cabool, MO
65690:Couch, MO
65692:Koshkonong, MO
65701:Mc Clurg, MO
65702:Macomb, MO
65704:Mansfield, MO
65705:Marionville, MO
65706:Marshfield, MO
65707:Miller, MO
65708:Monett, MO
65710:Morrisville, MO
65711:Mountain Grove, MO
65712:Mount Vernon, MO
65713:Niangua, MO
65714:Nixa, MO
65715:Noble, MO
65717:Norwood, MO
65718:Nottinghill, MO
65720:Oldfield, MO
65721:Ozark, MO
65722:Phillipsburg, MO
65723:Pierce City, MO
65724:Pittsburg, MO
65725:Pleasant Hope, MO
65726:Point Lookout, MO
65727:Polk, MO
65728:Ponce De Leon, MO
65729:Pontiac, MO
65730:Powell, MO
65731:Powersite, MO
65732:Preston, MO
65733:Protem, MO
65734:Purdy, MO
65735:Quincy, MO
65737:Reeds Spring, MO
65738:Republic, MO
65739:Ridgedale, MO
65740:Rockaway Beach, MO
65741:Rockbridge, MO
65742:Rogersville, MO
65744:Rueter, MO
65745:Seligman, MO
65746:Seymour, MO
65747:Shell Knob, MO
65751:Souder, MO
65752:South Greenfield, MO
65753:Sparta, MO
65754:Spokane, MO
65755:Squires, MO
65756:Stotts City, MO
65757:Strafford, MO
65758:Sycamore, MO
65759:Taneyville, MO
65760:Tecumseh, MO
65761:Theodosia, MO
65762:Thornfield, MO
65764:Tunas, MO
65765:Turners, MO
65766:Udall, MO
65767:Urbana, MO
65768:Vanzant, MO
65769:Verona, MO
65770:Walnut Grove, MO
65771:Walnut Shade, MO
65772:Washburn, MO
65773:Wasola, MO
65774:Weaubleau, MO
65775:West Plains, MO
65776:South Fork, MO
65777:Moody, MO
65778:Myrtle, MO
65779:Wheatland, MO
65781:Willard, MO
65783:Windyville, MO
65784:Zanoni, MO
65785:Stockton, MO
65786:Macks Creek, MO
65787:Roach, MO
65788:Peace Valley, MO
65789:Pomona, MO
65790:Pottersville, MO
65791:Thayer, MO
65793:Willow Springs, MO
65800-65810:Springfield, MO
65898-65899:Springfield, MO
66002:Atchison, KS
66006:Baldwin City, KS
66007:Basehor, KS
66008:Bendena, KS
66010:Blue Mound, KS
66012:Bonner Springs, KS
66013:Bucyrus, KS
66014:Centerville, KS
66015:Colony, KS
66016:Cummings, KS
66017:Denton, KS
66018-66019:De Soto, KS
66020:Easton, KS
66021:Edgerton, KS
66023:Effingham, KS
66024:Elwood, KS
66025:Eudora, KS
66026:Fontana, KS
66027:Leavenworth, KS
66030-66031:Gardner, KS
66032:Garnett, KS
66033:Greeley, KS
66035:Highland, KS
66036:Hillsdale, KS
66038:Huron, KS
66039:Kincaid, KS
66040:La Cygne, KS
66041:Lancaster, KS
66042:Lane, KS
66043:Leavenworth, KS
66044-66046:Lawrence, KS
66048:Leavenworth, KS
66050:Lecompton, KS
66052:Linwood, KS
66053:Louisburg, KS
66054:Mc Louth, KS
66056:Mound City, KS
66058:Muscotah, KS
66060:Nortonville, KS
66061-66062:Olathe, KS
66064:Osawatomie, KS
66066:Oskaloosa, KS
66067:Ottawa, KS
66070:Ozawkie, KS
66071:Paola, KS
66072:Parker, KS
66073:Perry, KS
66075:Pleasanton, KS
66076:Pomona, KS
66077:Potter, KS
66078:Princeton, KS
66079:Rantoul, KS
66080:Richmond, KS
66081:Severance, KS
66083:Spring Hill, KS
66085:Stilwell, KS
66086:Tonganoxie, KS
66087:Troy, KS
66088:Valley Falls, KS
66090:Wathena, KS
66091:Welda, KS
66092:Wellsville, KS
66093:Westphalia, KS
66094:White Cloud, KS
66095:Williamsburg, KS
66097:Winchester, KS
66100-66106:Kansas City, KS
66109-66113:Kansas City, KS
66115:Kansas City, KS
66117-66119:Kansas City, KS
66160:Kansas City, KS
66200-66227:Shawnee Mission, KS
66250:Shawnee Mission, KS
66262:Shawnee Mission, KS
66276:Shawnee Mission, KS
66279:Shawnee Mission, KS
66401:Alma, KS
66402:Auburn, KS
66403:Axtell, KS
66404:Baileyville, KS
66406:Beattie, KS
66407:Belvue, KS
66408:Bern, KS
66409:Berryton, KS
66411:Blue Rapids, KS
66412:Bremen, KS
66413:Burlingame, KS
66414:Carbondale, KS
66415:Centralia, KS
66416:Circleville, KS
66417:Corning, KS
66418:Delia, KS
66419:Denison, KS
66420:Dover, KS
66422:Emmett, KS
66423:Eskridge, KS
66424:Everest, KS
66425:Fairview, KS
66426:Westmoreland, KS
66427:Frankfort, KS
66428:Goff, KS
66429:Grantville, KS
66431:Harveyville, KS
66432:Havensville, KS
66433:Marysville, KS
66434-66435:Hiawatha, KS
66436:Holton, KS
66438:Home, KS
66439:Horton, KS
66440:Hoyt, KS
66441-66442:Junction City, KS
66446:Kelly, KS
66449:Leonardville, KS
66450:Louisville, KS
66451:Lyndon, KS
66501:Alma, KS
66502:Manhattan, KS
66506:Manhattan, KS
66507:Maple Hill, KS
66508:Marysville, KS
66509:Mayetta, KS
66510:Melvern, KS
66512:Meriden, KS
66514:Milford, KS
66515:Morrill, KS
66516:Netawaka, KS
66517:Ogden, KS
66518:Oketo, KS
66520:Olsburg, KS
66521:Onaga, KS
66522:Oneida, KS
66523:Osage City, KS
66524:Overbrook, KS
66526:Paxico, KS
66527:Powhattan, KS
66528:Quenemo, KS
66531:Riley, KS
66532:Robinson, KS
66533:Rossville, KS
66534:Sabetha, KS
66535:Saint George, KS
66536:Saint Marys, KS
66537:Scranton, KS
66538:Seneca, KS
66539:Silver Lake, KS
66540:Soldier, KS
66541:Summerfield, KS
66542:Tecumseh, KS
66543:Vassar, KS
66544:Vermillion, KS
66545:Vliets, KS
66546:Wakarusa, KS
66547:Wamego, KS
66548:Waterville, KS
66549:Westmoreland, KS
66550:Wetmore, KS
66551:Wheaton, KS
66552:Whiting, KS
66554:Randolph, KS
66555:Marysville, KS
66600-66601:Topeka, KS
66603-66612:Topeka, KS
66614-66622:Topeka, KS
66624-66626:Topeka, KS
66628-66629:Topeka, KS
66634:Topeka, KS
66636-66638:Topeka, KS
66642:Topeka, KS
66647:Topeka, KS
66652-66653:Topeka, KS
66658:Topeka, KS
66667:Topeka, KS
66683:Topeka, KS
66686:Topeka, KS
66692:Topeka, KS
66699:Topeka, KS
66701:Fort Scott, KS
66710:Altoona, KS
66711:Arcadia, KS
66712:Arma, KS
66713:Baxter Springs, KS
66714:Benedict, KS
66716:Bronson, KS
66717:Buffalo, KS
66718:Carlyle, KS
66719:Carona, KS
66720:Chanute, KS
66724:Cherokee, KS
66725:Columbus, KS
66727:Coyville, KS
66728:Crestline, KS
66730:Devon, KS
66732:Elsmore, KS
66733:Erie, KS
66734:Farlington, KS
66735:Franklin, KS
66736:Fredonia, KS
66738:Fulton, KS
66739:Galena, KS
66740:Galesburg, KS
66741:Garland, KS
66742:Gas, KS
66743:Girard, KS
66746:Hepler, KS
66748:Humboldt, KS
66749:Iola, KS
66750:Lafontaine, KS
66751:La Harpe, KS
66753:Mc Cune, KS
66754:Mapleton, KS
66755:Moran, KS
66756:Mulberry, KS
66757:Neodesha, KS
66758:Neosho Falls, KS
66759:New Albany, KS
66760:Opolis, KS
66761:Piqua, KS
66762:Pittsburg, KS
66767:Prescott, KS
66769:Redfield, KS
66770:Riverton, KS
66771:Saint Paul, KS
66772:Savonburg, KS
66773:Scammon, KS
66775:Stark, KS
66776:Thayer, KS
66777:Toronto, KS
66778:Treece, KS
66779:Uniontown, KS
66780:Walnut, KS
66781:Weir, KS
66782:West Mineral, KS
66783:Yates Center, KS
66801:Emporia, KS
66830:Admire, KS
66833:Allen, KS
66834:Alta Vista, KS
66835:Americus, KS
66836:Antelope, KS
66838:Burdick, KS
66839:Burlington, KS
66840:Burns, KS
66842:Cassoday, KS
66843:Cedar Point, KS
66845:Cottonwood Falls, KS
66846:Council Grove, KS
66847:Delavan, KS
66848:Dunlap, KS
66849:Dwight, KS
66850:Elmdale, KS
66851:Florence, KS
66852:Gridley, KS
66853:Hamilton, KS
66854:Hartford, KS
66855:Madison, KS
66856:Lebo, KS
66857:Le Roy, KS
66858:Lincolnville, KS
66859:Lost Springs, KS
66860:Madison, KS
66861:Marion, KS
66862:Matfield Green, KS
66863:Neal, KS
66864:Neosho Rapids, KS
66865:Olpe, KS
66866:Peabody, KS
66868:Reading, KS
66869:Strong City, KS
66870:Virgil, KS
66871:Waverly, KS
66872:White City, KS
66873:Wilsey, KS
66901:Concordia, KS
66930:Agenda, KS
66931:Ames, KS
66932:Athol, KS
66933:Barnes, KS
66935:Belleville, KS
66936:Burr Oak, KS
66937:Clifton, KS
66938:Clyde, KS
66939:Courtland, KS
66940:Cuba, KS
66941:Esbon, KS
66942:Formoso, KS
66943:Greenleaf, KS
66944:Haddam, KS
66945:Hanover, KS
66946:Hollenberg, KS
66948:Jamestown, KS
66949:Jewell, KS
66951:Kensington, KS
66952:Lebanon, KS
66953:Linn, KS
66955:Mahaska, KS
66956:Mankato, KS
66958:Morrowville, KS
66959:Munden, KS
66960:Narka, KS
66961:Norway, KS
66962:Palmer, KS
66963:Randall, KS
66964:Republic, KS
66966:Scandia, KS
66967:Smith Center, KS
66968:Washington, KS
66970:Webber, KS
67001:Andale, KS
67002:Andover, KS
67003:Anthony, KS
67004:Argonia, KS
67005:Arkansas City, KS
67008:Atlanta, KS
67009:Attica, KS
67010:Augusta, KS
67012:Beaumont, KS
67013:Belle Plaine, KS
67014:Kingman, KS
67015:Belvidere, KS
67016:Bentley, KS
67017:Benton, KS
67018:Bluff City, KS
67019:Burden, KS
67020:Burrton, KS
67021:Byers, KS
67022:Caldwell, KS
67023:Cambridge, KS
67024:Cedar Vale, KS
67025:Cheney, KS
67026:Clearwater, KS
67027:Climax, KS
67028:Coats, KS
67029:Coldwater, KS
67030:Colwich, KS
67031:Conway Springs, KS
67032:Caldwell, KS
67035:Cunningham, KS
67036:Danville, KS
67037:Derby, KS
67038:Dexter, KS
67039:Douglass, KS
67041:Elbing, KS
67042:El Dorado, KS
67045:Eureka, KS
67047:Fall River, KS
67049:Freeport, KS
67050:Garden Plain, KS
67051:Geuda Springs, KS
67052:Goddard, KS
67053:Goessel, KS
67054:Greensburg, KS
67055:Wichita, KS
67056:Halstead, KS
67057:Hardtner, KS
67058:Harper, KS
67059:Haviland, KS
67060:Haysville, KS
67061:Hazelton, KS
67062:Hesston, KS
67063:Hillsboro, KS
67065:Isabel, KS
67066:Iuka, KS
67067:Kechi, KS
67068:Kingman, KS
67070:Kiowa, KS
67071:Lake City, KS
67072:Latham, KS
67073:Lehigh, KS
67074:Leon, KS
67101:Maize, KS
67102:Maple City, KS
67103:Mayfield, KS
67104:Medicine Lodge, KS
67105:Milan, KS
67106:Milton, KS
67107:Moundridge, KS
67108:Mount Hope, KS
67109:Mullinville, KS
67110:Mulvane, KS
67111:Murdock, KS
67112:Nashville, KS
67114:Newton, KS
67117:North Newton, KS
67118:Norwich, KS
67119:Oxford, KS
67120:Peck, KS
67121:Penalosa, KS
67122:Piedmont, KS
67123:Potwin, KS
67124:Pratt, KS
67127:Protection, KS
67128:Rago, KS
67131:Rock, KS
67132:Rosalia, KS
67133:Rose Hill, KS
67134:Sawyer, KS
67135:Sedgwick, KS
67137:Severy, KS
67138:Sharon, KS
67140:South Haven, KS
67142:Spivey, KS
67143:Sun City, KS
67144:Towanda, KS
67146:Udall, KS
67147:Valley Center, KS
67149:Viola, KS
67150:Waldron, KS
67151:Walton, KS
67152:Wellington, KS
67154:Whitewater, KS
67155:Wilmore, KS
67156:Winfield, KS
67159:Zenda, KS
67200-67221:Wichita, KS
67223:Wichita, KS
67226-67228:Wichita, KS
67230-67233:Wichita, KS
67235-67236:Wichita, KS
67251:Wichita, KS
67256-67257:Wichita, KS
67259:Wichita, KS
67276-67278:Wichita, KS
67301:Independence, KS
67330:Altamont, KS
67331:Coffeyville, KS
67332:Bartlett, KS
67333:Caney, KS
67334:Chautauqua, KS
67335:Cherryvale, KS
67336:Chetopa, KS
67337:Coffeyville, KS
67340:Dearing, KS
67341:Dennis, KS
67342:Edna, KS
67344:Elk City, KS
67345:Elk Falls, KS
67346:Grenola, KS
67347:Havana, KS
67349:Howard, KS
67351:Liberty, KS
67352:Longton, KS
67353:Moline, KS
67354:Mound Valley, KS
67355:Niotaze, KS
67356:Oswego, KS
67357:Parsons, KS
67360:Peru, KS
67361:Sedan, KS
67363:Sycamore, KS
67364:Tyro, KS
67401-67402:Salina, KS
67410:Abilene, KS
67414:Ada, KS
67416:Assaria, KS
67417:Aurora, KS
67418:Barnard, KS
67420:Beloit, KS
67422:Bennington, KS
67423:Beverly, KS
67425:Brookville, KS
67427:Bushton, KS
67428:Canton, KS
67429:Carlton, KS
67430:Cawker City, KS
67431:Chapman, KS
67432:Clay Center, KS
67436:Delphos, KS
67437:Downs, KS
67438:Durham, KS
67439:Ellsworth, KS
67441:Enterprise, KS
67442:Falun, KS
67443:Galva, KS
67444:Geneseo, KS
67445:Glasco, KS
67446:Glen Elder, KS
67447:Green, KS
67448:Gypsum, KS
67449:Herington, KS
67450:Holyrood, KS
67451:Hope, KS
67452:Hunter, KS
67454:Kanopolis, KS
67455:Lincoln, KS
67456:Lindsborg, KS
67457:Little River, KS
67458:Longford, KS
67459:Lorraine, KS
67460:Mc Pherson, KS
67463:Manchester, KS
67464:Marquette, KS
67465:Mentor, KS
67466:Miltonvale, KS
67467:Minneapolis, KS
67468:Morganville, KS
67469:Enterprise, KS
67470:New Cambria, KS
67472:Oakhill, KS
67473:Osborne, KS
67474:Portis, KS
67475:Ramona, KS
67476:Roxbury, KS
67477:Beloit, KS
67478:Simpson, KS
67479:Smolan, KS
67480:Solomon, KS
67481:Sylvan Grove, KS
67482:Talmage, KS
67483:Tampa, KS
67484:Tescott, KS
67485:Tipton, KS
67487:Wakefield, KS
67488:Wells, KS
67490:Wilson, KS
67491:Windom, KS
67492:Woodbine, KS
67501-67502:Hutchinson, KS
67504-67505:Hutchinson, KS
67510:Abbyville, KS
67511:Albert, KS
67512:Alden, KS
67513:Alexander, KS
67514:Arlington, KS
67515:Arnold, KS
67516:Bazine, KS
67517:Beaver, KS
67518:Beeler, KS
67519:Belpre, KS
67520:Bison, KS
67521:Brownell, KS
67522:Buhler, KS
67523:Burdett, KS
67524:Chase, KS
67525:Claflin, KS
67526:Ellinwood, KS
67529:Garfield, KS
67530:Great Bend, KS
67543:Haven, KS
67544:Hoisington, KS
67545:Hudson, KS
67546:Inman, KS
67547:Kinsley, KS
67548:La Crosse, KS
67549:Langdon, KS
67550:Larned, KS
67552:Lewis, KS
67553:Liebenthal, KS
67554:Lyons, KS
67556:Mc Cracken, KS
67557:Macksville, KS
67558:Medora, KS
67559:Nekoma, KS
67560:Ness City, KS
67561:Nickerson, KS
67562:Odin, KS
67563:Offerle, KS
67564:Olmitz, KS
67565:Otis, KS
67566:Partridge, KS
67567:Pawnee Rock, KS
67568:Plevna, KS
67569:Preston, KS
67570:Pretty Prairie, KS
67571:Radium, KS
67572:Ransom, KS
67573:Raymond, KS
67574:Rozel, KS
67575:Rush Center, KS
67576:Saint John, KS
67577:Seward, KS
67578:Stafford, KS
67579:Sterling, KS
67580:Susank, KS
67581:Sylvia, KS
67582:Timken, KS
67583:Turon, KS
67584:Utica, KS
67585:Yoder, KS
67601:Hays, KS
67621:Agra, KS
67622:Almena, KS
67623:Alton, KS
67625:Bogue, KS
67626:Bunker Hill, KS
67627:Catharine, KS
67628:Cedar, KS
67629:Clayton, KS
67630:Codell, KS
67631:Collyer, KS
67632:Damar, KS
67633:Densmore, KS
67634:Dorrance, KS
67635:Dresden, KS
67636:Edmond, KS
67637:Ellis, KS
67638:Gaylord, KS
67639:Glade, KS
67640:Gorham, KS
67641:Harlan, KS
67642:Hill City, KS
67643:Jennings, KS
67644:Kirwin, KS
67645:Lenora, KS
67646:Logan, KS
67647:Long Island, KS
67648:Lucas, KS
67649:Luray, KS
67650:Morland, KS
67651:Natoma, KS
67652:New Almelo, KS
67653:Norcatur, KS
67654:Norton, KS
67656:Ogallah, KS
67657:Palco, KS
67658:Paradise, KS
67659:Penokee, KS
67660:Pfeifer, KS
67661:Phillipsburg, KS
67663:Plainville, KS
67664:Prairie View, KS
67665:Russell, KS
67667:Hays, KS
67669:Stockton, KS
67670:Phillipsburg, KS
67671:Victoria, KS
67672:Wa Keeney, KS
67673:Waldo, KS
67674:Walker, KS
67675:Woodston, KS
67676:Zurich, KS
67701:Colby, KS
67730:Atwood, KS
67731:Bird City, KS
67732:Brewster, KS
67733:Edson, KS
67734:Gem, KS
67735:Goodland, KS
67736:Gove, KS
67737:Grainfield, KS
67738:Grinnell, KS
67739:Herndon, KS
67740:Hoxie, KS
67741:Kanorado, KS
67743:Levant, KS
67744:Ludell, KS
67745:Mc Donald, KS
67746:Menlo, KS
67747:Monument, KS
67748:Oakley, KS
67749:Oberlin, KS
67751:Park, KS
67752:Quinter, KS
67753:Rexford, KS
67755:Russell Springs, KS
67756:Saint Francis, KS
67757:Selden, KS
67758:Sharon Springs, KS
67759:Studley, KS
67761:Wallace, KS
67762:Weskan, KS
67764:Winona, KS
67801:Dodge City, KS
67830:Alamota, KS
67831:Ashland, KS
67833:Bloom, KS
67834:Bucklin, KS
67835:Cimarron, KS
67836:Coolidge, KS
67837:Copeland, KS
67838:Deerfield, KS
67839:Dighton, KS
67840:Englewood, KS
67841:Ensign, KS
67842:Ford, KS
67843:Fort Dodge, KS
67844:Fowler, KS
67845:Friend, KS
67846:Garden City, KS
67849:Hanston, KS
67850:Healy, KS
67851:Holcomb, KS
67853:Ingalls, KS
67854:Jetmore, KS
67855:Johnson, KS
67856:Kalvesta, KS
67857:Kendall, KS
67858:Kingsdown, KS
67859:Kismet, KS
67860:Lakin, KS
67861:Leoti, KS
67862:Manter, KS
67863:Marienthal, KS
67864:Meade, KS
67865:Minneola, KS
67866:Modoc, KS
67867:Montezuma, KS
67868:Pierceville, KS
67869:Plains, KS
67870:Satanta, KS
67871:Scott City, KS
67874:Shields, KS
67876:Spearville, KS
67877:Sublette, KS
67878:Syracuse, KS
67879:Tribune, KS
67880:Ulysses, KS
67882:Wright, KS
67901:Liberal, KS
67905:Liberal, KS
67950:Elkhart, KS
67951:Hugoton, KS
67952:Moscow, KS
67953:Richfield, KS
67954:Rolla, KS
68001:Bruno, NE
68002:Arlington, NE
68003:Ashland, NE
68004:Bancroft, NE
68005:Bellevue, NE
68007:Bennington, NE
68008-68009:Blair, NE
68010:Boys Town, NE
68014:Bruno, NE
68015:Cedar Bluffs, NE
68016:Cedar Creek, NE
68017:Ceresco, NE
68018:Colon, NE
68019:Craig, NE
68020:Decatur, NE
68022:Elkhorn, NE
68023:Fort Calhoun, NE
68025:Fremont, NE
68028:Gretna, NE
68029:Herman, NE
68030:Homer, NE
68031:Hooper, NE
68033:Ithaca, NE
68034:Kennard, NE
68035:Valley, NE
68036:Linwood, NE
68037:Louisville, NE
68038:Lyons, NE
68039:Macy, NE
68040:Malmo, NE
68041:Mead, NE
68042:Memphis, NE
68044:Nickerson, NE
68045:Oakland, NE
68046:Omaha, NE
68047:Pender, NE
68048:Plattsmouth, NE
68050:Prague, NE
68054:Richfield, NE
68055:Rosalie, NE
68056:St Columbans, NE
68057:Scribner, NE
68058:South Bend, NE
68059:Springfield, NE
68061:Tekamah, NE
68062:Thurston, NE
68063:Uehling, NE
68064:Valley, NE
68065:Valparaiso, NE
68066:Wahoo, NE
68067:Walthill, NE
68068:Washington, NE
68069:Waterloo, NE
68070:Weston, NE
68071:Winnebago, NE
68072:Winslow, NE
68073:Yutan, NE
68100-68114:Omaha, NE
68116-68120:Omaha, NE
68122-68124:Omaha, NE
68127-68128:Omaha, NE
68130-68138:Omaha, NE
68142:Omaha, NE
68144:Omaha, NE
68147:Omaha, NE
68152:Omaha, NE
68154-68155:Omaha, NE
68157:Omaha, NE
68164:Omaha, NE
68172:Omaha, NE
68175-68176:Omaha, NE
68178-68183:Omaha, NE
68301:Adams, NE
68303:Alexandria, NE
68304:Alvo, NE
68305:Auburn, NE
68307:Avoca, NE
68309:Barneston, NE
68310:Beatrice, NE
68313:Beaver Crossing, NE
68314:Bee, NE
68315:Belvidere, NE
68316:Benedict, NE
68317:Bennet, NE
68318:Blue Springs, NE
68319:Bradshaw, NE
68320:Brock, NE
68321:Brownville, NE
68322:Bruning, NE
68323:Burchard, NE
68324:Burr, NE
68325:Byron, NE
68326:Carleton, NE
68327:Chester, NE
68328:Clatonia, NE
68329:Cook, NE
68330:Cordova, NE
68331:Cortland, NE
68332:Crab Orchard, NE
68333:Crete, NE
68335:Davenport, NE
68336:Davey, NE
68337:Dawson, NE
68338:Daykin, NE
68339:Denton, NE
68340:Deshler, NE
68341:De Witt, NE
68342:Diller, NE
68343:Dorchester, NE
68344:Douglas, NE
68345:Du Bois, NE
68346:Dunbar, NE
68347:Eagle, NE
68348:Elk Creek, NE
68349:Elmwood, NE
68350:Endicott, NE
68351:Exeter, NE
68352:Fairbury, NE
68354:Fairmont, NE
68355:Falls City, NE
68357:Filley, NE
68358:Firth, NE
68359:Friend, NE
68360:Garland, NE
68361:Geneva, NE
68362:Gilead, NE
68364:Goehner, NE
68365:Grafton, NE
68366:Greenwood, NE
68367:Gresham, NE
68368:Hallam, NE
68370:Hebron, NE
68371:Henderson, NE
68372:Hickman, NE
68374:Holmsville, NE
68375:Hubbell, NE
68376:Humboldt, NE
68377:Jansen, NE
68378:Johnson, NE
68379:Julian, NE
68380:Lewiston, NE
68381:Liberty, NE
68382:Lorton, NE
68401:Mc Cool Junction, NE
68402:Malcolm, NE
68403:Manley, NE
68404:Martell, NE
68405:Milford, NE
68406:Milligan, NE
68407:Murdock, NE
68409:Murray, NE
68410:Nebraska City, NE
68413:Nehawka, NE
68414:Nemaha, NE
68415:Odell, NE
68416:Ohiowa, NE
68417:Otoe, NE
68418:Palmyra, NE
68419:Panama, NE
68420:Pawnee City, NE
68421:Peru, NE
68422:Pickrell, NE
68423:Pleasant Dale, NE
68424:Plymouth, NE
68428:Raymond, NE
68429:Reynolds, NE
68430:Roca, NE
68431:Rulo, NE
68432:Saint Mary, NE
68433:Salem, NE
68434:Seward, NE
68436:Shickley, NE
68437:Shubert, NE
68438:Sprague, NE
68439:Staplehurst, NE
68440:Steele City, NE
68441:Steinauer, NE
68442:Stella, NE
68443:Sterling, NE
68444:Strang, NE
68445:Swanton, NE
68446:Syracuse, NE
68447:Table Rock, NE
68448:Talmage, NE
68450:Tecumseh, NE
68452:Ong, NE
68453:Tobias, NE
68454:Unadilla, NE
68455:Union, NE
68456:Utica, NE
68457:Verdon, NE
68458:Virginia, NE
68460:Waco, NE
68461:Walton, NE
68462:Waverly, NE
68463:Weeping Water, NE
68464:Western, NE
68465:Wilber, NE
68466:Wymore, NE
68467:York, NE
68500-68512:Lincoln, NE
68514:Lincoln, NE
68516-68517:Lincoln, NE
68520-68524:Lincoln, NE
68526-68529:Lincoln, NE
68531-68532:Lincoln, NE
68544:Lincoln, NE
68572:Lincoln, NE
68583:Lincoln, NE
68588:Lincoln, NE
68601-68602:Columbus, NE
68620:Albion, NE
68621:North Bend, NE
68622:Bartlett, NE
68623:Belgrade, NE
68624:Bellwood, NE
68625:Boone, NE
68626:Brainard, NE
68627:Cedar Rapids, NE
68628:Clarks, NE
68629:Clarkson, NE
68630:Cornlea, NE
68631:Creston, NE
68632:David City, NE
68633:Dodge, NE
68634:Duncan, NE
68635:Dwight, NE
68636:Elgin, NE
68637:Ericson, NE
68638:Fullerton, NE
68640:Genoa, NE
68641:Howells, NE
68642:Humphrey, NE
68643:Leigh, NE
68644:Lindsay, NE
68647:Monroe, NE
68648:Morse Bluff, NE
68649:North Bend, NE
68650:Octavia, NE
68651:Osceola, NE
68652:Petersburg, NE
68653:Platte Center, NE
68654:Polk, NE
68655:Primrose, NE
68658:Rising City, NE
68659:Rogers, NE
68660:Saint Edward, NE
68661:Schuyler, NE
68662:Shelby, NE
68663:Silver Creek, NE
68664:Snyder, NE
68665:Spalding, NE
68666:Stromsburg, NE
68667:Surprise, NE
68669:Ulysses, NE
68701:Norfolk, NE
68710:Allen, NE
68711:Amelia, NE
68713:Atkinson, NE
68714:Bassett, NE
68715:Battle Creek, NE
68716:Beemer, NE
68717:Belden, NE
68718:Bloomfield, NE
68719:Bristow, NE
68720:Brunswick, NE
68722:Butte, NE
68723:Carroll, NE
68724:Center, NE
68725:Chambers, NE
68726:Clearwater, NE
68727:Coleridge, NE
68728:Concord, NE
68729:Creighton, NE
68730:Crofton, NE
68731:Dakota City, NE
68732:Dixon, NE
68733:Emerson, NE
68734:Emmet, NE
68735:Ewing, NE
68736:Fordyce, NE
68737:Foster, NE
68738:Norfolk, NE
68739:Hartington, NE
68740:Hoskins, NE
68741:Hubbard, NE
68742:Inman, NE
68743:Jackson, NE
68745:Laurel, NE
68746:Lynch, NE
68747:Mc Lean, NE
68748:Madison, NE
68749:Magnet, NE
68751:Maskell, NE
68752:Meadow Grove, NE
68753:Mills, NE
68755:Naper, NE
68756:Neligh, NE
68757:Newcastle, NE
68758:Newman Grove, NE
68759:Newport, NE
68760:Niobrara, NE
68761:Oakdale, NE
68762:Obert, NE
68763:O' Neill, NE
68764:Orchard, NE
68765:Osmond, NE
68766:Page, NE
68767:Pierce, NE
68768:Pilger, NE
68769:Plainview, NE
68770:Ponca, NE
68771:Randolph, NE
68772:Bassett, NE
68773:Royal, NE
68774:Saint Helena, NE
68776:South Sioux City, NE
68777:Spencer, NE
68778:Springview, NE
68779:Stanton, NE
68780:Stuart, NE
68781:Tilden, NE
68782:Verdel, NE
68783:Verdigre, NE
68784:Wakefield, NE
68785:Waterbury, NE
68786:Wausa, NE
68787:Wayne, NE
68788:West Point, NE
68789:Winnetoon, NE
68790:Winside, NE
68791:Wisner, NE
68792:Wynot, NE
68801-68803:Grand Island, NE
68810:Alda, NE
68812:Amherst, NE
68813:Anselmo, NE
68814:Ansley, NE
68815:Arcadia, NE
68816:Archer, NE
68817:Ashton, NE
68818:Aurora, NE
68819:Berwyn, NE
68820:Boelus, NE
68821:Brewster, NE
68822:Broken Bow, NE
68823:Burwell, NE
68824:Cairo, NE
68825:Callaway, NE
68826:Central City, NE
68827:Chapman, NE
68828:Comstock, NE
68829:Cotesfield, NE
68831:Dannebrog, NE
68832:Doniphan, NE
68833:Dunning, NE
68834:Eddyville, NE
68835:Elba, NE
68836:Elm Creek, NE
68837:Elyria, NE
68838:Farwell, NE
68839:Gates, NE
68840:Gibbon, NE
68841:Giltner, NE
68842:Greeley, NE
68843:Hampton, NE
68844:Hazard, NE
68846:Hordville, NE
68847-68849:Kearney, NE
68850:Lexington, NE
68852:Litchfield, NE
68853:Loup City, NE
68854:Marquette, NE
68855:Mason City, NE
68856:Merna, NE
68858:Miller, NE
68859:North Loup, NE
68860:Oconto, NE
68861:Odessa, NE
68862:Ord, NE
68863:Overton, NE
68864:Palmer, NE
68865:Phillips, NE
68866:Pleasanton, NE
68868:Prosser, NE
68869:Ravenna, NE
68870:Riverdale, NE
68871:Rockville, NE
68872:Saint Libory, NE
68873:Saint Paul, NE
68874:Sargent, NE
68875:Scotia, NE
68876:Shelton, NE
68878:Sumner, NE
68879:Taylor, NE
68880:Weissert, NE
68881:Westerville, NE
68882:Wolbach, NE
68883:Wood River, NE
68901-68902:Hastings, NE
68920:Alma, NE
68922:Arapahoe, NE
68923:Atlanta, NE
68924:Axtell, NE
68925:Ayr, NE
68926:Beaver City, NE
68927:Bertrand, NE
68928:Bladen, NE
68929:Bloomington, NE
68930:Blue Hill, NE
68932:Campbell, NE
68933:Clay Center, NE
68934:Deweese, NE
68935:Edgar, NE
68936:Edison, NE
68937:Elwood, NE
68938:Fairfield, NE
68939:Franklin, NE
68940:Funk, NE
68941:Glenvil, NE
68942:Guide Rock, NE
68943:Hardy, NE
68944:Harvard, NE
68945:Heartwell, NE
68946:Hendley, NE
68947:Hildreth, NE
68948:Holbrook, NE
68949:Holdrege, NE
68950:Holstein, NE
68951:Huntley, NE
68952:Inavale, NE
68954:Inland, NE
68955:Juniata, NE
68956:Kenesaw, NE
68957:Lawrence, NE
68958:Loomis, NE
68959:Minden, NE
68960:Naponee, NE
68961:Nelson, NE
68963:Norman, NE
68964:Oak, NE
68966:Orleans, NE
68967:Oxford, NE
68969:Holdrege, NE
68970:Red Cloud, NE
68971:Republican City, NE
68972:Riverton, NE
68973:Roseland, NE
68974:Ruskin, NE
68975:Saronville, NE
68976:Smithfield, NE
68977:Stamford, NE
68978:Superior, NE
68979:Sutton, NE
68980:Trumbull, NE
68981:Upland, NE
68982:Wilcox, NE
69001:Mc Cook, NE
69020:Bartley, NE
69021:Benkelman, NE
69022:Cambridge, NE
69023:Champion, NE
69024:Culbertson, NE
69025:Curtis, NE
69026:Danbury, NE
69027:Enders, NE
69028:Eustis, NE
69029:Farnam, NE
69030:Haigler, NE
69031:Hamlet, NE
69032:Hayes Center, NE
69033:Imperial, NE
69034:Indianola, NE
69035:Lamar, NE
69036:Lebanon, NE
69037:Max, NE
69038:Maywood, NE
69039:Moorefield, NE
69040:Palisade, NE
69041:Parks, NE
69042:Stockville, NE
69043:Stratton, NE
69044:Trenton, NE
69045:Wauneta, NE
69046:Wilsonville, NE
69101:North Platte, NE
69103:North Platte, NE
69120:Arnold, NE
69121:Arthur, NE
69122:Big Springs, NE
69123:Brady, NE
69125:Broadwater, NE
69126:Brownlee, NE
69127:Brule, NE
69128:Bushnell, NE
69129:Chappell, NE
69130:Cozad, NE
69131:Dalton, NE
69132:Dickens, NE
69133:Dix, NE
69134:Elsie, NE
69135:Elsmere, NE
69138:Gothenburg, NE
69140:Grant, NE
69141:Gurley, NE
69142:Halsey, NE
69143:Hershey, NE
69144:Keystone, NE
69145:Kimball, NE
69146:Lemoyne, NE
69147:Lewellen, NE
69148:Lisco, NE
69149:Lodgepole, NE
69150:Madrid, NE
69151:Maxwell, NE
69152:Mullen, NE
69153:Ogallala, NE
69154:Oshkosh, NE
69155:Paxton, NE
69156:Potter, NE
69157:Purdum, NE
69160:Sidney, NE
69161:Seneca, NE
69162:Sidney, NE
69163:Stapleton, NE
69165:Sutherland, NE
69166:Thedford, NE
69167:Tryon, NE
69168:Venango, NE
69169:Wallace, NE
69170:Wellfleet, NE
69171:Willow Island, NE
69201:Valentine, NE
69210:Ainsworth, NE
69211:Cody, NE
69212:Crookston, NE
69214:Johnstown, NE
69216:Kilgore, NE
69217:Long Pine, NE
69218:Merriman, NE
69219:Nenzel, NE
69220:Valentine, NE
69221:Wood Lake, NE
69301:Alliance, NE
69331:Angora, NE
69333:Ashby, NE
69334:Bayard, NE
69335:Bingham, NE
69336:Bridgeport, NE
69337:Chadron, NE
69339:Crawford, NE
69340:Ellsworth, NE
69341:Gering, NE
69343:Gordon, NE
69345:Harrisburg, NE
69346:Harrison, NE
69347:Hay Springs, NE
69348:Hemingford, NE
69349:Lyman, NE
69350:Hyannis, NE
69351:Lakeside, NE
69352:Lyman, NE
69353:McGrew, NE
69354:Marsland, NE
69355:Melbeta, NE
69356:Minatare, NE
69357:Mitchell, NE
69358:Morrill, NE
69360:Rushville, NE
69361:Scottsbluff, NE
69363:Scottsbluff, NE
69365:Whiteclay, NE
69366:Whitman, NE
69367:Whitney, NE
70001-70006:Metairie, LA
70009-70011:Metairie, LA
70030:Des Allemands, LA
70031:Ama, LA
70032:Arabi, LA
70033:Metairie, LA
70036:Barataria, LA
70037:Belle Chasse, LA
70038:Boothville, LA
70039:Boutte, LA
70040:Braithwaite, LA
70041:Buras, LA
70042:Carlisle, LA
70043-70044:Chalmette, LA
70046:Davant, LA
70047:Destrehan, LA
70049:Edgard, LA
70050:Empire, LA
70051:Garyville, LA
70052:Gramercy, LA
70053-70054:Gretna, LA
70055:Metairie, LA
70056:Gretna, LA
70057:Hahnville, LA
70058-70060:Harvey, LA
70062-70065:Kenner, LA
70066:Killona, LA
70067:Lafitte, LA
70068-70069:La Place, LA
70070:Luling, LA
70071:Lutcher, LA
70072-70073:Marrero, LA
70075:Meraux, LA
70076:Reserve, LA
70078:New Sarpy, LA
70079:Norco, LA
70080:Paradis, LA
70081:Pilottown, LA
70082:Pointe A La Hache, LA
70083:Port Sulphur, LA
70084:Reserve, LA
70085:Saint Bernard, LA
70086:Saint James, LA
70087:Saint Rose, LA
70090:Vacherie, LA
70091:Venice, LA
70092:Violet, LA
70094:Westwego, LA
70100:New Orleans, LA
70112-70119:New Orleans, LA
70121-70131:New Orleans, LA
70139-70143:New Orleans, LA
70145-70146:New Orleans, LA
70148-70154:New Orleans, LA
70156-70167:New Orleans, LA
70170:New Orleans, LA
70172:New Orleans, LA
70174-70179:New Orleans, LA
70181-70187:New Orleans, LA
70189-70190:New Orleans, LA
70195:New Orleans, LA
70301-70302:Thibodaux, LA
70310:Thibodaux, LA
70339:Pierre Part, LA
70340:Amelia, LA
70341:Belle Rose, LA
70342:Berwick, LA
70343:Bourg, LA
70344:Chauvin, LA
70345:Cut Off, LA
70346:Donaldsonville, LA
70352:Donner, LA
70353:Dulac, LA
70354:Galliano, LA
70355:Gheens, LA
70356:Gibson, LA
70357:Golden Meadow, LA
70358:Grand Isle, LA
70359:Gray, LA
70360-70361:Houma, LA
70363-70364:Houma, LA
70371:Kraemer, LA
70372:Labadieville, LA
70373:Larose, LA
70374:Lockport, LA
70375:Mathews, LA
70376:Modeste, LA
70377:Montegut, LA
70380-70381:Morgan City, LA
70390:Napoleonville, LA
70391:Paincourtville, LA
70392:Patterson, LA
70393:Plattenville, LA
70394:Raceland, LA
70395:Schriever, LA
70397:Theriot, LA
70401-70404:Hammond, LA
70420:Abita Springs, LA
70421:Akers, LA
70422:Amite, LA
70426:Angie, LA
70427:Bogalusa, LA
70431:Bush, LA
70433-70434:Covington, LA
70436:Fluker, LA
70437:Folsom, LA
70438:Franklinton, LA
70441:Greensburg, LA
70442:Husser, LA
70443:Independence, LA
70444:Kentwood, LA
70445:Lacombe, LA
70446:Loranger, LA
70447:Madisonville, LA
70448:Mandeville, LA
70449:Maurepas, LA
70450:Mount Hermon, LA
70451:Natalbany, LA
70452:Pearl River, LA
chmod 0644 zipcode.txt.5 ||
echo 'restore of zipcode.txt.5 failed'
Wc_c="`wc -c < 'zipcode.txt.5'`"
test 95838 -eq "$Wc_c" ||
	echo 'zipcode.txt.5: original size 95838, current size' "$Wc_c"
exit 0
   Maj. Brian A Boyter
   US Army Foreign Science & Technology Center
   Charlottesville, Va 22901                         __
   off: (804)980-7362                              (    )
   home:     973-9440                             {      }
                                                   (    )
   boyter at                      ||
   Just say glow......                       _______<  >_______

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