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Mon Feb 4 07:37:01 AEST 1991

In article <mj.665054152 at suntex> mj at (Martin Junius) writes:
>The software is based on rfmail 0.3.3, which came over the net one or

Please notice this version is not the "official" rfmail version, but yet
another thread (sigh). It would be very nice if all the people doing fixes
and enchancements for rfmail at least would post diffs to the rfmail
mailing list (rfmail at Also asking whether someone already
is doing this work is a good idea.

>when porting to a system other then XENIX (especially BSD-UNIX). But

BSD support is in rfmail 0.3.9. Don't know if anybody has actually used it,

Partially my fault, as I haven't posted my versions, I guess..

How to get rfmail 0.3.9:
Rfmail is a program to convert Fidonet mail and echomail to rfc822 mail and
newsgroups. It is not perfect but it works. System V.3 and up and BSD 4.3
have been tested, Xenix and older Unix versions may require couple of nights.

By ftp:
in Europe
ftp,, directory pub/unix/mail/rfmail.
in USA
ftp,, Pub/rfmail039.tar.Z

By email:
I can mail it to you if you find no way of ftp'ing it. Try other ideas

By downloading it with modem:
Call +358-0-8031121, login as guest. All times except European Fidonet ZMH
and about an hour around it is reserved, otherwise login is ok.
Modems supported are V32 and V22bis, MNP 5, I have multitech v32.
Protocols supported are those supported by unix zmodem, ie. zmodem
itself, ymodem and xmodem.
Please notice this number is in Finland and it may be costly call.
Also notice that poor phone line quality may make connection impossible.
Modem may be often reserved for long time. If it is busy for couple of
calls it probably will stay busy for several hours. 

By Fidonet file request:
Not from my system, but try mailing to rfmail at

By uucp:
Not from my system, but try mailing to rfmail at

By normal mail, on floppy:
I can copy it for you on floppy, either 1.2M or 360K. Send me a
mailer, ready with addresses and all so I can just stick it in the
mail. To cover mail expenses, please send me couple of extra floppies.
Rfmail distribution needs either one 1.2M floppy or two 360k floppies.
Please specify if you want ms-dos format or straight unix tar format.
Ms-dos format is better for me but I can do both.

My address is:
Heikki Suonsivu
Kuutamokatu 5 A 7
02210 Espoo

Other possibilities:
Mail rfmail at and ask, it may be possible that
someone nearer you already has it. This is preferable specially
if you are in west side of the atlantic, Europe is connected to
US with heavily used slow link.

How to join rfmail mailing list:
Mail owner-rfmail at

I post diffs to rfmail in rfmail at 

If you arrange rfmail to be available somehow, please notify me so
that I can add it to this list. Fidonet file request and anynoumous uucp
sites are the most interesting. 

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