# as /bin/sh comment : make UCB_SCRIPT work

Ted Nolan ted at usceast.UUCP
Sat Aug 4 16:35:18 AEST 1984

<#! /bin/chomp>

If you have defined the UCB_SCRIPT option in the 2.9 kernal, you
need to modify /bin/sh so that it knows about '#' for comments 
(otherwise it doesn't like the #! /bin/sh). This is quite easy to
do, but the bourne shell is written in such an odd looking dialect of
C that you could probably look all day for where to make the change.

Fortunately, we run 4.2 on our vax, where the change has already been made.
Grepping for # gives a lot of output, but I finally winnowed it down to
the occurrence below. In the file word.c, you need to insert the 3 lines in the
diff after 

	WHILE (c=nextc(0), space(c)) DONE

and before 

	IF !eofmeta(c)

$ diff word.c.orig word.c
> 	IF c=='#'
> 	THEN	WHILE (c=readc()) ANDF c!=NL DONE
> 	FI

Why the 2.9 people couldn't have done that I don't know.
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