2.9 uucp : beware!

John D. Irwin jdi at psuvax1.UUCP
Fri Aug 3 02:46:55 AEST 1984

He He.  This reminds me of my experience.  I brought up 2.9 about two weeks ago
(which was really fun considering we have no tape drive on our 11/34) and tried
to transfer a 7M hunk of source over from the vax to 2.9.  Well, I didn't come
in the next day but found out later that in 23 hours it had done something like
2.9M -- ie: about 30 cps over a 9600 baud line.

Anyway, after cursing some I looked at the packet driver code and found this
little interesting piece in the packet get routine:

	for (nchars = 0; nchars < n; nchars += ret) {
		ret = read(fn, b, n - nchars);
		if (ret == 0) {
		PKASSERT(ret > 0, "PKCGET READ", "", ret);
		b += ret;

Isn't that cute?  A one second sleep for every packet!

Well, I took out the sleep, but performance was still only 300 cps or so so I 
just installed 4.2uucp which has worked fine since.

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