CCI 5/20's 4 Sale

Bob Thralls bob at netxdev.DHL.COM
Tue Jun 12 15:03:54 AEST 1990

relivance for comp.sys.tahoe: ALL boards in this box will operate in the 
				CCI POWER 6 (CCI/ICL's tahoe box)
				:: a cheap way to get memory, spare parts, etc.

        Three CCI 5/20 Computers:  "FAULT TOLLERANT" Operating system!!
        Ideal for SMALL size company that has Office Automation Needs
        Each having at least the following configuration:
                4 MB RAM
                70 MB Winchester Drive
                20 MB Streaming Tape Drive
                18 RS-232 async I/O ports (capable of steady 19.2K baud)
                CPU-2 as Main CPU board, Motorola 68000 family CPU with 
                     Memory Management Unit and Memory Management Enhancements
                All I/O Controllers are memory mapped and are intelligent
                     (Intel 8086 family processors on each controller)
                        includes the following controllers:
                                VIOC-X - intelligent async controller
                                SMART-E Disk/Tape Controller
                                STIM-3  - intelligent parity error detection
                                          and reporting sub-system.
                                VMM        VERSAbus Memory Module with Error
                                        Correction Code (ECC) memory. 
                The bus is standard VERSAbus backplane (Motorola, 32bit).
        One has 20 more async ports with 1 more async controller for a
        total of two intelligent async controllers and 38 async ports.
        Spare boards are as follows: (VERSAbus)
                Intelligent Ethernet Controller 
			(came installed, but not used or tested)
                        One system with mounted transceivers (Thick)
                Intelligent Cypher 9 track Tape Controller 
			(came installed, but not used or tested)
        These systems are running PERPOS (Perpetual Operating System), a 
        Fault Tollerant Unix lookalike. These systems were originally designed 
        by Computer Consoles, Inc. to run Telephony systems. These, however, 
        have served as office work horses. As you will note, by the software 
        listed below, these machines could aid in operations for Office
	Automation and light, in house business applications developement to 
	help automate manual, everyday tasks. Make your office paperless. 
	The software is a "few revisions" old, but still very effective.

                PERPOS S 1.12 (perpetual OS, fault tollerant)
                Network (TCP/IP -- for ethernet or SLIP (serial line IP ) )
                C compiler
                Fortran Compiler
                Busness basic
                Level II Cobol 
                Office Power, Office Automation Package.
                        Office power is a complete system for the office
                        on the move... It has the following applications
                        built in and fully integrated:
                                Electronic Mail
                                Electronic Phone messaging
                                Word Processing/Spell/etc.
                                User Defined Applications (screens/database)
                                Spreadsheet (123 like)
                                PC UP/Down loading
                                Calendar & Planner/Timer Events
                                Name/Address List
                                Miscellaneous Unix and Filesystem interfaces.
				Office Power utilities::
                                	Office Power Print Spooler
                                	Office Power Mail and File Transfer
                        Office power provides a standard look and feel 
                        environment to all applications so the user is 
                        always in "familiar surroundings". Stop the run-
                        around, attach your favorite spreadsheet, database 
                        records, Calendar event, or document to a mail 
                        message, and send it out -- no more copying and
                        delivering. Best of all these machines communicate,
                        send mail to remote offices, or locally to users
                        other machines connected via LAN!! Use your terminal 
			emulator for your existing PC's or most any terminal
			to connect to the hosts.

                        6021 Wealdstone Court
                        Centreville, VA   22020
                        Attn: R. Thralls
                        (703) 830-2640
	PS:		System support available via third party if needed.

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