HCX-9: "df" dumps core w/ "Illegal instruction"

Amos Shapir amos at taux01.nsc.com
Tue Jun 12 20:14:47 AEST 1990

In article <23515 at uflorida.cis.ufl.EDU> dkf at helios.iec.ufl.edu (Dan FitzPatrick) writes:
1)  Is only physically removing the FPP hardware all that is 
>required?  i.e., the installation manual indicates no additional steps
>for the installation of these optional products, so removal should
>be just as easy, correct?

Since not all Tahoes have FPP, the system catches any attempt to execute
an illegal instruction, and if it is a FPP instruction it is emulated;
otherwise, a SIGILL signal is generated, which usually causes the process
to die.

>	3)  Where is the actual source of the message "Illegal Instruction"
>I have run strings on the OS and did not find it here.  However, the
>System Level tests did identify it as a SIGILL signal.

This string is not in the OS but in the shell (your command interpreter,
usually /bin/sh or /bin/csh).  It receives the SIGILL indication through
the system call 'wait' (see man 2) and prints the appropriate error message.

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