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Subject: 2.9BSD
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Date: 17 Jul 85 07:46:29 GMT
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A new copy of the 2.9BSD release of UNIX for the PDP family will be
available starting around the 29th of July.  This release was developed
from the original 2.9 release by Berkeley.

Several people have been working on this release over the past nine months,
in three major areas: to make the system run reliably, to make the networking
code work and to bring the system closer to 4.2 standards.  While we are
going to continue to further develop the system, we think that we are at a
point where other people can benefit from the work done up to now.  The 2.9
that we're offering has working networking code, many of the 4.2 system calls,
and is much more stable than the original release.

The release is available from two sites, Harvard University and The
Center for Seismic Studies.  As noted above, we hope to start cutting
tapes around the 29th of July.  The release will be in "tar" format,
1600 bpi and will consist of a replacement /usr/src.

To get your copy please send a 2400 ft. mag tape, a copy of your 2.9 BSD
Berkeley license, and a self-addressed, stamped package.  Nobody is making
any money from this, so *please* make it as easy for us as possible --
don't forget the return postage and the self-addressed package.

You can send your tape to either of the following addresses:

Keith Bostic                            Scott Bradner
Center for Seismic Studies              Harvard University
Suite 1450                              William James Hall
1300 N. 17th St.                        Rm 1232
Arlington VA  22209                     33 Kirkland St.
                                        Cambridge MA 02138

Note: Because of certain legal requirements, if you request a tape
from Harvard, please enclose $100.00 to cover costs, checks payable
to Harvard University.


For everyone's information, the 5 most asked questions from this
week's mail.

Q:      Is this the last release you'll make?
A:      This release is definitely temporary.  We are continuing to work
        on the system, and hope to have another release available sometime
        this fall.  Most of the basic groundwork has been done; what we're
        trying to do now is to clean up the kernel and make sure that all of
        the stuff floating around actually works.  We also hope to move
        closer to the 4BSD release.

Q:      What's the difference between your stuff and 2.9BSD from Berkeley?
A:      This release is much more stable, has a great many bug fixes,
        is much faster and has networking.

Q:      Where else can I get UNIX for the PDP's?  And whose is best?
A:      Basically, there are 2 other places you can get it, not counting
        the standard Berkeley 2.9 release.  The first is DEC -- they're
        releasing Ultrix for the 11's fairly soon.  The last I heard
        they were looking for sites for beta-testing.
                Supported by DEC.
                Wider selection of peripherals.
                True 4.2 networking.
                It costs bucks.
                No source code is available.
                Based on V7 kernel.
                Some of the 2.9 features such as vfork are missing.

        NOTE: I do not know the DEC system well, and I don't want to get
        into a flame war about how good it is.  Please call your local
        DEC rep and make your own decision.

        The second is from Greg Travis.  I'm sure that most of you saw
        Greg's posting to net.bugs.2bsd a few days ago; you might
        want to refer back to that notice for more information on
        exactly what his system consists of.  For more information, you
        can contact Greg at:

                Greg Travis
                1022 E. 3rd St.
                Institute for Social Research
                Bloomington IN 47405

        Greg has contributed heavily to our release and I would estimate
        that about 70% of the items he mentioned in his posting have been
        included in our system; the major differences in the two systems
        are that our release is more similar to the 4BSD release and has
        networking.  Other than that I don't anticipate major differences
        in the capabilities of the two systems.

Q:      Where can I get networking for my PDP?  And will it talk to my VAX?
A:      There are only two networking PDP UNIXes around, to my knowledge.
        The first is the DEC one, mentioned above and ours.  The DEC one
        (as far as I know) is a true 4.2 networking, while ours is around
        a 4.1b/c networking interface.  We do hope to have a 4.2 interface
        in sometime, but not quite yet.  Either networking will talk to
        your VAX, obviously the DEC one will do it a little more easily.
        To port a 4.2 networking program to our system requires a
        few hours work.

Q:      Are you guys going to support this puppy?
A:      No.  Well, not much.  Well, just a little, okay?  We will not
        officially support it, e.g. we all have other work and our bosses
        somewhat unreasonably expect us to do it.  We *are* interested
        in making it work, we are continuing to develop the system
        and we will definitely try to help you out.  If nothing else,
        we'll put you in contact with someone who has solved the problem
        you're working on.

Finally, a little recognition -- a few people have contributed a lot of
time and effort to getting this stuff working.  Credit goes to:

Scooter Morris   -- University of California
Terry Slattery   -- U.S. Naval Academy
Michael Petry    -- University of Maryland
Louis Mamakos    -- University of Maryland
Stephen Uitti    -- Purdue
Daniel Lanciani  -- Harvard
Greg Travis      -- Institute for Social Research

Well, that's about it, folks.  If you have any questions
about 2.9 feel free to contact me.

Keith Bostic
        ARPA: keith@seismo
        UUCP: seismo!keith
        (703) 276-7900