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 * Copyright (c) 1983, 1987 Regents of the University of California.
 * All rights reserved.  The Berkeley software License Agreement
 * specifies the terms and conditions for redistribution.
 *	@(#)time.h	1.2 (Berkeley) 3/4/87

 * Structure returned by gmtime and localtime calls (see ctime(3)).
struct tm {
	int	tm_sec;
	int	tm_min;
	int	tm_hour;
	int	tm_mday;
	int	tm_mon;
	int	tm_year;
	int	tm_wday;
	int	tm_yday;
	int	tm_isdst;
	long	tm_gmtoff;
	char	*tm_zone;

extern	struct tm *gmtime(), *localtime();
extern	char *asctime(), *ctime();