I N G R E S

			Version 6.3

This version of INGRES runs under UNIX version seven.  In its
current state it requires separated I/D space and floating point
hardware.  The reason for this is that the version seven runtime
support code is larger than in version six, so we no longer fit
into a single process, even in a six process system.  However,
all the code to do six processes still exists, so if you are
willing to either (a) use the version 6 support code or (b) hack
on INGRES to make it smaller, you may be able to make it fit.

The following directories and files should exist:

	Holds the system binaries.  Binaries fall into two classes.
	The first are intended to live here forevermore, such things
	as ksort, parser, etc.  They are used internally by the
	rest of the system.  The second class consists of binaries
	that are intended for use by users, such as ingres, creatdb,
	printr, etc.  They live here when you get the tape, but
	should be moved into a public directory before use.
	---NOTE: binaries are not included on this tape; it will
	   necessary to recompile the system.  Instructions are
	   included below.
	This is the directory that holds the databases.  It has
	only one entry, a subdirectory called "base".  The two
	level scheme is needed to enforce protection and still
	be able to create databases.  Data should be mode 700, and
	base should be mode 777.
	This directory holds the data used by the demodb command.
	It is small and should not bother you too much.
	Documentation lives in this directory.  See the READ_ME
	file in this directory for more detail.
	Auxiliary files needed for the system to execute exist
	in this directory.
	Libraries used internally by the recompilation phase of
	the system live here.  If you are not recompiling, you
	can save a bunch of space by removing the contents of this
	directory.  I suggest you leave the directory around, so
	that if you ever do recompile you will minimize problems.
	The source of the system lives here.  This directory is
	huge and should probably be rolled out to tape if you are
	tight on space.  See the READ_ME file in this directory
	for compilation instructions.  This file also contains the
	initial installation instructions.
	This file marks the version of the system you have.  It
	is not needed for anything, but it will help everyone a
	lot if you leave it around, since it will enable you to
	tell me what version you have when you call with problems.
	It's small and doesn't eat much.

To install the system, follow the instructions in the source/READ_ME

NOTE: This version of INGRES is NOT compatible with version 6.2.
The format of the protect catalog has changed.  It will be necessary
for you to unload your existing databases and reload them into
this version.

For more detailed information, type

	nroff ~ingres/doc/other/howto_setup.nr

This document exists from the days of a separate release, but is
fundamentally correct.  I recommend reading it carefully before you
try recompilation.


Please note that we cannot support this system in any way; we do
not have a PDP-11 any more and are not running a compatible
operating system.  Consulting is NOT available.