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ARITHMETIC(6)	    UNIX Programmer's Manual	    ARITHMETIC(6)

     arithmetic - provide drill in number facts

     /usr/games/arithmetic [ +-x/ ] [ range ]

     _A_r_i_t_h_m_e_t_i_c types out simple arithmetic problems, and waits
     for an answer to be typed in.  If the answer is correct, it
     types back "Right!", and a new problem.  If the answer is
     wrong, it replies "What?", and waits for another answer.
     After every twenty problems, it publishes statistics on
     correctness and the time required to answer.

     To quit the program, type an interrupt (delete).

     The first optional argument determines the kind of problem
     to be generated; +-x/ respectively cause addition, subtrac-
     tion, multiplication, and division problems to be generated.
     One or more characters can be given; if more than one is
     given, the different types of problems will be mixed in ran-
     dom order; default is +-.

     _R_a_n_g_e is a decimal number; all addends, subtrahends, differ-
     ences, multiplicands, divisors, and quotients will be less
     than or equal to the value of _r_a_n_g_e.  Default _r_a_n_g_e is 10.

     At the start, all numbers less than or equal to _r_a_n_g_e are
     equally likely to appear.	If the respondent makes a mis-
     take, the numbers in the problem which was missed become
     more likely to reappear.

     As a matter of educational philosophy, the program will not
     give correct answers, since the learner should, in princi-
     ple, be able to calculate them.  Thus the program is
     intended to provide drill for someone just past the first
     learning stage, not to teach number facts _d_e _n_o_v_o.  For
     almost all users, the relevant statistic should be time per
     problem, not percent correct.

Printed 11/26/99	   May 6, 1986				1