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DOCTOR(6)	    UNIX Programmer's Manual		DOCTOR(6)

     doctor - interact with a psychoanalyst


     _D_o_c_t_o_r is a lisp-language version of the legendary ELIZA
     program of Joseph Weizenbaum.  This script "simulates" a
     Rogerian psychoanalyst.  Type in lower case, and when you
     get tired or bored, type your interrupt character (either
     control-C or Rubout). Remember to type two carriage returns
     when you want it to answer.

     In order to run this you must have a Franz Lisp system in

     Adapted for Lisp by Jon L White, moved to Franz by John
     Foderaro, from an original script by Joseph Weizenbaum.

Printed 11/26/99	  May 20, 1985				1