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FISH(6)             UNIX Programmer's Manual		  FISH(6)

     fish - play ``Go Fish''


     _F_i_s_h plays the game of "Go Fish", a childrens' card game.
     The Object is to accumulate `books' of 4 cards with the same
     face value.  The players alternate turns; each turn begins
     with one player selecting a card from his hand, and asking
     the other player for all cards of that face value.  If the
     other player has one or more cards of that face value in his
     hand, he gives them to the first player, and the first
     player makes another request.  Eventually, the first player
     asks for a card which is not in the second player's hand: he
     replies `GO FISH!' The first player then draws a card from
     the `pool' of undealt cards.  If this is the card he had
     last requested, he draws again.  When a book is made, either
     through drawing or requesting, the cards are laid down and
     no further action takes place with that face value.

     To play the computer, simply make guesses by typing a, 2, 3,
     4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, j, q, or k when asked.  Hitting return
     gives you information about the size of my hand and the
     pool, and tells you about my books.  Saying `p' as a first
     guess puts you into `pro' level; The default is pretty dumb.

Printed 11/26/99	  May 20, 1985				1