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ROGUE(6)	    UNIX Programmer's Manual		 ROGUE(6)

     rogue - Exploring The Dungeons of Doom

     /usr/games/rogue [ -r ] [ _s_a_v_e__f_i_l_e ] [ -s ] [ -d ]

     _R_o_g_u_e is a computer fantasy game with a new twist.  It is
     crt oriented and the object of the game is to survive the
     attacks of various monsters and get a lot of gold, rather
     than the puzzle solving orientation of most computer fantasy

     To get started you really only need to know two commands.
     The command ? will give you a list of the available commands
     and the command / will identify the things you see on the

     To win the game (as opposed to merely playing to beat other
     people's high scores) you must locate the Amulet of Yendor
     which is somewhere below the 20th level of the dungeon and
     get it out.  Nobody has achieved this yet and if somebody
     does, they will probably go down in history as a hero among

     When the game ends, either by your death, when you quit, or
     if you (by some miracle) manage to win, _r_o_g_u_e will give you
     a list of the top-ten scorers.  The scoring is based
     entirely upon how much gold you get.  There is a 10% penalty
     for getting yourself killed.

     If _s_a_v_e__f_i_l_e is specified, rogue will be restored from the
     specified saved game file.  If the -r option is used, the
     save game file is presumed to be the default.

     The -s option will print out the list of scores.

     The -d option will kill you and try to add you to the score

     For more detailed directions, read the document _A _G_u_i_d_e _t_o
     _t_h_e _D_u_n_g_e_o_n_s _o_f _D_o_o_m.

     Michael C. Toy, Kenneth C. R. C. Arnold, Glenn Wichman

     /usr/games/lib/rogue_roll	 Score file
     ~/rogue.save		 Default save file

     Michael C. Toy and Kenneth C. R. C. Arnold, _A _g_u_i_d_e _t_o _t_h_e

Printed 11/26/99	   May 6, 1986				1

ROGUE(6)	    UNIX Programmer's Manual		 ROGUE(6)

     _D_u_n_g_e_o_n_s _o_f _D_o_o_m

     Probably infinite (although countably infinite).  However,
     that Ice Monsters sometimes transfix you permanently is _n_o_t
     a bug.  It's a feature.

Printed 11/26/99	   May 6, 1986				2