rm -f swap
ln ra0a swap
chgrp kmem swap
chmod 640 swap

rm -f ttyi6 ttyd0;	mknod ttyd0 c 3 22
rm -f ttyi7 ttyd1;	mknod ttyd1 c 3 23
rm -f ttyi8 ttyd2;	mknod ttyd2 c 3 24
rm -f ttyi9 ttyd3;	mknod ttyd3 c 3 25
rm -f ttyia ttyd4;	mknod ttyd4 c 3 26
rm -f ttyic ttyd5;	mknod ttyd5 c 3 156

rm -f ttyh1 dir-shasta;	mknod dir-shasta c 3 1
rm -f ttyh6 dir-rose;	mknod dir-rose   c 3 6
rm -f ttyh7 dir-namsan;	mknod dir-namsan c 3 7
rm -f ttyid dir-ps;	mknod dir-ps     c 3 157
rm -f ttyie cua0;	mknod cua0       c 3 158
rm -f ttyif dir-scgl;	mknod dir-scgl   c 3 159
chown uucp dir-*
chmod 660 dir-*
# Cua* can't be owned by anyone real who wants to use the dialer if the mode
# 060 below and the dialer group is to work.  Note that the uucp programs
# must be in the dialer group.
chown 32767 cua*
chgrp dialer cua*
chmod 060 cua*