Application	Version
-----------	-------
lib2648/	4.3
libF77/		4.3
libI77/		4.3
libU77/		4.3
libcurses/	4.3  (some long/int fixes to tstp.c)
libdbm/		4.3
libg/		UNIMPLEMENTED (4.3 should be ported)
libln/		4.3
libm/		4.3  (no attempt made to convert yet - won't run on a PDP11)
libmp/		4.3
libpc/		4.3
libom/		4.3  (used for both libom.a and libm.a)
libplot/	4.3
libtermlib/	4.3 
liby/		4.3

libm/		We haven't made any effort to convert the new math library for
		the PDP-11 yet (if it's even possible).  If anyone does it for
		us, PLEASE #ifdef your changes on "pdp11".  A PDP support
		subdirectory would be nice too ...  In any case, till that
		happens (sic), 2.11BSD uses libom and hides that fact from
		applications by linking libm.a to libom.a in /usr/lib.

The directorie PORT is somewhat special.  It contains source from the 4.3
that should probably be ported to 2.11 as soon as someone has the time
and inclination to do so.