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 * Copyright (c) 1982, 1986 Regents of the University of California.
 * All rights reserved.
 * Redistribution and use in source and binary forms are permitted
 * provided that this notice is preserved and that due credit is given
 * to the University of California at Berkeley. The name of the University
 * may not be used to endorse or promote products derived from this
 * software without specific prior written permission. This software
 * is provided ``as is'' without express or implied warranty.
 *	@(#)tcp_debug.h	7.2 (Berkeley) 12/7/87

struct	tcp_debug {
	n_time	td_time;
	short	td_act;
	short	td_ostate;
	caddr_t	td_tcb;
	struct	tcpiphdr td_ti;
	short	td_req;
	struct	tcpcb td_cb;

#define	TA_INPUT 	0
#define	TA_OUTPUT	1
#define	TA_USER		2
#define	TA_RESPOND	3
#define	TA_DROP		4

#ifdef TANAMES
char	*tanames[] =
    { "input", "output", "user", "respond", "drop" };

#define	TCP_NDEBUG 2
struct	tcp_debug tcp_debug[TCP_NDEBUG];
int	tcp_debx;