/*	@(#)maxusers.c	2.1	SCCS id keyword	*/
# include	<stdio.h>

 *	This checks and sees if more than "max" users are logged in.
 * If there are, it prints out a given message and exits.  The string
 * is printed out as a format string to printf.  If that string includes
 * ``%d'', the number printed out will be the maximum number of users.
 * If there are fewer than or max people on, the number logged on is
 * returned.

# define	reg	register

static	char	standard[] =
	"Sorry, there are more than %d people on.\nPlease try again later\n";

maxusers(max, str)
reg int		max;
reg char	*str; {

	reg int		on;

	if ((on = ucount()) > max) {
		if (str == NULL)
			str = standard;
		printf(str, max);