Thu Nov 16 20:07:42 PST 1978

This represents an otherwise invisble extension to the standard i/o
library to allow streams to be open with concurrent read/write
capabilities. To incorporate the changes, recompile all C routines
in the library with the new header.

Ammended manual pages are included.

			Keith Sklower

[Note by Bill Joy: This is a modification of an (old) pdp-11 version
of the standard i/o library, but should go easily into the new stuff.
It has been used in a Modula Compiler for the PDP/11 version of UNIX.]

Fri Feb 23 10:15:27 PST 1979

It should be noted that the structure _iobuf should be exactly like that
of the old structure, except for the addition of _delta, at the end. This
is because _doprint is usually coded in assembly language and need not be
changed if the field _delta (which it does not need to reference) is kept
at the end.  The structures vary from version 6 to VAX unix.

			Keith Sklower.