exhibit filing behavior	file
which	"that" when clause is restrictive
in accordance with your request	 as you requested
in the field of	in
a great deal of	much
a large number of	many
a majority of	most
the great majority of	most
a number of	several, many, some
abovementioned	the, this, that, those, these
absolutely complete	 complete
absolutely essential	essential
accordingly	so
accounted for by the fact that	due to, caused by, because
activate	start, begin
actual experience	experience
actually	really
actual facts	facts
add the point that	add that
added increments	increments
adequate enough	adequate
advent	coming, arrival
afford an opportunity	allow, permit
after this is accomplished	then
aggregate	total
all of	all
all throughout	throughout
along the line of	like
along the lines of	like
along the same line	like
an example of this is the fact that	thus
an order of magnitude	10 times
analyzation	analysis
and/or AVOID
and etc	etc
another additional	another
answer is in the affirmative	answer is yes
anticipate	expect
any and all	any, all
are of the opinion that	think that, believe that
are of the same opinion	agree
arrive at a decision	decide
arrive at an approximation	estimate
as a matter of fact	 in fact or OMIT
as a method of	for
as a consequence of	because
as is the case	as happens
as of this date	today
as good or better than	as good as or better than
good and	very
as long as	 when, if
as of now	now
as shown in X	X shows that
as per	AVOID
as regards	about
as related to	for, about
as soon as	when
as to	about, on
as to whether	whether
the question as to whether	whether
assist	help
assistance	help
give assistance to	help
assuming that	if
at a later date	 later
at about	at
at above, at below	above, below
at all times	always
at an early date	 soon, shortly
at an earlier date	previously
at the present moment in time	now
at the present time	currently, now
at the time when	when
at this point in time	now
at this time	now
at which time	when
at your earliest convenience	soon
in back of	behind
in behind	behind
based on the fact that	because
basic fundamentals	fundamentals
be cognizant of	 aware, know, notice
being that	as, because, since
being as	as, become, since
brief in duration	brief, quick, fast
bring to a conclusion	conclude, end, finish
but that	that
but what	that
by means of	with, by
by the use of	by
carry out experiments	experiment
center portion	center
center around	center on
center about	center on
check into, check up on, check on	check
circle around	circle
collaborate together	collaborate
collect together	collect
combine together	combine
come to an end	end
commence	begin
common accord	accord
compensation	pay
completely eliminated	eliminated
completely full	full
concerning	about
conclude	end
conduct an investigation of	investigate
conjecture	guess
connect together	connect
connect up	connect
consensus of opinion	consensus
consequent result	result
consequently	so
consolidate together	consolidate
construct	build
contemplate	plan
continue to remain	remain
continue on	continue
cooperate together	cooperate
count up	count
could of	could have
couple together	couple
debate about	debate
decide on	decide, select
demean	degrade, denigrate (unless behave without regard to value)
demonstrate	show, prove
depreciate in value	depreciate
deserving of	deserve
desirable benefits	benefits
desirous of	want, desire
despite the fact that	although, though
different than	only to introduce a clause
discontinue	stop
distant from	from
disutility	uselessness
divide up	divide
due to	because, owing to
due to the fact that	because
duly noted	noted
during the time that	while
during the course of	during, while
each and every	each
early beginnings	beginnings
effectuate	cause
elucidate	explain
emotional feelings	emotions, feelings
empty out	empty
enclosed herein	enclosed
enclosed herewith	enclosed
encounter	meet
end result	result
end up	end
endeavor	try
enter in, enter into	enter
enthused	show enthusiasm
entirely complete	complete
equally as good	as good as, equally good
awfully	very
eventuate	happen
every now and then	now and then
exactly identical	identical
except in a small number of cases	usually
exhibit a tendency to	tend to
experiencing difficulty	having trouble
fabricate	make, build
face up to	 face
facilitate	ease, simplify, help
facts and figures	facts
fast in action	fast
fearful of	fear
fearful that	fear
few in number	few
fewer in number	fewer
file away	file
final completion	completion
final ending	ending
final outcome	outcome
final result	result
final upshot	upshot
finalize	complete, finish, end
find it interesting to know	AVOID
rather interesting	interesting
first and foremost	first
first of all	first
first beginnings	beginnings
first initiated	initiated
firstly	first
follow after	follow
following after	following, after
for the purpose of	for, to
for the reason that	because, since
there is reason to believe	I think
for the simple reason that	because, since
for this reason	so
for your information	 
formalize	REWRITE
forward	send
from the point of view of	for
full and complete	full, complete
generally agreed	agreed
give an indication of	 indicate
give rise to	cause
indicate	show, suggest
give authorization	authorize
gratuitous	gratuitous only for unearned or unwarranted
greatly minimize	minimize
has a deleterious effect	damages, harms, injures
has got to	has to
have a need for	need
referred to as	called
a preference for	prefer
have a particular preference for	 prefer
have got to	have to
has the capability	can
having reference to this	for, about
head up	head
cannot help but	cannot help
in the production of	to produce
hopeful of	hope
hopeful that	hope
hopefully	avoid--usually a misplaced modifier
if and when	if, when
if at all possible	if possible
implement	carry out
important essentials	essentials
importantly	REWRITE
in a large measure	largely
in a position to	can
in accordance with	 by
in advance of	before
in agreement with	agree with
in all cases	always
in a number of cases	some
in a satisfactory manner	satisfactorily
in a very real sense	in a sense or OMIT
in behalf of	for
in between	between
in case	if
in no case	never
in close proximity	near
in conflict with	oppose or contradict
in conjunction with	with
in connection with	about, concerning
in large measure	 largely
in many cases	often
in most cases	usually
in my opinion	I think
in order to	to
in rare cases	rarely
in some cases	sometimes
in reference to, with reference to	concerning, about
in regard to	about or another simple preposition
in regards to	as regards
in relation with	with
in relation to	toward, to
in respect to	about
with respect to	about
in short supply	scarce
in terms of	about
in the amount of	for
in the case of	for, by, in, if
in the course of	while, during
in the event of	 if
in the event that	if
in the form of	as
in the instance of	for
in the interim	meanwhile
in the last analysis 
in the light of the fact that	because
in the majority of instances (or cases)	usually, generally
in the matter of	about
in the near future	soon
in the possession of	has, have
in possession of	has, have
in the neighborhood of	about
in the not too distant future	soon
in the proximity of	near, nearly, about
in the range of	between
in the same way as described	in the same way, as described
in the shape of	usually unnecessary
in the vicinity of	near
in this case	here
in view of the above	therefore
in view of	because, since
in view of the fact that	since, as, because
in view of the foregoing circumstances	therefore
in violation of	violate
inasmuch as	since, for, as
initial	first
initialize	start
initiate	begin, start
injurious to	harm, damage
inquire	ask
inside of	inside
institute	begin
institute a change	change
institute an improvement	improve
intents and purposes	intents
intermingle	mingle
involve the necessity of	require
irregardless	regardless
is defined as	is
is indicative of	indicates
is suggestive of	suggests
is used to control	 controls
is used to provide	provides
is when	is when (only to denote time - not in definitions)
is where	is where (only to denote place - not in definitions)
it is incumbent on me	I must
it is often the case that	often
it stands to reason	 
it was noted that if	if
it is apparent that	apparently
it is believed that	I think
it is clear that	clearly
it is doubtful that	possibly
it is evident that	
it is of interest to note that	
it may be that	I think
it is suggested that	I think
it is worth pointing out that	note that
had the ability to	could
needless to say	
it would not be unreasonable to assume	I(we) think, assume
join together	 join
joint cooperation	cooperation
joint partnership	partnership
just exactly	just, exactly
kind of	somewhat, rather
know about	know
large in size	large
last but not least	AVOID
later on	later
leaving out of consideration	disregarding
liable	likely
link up	link
lose out on	lose
main essentials	essentials
in a precise manner	precisely
make a calibration	calibrate
might of	might have
must of	must have
make a purchase	buy
make a study of	study
make adjustments to	adjust
make an approximation of	approximate
make an examination of	examine
with the exception of	except
make an exception of	except
make application to	apply
make contact with	see, meet
make mention of	mention
make out a list of	list
make the acquaintance of	meet
make the adjustment	adjust
maximum possible	maximum
meaningful	significant or REWRITE
meet up with	meet
melt down	melt
melt up	melt
merge together	merge
methodology	method
mingle together	mingle
minimize as far as possible	minimize
miss out on	miss
mix together	mix
modification	change
more preferable	preferable
most unique	unique
mutual cooperation	cooperation
necessary requisite	requisite
necessitate	require, need
not in a position to	cannot
not of a high order of accuracy	inaccurate
notwithstanding the fact that	although
of considerable magnitude	big, large, great
overall	general, complete
of that	of which
of the order of magnitude of	 about
of very minor importance	unimportant
off of	off
on a few occasions	occasionally
on account of	because
on account of the fact that	because
on behalf of	for
on the grounds that	since, because, as
on the occasion of	on, when
on the order of	about, nearly
on the basis of	by, from, because
on the part of	 by
one of the	one, a
open up	open
operates to correct	corrects
optimum	best
outside of	 outside, besides, except
over with	over
past history	history
perceptive of	perceive
perform	do
perform a measurement	measure
perform the measurement	measure
permits the reduction of	reduces
personalize	REWRITE
pertaining to	about, on
physical size	size
plan ahead	plan
plan for the future	plan
plan in advance	plan
plan on	plan
present a conclusion	 conclude
present a report	report
presently	now (presently means "very soon")
prior to	before
reveal	show
sufficient number of	enough
prioritize	rank
proceed to analyze	analyze
procure	get
productive of	 produce
prolong the duration	prolong
protrude out from	protrude
provided that	if
pursuant to our agreement	 as we agreed
pursuant to	under
put to use in (building, measuring, etc)	build, measure, etc.
range all the way from	range from
reason is because	reason is that or because
reason why	reason
recur again	recur
reduce down	reduce
refer back	refer
reflective of	reflect
regretful	regrettable
reinitiate	 start again
relative to	about
repeat again	repeat
repeat the same (noun)	repeat the (noun)
representative of	represents
resultant effect	effect
resume again	resume
retreat back	retreat
return again	return
return back	return
revert back	revert
seal off	seal
should of	should have
situation	REWRITE
seems apparent	seems, is apparent
send a communication to	notify
short space of time	sort time
single unit	unit
small in size	 small
so as to	to
sort of	somewhat, rather
spell out	explain
state the point that	state that
still continue	 continue
still remain	remain
stress the point that	stress that
subsequent	next
sufficient	enough
subsequent to	later, after
substantially in agreement	agree
succeed in doing	do, accomplish
superior than	superior to
surrounding circumstances	circumstances
take appropriate action	act appropriately
take appropriate measures	act
take cognizance of	note, notice
take into consideration	consider
termed as	termed
terminate	end, stop
termination	end
the fact is	AVOID
the authors	we, I
the foregoing	the, this, that, these, those
the foreseeable future	soon
the fullest possible extent	most, completely or fully (or OMIT)
the only difference being that	except that
whether or not	whether
the truth is	
there are not many who	few
there is very little doubt that	doubtless, no doubt
through the medium of	through
through the use of	by, with
throughout the entire	throughout, in the entire
time interval	interval
to loan	to lend
to summarize the above	in summary
total effect of all this	the effect of all this, total effect
totality	total (adj) usually makes a more concise construction
transpire	happen, occur
true facts	facts
try and	try to
ultimate	last
ultimate end	end
under a separate cover	separately
under date of	on
under separate cover	separately
under the necessity to	have to
underlying purpose	purpose
undertake a study of	study
uniformly consistent	consistent
unique	uncommon
until such time as	until
up to about	up to, about, approximately
up to this time	before
utilize	use
very complete	complete
very unique	unique, uncommon
vital	important
we wish to thank	we thank
with a view to	to
with regard to	about, regarding
with the object of	 to (plus infinitive)
with the result that	so that
with this in mind, it is clear that	therefore
within the realm of possibility	possible, possibly
without further delay	 now, immediately
worth while	worth while only for actions, not approval
would of	would have
a lot of	many
lots of	many
the nature	
in fact	
viable alternative	alternative
anticipate	expect
approximately	about
as already stated	
as can be seen from X	X shows
employ	use
from the standpoint of	according to
in a considerable number of cases	often
in excess of	more than, above
upon	on