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.nr _0 \n(c.
.\"  Setup for thesis.
.\"	This file should be modified to keep up with the standard
.\"	for a doctoral thesis at Berkeley.  Other macros which may
.\"	be useful for a thesis are defined here.
.\"	@(#)thesis.me	2.1	8/18/80
.\" This version has had comments stripped; an unstripped version is available.
.nr tf 1
.he '''%'
.if n .if \n(_o \
.	po 1.5i
.if t .po 1.125i
.ll 5.75i
.if n .if 1n=0.1i \
.	ll 5.8i
.m1 1i
.nr ?t 1
.ls 2
.nr c. \n(_0