4.4BSD was the last release of BSD by the CSRG. At the time, the USL vs. BSDI lawsuit was in progress, so 4.4BSD was initially release in encumbered format, and this is the version provided here.

When the case was settled out of court in 1994, Berkeley and BSDi agreed to stop distributing the following files from Net/2 and the same files were removed from 4.4BSD-Encumbered, thus creating 4.4BSD-Lite:

and the cpio source.
This agreement has now been made public, see this article on Groklaw.

The files here come from the CSRG Archives, and were donated by Kirk McKusick.

For more information about 4.4BSD, see Twenty Years of Berkeley Unix by Kirk McKusick.

.cshrc 684 1993-07-20
.profile 152 1993-06-29
BAK dir
COPYRIGHT 3419 1993-07-19
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