This is the May 1993 release of the changes to the standard MIT X11R5
distribution (patch level 21 or greater) made at Victoria University
of Wellington to support hp300's running bsd.

This distribution consists of:

config/hpbsd.cf		The Imake configuration file
server/ddx/hpbsd	The ddx component of an hpbsd Xserver for
			topcat, catseye and hyperion displays.
hpbsd.diffs		Patches to the MIT release.

Note: previous releases had a patch to server/os/WaitFor.c.  This
patch is no longer required and should be removed if already applied
as it will interfere with correct input handling.

This version has preliminary support for BSD 4.4.  If you are building
for an older version you will need to change the version numbers in
hpbsd.cf and you may need to change the location of cpp in

The directory structure has been rearranged somewhat to ease
integration of the HP R5 server code released recently.  Some more
minor restructuring will occur when support for the ngle display
family and the series 700 machines is completed.

The PEX extension is not built by default with this server.  There
should be no problem in building it if you require it.  Simply change
the "#define BuildPexExt NO" in hpbsd.cf to "#define BuildPexExt YES".

This distribution has been succesfully compiled and run on hp300
systems running 4.4alpha.
Compiled with gcc-2.3.3.  Tested with monochrome and colour topcat and
catseye displays and the monochrome hyperion.
Only mono topcat has been tried under 4.4alpha so far -- others should be fine.

Some text drawing performance is not as fast as it could be on the
topcats and catseyes (Have yet to include some font tweaks present in
the R4 server).

Please report any bugs, problems or ideas for enhancements to me

Mark Davies                      <mark@comp.vuw.ac.nz>
Department of Computer Science
Victoria University of Wellington
New Zealand.

28 May 1993


xman doesn't know about machine specific subdirectories.

if your libc doesn't have sigsetjmp and siglongjmp need the following
patch to build xdm:

*** /usr/src/X/R5/mit/clients/xdm/dm.h	Mon Sep 23 11:11:34 1991
--- ./clients/xdm/dm.h	Fri Mar 26 13:44:06 1993
*** 316,322 ****
  #define SIGVAL void
! #ifdef X_NOT_POSIX
  #ifdef SYSV
--- 316,322 ----
  #define SIGVAL void
! #if defined(X_NOT_POSIX) || defined(hp9000)
  #ifdef SYSV