@(#)README	2.1 (Berkeley) 4/8/88

Title:		Bib

Authors:	Timothy A. Budd
		Gary M. Levin

Address:	Department of Computer Science
		University of Arizona
		Tucson, Arizona 85721
		(602) 621-6613


Bib is a program for collecting and formatting reference lists in
documents.  It is a preprocessor to the nroff/troff typesetting
systems, much like the tbl [.tbl.] and eqn [.eqn.] systems.  Bib takes
two inputs: a document to be formatted and a library of references.
Imprecise citations in the source document are replaced by more
conventional citation strings, the appropriate references are selected
from the reference file, and commands are generated to format both
citation and the referenced item in the bibliography.