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Subject: Re: getting name service right on non-NIS Sun

			NEW BIND FOR SUNS			2/11/91

[Partially taken from the document "Making a libc.so for DNS without NIS"
 that has been distributed to various SunOS users, and seen on Usenet.

 Original document by Paul Balyoz (pab@naucse.cse.nau.edu).
 Updated to include OS4.1.2 information, Hal Pomeranz, 3/3/92.

This document tells how to install a NEW version of the BIND Name Server
resolver routines into the shared C library of a Sparcstation running
SunOS 4.1 or greater.  The procedure is a bit different when you are
trying to install a version of BIND distributed from Berkeley, compared
to the (older) resolver library that comes with SunOS.

A.  Get BIND version 4.8.3 or later.  We must fix the Makefile in the
resolver directory to do what our sparcstation needs.  The whole idea
here is to compile the C source to .o files with the -pic option,
and not do anything fancy to the .o files before putting them into
the new libresolv.a library.  Note that we rename your old libresolv.a
file, so that it can be recovered if the new one doesn't work!

	cd Bind4.8.3/res
	vi Makefile
		Comment out all sets of lines that look something like:
			-ld -r -x file.o
			mv a.out file.o
		Add to the "CFLAGS" variable the option
		(so that a global tags entry gets added to each .o file)
		Fix paths and options in Makefile as needed.
	mv /usr/lib/libresolv.a /usr/lib/libresolv.a.orig
	make install

This should have created the new /usr/lib/libresolv.a library.

Please also note that the string(3) man-page which comes with SunOS
is more complete than the one distributed with BIND!  Therefore you
should NOT replace it as instructed to by BIND's README instructions.

B.  Follow the steps below to make a new shared library on your Sun
which includes the new resolver library routines in it.

    1.	Become super user by logging in as root, or first as a normal
	user and then typing:

    2.  Move into the shared-lib area and make a temporary directory:
		cd /usr/lib/shlib.etc
		mkdir tmp

    3.  Move into this new directory, extract the pic (position
	independent code) object files from libc_pic.a and remove
	the SYMDEF file.  The renaming (mv commands) is done because
	the "ar" command truncates names to 16 characters.
		cd tmp
		ar x ../libc_pic.a
		rm __.SYMDEF
		mv rpc_dtablesize. rpc_dtablesize.o
		mv rpc_commondata. rpc_commondata.o
		mv xccs.multibyte. xccs.multibyte.o

    4.  We now need to extract the object files from your new libresolv.a
	library, making sure not to overwrite two of the Sun objects
	already in this directory:
		mv mktemp.o mktemp.o2		# else it gets stomped
		mv strpbrk.o strpbrk.o2		# else it gets stomped
		ar x /usr/lib/libresolv.a
		mv strpbrk.o2 strpbrk.o		# we gotta use Sun's.
		mv mktemp.o2 mktemp.o		# we gotta use Sun's.
	(Any other object files that get overwritten are ok.)

	[ Alternatively you can extract Sun's original mktemp.o
	  and strpbrk.o files again at this point by typing:
		ar x ../libc_pic.a mktemp.o strpbrk.o		]

    5.  Make sure the old host resolver is not still lying around:
		rm gethostent.o
	(ignore error "rm: gethostent.o nonexistent" if you see it.)

    6.  Remove the new resolver's string code because Sun's libraries
	already includes this, so it would be redundant:
		rm strcasecmp.o

    7.  Go back up to the shared library building directory and
	duplicate the list of object files to use:
		cd ..
		cp lorder-sparc lorder-sparc.orig

    8.  Edit this object file list and make the following modifications
	if they haven't already been done before to this file:
		remove:	gethostent.o
		add:	gethostnamadr.o
	(the last two are new, which Sun's resolver doesn't use)
	After deleting gethostent.o, you can use the following
	patch, or make the changes by hand (in this order):

		*** 149,154 ****
		--- 149,164 ----
		+ gethostnamadr.o
		+ herror.o
		+ sethostent.o
		+ res_query.o
		+ res_mkquery.o
		+ res_send.o
		+ res_debug.o
		+ res_comp.o
		+ res_init.o
		+ strerror.o

    9.  The Makefile in shlib.etc for building shared libraries
	has one problem when you run it as the super user.  So
	edit it and modify the definition of "OBJSORT" to read:


	If you are using SunOS 4.1.2, change the lines (there are two)
	in the Makefile	which read

		ld -assert pure-text `${OBJSORT} lorder-sparc tmp`

	to read

		ld -assert pure-text `${OBJSORT} lorder-sparc tmp` -ldl

   10.  Now we can finally build the shared library.  Type:
		make libc.so

	What kind of errors might you get?  Here's a couple:
	a. It blows up on one of the .o files in tmp, saying
	   that the object file is in an inconsistent state.
	   SOLUTION: start over; you did something wrong when you
	   compiled the new libresolv.a in section A, above.
	   Make SURE not to let Makefile "ld" the object files!
	b. It lists hundreds of error lines about offsets or
	   addresses being wrong in all your resolver .o files.
	   SOLUTION: start over; you needed to specify "-pic"
	   to the C compiler when building the libresolv.a library.

   11.  If all goes well, you now have a "libc.so.x.y.z" in this
	directory.  Test it out before installing it systemwide!
	You can do this by pointing your shell's library path
	variable to the current directory, then trying various
	networking commands:
		setenv LD_LIBRARY_PATH `pwd`
		ping some.host.edu
		ftp another.host.com
		telnet someone.else.ca
		unsetenv LD_LIBRARY_PATH
	If anything in the library fails, you need to start
	section B over again.  Maybe you forgot to use Sun's
	versions of mktemp.o and strpbrk.o; things just won't
	work with BIND's new versions of these files.

   12.  When you are sure it's working OK, you can install it
	into the system library directory:
		cp lib.so.x.y.z /usr/lib
		chmod 755 /usr/lib/lib.so.x.y.z

   13.  You can prove that you're using the new library now,
	by watching the output of something like:
		trace date

	The lastest BIND resolver is now installed on your system.
	You can go ahead and compile and install the other BIND
	tools such as named, nslookup, etc.  You do not need to
	specify the "-lresolv" library when compiling these tools.