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Date:    Wed, 17 Mar 93 17:08:36 CST
From:    sblair@upurbmw.dell.com
Subject: bind 4.9 porting to SVR4..
To:      vixie
Cc:      cwg@dell.com

[ I can't remember if it's 4.9, or 5.0 ]

If one defines the following in the top of the opt-level makefile, it does 
indeed build, and work on SVR4 Intel boxes:

CC = cc-bsd -DBSD -DPOSIX

Also, one has to change the cd $x(for dir's) Makefiles' install to
be /usr/ucb/install as the SVR4 one don't have the options BSD

It seems to deal real well with authorative as well as non-authorative
answers. Speed is much better than stock USL SVR4 nslookup, and nstest.

I made NO code changes after figuring out the compiler options. I setup
a rogue secondary on my machine here, upurbmw.dell.com and will keep
you and cwg advised as to what's up.

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