# %Z% %M% %I% %E% %Z%
#  the next line describes the fields and any prefix or suffix to be added to
#  the field value - please do not change unless you know what you are doing
#FIELDS host suffix=.tic.com no=@ ip prefix=192.135.128. no=@ proto wks
#  Comments lines begin with # in the first column
#  Null lines are allowed
#  Fields may be separated with blanks or tabs
#  Fields with embedded blanks may be quoted with double quoted (") or the blank
#  may be escaped with a backslash
#  Empty fields should be placemarked with an X (please capitalize)

#host         ip            proto      wks
akasha        129           tcp        smtp
akasha        129           tcp        telnet
akasha        129           tcp        ftp
akasha        129           tcp        time
akasha        129           tcp        echo
akasha        129           tcp        discard
akasha        129           tcp        daytime
akasha        129           tcp        chargen
akasha        129           tcp        domain
akasha        129           tcp        ntp
akasha        129           tcp        nntp
akasha        129           udp        time
akasha        129           udp        echo
akasha        129           udp        discard
akasha        129           udp        daytime
akasha        129           udp        chargen
akasha        129           udp        domain