# Copyright (c) 1993 David I. Bell
# Permission is granted to use, distribute, or modify this source,
# provided that this copyright notice remains intact.
# Arbitrary precision calculator.

I am allowing this calculator to be freely distributed for personal uses.
Like all multi-precision programs, you should not depend absolutely on
its results, since bugs in such programs can be insidious and only rarely 
show up.

p.s. By Landon Curt Noll

To build calc:

    1) Look at the makefile, and adjust it to suit your needs.

    2) build some calc documentation:

	(cd help; make full)	<- after this, read the file help/full

    3) build calc:


    4) test calc:

	After you have built calc, you can test it by running calc and 
	giving calc the following input:

	read lib/regress	<- error messages should be printed
	read lib/lucas
	read lib/lucas_chk
	lucas_chk(200)		<- should produce no error messages

If you find bugs, or better yet have bug fixes; or if you have suggested
changes, or better yet have patches, send them to both myself and DBell:

    chongo@toad.com		    {uunet,pyramid,sun}!hoptoad!chongo
    (DBell was not accessible by Email at the time of this release.)

The file doc/todo section points out some needs for calc.  Suggestions
on other enhancements, and help in doing these are welcome.