Tip can be configured in a number of ways:


ACU				Define in makefile
--------------------		---------------
BIZCOMP 1022, 1031		BIZ1022, BIZ1031
DEC DF02-AC, DF03-AC		DF02, DF03
DEC DN-11/Able Quadracall	DN11
Ventel				VENTEL
Vadic 831			V831

New ACU's may be added by editing the ACU description table
in acutab.c and writing a ``driver''.

ACU usage can be monitored by defining ACULOG in the makefile.
If this is done and no phone numbers should appear in the
log file, define PRISTINE in the makefile.


Tip's internal workings revolve around a set of (possibly)
user defined variables.  These are statically initialized
in vars.c, and from the remote file.

Note that adding or deleting variables requires tip to be completedly
recompiled, as indexes into the variable table are used to avoid
expensive lookups.  These defines are set in tip.h.


The command dispatch table is defined in cmdtab.c.  Commands
may have attributes such as EXPerimental and PRIVileged (only
root may execute).


Recent changes about Jan 82 

A new, improved version of tip is now available.  The most important
addition is the capacility to specify a phone number with tip.  The
default baud rate is 1200.  To use it do:

	tip phone-number
	tip -300 phone-number

for 300 baud.

A ~^Z command has been added to tip as well.

A new cu program is available that interfaces to the tip program.
It attempts to give the same user interface as cu but it is really
the tip program so you have all the advantages of tip.  This allows
cu (actually tip) to search for a free ACU instead of having the
user specify which one he wants.