This is a source file distribution for the game dungeon as implemented
in f77 for Unix(R) systems.  It is based on the game dungeon as
distributed on a DECUS tape, circa 1980.  It has been converted from
the original DEC FORTRAN into something that is palatable to Unix f77.
See the file "History" for some revision history and credit to those
whose efforts have made this possible.

Checkout the Makefile and adjust it to fit your system.  The only
things that should really need tweaking are the directory definitions
and the "-D" defines.  There is an example for both large address
machines (e.g. Vax) that get the complete game and small address
machines (e.g. Pdp-11) that get a modified game with minor functionality
missing (to get it to fit).  Also edit the include file "files.h" if

All of the f77 files end in a '.F' extension to force f77 to invoke the
C preprocessor for the #include files and #ifdefs.  Most of the #ifdefs
are for the PDP version (default non-pdp) and for debug (default off).

Except for DTEXT.DAT, all files in the distribution kit are ASCII.
DTEXT.DAT is a binary file consisting of 76-byte fixed length records.

This has been compiled and tested on a PDP-11/44 Version 7, PDP-11/70
2.9bsd Vax-11/785 4.3bsd and Sun-3 before the pdp and Vax sources were
merged (see the file "History").  After the merge it was again tested on
the Vax 11-785 4.3bsd.

I/we consider my/our changes to be in the public domain.  The original
source, however, is copyright.

	John Gilmore, Nebula Consultants
	11 December 1986

	Bill Randle
	Tektronix, Inc.
	9 February 1987

Dungeon consists of the following files:

	dmain.F			-program root
	dgame.F			-main routine
	dsub.F			-resident subroutines
	dinit.F			-initialization routine
	np.F			-parser, part 0
	np1.F			-parser, part 1
	np2.F			-parser, part 2
	np3.F			-parser, part 3
	gdt.F			-game debugging tool
	verbs.F			-principal verbs
	objcts.F		-principal objects
	sverbs.F		-simple verbs
	dverb1.F		-auxiliary verbs, part 1
	dverb2.F		-auxiliary verbs, part 2
	actors.F		-character processors
	demons.F		-demon processors
	clockr.F		-clock event processors
	rooms.F			-room processors
	nrooms.F		-new room processors
	sobjs.F			-simple objects
	nobjs.F			-new objects
	ballop.F		-balloon processor
	lightp.F		-light processors
	villns.F		-villain processors
	dso1.F			-overlaid subroutines, part 1
	dso2.F			-overlaid subroutines, part 2
	dso3.F			-overlaid subroutines, part 3
	dso4.F			-overlaid subroutines, part 4
	dso5.F			-overlaid subroutines, part 5
	dso6.F			-overlaid subroutines, part 6
	dso7.F			-overlaid subroutines, part 7
	advers.h		-header file
	clock.h			-header file
	curxt.h			-header file
	debug.h			-header file
	exits.h			-header file
	files.h			-header file for directory paths
	flags.h			-header file
	gamestate.h		-header file
	io.h			-header file
	objects.h		-header file
	oflags.h		-header file
	oindex.h		-header file
	parser.h		-header file
	puzzle.h		-header file
	rflag.h			-header file
	rindex.h		-header file
	rooms.h			-header file
	screen.h		-header file
	state.h			-header file
	verbs.h			-header file
	villians.h		-header file
	vocab.h			-header file
	xpars.h			-header file
	xsrch.h			-header file
	cinit.c			-C routine to initialize game [pdp ver]
	cio.c			-C routine for misc i/o [pdp version]
	rtim.c			-C routines for system dependent functions
	listen.c		-C co-process for reading keyboard [pdp]
	cspeak.c		-C co-process for displaying messages [pdp]
	speak.F			-lookup messages for speak process [pdp]
	decode.c		-C routine to decode binary text file [debug]
	dindx.dat		-initialization data base
	dtext.dat		-main data base [binary file]
	rtext.dat		-message index file [pdp version]
	dungeon.sh		-shell script to invoke pdp version
	dungeon.doc		-original documentation file
	dungeon.6		-man page abstracted from dungeon.doc
	Makefile		-Makefile for making pdp or vax versions
	History			-Some revision history notes
	PDP.doc			-Notes on the PDP-11/Unix conversion
	README			-This file