Date: Mon, 16 Feb 87 15:04:41 EST
From: katinsky@gauss.rutgers.edu (David Katinsky)
To: rms@prep.ai.mit.edu
Subject: 3b2 procedure to raise MAXMEM

Below is the procedure I followed to allow enough memory for GnuEmacs to run
on my 3b2/400. The end result of this is that a process can snarf up to 2Mb
of memory. This can be a bit dangerous on a 2Mb machine, but I tried it and 
it worked ok.


In the simplest case, these are the procedures to reconfigure a 3bx kernel.

1] cd /etc/master.d

`ls` shows the files to be:

README   ctc*     hdelog   idisk    ipc      iuart    kernel   mau
mem      msg      ports*   prf      sem      shm      stubs    sxt
sys      xt

2] Edit the file which contains the parameter[s] you wish to change.
In the following excerpt from /etc/master.d/kernel the value MAXMEM
was raised from 256 to 1024.

In V.3.0 and later releases, the parameter in question is MAXUMEM
instead of MAXMEM.

	* The following entries form the tunable parameter table.

	NCALL = 30
	NPROC = 60
	NTEXT = 58
	NCLIST = 188
	* maxmem is number of pages (2K) was 256 --dmk
	MAXMEM = 1024
	MAXUP = 25
	* hashbuf must be a power of 2
	NHBUF = 128
	NPBUF = 8

3] cd /boot

4] mkboot -k KERNEL

5] shutdown -i5 -g0 -y

This will take the machine down and bring it back up into firmware
mode. When you see that the machine has reached this state, type the
firmware password (default=mcp). The machine will ask for the name of
a program to execute. At this prompt enter /etc/system . The machine
should start to boot and display its configuration data.

8701271222					dmk


I do not feel that having the default firmware password is a
problem... but if you wish to edit it out, feel free.