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How to get GNU Software by Internet FTP or by UUCP.  Last updated 1 Jan 91.

* No Warranties

We distribute software in the hope that it will be useful, but
without any warranty.  No author or distributor of this software
accepts responsibility to anyone for the consequences of using it or
for whether it serves any particular purpose or works at all, unless
he says so in writing.

* Updates

If you find this file in the Emacs distribution, there is a chance
it is out of date.  If you plan to FTP files from prep.ai.mit.edu,
you might as well start by FTPing the current version of this file,
which is `/pub/gnu/etc/FTP'.

* FTPing GNU Software

** GNU Emacs and How To FTP It

If you are on the Internet (see also "** Alternative Internet FTP
Sources" below), you can at present copy the latest distribution
version of GNU Emacs from the file /pub/gnu/emacs-M.N.tar on host
prep.ai.mit.edu (or the file /pub/gnu/emacs-M.N.tar.Z which has been
run through compress after tar).  M and N standard for version
numbers; look at a listing of the directory through ftp to see what
version is available.  These files are about 11 and 4 megabytes long,
respectively.  After you unpack the distribution, be sure to look at
the files README and INSTALL.

Because of difficulties in transferring large files, sometimes a split
version of the tar file is created.  This is a directory named
/pub/gnu/emacs-M.N.tar-split or perhaps
/pub/gnu/emacs-M.N.tar.Z-split, containing files of 100000 characters
each.  There is generally no trouble in ftping files of this size.
They can be combined with cat to make a tar file or compressed tar

Text mode does not work for tar files or compressed files.

Some ftp'ers have found it necessary for successful file transfer:
   - to explicitly use prep.ai.mit.edu internet address:		(as of 11 April 89)

Files of differences from previous widely distributed GNU Emacs
versions to the present version are also available on prep.ai.mit.edu
under names of the form emacs.diff-OO.OO-NN.NN in directory /pub/gnu.
These are made with diff -rc2.  Sometimes there are compressed
versions of these difference files as well; their names have .Z

The Emacs manual in source form is included in the distribution.
The dvi file produced by TeX is not included, but a copy may be
available for ftp under the name /pub/gnu/emacs.dvi.

The Emacs Lisp Reference Manual is in a separate file:

** VMS versions of GNU Emacs and How To FTP It.
You can anonymously ftp a VMS version of GNU emacs from:
	- ddvax.llnl.gov.
	- ctrsci.cc.utah.edu.  The 00readme.txt file gives details.
	- cc.utah.edu [].  User anonymous, pass guest.  It
has already been compiled and linked so it is ready to run.  You will
need to ftp the reblock.for program to reblock the saveset so that the
backup utility can restore that saveset.  Do a backup/list on the
ftp'd saveset and catch the header info that backup puts out.  It
contains the correct block size to reblock the file to.  Remember to
ftp it in binary mode.

** A VMS version of G++ and How To FTP It.

mango.miami.edu has a VMS version of the G++ compiler.  Contact
angel@flipper.miami.edu (angel li) for details.

** A VMS version of GCC and How To FTP It.

Jonathan Corbet has made the "bootstrap files" for the GNU C compiler
available for pseudo-anonymous FTP on rdss.ucar.edu.  The full gcc
sources are also available, for anybody who wants to start from scratch.

Jonathan Corbet also requests that you please limit your access to
outside the hours of 8-6 (mountain time) on weekdays.  RDSS is a
*very* busy machine during the day.  Jonathan notes, "I don't think I
have to tell you what will happen if my users feel they are being
slowed down by outside people grabbing software."

The procedure is this: FTP to rdss.ucar.edu (, and log in
with a username of FTP, password FTP.  Cd into the [.gcc] directory,
and grab either or both of these files:
	bootstrap.bck	The bootstrap files -- not much more than the
			.exe files.  About 1.3 mb.
	gcc.bck		The full-blown gcc source code.  About 5mb.
Both of these files are backup savesets, and should thus be grabbed
in binary mode.

SPAN people can grab the same files from rdss::du:[ftp.gcc].  If your
node database does not know about rdss, use 9452 instead.

Jonathan Corbet is with the
National Center for Atmospheric Research, Field Observing Facility
Internet:	corbet@rdss.ucar.edu
SPAN:		rdss::corbet	(rdss = 9452)
Usenet:		...!ncar!rdss!corbet

** Other GNU Software and How To FTP It.

This software is available on prep.ai.mit.edu under directory
/pub/gnu.  Files containing diff from previous versions are often
available.  Compressed versions of the tar or diff files are often
available (indicated by a .Z suffix).  Much of this software is in
beta test (probably still buggy), and is being made available for use
by hackers who like to test software.  M.N indicates a version number.
diff files to convert between versions (like those used for GNU
Emacs), exist for some of these programs.  Some programs have misc
suport files as well.  Have a look on prep.ai.mit.edu to see which

GNU Assembler (gas)		gas-M.N.tar.Z		Released
GNU Bash			bash-M.N.tar.Z		BETA TEST
GNU Bison			bison-M.N.tar.Z		Released
GNU C Compiler (gcc)		gcc.tar-M.N.Z		Late BETA TEST
GNU C++ Compiler (g++)		g++.tar-M.N.Z		BETA TEST
GNU C++ Library			libg++-M.N.tar.Z	BETA TEST
GNU cpio			cpio-M.N.tar.Z		BETA TEST
GNU Emacs Lisp Reference Manual	lispref.tar.Z		Released
GNU AWK (gawk)			gawk-M.N.tar.Z		Released
GNU debugger (gdb)      	gdb-M.N.tar.Z   	Released
GNU Make			make-M.N.tar.Z		Released
GNU ld, ar, gprof, size, nm and strip
				binutils.tar.Z		Released
GNU cat chmod cmp cp cut dd dir du head install ln ls
    mkdir mkfifo mv paste rm rmdir tac tail touch vdir
				fileutils-M.N.tar.Z	BETA TEST
GNU Diff			diff-M.N.tar.Z		Released
GNU e?grep			grep-M.N.tar.Z		Released
GNU fgrep			fgrep-M.N.tar.Z		BETA TEST
GNU find			find-M.N.tar.Z		BETA TEST
GNU finger			finger-M.N.tar.Z	BETA TEST
GNU Ghostscript			ghostscript-M.N.tar.Z
			& font ghostscript*tar.Z files	BETA TEST
GNU gdbm			gdbm-M.N.tar.Z		BETA TEST
GNU Go				gnugo-M.N.tar.Z		BETA TEST
GNU groff			groff-M.N.tar.Z		BETA TEST
GNU indent			indent-M.N.tar.Z	BETA TEST
GNU malloc			malloc.tar.Z		BETA TEST
GNU tar (to unpacl .tar files)	tar-M.N.tar.Z
			and	tar-M-N.shar		BETA TEST
GNU m4				m4.tar.Z		BETA TEST
GNU sed				sed-M.N.tar.Z		BETA TEST
GNU Smalltalk			smalltalk-M.N.tar.Z	BETA TEST
GNU Chess			gnuchess-M.N.tar.Z	Released
GNU Buttons & Designs		button.M.N.ps		Released

and these packages which are not FSF software but work with
them and are part of GNU:

Concurrent Version System	cvs-M.N.tar.Z
compress (to undo .Z files)	compress.shar and compress.tar
dirent				dirent.tar.Z
  (directory reader for sysV 3.2)
elvis (a vi clone)		elvis.M.N.O.tar.Z
Flex (a faster lex)		flex-M.N.tar.Z
gnuplot				gnuplot-M.N.tar.Z
The jargon file			jargon.text.Z
  (definitions of terms used by hackers)
NIH C++ Class Library		nihcl-M.N.tar.Z
Perl				perl-M.N.tar.Z
Revision Control System		rcs.tar.Z
Texi2roff			texi2roff.shar.Z

** TeX and How to FTP It

We don't distribute TeX now, but it is free software. 

You can get TeX sources via anonymous FTP from labrea.stanford.edu in
pub/tex.  The directory pub/tex/unix3.0 probably contains what you
want, but see pub/tex/README to be sure.  The most recent incarnation
of the LaTeX macros are in labrea:pub/tex/latex.  If you'd like to
support TUG and/or don't have access to the Internet, then write to
elisabet@max.acs.washington.edu about getting their tape distribution.

** Scheme and How to FTP It

The latest distribution version of C Scheme is on the machine
zurich.ai.mit.edu.  To obtain a "tarred" copy of this directory,
telnet to zurich.ai.mit.edu and log in as scheme (password: scheme).
A file called dist.tar will be created (if there isn't one already),
and you will be given a choice of the file transfer program to run (of
all the ones supported by zurich).  It should be self-explanatory (ha,
ha!  [try ? for help]).

Read the files INSTALL and README in the top level C Scheme directory.

** Alternative Internet FTP Sources

The administrators of wsmr-simtel20.army.mil maintains copies of GNU
distributed software for MILNET/DDN hosts.  It is available via
anonymous ftp from PD:<UNIX-C.GNU> in the original tar or tar.Z

The administrators of louie.udel.edu maintains copies of GNU Emacs and
the compress program.  The files are available via anonymous ftp under
directory ~ftp/gnu.

Emacs and other GNU programs may be available on nic.nyser.net, in
/usb/gnu/emacs-dist.tar{,.Z}.  Anonymous ftp starts you in directory

Emacs and other GNU programs may be available on gatekeeper.dec.com,
labrea.stanford.edu, itstd.sri.com, scam.berkeley.edu,
wuarchive.wustl.edu, and uunet.uu.net via anonymous ftp.

* Getting GNU software in Great Britain

jpo@cs.nott.ac.uk is willing to distribute those GNU sources he has
available.  The smaller items are available from the info-server (send
to info-server@cs.nott.ac.uk) the larger items by negotiation.  Due to
communication costs this service is only available within the UK.

BattenIG@computer-science.birmingham.ac.uk (aka
I.G.Batten@fulcrum.bt.co.uk) is also willing to distribute those GNU
sources he has available.  He can also write tapes in qic-21 and
qic-24 formats.

lmjm@doc.ic.ac.uk is willing to distribute those GNU sources he has
available along with comp.sources.unix, comp.sources.x, X windows et
al.  All items are available using uucp, NIFTP over JANET or, via a
suitable gateway, from PSS sites as well.  Due to communication costs
this service is only available within the UK.  Mail to
info-server@doc.ic.ac.uk for details.  He can also write sun cartridge
or exabyte tapes.

* Getting GNU software in Sweden

Site sunic.sunet.se has many of the GNU programs available for anonymous ftp.

* Getting GNU software in Finland

Site funic.funet.fi (Internet address has many of the
GNU programs available for anonymous ftp.

* Getting GNU software in Denmark

Site freja.diku.dk (Internet address has many of the GNU
programs, TeX, and the X window system available for anonymous ftp.

* Getting GNU software in Japan

Site ftp.cs.titech.ac.jp has some of the GNU programs available for
anonymous ftp.  nemacs (the japanese port of GNU Emacs) is under

* Getting GNU software via UUCP

OSU is distributing via UUCP: most GNU software, MIT C Scheme,
Compress, News, RN, NNTP, Patch, some Appletalk stuff, some of the
Internet Requests For Comment (RFC) et al..  See their periodic
postings on the Usenet newsgroup comp.sources.d for informational
updates.  Current details from Karl Kleinpaste
<karl@tut.cis.ohio-state.edu> or <...!osu-cis!karl>.

Information on how to uucp some GNU programs is available via
electronic mail from: uunet!hutch!barber, hqda-ai!merlin,
sun!nosun!illian!darylm, acornrc!bob,
hao!scicom!qetzal!upba!ugn!nepa!denny, bigtex!james (aka
james@bigtex.cactus.org), ncar!noao!asuvax!hrc!dan, oli-stl!root, and

* If You Like The Software

If you like the software developed and distributed by the Free
Software Foundation, please express your satisfaction with a donation.
Your donations will help to support the Foundation and make our future
efforts successful, including a complete development and operating
system, called GNU (Gnu's Not Un*x), which will run Un*x user
programs.  For more information on GNU and the Foundation, contact us
at the above address.

Ordering a distribution tape from the Foundation is often a good
way to bring your company or university to make a donation.