GNU Service Directory

This is a list of people who have asked to be listed as offering
support services for GNU software, including GNU Emacs, for a fee
or in some cases at no charge.

The information comes from the people who asked to be listed;
we do not include any information we know to be false, but we
cannot check out any of the information; we are transmitting it to
you as it was given to us and do not promise it is correct.
Also, this is not an endorsement of the people listed here.
We have no opinions and usually no information about the abilities of
any specific person.  We provide this list to enable you to contact
service providers and decide for yourself whether to hire one.

Before FSF will list your name in the GNU Service Directory, we ask
that you agree informally to the following terms:

1. You will not restrict (except by copyleft) the use or distribution
of any software, documentation, or other information you supply anyone
in the course of modifying, extending, or supporting GNU software.
This includes any information specifically designed to ameliorate the
use of GNU software.

2. You will not take advantage of contact made through the Service
Directory to advertise an unrelated business (e.g., sales of
non-GNU-related proprietary information).  You may spontaneously
mention your availability for general consulting, but you should not
promote a specific unrelated business unless the client asks.

For a current copy of this directory, or to have yourself listed, ask:

** Please keep this file alphabetical **

Giuseppe Attardi	<attardi%dipisa.uucp@uunet.uu.net>
Dipartimento di Informatica
Corso Italia 40
I-56100 Pisa, ITALY
+39 (50) 510111
Emacs: installation aid, question answering

Revised: 3/24/89

Andrea Baldi            <delphi!abaldi@uunet.uu.net>

Via della Vetraia 11
I-55049 Viareggio, Italy
Tel: +39 (584) 395225
Gnuemacs: installation and upgrading aid, answering, customization, 
	  gnuemacs-X11 relationship.
Gcc:      installation and upgrading aid.

Rates: Free

Entered: 3/1/89

Ian G Batten	<igb%fulcrum.bt.co.uk@uunet.uu.net>
One, Ditton Grove,   Home: +44 21 476 3782
Birmingham,         Work: +44 21 771 2001 x5759
B31 4RY,

Emacs: I will  assist in porting,  customising,  extending, teaching and
trouble-shooting Emacs.   I've  recently been  teaching  it  at new-user
level and am happy to do so for other people.

Rates: 200 pounds/day, or less for non-profits.

I had a large  hand  in   the  Sun "Emacstool"  facility, and have  been
involved in  maintaining Emacs on   Unix  and VMS  for three years  now.
Prior to that I wrote a lot of extensions for Multics' Emacs.

Revised: 3/1/89

Bard Bloom	<bard@theory.lcs.mit.edu>
NE43-301, 545 Technology Square, 
Cambridge, Mass, 02139
(617) 253-6097

Emacs: Installation, customization, answering questions, troubleshooting,
  writing large programs and major modes.

X11R3: Quick questions

Experience:  I have maintained GNU Emacs on the Theory Group computers
  at MIT for several years, and done a good deal of GNU Emacs lisp
  programming, including several major modes, and two database
  interfaces. (I have written some 15,000 lines of GNU Emacs code.) 
  I am currently a Ph.D. student in Computer Science at MIT.

Rates: $50/hr, less for non-profits.

Revised: 5/29/90

38, rue Mauconseil
75001 Paris
Renaud Dumeur	<red@litp.unip6-7.fr>
Jean-Daniel Fekete	<jdf@litp.unip6-7.fr>
Jean-Michel Casaubon
(1) 42 47 19 28
Fax: (1) 40 22 06 10
Emacs:	questions answered, installation, teaching (all levels), elisp
	and C extensions and customization, porting, troubleshooting
gcc:	installation, extensions, porting
gdb:	installation, debugging, porting
X11R3:	installation, debugging, internationalization

Experience: yes (ask for details)

Rates: 500ff/hr, negotiable.

Entered: 2/21/89

Mr. David J. Camp	<david@wubios.wustl.edu>
6103 Charlotte Avenue
Saint Louis, MO 63120-1201

Background: Bachelor of Science in Computer Science, Washington University
            Master of Science in Computer Science, Washington University
            Over 12 years experience in the computer industry.
            Author of the future GNU uu/xxen/decoder program.
            Skilled in many languages, including C and Unix scripts.

Tasks: I can do on-site service in the St. Louis area.
       I prefer short-term projects.
       I can handle long projects given time.     
       I reserve the right to refuse work.

Rates: $50 per hour, including travel time

Entered: 1/1/91

Rajeev Chandrasekhar   <rajeevc@mipos2.intel.com>
2625, Walsh Avenue MSC SC4-59
Santa Clara, CA 95052
h (408) 733-1535
w (408) 765-4632

GCC : Anything concerning i386 ports.
      Ports, Installation, Teaching and extensions.
      Expert on Intel processors.

Rates : $75/hr; free for non-profit orgs.

Entered: 9 Oct 89

Stuart Cracraft	<cracraft@venera.isi.edu>
UUCP: 		<ucbvax!venera.isi.edu!cracraft>
3021-B Harbor Blvd.
Costa Mesa, Ca. 92626
(714) 751-8744

Emacs: questions answered, teaching, customization, troubleshooting,
  but not porting.

GNU Chess (developer): questions answered, porting, etc.

Rates: $40/hr short term, $30/hr long term.

EXPERIENCE: software researcher, systems programmer, Unix analyst
	    formerly with Stanford Research Institute, now
	    with Computer Consoles, Inc.
DEGREE:     B.A. Behavioral Sciences, National University

Entered: 5/17/86

Cygnus Support
814 University Avenue
Palo Alto, CA 94301
+1 415 322 3811
info@cygnus.com <or> ...uunet!hoptoad!cygint!info

Cygnus Support offers warranty protection (service contracts) for a
number of free software tools.  For a fixed annual fee, our customers
receive binary and source distributions, mail and phone support,
documentation and customization assistance on a variety of platforms.

At the time of this writing we offer support for a development package
including (among other things) gcc, g++, gdb, and of course, GNU
Emacs.  However the set of supported tools and platforms increases
frequently so contact us for the latest catalog.

Rates: $150.00/hour.
Annual Support: $25,000.00/year and up.

Entered: 7/31/90

Dario Dariol	<mcvax!delphi!dariol@uunet.uu.net>
via della Vetraia 11
I-55049 Viareggio
+39 (584) 395161

Rates and range of services not received.

Entered: 3/25/86

Bradley N. Davis	<b-davis@cs.utah.edu>
3242 South 540 West
Bountiful, UT  84010
(801) 581-6076, (801) 292-4362

Will work on most GNU software.  Especially GNU Emacs, GCC and a
little X11 and G++.  Experienced with PCs and 386s.

Services offered: Installation, porting, customizing, troubleshooting.

Fee: $20 to $50 / hour depending on job

Updated: 1/1/91

Mauro DePalma

DePalma SoftCraft
2923 Cohansey Drive
San Jose, CA 95132

Tel: (408) 259-4789
Fax: (408) 259-6935

DePalma SoftCraft provides support and service for GNU and X11 software
specifically for UNIX System V/386 and and SunOS 4.x; on other platforms
customers need to provide the hardware and a fair amount of motivation. 

Presently we can provide the bulk of development utilities including
bison (System V/386 only), emacs, flex (System V/386 only), gas, gcc,
gdb, g++, libg++, make, tar (System V/386 only) and other BSD style
utilities for System V/386.

In the works is the X Window System, Version 11 Release 4 for System
V/386 with VGA and super-VGA servers as well as COFF specific version
of GNU as and GNU ld.

LaTeX (System V/386 only) TeX (System V/386 only) documentation systems
available with a limited set of viewers and converters.

Rates: $90.00/hour median.
Annual Support: $25,000.00/year and up.

Entered: 9/19/90

Alexander Dupuy <dupuy@cs.columbia.edu>

280 Riverside Drive #10G
New York, NY 10025
(212) 678-0130
(212) 854-4290 (work)

Gnu Compiler utilities: GNU Make, Bison, GAS, GCC, G++, libg++, etc.:

	Installation, porting, support for VAX, Sun-[234], Sun386i, some others

Rates: $75/hr commercial orgs., free for worthy nonprofit orgs.

	I am currently a research programmer at the Columbia C.S. Dept., and
	maintain and support the GNU compiler tools on 4 different machine
	architectures.  I can provide current, working versions of the compiler
	tools for the VAX and all Sun architectures.

Entered: 6/1/89

Dynamyx Coporation. <service@creation.UUCP>
P.O. Box 1481
King of Prussia, PA 19406
(215) 265-6833

Services: Porting of all GNU software, Installation, Customization, and
          Troubleshooting. (Unix, VMS, etc.)

Rates: $50-$100/hr

Experience: 5 years Unix application and systems programming.
            5 years compiler front-ends, interpreters, and
               compiler-construction tools.
            3 years VMS applications.
            X, C, and Ada experience.

Entered: 2/21/89

Stephen Gildea	<gildea@bbn.com>
278 Beacon Street
Somerville, MA 02143
work: +1 617 873-8240
Emacs: general help, question answering, library writing, etc.

Degree: B.S. in Computer Science `87, MIT

Rates: $75/hr.

Updated: 11/06/90

Ron Guilmette	<rfg@ics.uci.edu>
Work:	ICS Dept., University of Calif., Irvine
Home:	550 Paularino Ave. #B-108
        Costa Mesa, CA 92626
Categories:	GCC, G++, Bison, GAS, LD, LD++
Entered: 12/13/89

Mike Haertel	<mike@wheaties.ai.mit.edu>
St. Olaf College
Northfield, MN  55057

Experience: Unix Systems programmer at St. Olaf for several years.
Spent summer of 1988 at FSF writing and modifying various programs.

Rates: $35/hr.

Entered: 12 Aug 88

Sanjay Hiranandani <consp10@bingvaxu.cc.binghamton.edu>
263 Conklin Ave.
Binghamton, NY 13903
(607) 773-1430

Can help with installation, customization, and porting of most GNU
software. and General Unix/VMS Hacking. If you've got a PC with a hardware
problem, can probably fix that too.

Rates: $30/hour or less, depending on the problem.
       will probably work free or at a very low cost for non-profit
       organizations, and poor students who're committed users of GNU 
       Phone consultations free.

Entered: 15 May 90

Paul Hudson	<..!mcvax!ukc!acorn!moncam!paul>
40 Dovehouse Close,
CB7 4BY,
(0353) 663381
+44 (353) 663381

Installation of all GNU software. Support & changes to gcc, g++. Emacs

Degree in mathematics from Cambridge (UK!).

Experience: I've written complete compilers & code
generators and a PostScript interpreter, and various graphics

Rates: 25 pounds per hour, less for installation or non-profits.

Entered: 2/21/89

Scott D. Kalter	<sdk@twinsun.com>

970 Palm Ave. #218
West Hollywood, CA 90069

Emacs:  training for general use and customization
	user support
	e-lisp and C customization/extension

Rates:	$50/hr

	BS Math/CS 1985: Carnegie Mellon University
	MS CS 1988: UCLA

	Modified Emacs in C and e-lisp for large local extensions at
	several sites.  Taught Emacs use and customization in
	universities and industry.  Extensive troubleshooting and
	user support experience.

Entered: 24 Oct 1990

Jim Kingdon
East Wind
Route 3, box 6B2
Tecumseh, Missouri 65760

Willing to take on any gnu software; particularly knowledgeable about
the debugger (GDB) although I also have (varying amounts of)
experience with emacs, GCC, binutils, and others.  I am familiar with
both VMS and Unix.  I am particularly interested in porting GDB or GCC
to new machines, but am also interested in other programming tasks,
installation, user support, etc.

Qualifications: Minor in computer science from Oberlin College, 2
years experience in programming, helping users, system management.
Maintained GDB for the Free Software Foundation for a year.

Rates: Negotiable, but as a ballpark figure $30/hr.  Free or cheap to
Good Causes.

Revised: 29 Nov 1990

Scott J. Kramer	<sjk@sun.com>
2995 Woodside Road, Suite 400
Woodside  CA  94062
(415) 961-0684
Emacs:	Tutoring, installations/upgrades, Lisp customizations,
	general troubleshooting/support.  Prefer that work I do
	becomes part of the official Free Software Foundation

Rate:	Task- and time-dependent; non-monetary offers considered.

Entered: 11/05/86

Fen Labalme	<hoptoad!fen@sun.com>
Metaview Corp.
40 Carl St. #4
San Francisco CA 94117   
(415) 731-1174

EMACS:	Anything including teaching beginners / advanced users
UNIX:	BSD 4.2 is what I have used most and best understand
I GROK:	Mailers, network stuff, acronyms like RPC, NFS & IPC
X11.3:	By the time you see this, I may understand X Windows
RATES:	Free phone consultation; $100/hour plus; "Talk to me!"
	Non-profits get lower rates or free; Barter considered
ETHICS:	I require that (most) all software I create be available
	for re-distribution as per the guidelines set by the
	Free Software Foundation's General Public License.

Revised: 3/13/89

Daniel LaLiberte	<uiucdcs!liberte>
University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign
Department of Computer Science
1304 W Springfield
Urbana, IL  61801

Emacs: Installation, some porting, troubleshooting.
       Will do elisp extensions.

Experience:  I have extensive elisp programming experience.
	I edited the GNU Emacs Lisp Reference Manual.
	I've maintained Emacs for the UIUC CS Department
	for three years.

Rates: $30/hr

Entered: 2/21/89

Dave Lawrence	<tale@pawl.rpi.edu>
76 1/2 13th St
Troy NY 12180
(518) 273-5385
Services offered: GNU Emacs installation, lisp programming and
  teaching for BSD and SYSV systems, particularly SUN.  Programming
  for GNUS newsreader and other outside processes are my specialty.
  Installation of GNU C.

Rates: free to non-profit organizations.
       $30-40 hour for projects less than 8 hours projects.
       $20 hour for longer projects.
       Course fees negotiable with level of subject being taught.
       Short queries answered free of charge.
Qualifications: I'm "just a student", but don't let it disuade you.  I
  live in the GNU Emacs environment at least 6 hours of the average
  day. While still learning the C code, I am proficient with the lisp
  and can help customize as desired.

Entered: 2/21/89

Jacob Levy	<jaakov%wisdom.bitnet@cunyvm.cuny.edu>
Dept of Computer Science
Weizmann Institute
Rehovot 76100 Israel

Services -

Electronic, snail-mail and phone help with installation of GNU Emacs.
Will hand out on request source and local mods for GNU Emacs, as they
become available.  Willing to help to maintain compatibility with
other/previous versions of Emacs, such as Gosling, CCA and MicroEmacs.
Preferable contact - through elec- tronic mail via BITNET.

Rates -

Free. Will only help as much as possible,  not conflicting
with my main occupation in life, that of obtaining a Ph.D.

Niall Mansfield
Vedelitz Systems
65 Oak Tree Avenue
Cambridge CB4 1AZ

Emacs: installation, troubleshooting, customisation, extension

Entered: 8/1/90

Roland McGrath	<roland@ai.mit.edu>
(617) 253-8568
545 Tech Sq rm 426
Cambridge, MA  02139

Co-author of GNU Make (with Richard Stallman).
Author of the GNU C Library.
Present maintainer of GNU Make and the GNU C Library.

GNU volunteer May 1987 to the present.
FSF employee summer 1989, fall 1990 to the present.

Installation, maintenance, porting, enhancement of all GNU software.

Fees negotiable.  I can work anywhere in the Boston or SF Bay Area, or
anywhere on the Internet.

Revised: 12/15/90

Lee McLoughlin	<lmjm@doc.ic.ac.uk>	<uunet!mcvax!doc.ic.ac.uk!lmjm>
Department of Computing, Imperial College,
180 Queens Gate, London. SW7 2BZ
01-589-5111 X 5028

I am responsible for putting GNU Emacs up under 4.1 BSD and for the
ports to the HLH Orion (and Orion 1/05) and the WhiteChapel MG-1.  I
also developed and support the UK-UUCP and UK news distribution.
Ported X 10 to both the WhiteChapel MG-1 and HLH Orion.  Ported X 11
to the HLH Orion 1/05.  I have been an invited speaker at several
recent UKUUG meetings.  Helped, on the software side, in the setting
up of UKnet.  Run a large Public Domain software archive.

I am also an experienced Unix systems programmer.  I've ported Unix to
a new machine (including porting PCC).  Considerable compilers,
communications, mail and graphics experience.  Hope to have enough
time in 89 to get all the UK-UUCP goodies into a gnu-uucp and to work
on porting gcc to the Clipper.

Porting gnuemacs and X.  Installation and troubleshooting of any Gnu
and X software.

200-300 pounds a day, negotiable.  General hand-holding free.

Software archive contains all the current Gnu and X software.  This is
available via Janet (the UK academic network), via uucp and I can be
talked into writing a tape, sun cartridge or exabyte.

Revised: 2/26/89

Eric P. Meyer	<emeyer@oracle.com>
UUCP:	{apple,uunet}!oracle!emeyer
Oracle Corp.
20 Davis Dr.
Belmont, CA 94002
Work Phone: (415) 598 0000
Home Phone: (415) 324 0944

I am very familliar in installing GNU Emacs, GNU GCC, GNU G++, libg++,
flex, bison, gawk, GNU grep, bin_utils... on UNIX and VMS systems. Also,
can deal with GNU X-related problems like Purdue Speedups for X servers
on SUNs.

Rates: Free for Non-Profit Assoc.
       $70/hr for companies.

Entered: 2/21/89

Gary E. Miller <Gary_Edmunds_Miller@cup.portal.com>
Mail Stop 202
2680 Bayshore Parkway
Mountain View, CA 94043
Tel: (415)964-1186

Services: Support for all GNU program development software.
	680x0, 80x86, 340x0 processors.

Rates: $70/hr. or fixed price quotation

Education: EE 1975 Brown U, E 1975 Brown U.

Experience: 15 years systems software development
	    8 years C/UNIX.  9 years DOS,  also VMS.

Entered: 10/31/89

T. S. Mohan                     UUNET: mohan%vidya@shakti.uu.net
KBCS                                (shakti!turing!vidya!mohan)
Supercomputer Education and Research Centre
Indian Institute of Science
Bangalore 560 012, India

Offer: Willing to share my experience in installing and running GNU
software (more specifically Emacs and gcc) on VAXstations, (running
Ultrix) and other Unix machines free of cost to all academic
bretherens.....more so in India.  All such efforts will be more
forthcoming when I have time to spare off other projects.

Entered 1/03/90

Karl A. Nyberg		<karl@grebyn.com, nyberg@ajpo.sei.cmu.edu>
Grebyn Corporation	<karl%grebyn.com@haven.umd.edu>
P. O. Box 497		{decuac,haven}!grebyn!karl
Vienna, VA 22183-0497   

Emacs: installation aid, questions & answers, handholding, etc.

Rates: negotiable.

Can make TK50 cartridges for VAX/Ultrix.  Timesharing also available for
those wishing to do development.

Revised: 2/24/89

Optimal Solutions, Inc.
P.O. Box 45818
Seattle, WA  98145
(206) 682-1773
Dennis Gentry	<dennis@cpac.washington.edu>	<dennis@cpac.bitnet>
Tom May		<tom@cpac.washington.edu>
Todd Cromwell   <todd@cpac.washington.edu>

Emacs: questions answered, teaching, customization,
troubleshooting, porting.  Can install, port, and support VMS
Gnu Emacs, VMS gcc, Unix gcc and g++, and X Windows.

Rates: $40-60/hr, 20 minute free initial consultation.
Non-profit/Educational discounts.
Experience: Compiler, editor, and OS hacking, bit-twiddling, and
consulting at: the University of Washington, the Fred Hutchinson
Cancer Research Center, the National Science Foundation's Center
for Process Analytical Chemistry, Global Technology
International, others.
Degrees: Honors B.S. Comp Sci, University of Washington; Summa
Cum Laude B.S. E.E., University of Washington.

Revised: 2/26/89

The Pharos Group, Inc
Box 3546
Las Cruces, NM 88003-3546
(505) 525-2600

The pharos group offers consulting on the installation and
customization of gnu software, including gnu emacs, gnu cc and c++ and
the unix replacement utilities, on machines running unix.  We have
members who are experienced in system administration, graphics, image
processing and networking.

All modifications and extensions that we make to gnu software are
available freely.

The best contacts for the pharos group are:
	Ted Dunning (ted@pharos.com)
	Jeff Harris (jeff@pharos.com)

Entered: 2/21/89

Eric Raible	<raible@orville.nas.nasa.gov>
Nasa Ames Researh Center
Moffet Field, Ca
(415) 694-4320

Gnu emacs c and lisp programming; porting.  General
unix/graphics/emacs hacking, especially on Silicon Graphics

Rates: free -> $30/hr depending on problem and how busy I am.

Degree: MIT CS BS 1983.

Entered 18 Dec 1987

Hedley K.J. Rainnie	<hedley@alaya.nyu.edu>
UUCP: {uunet|ihnp4|allegra|harvard}!cmcl2!alaya!hedley

545 West End Ave Apt 11E
NY NY 10024
212-947-5711 (Work).


Rates: $12/hr.

	I am able to help in all aspects of GNU emacs, even porting.
	My credentials are:

	MS in Computer Science from NYU. BS same same.
	I have used many versions of Emacs since 1980.
	I ask for $12hr.

Entered: 5/29/90

Adam J. Richter	<adamj@monet.berkeley.edu>	<...!ucbvax!monet!adamj>
2600 Ridge Road
Berkeley, CA 94709				 (415)549-6356

Difficult X-windows ports.  Freeware preferred.  Also looking for
someone to sponsor server improvements, including reorganization and
optimizations for the GNU C Compiler's extensions.  Experienced.

Entered: 3/13/89

Bruce Robertson	<bruce@pooh.com>
Hundred Acre Software
1280 Terminal Way #26
Reno, NV 89502
(702) 329-9333

Rates:	$70/hr long term, $50/hr short term
	Non-profits are lower still, and negotiable

Services:  Anything to do with GNU software.  My specialties include
porting Emacs, GCC and GDB to new environments.  I also provide general
consulting services, in such areas as embedded systems, UNIX kernel porting,
and MS-DOS applications.

Experience:  Many different areas.  Unix internals (all flavors),
SCSI (target and initiator), embedded systems, X11, TCP/IP, compilers,
device driver tuning, hardware debugging.

Revised: 10/31/90

Mike Rowan  <mtr@ai.mit.edu>
545 Technology Square room 426
Cambridge, MA  02139
(617) 253-8568
Home: (508) 745-7554

FSF programmer since 1/90; Unix Systems programmer and all X11 work
from porting to admin and installation, Purdue University Computing 
Center, 9/87 - 12/89

Rates: $50/hr as a base, depending on job, time, project length etc etc...

Extensive X11 work.  GNU libc, emacs, login, most anything.
Extensions, new projects, porting, fixes, installation, system 
adminstration; just about anything.  Systems programming experience
with all major flavors of Unix including 4.3, Dynix, SunOS and Ultrix.

Entered: 4/7/90
Wolfgang S. Rupprecht <nancy!wsrcc!wolfgang@uunet.uu.net>
PO Box 6524
Alexandria, VA 22306
(703) 768-2640
Emacs:  anything, (lisp, C, customization, porting, installing)
Rates:	$75/hr.

I have written thousands of lines of GNU Emacs C and Lisp code.
Original author of the floating point additions to appear in Emacs 19.

Entered: 9/18/90

Isaac J. Salzman	<salzman@rand.org>
The RAND Corporation - ISD/1
1700 Main St. PO Box 2138
Santa Monica, CA 90406-2138
+1 213-393-0411 x6421

Emacs: Installation, customization, windows systems support (X10, X11,
	SunView, NeWS), almost anything else.
GCC/G++: Installation, support.
X11: Installation, customization, support, some training, etc. All
	available window managers, Andrew, InterViews.
Other: Consulting on - most GNUware, BSD UNIX IPC programming, most anything
	that's BSD UNIX related.
Experience: 3.5+ years BSD UNIX systems programming (VAXen, Sun's) including
	support of GNU Emacs. About 1.5+ years supporting X11, X10, gcc,
	g++. Resume on request.
Rates: Negotiable on a per job basis. Probably $40/hr as a ballpark average.

Entered: 2/21/89

Douglas C. Schmidt 

Department of Information and Computer Science
University of California, Irvine
Irvine, CA 92717

office: (714) 856-4043
email:  schmidt@ics.uci.edu

GCC and G++:  Installation and porting, question answering, customizing, etc.

Experience:   Wrote the GNU GPERF perfect hashing program, available from
              the libg++ distribution , wrote the perfect hash functions that 
              recognize reserved words for G++ and GCC, contributed *many* bug
              reports for GCC and G++ and also contributed bug fixes for
              G++.  In addition, I am actively building and maintaining a G++ 
              and GCC regression test suite (available on request).

Rate:         Negotiable

Entered: 2/26/89

Randal L. Schwartz / Stonehenge Consulting Services / +1 503 777 0095
Located in Beaverton, Oregon, USA (The Silicon RainForest...)
Electronic address variable (for now) ... call for the current one.
(I read and post to comp.emacs and gnu.emacs on USENET...)

GNU Emacs: questions about general use, teaching, customization,
           documentation, troubleshooting, porting, cute hacks (:-).

Other GNU software: cross-trained on UN*X... proceed with caution...

Experience: 17 years software development (one year with GNU Emacs),
            11 years technical communication (concurrent :-).
            Also a C hacker and UN*X Guru...

Rates: Free for short projects.  Long projects may require money if
       the project consumes significant billable time.

Entered: 2/21/89

John Sechrest	<sechrest@oregon-state> (hplabs!hp-pcd!orstcs!sechrest)
30606 Petersen Road
Corvallis, Oregon 97333
(H) (503) 929-6278
(W) (503) 754-3273

Emacs; User Support ; Tutorials/Training; System Consulting

Rates: $50/hr, negotiable.

I am willing to help people install and use both Gnu and Emacs.
I am particulary interested in installing Gnu on the National
ICM- 3216. 

As a consultant my normal fees are $50/hour. This is mostly
a guideline that varies on a case by case basis.

I worked at Hewlett-Packard for four years. 2 years working
on the HP 41C extended I/O Rom. 2 years working on systems
support. For the last year and a half I have worked as the
Lab Coordinator for Oregon State University Computer Science
coordinating the use and maintenance of several machines.
I am most familiar with 4.2BSD on the vax 11/750 and 
HP-UX on the HP series 200.

Entered: 1/31/86

Steven C. Simmons
9353 Hidden Lake Circle
Dexter, MI. 48130
313-426-8981 home
313-769-4086 office
Internet: scs@lokkur.dexter.mi.us
UUCP: ...!sharkey!lokkur!scs

Gnu software: bison, flex, gcc, etc.  Experience porting to BSD4.3
  Vaxes, Suns, Gould, some System V hosts.  No MS-DOS.

Rates:  If all you need is a piece of source will gladly supply it
  gratis if local call, at cost for long distance or tape (bring me a
  blank).  Can make std tar magtape or Sun cartridges.  Advice is
  free to a point.  Compiling, porting, customizing: $65.00/hr plus
  phone charges for offsite work, onsite rates negotiable.

Professional Data:  Currently administrator of a large UNIX shop in
  Ann Arbor, MI.  Maintain and support a variety of PD and
  freely redistributable software on a variety of hosts.

Entered: 5 June 1989

Lynn R. Slater	<lrs@esl.com>
4433 Inyo Ct
Fremont Ca 94528.  (415) 796-4149
Emacs:	Ada, X11, Lisp, interfaces to subordinate shell processes.
	Prefer that work I do becomes part of the official Free
        Software Foundation distribution. 

Rate:	Free for good cause, otherwise task- and time-dependent.

Entered: 2/21/89

Small Business Systems, Inc.
Box 17220, Route 104
Smithfield, RI  02917
(401) 273-4669

Principal Contact: mpd@anomaly.sbs.com (Michael P. Deignan, President)
Secondary Contact: ccc@anomaly.sbs.com (Cole C. Calistra, *NIX Systems Manager)

Packages:  All GNU Packages

Services:  training (singular or classroom environments)
 Offered:  user support (varied levels, including on-site & 24 hour "on call")

   Rates:  up to $75/hr.

   Notes:  Services limited to Southeastern New England area (Route 128/93 in
	   MA and points south & east.) Will provide support into CT, only 
	   as far west as Groton/New London area. (Anything beyond these
	   boundaries strains the acceptable level of user support we attempt
	   to maintain.)
Entered: 9/19/90

Richard M. Stallman	<rms@prep.ai.mit.edu>
UUCP:  {mit-eddie,ucbvax,uunet,harvard,uw-beaver}!ai.mit.edu!rms
545 Tech Sq, Rm 430
Cambridge, MA 02139

Emacs: anything whatever

Rates: $6/min or $250/hr.

Is anyone interested in courses in using or extending GNU Emacs?

Original inventor of Emacs and main author of GNU Emacs and GCC.

Entered: 5/24/90

Jonathan Stone <jonathan@comp.vuw.ac.nz> (uunet!vuwcomp!jonathan)

 GNU Emacs:5 years on both Unix and VMS, in academic
  and commercial environments: porting, user handholding, elisp programming,
  termcap hacking, troubleshooting, VMS debugging.
GCC: 18 month gcc installation,use,bugfixing, porting
     (gcc/gdb/almost gas port to Pyramid CPU; bootstrapped 1.22 on
      vms, but not as nicely as Kashtan.)

Fee: $NZ 130/hr + expenses; negotiable.

Entered: 4 July 1989

Earl Stutes	<stutes@nas-ames.arpa>
223 Drakes Bay Ave.
Los Gatos, CA 95032
+1 (408) 356 6841

Rate $3.00/min. or $90.00/hr.

Installation and debug of all GNU software.
GNU emacs installation / troubleshooting.
emacs lisp programming.
20 years of programming experience.  Working with UNIX for the
last 10 years.

Entered: 31 May 1989

Bob Sutterfield	<bob@cis.ohio-state.edu>
work:					home:
Ohio State University CIS Dept
2036 Neil Avenue			3542 Norwood Street
Columbus, Ohio 43210-1277		Columbus, Ohio 43224-3424
(614)292-7348				(614)267-7611

Rates:     $50/hr (negotiable) plus travel expenses

Services:  Installation, troubleshooting, and mild customization of
           most GNU production and beta-test products; tutorials,
           training, and handholding; general UNIX system and network

Entered: 2/21/89

Kayvan Sylvan	<mrspoc!kayvan@apple.com>
Transact Software, Inc.
2672 Bayshore Parkway, Suite 700
Mountain View, CA 94043
Work: (415) 961-6112
Home: (408) 733-2650

I will help you port, install and customize GNU Emacs, GCC, G++, bison,
and other GNU tools on almost any architecture and operating system.
Questions answered. GNU C and lisp hacking available.

Rates: $30-$60/hour sliding scale. This is basically a flexible guideline.

Experience: Many different Unix'es (2.9BSD to 4.3BSD, as well as AT&T System V
and Xenix) on many different machines. Systems programming and administration
on almost all these brands of Unix. Machines I've worked on include various
PDP's, VAXen, SUN workstations, Altos 386, Plexus P60, among others.
I can port anything to anything (within reason).

Entered: 2/21/89

James W. Thompson  
17601 Preson Road, #274
Dallas, Tx. 75252 USA
+1 214-788-1951

EMACS/GDB: installation, porting, troubleshooting, hand holding.
Emacs elisp & C extensions and customization.

GCC: porting, debugging, installation

MIT X11R3: installation, porting

SPECIALITIES: Convex, Vaxes and Suns.  Can do VMS, not locally.
Network setup and troubleshooting.

EXPERIENCE:  Have hacked many (10+) different architectures in C, lisp,
& Fortran.   Thurough understanding of BSD networking/NFS/RPC.
Responsible for Convex port of GNU emacs, gdb, gcc.  8 years system
'mothering' experiance.  Resume available on request.
Rates:  30.00/hour + travel expenses.  Free for non-profits.
Revised: 5/29/90

Leonard H. Tower Jr.	<tower@wheaties.ai.mit.edu>
36 Porter Street
Somerville, MA  02143, USA
+1 (617) 623-7739

Will work on most GNU software.
Installation, handholding, trouble shooting, extensions, teaching.

Rates: 50.00/hour + travel expenses.  Negotiable for non-profits.

Experience: Have hacked on over a dozen architectures in many languages.  Have
system mothered several varieties of Unixes.  Assisted rms with the front end
of gcc and it's back-end support.  Resume available on request.

Entered: 07/19/88

Jason Venner	<jason@violet.berkeley.edu> <kadmon!jason@mtxinu.com> 
545 Pierce St. #2306
Albany CA 94706 1046
415-525 2989

The only gnu software I do not work on are the compilers and the debuggers.
I have extensive experience with emacs (lisp and C) and C++ (via g++).
I have some experience with X, primarily V11R3 at the C level.
I have minimal experience with VMS.

Rates: $100/hour for jobs	< 8 hours (1 day), $70/hour for jobs
< 5 days, $60 for long term jobs, for all rate schedules expenses extra
Revised: 2/26/89

Watchmaker Computing <support@watch.com>
P.O.Box 163, Kendall Square
Cambridge, MA 02142
email: support@watch.com

Emacs: We'll do GNUEmacs support, porting, bug fixing, and customizing.
We also have specific expertise in: 
  packages: GCC, G++, X11, Xt, InterViews, PERL, TeX, Epoch
  languages: C, C++, Lisp, most others; we learn quickly!
Extensive experience coding for portability under UNIX.
Typical rates $35-$150/hour; will telecommute (Internet or phone)

Entered: 1/16/91

Scott Weikart	<cdp!scott@parcvax.xerox.com> (hplabs!cdp!scott)
EMACS: user handholding, elisp programming and troubleshooting, porting
1944c University
East Palo Alto, CA  94303
(415) 322-9069
I used ITS EMACS for 5 years and Gosling EMACS for 2 years
I've written thousands of lines of TECO and thousands of lines of mlisp
I've ported many programs to SysIII/SysV Unix
Sliding scale rates, barter possible, lower rates for non-profits

Entered: 1/30/86

Chris Welty	<weltyc@turing.cs.rpi.edu>
RPI Computer Science Dept
Troy, NY 12180 

Services: questions, installation, etc for all GNU programs,
especially emacs customization.  Maintainer of the NYSERNet GNU src
distribution site, containing all GNU programs.  Primarily knowledge of
Berkeley UNIX systems, especially Sun, but some limited expertise for
other systems.

Rates:  Free to NYSERNet members, others by arrangement (generally not
money but `Stingray' type barter...:)

EMail correspondance preferred.

Entered: 2/27/89

Pace Willisson	<pace@blitz.com>
Blitz Product Development Corporation
6 Hudson Street
Somerville, MA 02143, USA
(617) 625-3452

Will work on any GNU software.

Rates: $80.00/hour

Experience: BS in Computer Science from MIT.  11 years working with C,
Unix and Lisp Machines including compilation systems, networks, device
drivers, demand paging systems, boot programs and window systems.
Ported GDB to 80386.  Designed COFF encapsulation scheme to run GNU
linker output on System 5 kernels.  Author of Unix "ispell".

Updated: 10/27/90

Name: Patrick Wood
Company: Pipeline Associates, Inc.
E-mail: {sun,motown,amdcad}!pipeline!phw
Will help with: installing gcc, using gcc as cross-compiler and embedded
	system development, ditto for gnu binutils, help with 680x0 systems,
	unix security, unix internals, graphics, embedded systems programming.
Fees: free for email (1-2 day turnaround); too busy for phone or direct
Qualificatios: BS CS Purdue, MS CICE Michigan, 6 years Bell Labs (security,
	performance measurement/tuning, graphics, device drivers, embedded
	OS development), 5 years VP R&D Pipeline Associates, Inc. (graphics,
	PostScript, training, security auditing software, embedded systems
	programming, color print drivers, color separation, writing, editing).
	Used gcc and binutils for about two years now (starting with gcc 1.31)
	on VAX/Ultrix, Sony News, 386/ix, and embedded systems (Intel 960 and
	68000).  Modified gcc and binutils for cross development on 386 to
	68000 embedded system.  Wrote general-purpose peephole optimizer for
	assembly output of gcc.
Entered: 9/19/90

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