From: coho!daveg (Dave Gagne)
Subject: Re: Problems with building emacs on SunOS 4.0 (EXPORT)
Summary: SunOS 4.0_Export "cc -Bstatic" don't work.
Organization: UBC Dept. of Electrical Engineering, Vancouver, Canada

> Has anyone else seen similar problems?

Yes indeed.  Anyone who does not live in the jolly US of A.

  What you are encountering is a screw-up in SunOS 4.0_Export.  This
problem only occurs in the "EXPORT" version of SunOS 4.0: ie the
software which Sun ships outside of the USA.  The problem has something
to do with Sun not wanting to ship their DES chips outside of the good
'ole USA.  What we poor foreigners get instead is some buggered up

  What all this means is that "cc -Bstatic ..." WILL NOT WORK ON SUNOS
4.0 EXPORT without a little help from "ar".  The static C-library is
/lib/libc.a, and this is where the problem occurs.  There are a bunch of
.o files in there relating to DES stuff (des_crypt.o, des_soft.o, _crypt.o,
etc).  All of them will case cc -Bstatic to die as you found with the

> _edata: ld: user attempt to redefine loader-defined symbol
> _end: user attempt to redefine loader-defined symbol
> _etext: /lib/libc.a(des_crypt.o): multiply defined

  In order to make cc -Bstatic useful, you must remove all the
brain-damaged .o files from /lib/libc.a.  To do this use

  ar d /lib/libc.a des_crypt.o des_soft.o _crypt.o ....

(Make a backup of /lib/libc.a first, you may decide you need the "real"
thing someday).  Note that there are a bunch of these files, I can't
remember all of them.  You will find them quick enough by trying to
compile ANY C program, even one which does NOTHING.

  After you have done this, Emacs should compile OK.  I was able to get
both the "normal" text version and the X-windows (X11R2) version to 
compile OK.  It seems to me that the Suntools version may not have worked,
but I may just be halucinating.