(defun keypad-default (char definition) (byte-code "Ã	\"†Ä	
#‡" [function-keymap char definition lookup-key define-key] 5))

(keypad-default "l" (quote backward-char))

(keypad-default "r" (quote forward-char))

(keypad-default "D" (quote delete-char))

(keypad-default "u" (quote previous-line))

(keypad-default "d" (quote next-line))

(keypad-default "N" (quote scroll-up))

(keypad-default "P" (quote scroll-down))

(keypad-default "C" (quote recenter))

(keypad-default "?" (quote help-for-help))

(keypad-default "s" (quote set-mark-command))

(keypad-default "k" (quote kill-region))

(keypad-default "f" (quote re-search-forward))

(keypad-default "" (quote beginning-of-line))

(keypad-default "" (quote end-of-line))

(keypad-default "" (quote isearch-forward))

(keypad-default "" (quote kill-line))

(keypad-default "." (quote delete-char))

(keypad-default "0" (quote yank))

(keypad-default "e" (quote open-line))

(keypad-default "1" (quote backward-word))

(keypad-default "3" (quote forward-word))

(keypad-default "7" (quote backward-paragraph))

(keypad-default "9" (quote forward-paragraph))

(keypad-default "h" (quote move-to-window-line))

(defun setup-terminal-keymap (map translations) "\
Set up keymap MAP to forward to function-keymap according to TRANSLATIONS.
TRANSLATIONS is an alist; each element of it looks like (FROMSTRING . TOCHAR).
For each such pair, we define the key sequence FROMSTRING in MAP
to forward to the definition of character TOCHAR in function-keymap.
\"Forwarding\" means that subsequent redefinition of TOCHAR in
function-keymap will be seen automatically in MAP as well.

This function is used by files term/*.el to set up the mapping from the
escape sequences sent by function keys on particular terminals (FROMSTRINGs)
into Emacs standard function key slots (TOCHARs).
An actual definition (such as a symbol) may be given in place of TOCHAR.
Generally, MAP is a prefix keymap which will be attached to a key
that is the common prefix sent by all function keys (often ESC O or ESC [)." (byte-code "…&Ã	@@Ä@A!ƒ
@AB‚@A#ˆA‰ˆ‚‡" [translations map function-keymap define-key numberp] 7))

(defun function-key-sequence (char) "\
Return key sequence for function key that on this terminal
translates into slot CHAR in function-keymap.
Or return nil if there is none." (byte-code "Â	Bà \"@‡" [function-keymap char where-is-internal current-local-map] 4))

(provide (quote keypad))