(defun set-rmail-inbox-list (file-name) "\
Set the inbox list of the current RMAIL file to FILE-NAME.  This may be
a list of file names separated by commas.  If FILE-NAME is empty, remove
any inbox list." (interactive "sSet mailbox list to (comma-separated list of filenames): ") (byte-code "ˆ ?#Q!X eb!#!!A`!`\"Bˆ
#T)Y*) !" [names standard-output nil buffer-read-only t file-name rmail-inbox-list rmail-current-message rmail-parse-file-inboxes y-or-n-p "Replace " mapconcat identity ", " "? " widen search-forward "
" re-search-backward "^Mail" forward-line 0 looking-at "Mail:" delete-region 1 string= "" insert "Mail: " "
" rmail-show-message] 15))