(defvar texinfo-format-syntax-table nil)

(defvar texinfo-vindex)

(defvar texinfo-findex)

(defvar texinfo-cindex)

(defvar texinfo-pindex)

(defvar texinfo-tindex)

(defvar texinfo-kindex)

(defvar texinfo-last-node)

(defvar texinfo-node-names)

(if texinfo-format-syntax-table nil (setq texinfo-format-syntax-table (make-syntax-table)) (modify-syntax-entry 34 " " texinfo-format-syntax-table) (modify-syntax-entry 92 " " texinfo-format-syntax-table) (modify-syntax-entry 64 "\\" texinfo-format-syntax-table) (modify-syntax-entry 17 "\\" texinfo-format-syntax-table) (modify-syntax-entry 91 "." texinfo-format-syntax-table) (modify-syntax-entry 93 "." texinfo-format-syntax-table) (modify-syntax-entry 40 "." texinfo-format-syntax-table) (modify-syntax-entry 41 "." texinfo-format-syntax-table) (modify-syntax-entry 123 "(}" texinfo-format-syntax-table) (modify-syntax-entry 125 "){" texinfo-format-syntax-table) (modify-syntax-entry 39 "." texinfo-format-syntax-table))

(defun texinfo-format-buffer (&optional notagify) "\
Process the current buffer as texinfo code, into an Info file.
The Info file output is generated in a buffer visiting the Info file
names specified in the @setfilename command.

Non-nil argument (prefix, if interactive) means don't make tag table
and don't split the file if large.  You can use Info-tagify and
Info-split to do these manually." (interactive "P") (byte-code "ˆ! 	‚2 V\"ȉ!  V2ˉ! t=͂>P!)" [lastmessage notagify nil "Formatting Info file..." message texinfo-format-buffer-1 buffer-size 30000 "Making tags table for Info file..." Info-tagify 100000 "Splitting Info file..." Info-split "done.  Now save it." "done."] 11))

(defun texinfo-format-buffer-1 nil (byte-code "p
	eb!` )! ! !eb! e`\"db#x`d\"hUc eb	
&." [texinfo-format-filename texinfo-example-start texinfo-command-start texinfo-command-end texinfo-command-name texinfo-last-node texinfo-vindex texinfo-findex texinfo-cindex texinfo-pindex texinfo-tindex texinfo-kindex texinfo-stack texinfo-node-names outfile fill-column input-buffer input-directory default-directory texinfo-format-syntax-table nil t search-forward "@setfilename" texinfo-parse-line-arg find-file texinfo-mode set-syntax-table erase-buffer insert-buffer-substring beginning-of-line delete-region search-backward "@bye" 10 "
" texinfo-format-scan list] 21))

(defvar texinfo-region-buffer-name "*Info Region*" "\
*Name of the temporary buffer used by \\[texinfo-format-region].")

(defun texinfo-format-region (region-beginning region-ending) "\
Convert the the current region of the Texinfo file to Info format.
This lets you see what that part of the file will look like in Info.
The command is bound to \\[texinfo-format-region].  The text that is
converted to Info is stored in a temporary buffer." (interactive "r") (byte-code "و!p
	!! q eb!`)#c! `!`)))^#]# !db#`d\"hUceb eb.!" [texinfo-command-start texinfo-command-end texinfo-command-name texinfo-vindex texinfo-findex texinfo-cindex texinfo-pindex texinfo-tindex texinfo-kindex texinfo-stack texinfo-format-filename texinfo-example-start texinfo-last-node texinfo-node-names fill-column input-buffer input-directory default-directory filename-beginning filename-ending texinfo-region-buffer-name t region-beginning region-ending texinfo-format-syntax-table nil message "Converting region to Info format..." switch-to-buffer get-buffer-create erase-buffer widen search-forward "@setfilename" forward-line 100 error "The texinfo file needs a line saying: @setfilename <name>" beginning-of-line 1 insert-buffer-substring texinfo-mode set-syntax-table re-search-backward "^@bye" delete-region 10 "
" texinfo-format-scan "Done."] 20))

(defun texinfo-format-scan nil (byte-code "eb#!eb#%!eb#!PgUF`S`T\"M!!`Sg!Uc!f!`
T\"!N

! ))@8b@@\"" [nil t texinfo-command-start texinfo-command-end texinfo-command-name cmd texinfo-stack search-forward "``" replace-match "\"" "''" "@" looking-at "[@{}'` *]" 42 delete-region delete-char -1 forward-char 1 char-syntax 119 forward-word intern buffer-substring texinfo-format funcall texinfo-unsupported 2 error "Unterminated @%s"] 19))

(put (quote begin) (quote texinfo-format) (quote texinfo-format-begin))

(defun texinfo-format-begin nil (byte-code "!" [texinfo-format-begin-end texinfo-format] 2))

(put (quote end) (quote texinfo-format) (quote texinfo-format-end))

(defun texinfo-format-end nil (byte-code "!" [texinfo-format-begin-end texinfo-end] 2))

(defun texinfo-format-begin-end (prop) (byte-code " !
N		! " [texinfo-command-name cmd prop intern texinfo-parse-line-arg funcall texinfo-unsupported] 5))

(defun texinfo-parse-line-arg nil (byte-code "b`!!` `T9!6`T!`!9!	`\"lE!)" [texinfo-command-end start t looking-at " " skip-chars-forward end-of-line "{" forward-list 1 forward-char -1 error "Invalid texinfo command arg format" buffer-substring] 11))

(defun texinfo-parse-expanded-arg nil (byte-code "b`!!` `T;!8`T!`!;! \"	`\"
\"	`\"l_!*" [texinfo-command-end start marker t nil looking-at " " skip-chars-forward end-of-line "{" forward-list 1 forward-char -1 error "Invalid texinfo command arg format" move-marker make-marker texinfo-format-expand-region marker-position buffer-substring] 16))

(defun texinfo-format-expand-region (start end) (byte-code "	\" ,db)" [start end texinfo-command-start texinfo-command-end texinfo-command-name texinfo-stack narrow-to-region nil texinfo-format-scan] 5))

(defun texinfo-parse-arg-discard nil (byte-code "  " [texinfo-parse-line-arg texinfo-discard-command] 4))

(defun texinfo-discard-command nil (byte-code "	\"" [texinfo-command-start texinfo-command-end delete-region] 3))

(defun texinfo-format-parse-line-args nil (byte-code "`S!l?N`!`n(	S!!`
\"B	b!lV!`!-" [start next beg end args texinfo-command-end nil skip-chars-forward " " re-search-forward "[
,]" forward-char -1 skip-chars-backward buffer-substring 1 nreverse] 9))

(defun texinfo-format-parse-args nil (byte-code "`S!h\"`!`!`!!`
\"B	blh!`!-" [start next beg end args t texinfo-command-end nil search-forward "{" /= 125 skip-chars-forward " 	
" re-search-forward "[},]" forward-char -1 skip-chars-backward "
" replace-match " " buffer-substring 1 nreverse] 12))

(defun texinfo-format-parse-defun-args nil (byte-code "b` `T \"	`\"
\")	b!l?p!N`T!`S^`!!`
\"B!2!!+)" [texinfo-command-end start marker nil args beg end t end-of-line move-marker make-marker texinfo-format-expand-region marker-position skip-chars-forward " " looking-at "{" forward-list 1 re-search-forward "[
 ]" forward-char -1 buffer-substring nreverse] 16))

(put (quote setfilename) (quote texinfo-format) (quote texinfo-format-setfilename))

(defun texinfo-format-setfilename nil (byte-code " !!	
!P&)" [arg texinfo-format-filename input-buffer texinfo-parse-arg-discard file-name-nondirectory expand-file-name insert "Info file: " ",    -*-Text-*-
" "produced by texinfo-format-buffer
from " buffer-file-name "file: " file-name-sans-versions "buffer " buffer-name "

"] 15))

(put (quote node) (quote texinfo-format) (quote texinfo-format-node))

(defun texinfo-format-node nil (byte-code " 8888 		!\"/	\"7B)n?c	$P\"Y\"
\"c-" [args name next prev up texinfo-last-node tem texinfo-node-names texinfo-format-filename texinfo-format-parse-line-args 0 1 2 3 texinfo-discard-command downcase assoc error "Duplicate node name: %s" 10 insert "
File: " "  Node: " ", Prev: " ", Up: " ", Next: "] 11))

(put (quote menu) (quote texinfo-format) (quote texinfo-format-menu))

(defun texinfo-format-menu nil (byte-code " c" [texinfo-discard-line "* Menu:

"] 2))

(put (quote menu) (quote texinfo-end) (quote texinfo-discard-command))

(defun texinfo-discard-line nil (byte-code "b!l!	bn!`!`\"" [texinfo-command-end texinfo-command-start skip-chars-forward " 	" error "Extraneous text at end of command line." "Extraneous text at beginning of command line." delete-region forward-line 1] 7))

(put (quote xref) (quote texinfo-format) (quote texinfo-format-xref))

(defun texinfo-format-xref nil (byte-code "  c88	8?&@\"A	-@\"8=8#@c))" [args fname texinfo-format-parse-args texinfo-discard-command "*Note " 1 2 3 insert "::" ": " "(" ")"] 8))

(put (quote pxref) (quote texinfo-format) (quote texinfo-format-pxref))

(defun texinfo-format-pxref nil (byte-code " !!)c" [texinfo-format-xref forward-char -2 looking-at "::" "."] 4))

(put (quote inforef) (quote texinfo-format) (quote texinfo-format-inforef))

(defun texinfo-format-inforef nil (byte-code "  88@&)" [args texinfo-format-parse-args texinfo-discard-command insert "*Note " 1 ": (" 2 ")"] 9))

(put (quote chapheading) (quote texinfo-format) (quote texinfo-format-chapter))

(put (quote ichapter) (quote texinfo-format) (quote texinfo-format-chapter))

(put (quote chapter) (quote texinfo-format) (quote texinfo-format-chapter))

(put (quote iappendix) (quote texinfo-format) (quote texinfo-format-chapter))

(put (quote appendix) (quote texinfo-format) (quote texinfo-format-chapter))

(put (quote iunnumbered) (quote texinfo-format) (quote texinfo-format-chapter))

(put (quote unnumbered) (quote texinfo-format) (quote texinfo-format-chapter))

(defun texinfo-format-chapter nil (byte-code "!" [texinfo-format-chapter-1 42] 2))

(put (quote heading) (quote texinfo-format) (quote texinfo-format-section))

(put (quote isection) (quote texinfo-format) (quote texinfo-format-section))

(put (quote section) (quote texinfo-format) (quote texinfo-format-section))

(put (quote iappendixsection) (quote texinfo-format) (quote texinfo-format-section))

(put (quote appendixsection) (quote texinfo-format) (quote texinfo-format-section))

(put (quote iappendixsec) (quote texinfo-format) (quote texinfo-format-section))

(put (quote appendixsec) (quote texinfo-format) (quote texinfo-format-section))

(put (quote iunnumberedsec) (quote texinfo-format) (quote texinfo-format-section))

(put (quote unnumberedsec) (quote texinfo-format) (quote texinfo-format-section))

(defun texinfo-format-section nil (byte-code "!" [texinfo-format-chapter-1 61] 2))

(put (quote subheading) (quote texinfo-format) (quote texinfo-format-subsection))

(put (quote isubsection) (quote texinfo-format) (quote texinfo-format-subsection))

(put (quote subsection) (quote texinfo-format) (quote texinfo-format-subsection))

(put (quote iappendixsubsec) (quote texinfo-format) (quote texinfo-format-subsection))

(put (quote appendixsubsec) (quote texinfo-format) (quote texinfo-format-subsection))

(put (quote iunnumberedsubsec) (quote texinfo-format) (quote texinfo-format-subsection))

(put (quote unnumberedsubsec) (quote texinfo-format) (quote texinfo-format-subsection))

(defun texinfo-format-subsection nil (byte-code "!" [texinfo-format-chapter-1 45] 2))

(put (quote subsubheading) (quote texinfo-format) (quote texinfo-format-subsubsection))

(put (quote isubsubsection) (quote texinfo-format) (quote texinfo-format-subsubsection))

(put (quote subsubsection) (quote texinfo-format) (quote texinfo-format-subsubsection))

(put (quote iappendixsubsubsec) (quote texinfo-format) (quote texinfo-format-subsubsection))

(put (quote appendixsubsubsec) (quote texinfo-format) (quote texinfo-format-subsubsection))

(put (quote iunnumberedsubsubsec) (quote texinfo-format) (quote texinfo-format-subsubsection))

(put (quote unnumberedsubsubsec) (quote texinfo-format) (quote texinfo-format-subsubsection))

(defun texinfo-format-subsubsection nil (byte-code "!" [texinfo-format-chapter-1 46] 2))

(defun texinfo-format-chapter-1 (belowchar) (byte-code " 	&!)" [arg belowchar texinfo-parse-arg-discard insert 10 "@SectionPAD " forward-line -2] 8))

(put (quote SectionPAD) (quote texinfo-format) (quote texinfo-format-sectionpad))

(defun texinfo-format-sectionpad nil (byte-code " !i!	Vc	S
)c)" [str column texinfo-parse-arg-discard forward-char -1 1 0 10] 6))

(put (quote \.) (quote texinfo-format) (quote texinfo-format-\.))

(defun texinfo-format-\. nil (byte-code " c" [texinfo-discard-command "."] 2))

(put (quote :) (quote texinfo-format) (quote texinfo-format-:))

(defun texinfo-format-: nil (byte-code " " [texinfo-discard-command] 2))

(put (quote center) (quote texinfo-format) (quote texinfo-format-center))

(defun texinfo-format-center nil (byte-code "  )" [indent-tabs-mode nil texinfo-discard-command center-line] 3))

(defun texinfo-push-stack (check arg) (byte-code "	
EB" [texinfo-stack check arg texinfo-command-start] 3))

(defun texinfo-pop-stack (check) (byte-code "?		\"@@	=?	@@#@AA" [texinfo-stack check error "Unmatched @end %s" "@end %s matches @%s"] 5))

(put (quote itemize) (quote texinfo-format) (quote texinfo-itemize))

(defun texinfo-itemize nil (byte-code " \"Z" [fill-column texinfo-push-stack itemize texinfo-parse-arg-discard 5] 4))

(put (quote itemize) (quote texinfo-end) (quote texinfo-end-itemize))

(defun texinfo-end-itemize nil (byte-code "\\ !	8!)" [fill-column stacktop 5 texinfo-discard-command texinfo-pop-stack itemize texinfo-do-itemize 1] 5))

(put (quote enumerate) (quote texinfo-format) (quote texinfo-enumerate))

(defun texinfo-enumerate nil (byte-code "\"Z " [fill-column texinfo-push-stack enumerate 0 5 texinfo-discard-line] 3))

(put (quote enumerate) (quote texinfo-end) (quote texinfo-end-enumerate))

(defun texinfo-end-enumerate nil (byte-code "\\ !	8!)" [fill-column stacktop 5 texinfo-discard-command texinfo-pop-stack enumerate texinfo-do-itemize 1] 5))

(put (quote table) (quote texinfo-format) (quote texinfo-table))

(defun texinfo-table nil (byte-code " \"Z" [fill-column texinfo-push-stack table texinfo-parse-arg-discard 5] 4))

(put (quote ftable) (quote texinfo-format) (quote texinfo-ftable))

(defun texinfo-ftable nil (byte-code "\"Z " [fill-column texinfo-push-stack table "@code" 5 texinfo-discard-line] 3))

(put (quote description) (quote texinfo-format) (quote texinfo-description))

(defun texinfo-description nil (byte-code "\"Z " [fill-column texinfo-push-stack table "@asis" 5 texinfo-discard-line] 3))

(put (quote table) (quote texinfo-end) (quote texinfo-end-table))

(put (quote ftable) (quote texinfo-end) (quote texinfo-end-table))

(put (quote description) (quote texinfo-end) (quote texinfo-end-table))

(defun texinfo-end-table nil (byte-code "\\ !	8!)" [fill-column stacktop 5 texinfo-discard-command texinfo-pop-stack table texinfo-do-itemize 1] 5))

(defun texinfo-do-itemize (from) (byte-code "!`Y/gU ! !)+!?+c))" [from forward-line -1 8 delete-char 1 end-of-line 6 looking-at "[ 	]*$" "     "] 7))

(put (quote item) (quote texinfo-format) (quote texinfo-item))

(put (quote itemx) (quote texinfo-format) (quote texinfo-item))

(defun texinfo-item nil (byte-code "@@N!" [texinfo-stack funcall texinfo-item] 3))

(put (quote itemize) (quote texinfo-item) (quote texinfo-itemize-item))

(defun texinfo-itemize-item nil (byte-code " @8#!" [texinfo-stack texinfo-discard-line insert "   " 1 " 
" forward-line -1] 5))

(put (quote enumerate) (quote texinfo-item) (quote texinfo-enumerate-item))

(defun texinfo-enumerate-item nil (byte-code " 	@A@T	@A\"\"#)!" [next texinfo-stack texinfo-discard-line setcar insert 8 format "%3d. " 10 forward-line -1] 7))

(put (quote table) (quote texinfo-item) (quote texinfo-table-item))

(defun texinfo-table-item nil (byte-code " 
@A@	%*!" [arg itemfont texinfo-stack texinfo-parse-arg-discard insert 8 123 "}
" forward-line -2] 7))

(put (quote ifinfo) (quote texinfo-format) (quote texinfo-discard-line))

(put (quote ifinfo) (quote texinfo-end) (quote texinfo-discard-command))

(put (quote iftex) (quote texinfo-format) (quote texinfo-format-iftex))

(defun texinfo-format-iftex nil (byte-code "!`\"" [texinfo-command-start delete-region re-search-forward "@end iftex
"] 4))

(put (quote tex) (quote texinfo-format) (quote texinfo-format-tex))

(defun texinfo-format-tex nil (byte-code "!`\"" [texinfo-command-start delete-region re-search-forward "@end tex
"] 4))

(put (quote titlepage) (quote texinfo-format) (quote texinfo-format-titlepage))

(defun texinfo-format-titlepage nil (byte-code "!`\"" [texinfo-command-start delete-region search-forward "@end titlepage
"] 4))

(put (quote endtitlepage) (quote texinfo-format) (quote texinfo-discard-line))

(put (quote ignore) (quote texinfo-format) (quote texinfo-format-ignore))

(defun texinfo-format-ignore nil (byte-code "!`\"" [texinfo-command-start delete-region search-forward "@end ignore
"] 4))

(put (quote endignore) (quote texinfo-format) (quote texinfo-discard-line))

(put (quote var) (quote texinfo-format) (quote texinfo-format-var))

(defun texinfo-format-var nil (byte-code " !cb" [texinfo-command-start upcase texinfo-parse-arg-discard] 3))

(put (quote asis) (quote texinfo-format) (quote texinfo-format-noop))

(put (quote b) (quote texinfo-format) (quote texinfo-format-noop))

(put (quote t) (quote texinfo-format) (quote texinfo-format-noop))

(put (quote i) (quote texinfo-format) (quote texinfo-format-noop))

(put (quote r) (quote texinfo-format) (quote texinfo-format-noop))

(put (quote key) (quote texinfo-format) (quote texinfo-format-noop))

(put (quote w) (quote texinfo-format) (quote texinfo-format-noop))

(defun texinfo-format-noop nil (byte-code " cb" [texinfo-command-start texinfo-parse-arg-discard] 2))

(put (quote code) (quote texinfo-format) (quote texinfo-format-code))

(put (quote samp) (quote texinfo-format) (quote texinfo-format-code))

(put (quote file) (quote texinfo-format) (quote texinfo-format-code))

(put (quote kbd) (quote texinfo-format) (quote texinfo-format-code))

(put (quote cite) (quote texinfo-format) (quote texinfo-format-code))

(defun texinfo-format-code nil (byte-code " #b" [texinfo-command-start insert "`" texinfo-parse-arg-discard "'"] 5))

(put (quote emph) (quote texinfo-format) (quote texinfo-format-emph))

(put (quote strong) (quote texinfo-format) (quote texinfo-format-emph))

(defun texinfo-format-emph nil (byte-code " #b" [texinfo-command-start insert "*" texinfo-parse-arg-discard] 5))

(put (quote defn) (quote texinfo-format) (quote texinfo-format-defn))

(put (quote dfn) (quote texinfo-format) (quote texinfo-format-defn))

(defun texinfo-format-defn nil (byte-code " #b" [texinfo-command-start insert "\"" texinfo-parse-arg-discard] 5))

(put (quote bullet) (quote texinfo-format) (quote texinfo-format-bullet))

(defun texinfo-format-bullet nil (byte-code " c" [texinfo-discard-command "*"] 2))

(put (quote smallexample) (quote texinfo-format) (quote texinfo-format-example))

(put (quote example) (quote texinfo-format) (quote texinfo-format-example))

(put (quote quotation) (quote texinfo-format) (quote texinfo-format-example))

(put (quote lisp) (quote texinfo-format) (quote texinfo-format-example))

(put (quote display) (quote texinfo-format) (quote texinfo-format-example))

(put (quote format) (quote texinfo-format) (quote texinfo-format-example))

(put (quote flushleft) (quote texinfo-format) (quote texinfo-format-example))

(defun texinfo-format-example nil (byte-code "\"	Z " [nil fill-column texinfo-push-stack example 5 texinfo-discard-line] 3))

(put (quote smallexample) (quote texinfo-end) (quote texinfo-end-example))

(put (quote example) (quote texinfo-end) (quote texinfo-end-example))

(put (quote quotation) (quote texinfo-end) (quote texinfo-end-example))

(put (quote lisp) (quote texinfo-end) (quote texinfo-end-example))

(put (quote display) (quote texinfo-end) (quote texinfo-end-example))

(put (quote format) (quote texinfo-end) (quote texinfo-end-example))

(put (quote flushleft) (quote texinfo-end) (quote texinfo-end-example))

(defun texinfo-end-example nil (byte-code "\\ !	8!)" [fill-column stacktop 5 texinfo-discard-command texinfo-pop-stack example texinfo-do-itemize 1] 5))

(put (quote exdent) (quote texinfo-format) (quote texinfo-format-exdent))

(defun texinfo-format-exdent nil (byte-code " `!`\"c c)" [texinfo-discard-command delete-region skip-chars-forward " " 8 end-of-line "
     "] 5))

(put (quote ctrl) (quote texinfo-format) (quote texinfo-format-ctrl))

(defun texinfo-format-ctrl nil (byte-code " H\"c)" [str texinfo-parse-arg-discard logand 31 0] 5))

(put (quote TeX) (quote texinfo-format) (quote texinfo-format-TeX))

(defun texinfo-format-TeX nil (byte-code " c" [texinfo-parse-arg-discard "TeX"] 2))

(put (quote copyright) (quote texinfo-format) (quote texinfo-format-copyright))

(defun texinfo-format-copyright nil (byte-code " c" [texinfo-parse-arg-discard "(C)"] 2))

(put (quote minus) (quote texinfo-format) (quote texinfo-format-minus))

(defun texinfo-format-minus nil (byte-code " c" [texinfo-parse-arg-discard "-"] 2))

(put (quote dots) (quote texinfo-format) (quote texinfo-format-dots))

(defun texinfo-format-dots nil (byte-code " c" [texinfo-parse-arg-discard "..."] 2))

(put (quote refill) (quote texinfo-format) (quote texinfo-format-refill))

(defun texinfo-format-refill nil (byte-code " !" [nil texinfo-discard-command fill-paragraph] 3))

(put (quote vindex) (quote texinfo-format) (quote texinfo-format-vindex))

(defun texinfo-format-vindex nil (byte-code "!" [texinfo-index texinfo-vindex] 2))

(put (quote cindex) (quote texinfo-format) (quote texinfo-format-cindex))

(defun texinfo-format-cindex nil (byte-code "!" [texinfo-index texinfo-cindex] 2))

(put (quote findex) (quote texinfo-format) (quote texinfo-format-findex))

(defun texinfo-format-findex nil (byte-code "!" [texinfo-index texinfo-findex] 2))

(put (quote pindex) (quote texinfo-format) (quote texinfo-format-pindex))

(defun texinfo-format-pindex nil (byte-code "!" [texinfo-index texinfo-pindex] 2))

(put (quote tindex) (quote texinfo-format) (quote texinfo-format-tindex))

(defun texinfo-format-tindex nil (byte-code "!" [texinfo-index texinfo-tindex] 2))

(put (quote kindex) (quote texinfo-format) (quote texinfo-format-kindex))

(defun texinfo-format-kindex nil (byte-code "!" [texinfo-index texinfo-kindex] 2))

(defun texinfo-index (indexvar) (byte-code "  	
D	JBL)" [arg indexvar texinfo-last-node texinfo-parse-expanded-arg texinfo-discard-command] 5))

(defconst texinfo-indexvar-alist (quote (("cp" . texinfo-cindex) ("fn" . texinfo-findex) ("vr" . texinfo-vindex) ("tp" . texinfo-tindex) ("pg" . texinfo-pindex) ("ky" . texinfo-kindex))))

(put (quote printindex) (quote texinfo-format) (quote texinfo-format-printindex))

(defun texinfo-format-printindex nil (byte-code " 	\"AJc`\"=#
`$*" [indexelts texinfo-indexvar-alist opoint nil system-type assoc texinfo-parse-arg-discard "
* Menu:

" texinfo-print-index vax-vms texinfo-sort-region shell-command-on-region "sort -fd" 1] 9))

(defun texinfo-print-index (file indexelts) (byte-code ":@@;'@@		Q@8&1@8@8\"A" [indexelts file insert "* " ": " "(" ")" "" 1 ".
" texinfo-print-index 2] 8))

(defun texinfo-format-defun nil (byte-code "\"	Z!" [nil fill-column t texinfo-push-stack defun 5 texinfo-format-defun-1] 3))

(defun texinfo-format-defunx nil (byte-code "!" [nil texinfo-format-defun-1] 2))

(defun texinfo-format-defun-1 (first-p) (byte-code " 
N 	=@A
N)	#)?3!	@$Aa@HUS@W@!\"A?)c
N	#@DJBL**" [args type texinfo-command-name formatter first-p texinfo-stack indexvar texinfo-last-node texinfo-format-parse-defun-args texinfo-defun-type texinfo-discard-command arg texinfo-defun-format-type funcall delete-char -1 insert "* " ": " " " 38 0 upcase "

" rplaca texinfo-defun-index texinfo-defun-format-index] 13))

(defun texinfo-end-defun nil (byte-code "\\ !8	!	b!))" [fill-column start 5 texinfo-discard-command 1 texinfo-pop-stack defun texinfo-do-itemize delete-char -1] 5))

(put (quote deffn) (quote texinfo-format) (quote texinfo-format-defun))

(put (quote deffnx) (quote texinfo-format) (quote texinfo-format-defunx))

(put (quote deffn) (quote texinfo-end) (quote texinfo-end-defun))

(put (quote deffn) (quote texinfo-defun-type) (quote arg))

(put (quote deffnx) (quote texinfo-defun-type) (quote arg))

(put (quote deffn) (quote texinfo-defun-index) (quote texinfo-findex))

(put (quote deffnx) (quote texinfo-defun-index) (quote texinfo-findex))

(put (quote defun) (quote texinfo-format) (quote texinfo-format-defun))

(put (quote defunx) (quote texinfo-format) (quote texinfo-format-defunx))

(put (quote defun) (quote texinfo-end) (quote texinfo-end-defun))

(put (quote defun) (quote texinfo-defun-type) "Function")

(put (quote defunx) (quote texinfo-defun-type) "Function")

(put (quote defun) (quote texinfo-defun-index) (quote texinfo-findex))

(put (quote defunx) (quote texinfo-defun-index) (quote texinfo-findex))

(put (quote defmac) (quote texinfo-format) (quote texinfo-format-defun))

(put (quote defmacx) (quote texinfo-format) (quote texinfo-format-defunx))

(put (quote defmac) (quote texinfo-end) (quote texinfo-end-defun))

(put (quote defmac) (quote texinfo-defun-type) "Macro")

(put (quote defmacx) (quote texinfo-defun-type) "Macro")

(put (quote defmac) (quote texinfo-defun-index) (quote texinfo-findex))

(put (quote defmacx) (quote texinfo-defun-index) (quote texinfo-findex))

(put (quote defspec) (quote texinfo-format) (quote texinfo-format-defun))

(put (quote defspecx) (quote texinfo-format) (quote texinfo-format-defunx))

(put (quote defspec) (quote texinfo-end) (quote texinfo-end-defun))

(put (quote defspec) (quote texinfo-defun-type) "Special form")

(put (quote defspecx) (quote texinfo-defun-type) "Special form")

(put (quote defspec) (quote texinfo-defun-index) (quote texinfo-findex))

(put (quote defspecx) (quote texinfo-defun-index) (quote texinfo-findex))

(put (quote defvr) (quote texinfo-format) (quote texinfo-format-defun))

(put (quote defvrx) (quote texinfo-format) (quote texinfo-format-defunx))

(put (quote defvr) (quote texinfo-end) (quote texinfo-end-defun))

(put (quote defvr) (quote texinfo-defun-type) (quote arg))

(put (quote defvrx) (quote texinfo-defun-type) (quote arg))

(put (quote defvr) (quote texinfo-defun-index) (quote texinfo-vindex))

(put (quote defvrx) (quote texinfo-defun-index) (quote texinfo-vindex))

(put (quote defvar) (quote texinfo-format) (quote texinfo-format-defun))

(put (quote defvarx) (quote texinfo-format) (quote texinfo-format-defunx))

(put (quote defvar) (quote texinfo-end) (quote texinfo-end-defun))

(put (quote defvar) (quote texinfo-defun-type) "Variable")

(put (quote defvarx) (quote texinfo-defun-type) "Variable")

(put (quote defvar) (quote texinfo-defun-index) (quote texinfo-vindex))

(put (quote defvarx) (quote texinfo-defun-index) (quote texinfo-vindex))

(put (quote defopt) (quote texinfo-format) (quote texinfo-format-defun))

(put (quote defoptx) (quote texinfo-format) (quote texinfo-format-defunx))

(put (quote defopt) (quote texinfo-end) (quote texinfo-end-defun))

(put (quote defopt) (quote texinfo-defun-type) "User Option")

(put (quote defoptx) (quote texinfo-defun-type) "User Option")

(put (quote defopt) (quote texinfo-defun-index) (quote texinfo-vindex))

(put (quote defoptx) (quote texinfo-defun-index) (quote texinfo-vindex))

(put (quote deftp) (quote texinfo-format) (quote texinfo-format-defun))

(put (quote deftpx) (quote texinfo-format) (quote texinfo-format-defunx))

(put (quote deftp) (quote texinfo-end) (quote texinfo-end-defun))

(put (quote deftp) (quote texinfo-defun-type) (quote arg))

(put (quote deftpx) (quote texinfo-defun-type) (quote arg))

(put (quote deftp) (quote texinfo-defun-index) (quote texinfo-tindex))

(put (quote deftpx) (quote texinfo-defun-index) (quote texinfo-tindex))

(put (quote defop) (quote texinfo-format) (quote texinfo-format-defun))

(put (quote defopx) (quote texinfo-format) (quote texinfo-format-defunx))

(put (quote defop) (quote texinfo-end) (quote texinfo-end-defun))

(put (quote defop) (quote texinfo-defun-type) (quote arg))

(put (quote defopx) (quote texinfo-defun-type) (quote arg))

(put (quote defop) (quote texinfo-defun-format-type) (quote texinfo-format-defop-type))

(put (quote defopx) (quote texinfo-defun-format-type) (quote texinfo-format-defop-type))

(put (quote defop) (quote texinfo-defun-index) (quote texinfo-findex))

(put (quote defopx) (quote texinfo-defun-index) (quote texinfo-findex))

(put (quote defop) (quote texinfo-defun-format-index) (quote texinfo-format-defop-index))

(put (quote defopx) (quote texinfo-defun-format-index) (quote texinfo-format-defop-index))

(put (quote defmethod) (quote texinfo-format) (quote texinfo-format-defun))

(put (quote defmethodx) (quote texinfo-format) (quote texinfo-format-defunx))

(put (quote defmethod) (quote texinfo-end) (quote texinfo-end-defun))

(put (quote defmethod) (quote texinfo-defun-type) "Operation")

(put (quote defmethodx) (quote texinfo-defun-type) "Operation")

(put (quote defmethod) (quote texinfo-defun-format-type) (quote texinfo-format-defop-type))

(put (quote defmethodx) (quote texinfo-defun-format-type) (quote texinfo-format-defop-type))

(put (quote defmethod) (quote texinfo-defun-index) (quote texinfo-findex))

(put (quote defmethodx) (quote texinfo-defun-index) (quote texinfo-findex))

(put (quote defmethod) (quote texinfo-defun-format-index) (quote texinfo-format-defop-index))

(put (quote defmethodx) (quote texinfo-defun-format-index) (quote texinfo-format-defop-index))

(defun texinfo-format-defop-type (type args) (byte-code "	@#" [type args format "%s on %s"] 4))

(defun texinfo-format-defop-index (type args) (byte-code "A@@#" [args format "%s on %s"] 4))

(put (quote defcv) (quote texinfo-format) (quote texinfo-format-defun))

(put (quote defcvx) (quote texinfo-format) (quote texinfo-format-defunx))

(put (quote defcv) (quote texinfo-end) (quote texinfo-end-defun))

(put (quote defcv) (quote texinfo-defun-type) (quote arg))

(put (quote defcvx) (quote texinfo-defun-type) (quote arg))

(put (quote defcv) (quote texinfo-defun-format-type) (quote texinfo-format-defcv-type))

(put (quote defcvx) (quote texinfo-defun-format-type) (quote texinfo-format-defcv-type))

(put (quote defcv) (quote texinfo-defun-index) (quote texinfo-vindex))

(put (quote defcvx) (quote texinfo-defun-index) (quote texinfo-vindex))

(put (quote defcv) (quote texinfo-defun-format-index) (quote texinfo-format-defcv-index))

(put (quote defcvx) (quote texinfo-defun-format-index) (quote texinfo-format-defcv-index))

(put (quote defivar) (quote texinfo-format) (quote texinfo-format-defun))

(put (quote defivarx) (quote texinfo-format) (quote texinfo-format-defunx))

(put (quote defivar) (quote texinfo-end) (quote texinfo-end-defun))

(put (quote defivar) (quote texinfo-defun-type) "Instance variable")

(put (quote defivarx) (quote texinfo-defun-type) "Instance variable")

(put (quote defivar) (quote texinfo-defun-format-type) (quote texinfo-format-defcv-type))

(put (quote defivarx) (quote texinfo-defun-format-type) (quote texinfo-format-defcv-type))

(put (quote defivar) (quote texinfo-defun-index) (quote texinfo-vindex))

(put (quote defivarx) (quote texinfo-defun-index) (quote texinfo-vindex))

(put (quote defivar) (quote texinfo-defun-format-index) (quote texinfo-format-defcv-index))

(put (quote defivarx) (quote texinfo-defun-format-index) (quote texinfo-format-defcv-index))

(defun texinfo-format-defcv-type (type args) (byte-code "	@#" [type args format "%s of %s"] 4))

(defun texinfo-format-defcv-index (type args) (byte-code "A@@#" [args format "%s of %s"] 4))

(put (quote include) (quote texinfo-format) (quote texinfo-format-include))

(defun texinfo-format-include nil (byte-code " 
P!P3P!%P3!/3\"! )@8#@8#@8#@8#@8#@8#+" [filename default-directory input-directory subindex t texinfo-parse-arg-discard nil find-file file-readable-p ".texinfo" ".tex" error "@include'd file %s not found" texinfo-format-buffer-1 texinfo-subindex texinfo-vindex 1 texinfo-findex 2 texinfo-cindex 3 texinfo-pindex 4 texinfo-tindex 5 texinfo-kindex 6] 17))

(defun texinfo-subindex (indexvar file content) (byte-code "	
EJBL" [indexvar file content recurse] 4))

(put (quote page) (quote texinfo-format) (quote texinfo-discard-line-with-args))

(put (quote c) (quote texinfo-format) (quote texinfo-discard-line-with-args))

(put (quote comment) (quote texinfo-format) (quote texinfo-discard-line-with-args))

(put (quote setchapternewpage) (quote texinfo-format) (quote texinfo-discard-line-with-args))

(put (quote contents) (quote texinfo-format) (quote texinfo-discard-line-with-args))

(put (quote summarycontents) (quote texinfo-format) (quote texinfo-discard-line-with-args))

(put (quote nopara) (quote texinfo-format) (quote texinfo-discard-line-with-args))

(put (quote noindent) (quote texinfo-format) (quote texinfo-discard-line-with-args))

(put (quote setx) (quote texinfo-format) (quote texinfo-discard-line-with-args))

(put (quote setq) (quote texinfo-format) (quote texinfo-discard-line-with-args))

(put (quote settitle) (quote texinfo-format) (quote texinfo-discard-line-with-args))

(put (quote defindex) (quote texinfo-format) (quote texinfo-discard-line-with-args))

(put (quote synindex) (quote texinfo-format) (quote texinfo-discard-line-with-args))

(put (quote hsize) (quote texinfo-format) (quote texinfo-discard-line-with-args))

(put (quote parindent) (quote texinfo-format) (quote texinfo-discard-line-with-args))

(put (quote lispnarrowing) (quote texinfo-format) (quote texinfo-discard-line-with-args))

(put (quote itemindent) (quote texinfo-format) (quote texinfo-discard-line-with-args))

(put (quote headings) (quote texinfo-format) (quote texinfo-discard-line-with-args))

(put (quote group) (quote texinfo-format) (quote texinfo-discard-line-with-args))

(put (quote group) (quote texinfo-end) (quote texinfo-discard-line-with-args))

(put (quote bye) (quote texinfo-format) (quote texinfo-discard-line))

(put (quote smallbook) (quote texinfo-format) (quote texinfo-discard-line))

(defun texinfo-discard-line-with-args nil (byte-code "b`!`\"" [texinfo-command-start delete-region forward-line 1] 4))

(defun texinfo-sort-region (start end) (byte-code "!	\"$)" [start end nil require sort narrow-to-region sort-subr forward-line end-of-line texinfo-sort-startkeyfun] 7))

(defun texinfo-sort-startkeyfun nil (byte-code "` `)\"\"&!O!GOQ
)" [line buffer-substring end-of-line string-match "[ 	][ 	]+\\|[^a-z0-9 ]+" 0 match-beginning " " match-end] 11))

(defun texinfo-unsupported nil (byte-code "	\"\"" [texinfo-command-start texinfo-command-end error "%s is not handled by texinfo" buffer-substring] 5))

(defun batch-texinfo-format nil "\
Runs  texinfo-format-buffer  on the files remaining on the command line.
Must be used only with -batch, and kills emacs on completion.
Each file will be processed even if an error occurred previously.
For example, invoke
  \"emacs -batch -funcall batch-texinfo-format $docs/ ~/*.texinfo\"." (byte-code "?!
	m@!		!?F	\"Ai	!\\	!A\"i	

ُn!+-" [noninteractive version-control t auto-save-default nil find-file-run-dired kept-old-versions kept-new-versions error file files command-line-args-left "batch-texinfo-format may only be used -batch." 259259 0 expand-file-name file-exists-p message ">> %s does not exist!" 1 file-directory-p nconc directory-files err (byte-code "p!	!p!! 	\"! - \" " [buffer-file-name file nil kill-buffer find-file buffer-flush-undo set-buffer-modified-p texinfo-mode message "texinfo formatting %s..." texinfo-format-buffer buffer-modified-p "Saving modified %s" save-buffer] 12) ((error (byte-code "!\"!``\\d^\"	
#7	!O	!OQ
T	\"*҉" [err s tem error message ">> Error: %s" prin1-to-string ">>  point at" buffer-substring 100 0 string-match "
+" match-beginning "
>>  " match-end nil ">>  %s" 1] 13))) kill-emacs] 11))