(defun create-file-buffer (filename) "\
Create a suitably named buffer for visiting FILENAME, and return it.
FILENAME (sans directory) is used unchanged if that name is free;
otherwise a string <2> or <3> or ... is appended to get an unused name." (byte-code "!!!" [filename generate-new-buffer downcase file-name-nondirectory] 4))

(defun make-legal-file-name (fn) (byte-code "!GW|H
=2	,I/Ɖs
=kV?sIT," [fn dot nil indx len chr t copy-sequence 0 46 95 97 122 65 90 48 57 36 45] 5))

(defun make-auto-save-file-name nil "\
Return file name to use for auto-saves of current buffer.
Does not consider auto-save-visited-file-name; that is checked
before calling this function.
This is a separate function so your .emacs file or site-init.el can redefine it.
See also auto-save-file-name-p." (byte-code "!!R !Q!" [buffer-file-name file-name-directory "_$" file-name-nondirectory "$" expand-file-name "_$_" make-legal-file-name buffer-name] 8))

(defun auto-save-file-name-p (filename) "\
Return t if FILENAME can be yielded by make-auto-save-file-name.
FILENAME should lack slashes.
This is a separate function so your .emacs file or site-init.el can redefine it." (byte-code "\"" [filename string-match "^_\\$.*\\$"] 3))

(defun vms-suspend-resume-hook nil "\
When resuming suspended Emacs, check for file to be found.
If the logical name `EMACS_FILE_NAME' is defined, `find-file' that file." (byte-code "\"!)" [file vms-system-info "LOGICAL" "EMACS_FILE_NAME" find-file] 3))

(setq suspend-resume-hook (quote vms-suspend-resume-hook))

(defun vms-suspend-hook nil "\
Don't allow suspending if logical name `DONT_SUSPEND_EMACS' is defined." (byte-code "\"
!" [nil vms-system-info "LOGICAL" "DONT_SUSPEND_EMACS" error "Can't suspend this emacs"] 3))

(setq suspend-hook (quote vms-suspend-hook))