Fri Jan  4 12:48:22 EST 1991	Jay Fenlason (hack@ai.mit.edu)

	* messages.c  Moved as_perror from input-scrub.c  Modified the
	error messages to look better.

	* output-file.c Don't call as_fatal, just call exit()

	expr.c Slightly improve checking for foo-foo case in
	clean_up_expression().  Detect foo: bar: ... foo-bar...

Tue Dec  4 16:29:20 EST 1990	Jay Fenlason (hack@ai.mit.edu)

	* m68k.c  Fixed an obscure bug involving AOFF mode with a
	large constant displacement (Was forgetting to output the
	extension word.)

	make-gas.com  Added a three line patch from Eric Youngdale that
	makes it possible to submit make-gas.com to a batch queue.

Wed Nov 21 15:07:51 EST 1990	Jay Fenlason (hack@ai.mit.edu)

	* vms.c  (VMS_TBT_Routine_END)  Add a four line patch from
	Eric Youngdale.

Tue Nov 13 14:02:15 EST 1990	Jay Fenlason (hack@ai.mti.edu)

	* vms-dbg.c (VMS_DBG_record())  Another one character patch from
	Eric Youngdale.

Mon Oct 29 15:49:21 EST 1990	Jay Fenlason (hack@ai.mit.edu)

	* read.c  Replace some as_warn calls with as_bad.

Fri Oct 26 15:21:15 EDT 1990	Jay Fenlason (hack@ai.mit.edu)

	* i386.c, i860.c, ns32k.c	Add const changes.

Mon Oct 22 14:04:26 EDT 1990	Jay Fenlason (hack@ai.mit.edu)

	* sparc.c	Add const changes.

	* make-gas.com	define const= for VMS, since many older versions of
	GCC don't work correctly with const under VMS.

Thu Oct 18 12:44:11 EDT 1990	Jay Fenlason (hack@ai.mit.edu)

	* i860.c i860-opcode.h  Added patches from rgb@mcc.com

	* read.c, symbols.c, vms.c, + new_file vms-dbg-module.c
	Added Eric Youngdale's <YOUNGDALE@v6550c.nrl.navy.mil> VMS debugging
	patches, so debugging GCC output now works.

	* hash.c (hash_grow)  Remember to blank out the wall entry in the new
	hash table.  This is important on systems where malloc() returns
	non-zero storage. . .

Tue Oct 16 10:11:35 EDT 1990	Jay Fenlason (hack@ai.mit.edu)

	* output-file.c (output_file_create)  if output filename is given as
	'-', write to stdout.

	* m68k.c Finally get the PCREL code to work right.  Add relaxation of
	PCREL stuff  This small fix from Ken Woodland

	* m68k.c  Added some const declarations to constants.  (md_relax_table,
	md_pseudo_table, etc. . .)

Thu Oct 11 11:15:10 EDT 1990	Jay Fenlason (hack@ai.mit.edu)

	* Makefile, read.c, write.c Include the i860 port.
	(New files i860.c i860-opcode.h i860.h)

	* m68k.c Fix some addressing modes, (AOFF, AINDEX, etc) to work in
	PC relative mode.

	* (all over)  Raeburn's const hacking.  This reduces the data-space size by
	declaring many tables, etc, as 'const'.

Thu Sep 27 13:43:49 EDT 1990	Jay Fenlason (hack@ai.mit.edu)

	* m68k.c (get_num)  Fix so that 1:w is treated properly.

	* Makefile  Replace references to a.out.h with a.out.gnu.h

Tue Sep 25 15:50:36 EDT 1990	Jay Fenlason (hack@ai.mit.edu)

	* sparc.c  (md_number_to_imm)  Fix so that RELOC_32 locations contain
	zero, so that it will work with some sparc loaders which don't assume
	that the locations in question do.  A xix line patch from Michael Bloom

Mon Sep 24 11:43:15 EDT 1990	Jay Fenlason (hack@ai.mit.edu)

	* as.c  #include <sys/types.h> if _POSIX_SOURCE defined.  This because
	<signal.h> uses pid_t that's defined in it.

	* m68k.c reverse the sense of -l option, and allow :w and :l to
	override the default size of AOFF indexes.

	Also, allow -l to shorten branches to unknown labels from LONG to WORD.

Thu Sep 13 17:05:09 EDT 1990	Jay Fenlason (hack@ai.mit.edu)

	* vax.c (md_parse_option)  Don't print a warning msg if given -J

Wed Sep  5 14:26:14 EDT 1990	Jay Fenlason

	* expr.c  (operand)  Don't get garbaged high-order bits when given a
	lot of leading zeroes.

Tue Sep  4 11:40:21 EDT 1990	Jay Fenlason

	* read.c (pseudo_set) Compain if we're setting the symbol to the
	difference of two symbols which are in different frags.  (We can't
	find out how far apart they are.)

Wed Aug 15 12:18:58 EDT 1990	Jay Fenlason

	* m68k.c (m68k_ip_op)  Dyke out the code that deals with parsing
	:[wl] at the end of expressions since it is handled in get_num()
	and this was putting the result in the wrong place anyway.
	Corrected a couple of other references to ->isiz instead of con?->e_siz

Mon Aug 13 15:53:46 EDT 1990	Jay Fenlason

	* read.c  Handle .align specially on the sparc, or any other machine
	where OTHER_ALIGN is defined.  Added option and comments about it
	to Makefile.

Fri Aug 10 12:24:33 EDT 1990	Jay Fenlason

	* m68k.c (get_num)  Handle SEG_PASS1 expressions.

Mon Aug  6 16:32:29 EDT 1990	Jay Fenlason

	* write.c  (fixup_segment) Added two patches for the NS32k
	and SEQUENT  A six line patch from Ian Dall

Wed Aug  1 13:30:48 EDT 1990	Jay Fenlason (hack@ai.mit.edu)

	* m68k.c  Include REGISTER_PREFIX ifdefs.

	* write.c Include LOCAL_LABEL() and DOT_LABEL_PREFIX feature.

	* vax.c (md_parse_option)  Accept -H option.

	* vms.c New version of case hasher, etc.  These from Eric Youngdale

Fri Jul 20 13:39:02 EDT 1990	Jay Fenlason (hack@ai.mit.edu)


Wed Jul 18 16:29:22 EDT 1990	Jay Fenlason (hack@ai.mit.edu)

	* Makefile  Added option for SEQUENT_COMPATABILITY

	* ns32k.c  Add configurable syntax feature from

	* ns32k-opcode.h  Add configurable syntax feature.

Mon Jul 16 11:44:14 EDT 1990	Jay Fenlason (hack@ai.mit.edu)

	* write.c (relax_segment)  On ns32k, add fragP->fr_pcrel_adjust to
		(fixup_segment)  On ns32k, don't subtract size from
	add_number on pcrel external symbols.

	* ns32k.c (md_relax_table)  Use correct max displacements.
	This is a six-line patch from ian@sibyl.eleceng.ua.oz.au

	* ns32k.c (md_atof, convert_iif)  Emit floating point numbers in
	the correct byte order.  A seven line patch from

	* ns32k.c (all over)  Some lint fixes.

Mon Jul  9 13:17:00 EDT 1990	Jay Fenlason (hack@ai.mit.edu)

	* app.c (do_scrub_next_char)  If a comment is #{whitespace}
	don't treat the next line as comment also.

	* m68k.c (...)  Accept apc@(num:[wl]), etc.

	* i386.c (md_assemble) Get bitfields correct when doing cross
	assembly to 386.  A two line patch from Michael Bloom.

	* README.APOLLO a new file with vasta@apollo's name, address
	and phone # in it.

	* make-gas.com Deleted references to gdb source files.

Fri Jul  6 14:34:27 EDT 1990	Jay Fenlason (hack@ai.mit.edu)

	* i386.c  Ignore the .optim directive

	* input-file.c  Change from _IOLBF to _IOFBF in setbuffer emulation
	for SYSV.

Mon Jun 18 15:36:49 EDT 1990 Jay Fenlason (hack@ai.mit.edu)

	* sparc.c #ifdef DONTDEF s_sparc_align, since it isn't called from

Fri Jun 15 15:53:30 EDT 1990 Jay Fenlason (hack@ai.mit.edu)

	* vax.c (md_parse_option)  make the code agree with the documentation
	  on the behaviour of the -d option.

Thu Jun  7 14:23:54 EDT 1990 Jay Fenlason (hack@ai.mit.edu)

	* atof-ieee.c  (gen_to_words)  Assemble 0r-0 correctly.

	* Makefile Remove last references to gdb*.c files.

	* version.c  New version 1.36

Tue May 22 13:22:26 EDT 1990 Jay Fenlason (hack@ai.mit.edu)

	* Makefile  Mention a work-around for a possible problem with HPUX7.0

Mon May 21 14:06:04 1990  Jim Kingdon  (kingdon at pogo.ai.mit.edu)

	* sparc.c (sparc_ip): Change error message from "not in hash table"
	to "unknown opcode".

Wed May 16 15:33:14 EDT 1990	hack@wookumz

	* i386.c (i386_operand)  Print error msg if given an operand like
	4(mumble) which we can't parse.

	* m68k.c (md_assemble)  Add '3' to the list of operand-places that
	can be found in 'symbol-dependent info'.  Also change
	'confusing width' diagnostic to something more meaningful.

Fri May 11 12:09:21 EDT 1990	hack@wookumz

	app.c (do_scrub_next_char)  Don't flush the line after a line
	consisting of a single '/'  A one-line patch from Mike Kupfer

	* i386.c (md_assemble)  Call frag_wane() before calling frag_new()
	A one line patch from Steve Bleazard (steve@robobar.co.uk

Tue May  8 12:56:25 EDT 1990	hack@wookumz

	* atof-generic.c (atof-generic)  Modified the Infinity detection code
	  to accept 0rinfinity and 0r-infinity as well as 0rinf and 0r-inf

Thu Apr 26 15:17:31 EDT 1990	hack@wookumz

	* atof-ieee.c  Change value of NaNs to 0x7fff ffff (float) and
	0x7fff ffff ffff ffff (double)  If you want some other value for
	NaN, use .long and spell it out yourself.

	atof-generic.c  (atof_generic)  Cleaned up code that detects NaN
 	and Inf.

	vax.c (md_assemble)  print a useful error message if expression()
	returns SEG_PASS1 or SEG_DIFFERENCE and we can't deal with those.

Thu Apr 19 10:30:47 EDT 1990	hack@wookumz

	* input-scrub.c (AFTER_STRING)  Make AFTER_STRING contain a null
	so that the strstr() call when looking for "#NO_APP" after a "#APP"
	will work.  A two character patch from Bruce Robertson

	* Makefile, i386.c  Use atof-ieee.c instead of atof-i386.c

Mon Apr 16 16:20:55 EDT 1990	hack@wookumz

	* m68k.c (md_relax_table)  Many of the offsets were off by two.
	Fixed some generic spacing problems thoughout the file.

Thu Apr 12 12:22:35 EDT 1990	hack@wookumz

	* sparc.c  (md_ri_to_chars)  Handle little-endian cross assembly.

	* write.c (relax_segment)  Compare addresses correctly to avoid
	  accidentally relaxing a branch that we don't have to.
	  These small changes from John Gilmore (gnu@toad.com)

Fri Apr  6 12:52:15 EDT 1990	hack@wookumz

	* Makefile, expr.c symbols.c  Correctly document the SUN_ASM_SYNTAX
	option, and make it work.

Tue Mar 20 12:46:59 EST 1990

	* as.c (main)  Only trap SIGHUP, SIGINT, SIGPIPE, and SIGTERM,
		and only if they aren't being ignored.  A three line patch
		from Paul Eggert (eggert@twinsun.com)

	* write.c (relax_segment)  Correct typo 'growth - ' should have been
		growth = 

	* atof-vax.c (next_bits, flonum_gen2vax)  Clean up by sharing some
		variables.  While we're at it, fix next_bits so that it
		doesn't use littlenums that don't exist. . .

Tue Mar 13 16:23:21 EST 1990	hack@wookumz

	* Rename atof-m68k.c atof-ieee.c

	* Delete atof-ns32k.c

	* m68k.c sparc.c ns32k.c atof-ieee.c  Call atof-ieee instead of
		atof-m68k or atof-ns32k

	* Makefile	Compile with atof-ieee.c instead of atof-ns32k.c or

Mon Mar 12 14:06:55 EST 1990	hack@wookumz

	* as.c  If the signal handler gets called twice, exit immediatly.

	* ns32k.c  Call gen_to_words with a pointer of the proper type, and
	  call md_number_to_chars to put the results in the proper byte-order.
	  Whoever wrote this code was *sloppy*!

	* Makefile ns32k.o depends on ns32k.c

	* vax.c  (md_parse_option)  If VMS, accept -+ and -h options.

	* vms.c (VMS_Case_Hack_Symbol)  Replace #if NO_CASE_HACKING
		with references to the -h option.  These small VMS patches
		from Angel Li (angel@flipper.miami.edu).

Thu Mar  8 19:18:59 EST 1990	hack@wookumz
	* vms.c		Some trivial patches from Eric Youngdale

Wed Mar  7 17:12:09 EST 1990	hack@wookumz
	* make-gas.com	(Define error as as_fatal when compiling vax.c and vms.c
			A two line patch from Eric Youngdale

Tue Mar  6 16:01:09 EST 1990	hack@wookumz

	* Makefile  Include ns32k options in makefile.  A small patch from
	David Taylor (taylor@think.com).

	* as.c read.c write.c Makefile  #ifdef DONTDEF out all the gdb
	symbol stuff, since it isn't used anymore and it doesn't work.

Mon Mar  5 14:51:04 EST 1990	hack@wookumz

	* i386.c (md_assemble) Replace memchr() with index().

	* as.c  Trap signals 1 through NSIG, print an error msg, and don't
	produce an object file.

	* m68k.c Added a hack so that fsincosx fpx,fpy:fpz works.

	* messages.c New function: as_bad  This is like as_warn, except
	-W doesn't disable it, and calling it inhibits production of an
	object file and causes a non-zero exit code.

Tue Feb 13 14:25:53 EST 1990	hack@wookumz
	* Makefile  Include G0 and LOADLIBES for Sequent Symmetry.
	Based on a small patch from Johan Widen (jw@sics.se)

Thu Feb  1 14:08:58 EST 1990	hack@wookumz
	* m68k.c  Replace 'abort' with 'abort()' which will work.

Wed Jan 24 17:15:08 EST 1990	hack@ai.mit.edu

	* read.c  (ignore_rest_of_line)  Have it print the first junk char
	in both decimal and %c form.

	(read_a_source_file)  On bad pseudo-op, print out the unknown
	pseudo-op's name.

Tue Jan 23 13:12:48 EST 1990	hack@ai.mit.edu

	* read.c (pseudo_set)	If the symbol is external, have it remain

	* i386-opcode.h  Allow jc as a synonym for jb and jnc as a syn for jnb.

Wed Jan  3 09:35:31 EST 1990	hack@ai.mit.edu

	* ns32k.c [cpureg_032]  Change register id of psr from 0x0b to 0x0d
	* ns32k-opcode.h	Change shift-counts for lsh and lshd
	to one byte instead of 2 and 4.
	A Trivial patch from John F. Peters (think!ames!practic.com!jfp@eddie)

Tue Dec  5 16:37:44 EST 1989	hack@ai.mit.edu

	* ns32k.c (md_create_{long,short}_jump)  Six line patch from
	John F Peters (think!ames!vine!practice.com!jfp) to use the
	correct addressing mode and byte-order for broken-word stuff.

	* write.c (write_object_file)  One line patch to call fix_new_ns32k
	with the correct # of args.

Fri Dec  1 16:44:21 EST 1989	hack@ai.mit.edu

	* atof-generic.c, flonum-mult.c  A real fix for the trailing-zeroes
	problem from Georg Feil (ghfeil@white.toronto.edu)  (two line change)

Mon Nov 27 15:30:46 EST 1989	hack@ai.mit.edu

	* i386-opcode.h  Fixed opcode-table entry for ljmp.  A one char
	patch from eliot@mgm.mit.edu

Mon Nov 20 12:41:28 EST 1989	hack@ai.mit.edu

	* expr.c  Replace the generic_buffer hack with a more portable one */

	* atof-generic.c (atof_generic)  Ignore trailing zeroes after a decimal
	point.  For some reason trailing zeroes (but not trailing nonzeroes) were
	causing loss of precision.  I don't know why. . .

	* vms.c Change copyright notice.  Install changes from Kenneth Adelman
	(adelman@tgv.com) for c++?  (A dozen lines or so)

Mon Nov 13 11:48:44 EST 1989	hack@ai.mit.edu

	* Makefile  Add BINDIR and use it to control where the executable is

	* i386.c Use __builtin_alloca if possible (trivial patch from
	Marco S. Hyman pacbell!dumbcat!marc)

Mon Nov  6 18:24:47 EST 1989	hack@ai.mit.edu

	* version.c  New version: 1.35 will be distributed with the
 	1.36 gcc release.

Mon Oct 30 10:38:11 EST 1989	hack@ai.mit.edu

	* atof-m68k.c (atof_m68k)  Don't put the bits[] array on the stack,
	since it may be pointed to after atof-m68k exits.

Tue Oct 24 11:15:57 EDT 1989	hack@ai.mit.edu

	* atof-m68k.c  Added #define for bcopy on USG systems.
	#ifdef TEST the print_gen() function.

	* a.out.h  if USE_HP_INC_HDR then use ../binutils/hp-include/a.out.h

Fri Oct 13 14:36:48 EDT 1989	hack@ai.mit.edu

	* vax.c (all)  Ran vax through indent -gnu to make it readable.

	vax.c (vip_op)  Correctly assemble code like jmp $*0x11223344
	by setting vip_nbytes to 4 when using an immediate address.
	I hope this works!

	m68k.c (s_proc (new))  Added s_proc no-op pseudo-op.

	Makefile  Added instructions for compiling on Sequent Symmetry
	and HP 9000/300.

	a.out.h	Modified to compile on Sequent and HP above.  (HP port
	based on a msg from asjl@comp.vuw.ac.nz (real name unknown)).

Tue Oct 10 14:39:44 EDT 1989	hack@ai.mit.edu
	* vax.c (vip_op)	Fixed a typo in an error msg and cleaned
	up some spacing stuff.

Wed Sep 27 19:07:12 EDT 1989	hack@ai.mit.edu

	* app.c (do_scrub_next_char)	Fixed parsing of
		# <line> "file" garbage
	text so that it'll work again?  (8 line patch from Mike	Hibler

Mon Sep 18 16:26:01 EDT 1989	hack@ai.mit.edu

	* app.c (do_scrub_next_char): Modify parsing of /* ... */ to work
	on the text /* ****/

	* sparc.c (sparc_ip):  Don't abort on insns that use the Alternate
	Spaces.  Try to assemble them correctly.

Thu Sep 14 11:42:44 EDT 1989	hack@ai.mit.edu

	* sparc.c (md_number_to_imm)  Dozen line patch from jkp@sauna.hut.fi
	(Jyrki Kuoppala) so that gas output will work with shared libraries.

	* ns32k.c Include <string.h> instead of <strings.h> if USG defined.

	(md_end)  free(freeptr_static) instead of free(freeptr) .

	* atof-ns32k.c  Include as.h so that sysV stuff (bzero) will be
	defined if needed.  These ns32k changes from
	nixbur!mollers.pad@seismo.css.gov (Josef Moellers)

Fri Sep  1 11:39:52 EDT 1989	hack@ai.mit.edu

	* atof-m68k.c (gen_to_words)  Get the sign right on negative
	floating-point numbers.

Wed Aug 30 13:59:57 EDT 1989	hack@ai.mit.edu

	* Makefile  Remove the rest of the $< entries that kill sun make

Fri Aug 25 15:00:30 EDT 1989	Nobody You Know (hack@ai.mit.edu)

	* atof-m68k.c (gen_to_words) deal with denormalized floating-point

Tue Aug 22 02:03:05 1989  Roland McGrath  (roland at hobbes.ai.mit.edu)

	* Makefile (gas-dist.tar): Put ChangeLog in the tar file.

	* version.c: Added comment telling Jay Fenl--I mean people--not to put
	changes in version.c, but to use ChangeLog instead.

	* version.c (version_string): Put "GNU" in all-caps.

	* version.c: Moved all comments about changes to ChangeLog (this file).
	Many anonymous entries have been attributed to Jay Fenlason (hack).

Thu Aug 17 15:53:57 1989  Jay Fenlason  (hack at apple-gunkies.ai.mit.edu)

	* Makefile: Removed $< references that seem
	to choke some versions of make.

	* frags.c (frag_grow): Fixed to deal with requests for very
	large frags (larger than frags.chunk_size).

	* app.c (do_scrub_next_char): Have it ignore any characters
	after the filename in a # line "filename".

	* sparc.c (s_common): On an error, don't print out
	input_line_pointer past the end of the line where the error is.

	* atof-generic.c (atof_generic): Accept any case for
	inf and nan.

	* m68k.c (m68_ip): Don't use PC-relative mode for alterable
	addressing modes.

Tue Aug 15 04:58:36 1989  Roland McGrath  (roland at apple-gunkies.ai.mit.edu)

	* sparc.c (md_begin): Rewrote this function to perform consistency
	checks with the new opcode table.

Fri Aug 11 16:01:16 1989  Roland McGrath  (roland at apple-gunkies.ai.mit.edu)

	* sparc-opcode.h (struct sparc_opcode): Replaced `mask' field with
	`lose'; removed `last' field.  Updated all opcodes accordingly.
	Fixed several opcodes that generated the wrong instructions.
	sparc.c (md_begin, sparc_ip): Changed to use new struct sparc_opcode.

Thu Aug  3 14:44:24 1989  Jay Fenlason  (hack at apple-gunkies.ai.mit.edu)

	* Makefile (a32k): Use read- and write-ns32k.o
	* ns32k.c (encode_operand): Make sure pcrel_adjust starts out zeroed.
	* read.c (cons): Call fix_new_ns32k() if NS32K is defined.
	* write.c (write_object_file): Ditto.
	These so that .word sym-sym (etc) will produce values with
	the proper byte-order.

Wed Aug 2 12:55:?? 1989  Jay Fenlason (hack at apple-gunkies.ai.mit.edu)

	* sparc.c (comment_chars[]): Removed '|' because it was causing
	problems.  Probably not the best fix, since I suspect other
	assemblers (68020) may get | in .stabs also, and the 68020 needs
	the '|' comment character.

Mon Jul 31 09:22:28 1989  Roland McGrath  (roland at apple-gunkies.ai.mit.edu)

	* sparc.c (sparc_ip): Allow the characters [0123] in opcodes.

Tue Jul 25 16:32:12 1989  Jay Fenlason  (hack)

	* atof-generic.c (atof_generic): Tried to keep
	size_of_digits_in_littlenum from going negative.

	* sparc-opcode.h: Added duplicate [i+1] entries to go with
	the [1+i] entries already there.  A kludgy fix, but it works.

Mon Jul 24 17:20:03 1989  Jay Fenlason  (hack)

	* write.c (relax_segment): Modified rs_org code so it won't
	occasionally dump core.

	* write.c (pseudo_set): Modified SEG_DIFFERENCE to (perhaps)
	allow one to set a symbol to the difference of two other symbols.

	* ns32k.c (convert_iif): Moved size_so_far+=size and size=0 inside
	 the check for a valid type.

	* sparc-opcode.h: Modified the entries for std "q,[1+i]", "D,[1+i]",
	and "Q,[1+i]".

(In version 1.34)  Jay Fenlason  (hack)

	* Makefile: Reorganized, added stuff to make asparc.

	* sparc.c, sparc-opcode.h, sparc.h: Sparc port.

	* write.c: Set the size of text and bss segments to a multiple of eight

	* m68k.c: Moved .single pseudo-op to machine independent part.

	* atof-generic.c: Fixed type in #ifdef __GNUC__.

	* sparc-opcode.h: Handle "mov REG, %y".

	* make-gas.com: Know that error.c no longer exists.

	* sparc.c: Handle [expr+reg].
	Don't call getExpression when looking for an immediate and getting
	something that starts with % and isn't %hi or %lo.

	* Teach the 68k about long conditional branches.

(In version 1.33)  Jay Fenlason  (hack)

	* Use __builtin_alloca if available.

	* README: Added more instructions for reporting bugs.

	* ns32k-opcode.h: Changed the acbb, acbw, and acbd insns.

	* vax.c: Replaced instances of LENGTH[STRING] with STRING[LENGTH].

	* ns32k.c (encode_operand): Increased max size of bit field for exts
	and inss instructions from 31 to 32 bits.

	* flonum-mult.c (flonum_multip): Fixed typo.

	* m68kc.: Allow #32 to be the same as #0 for bit-field ops.

	* make-gas.com, version.c, hex-value.c, flonum-const.c: VMS fixes.

	* ns32k.c, ns32k-opcode.h: More fixes from taylor@think.com.
	Mostly typos in comments, etc.

	* ns32k-opcode.h: Fixed size of immediate operands to andw and andd

(In version 1.32)  Jay Fenlason  (hack)

	* read.c (s_set): Fixed misnamed variable.

	* as.c: Don't hang if given an invalid option.

	* m68k.c: Fixed bug in creating absolute long addresses for branches.

	* ns3k*: Some small ns32k patches.

	* m68k.c: Recognize 0rnan, 0rinf, 0r-inf.

	* app.c: Don't dump core on unterminated strings.

	* symbols.c: Give reasonable error messages.

	* ns32k*: Allow -m32032 and -m32532 options.

	* atof-*.c: Added support for NaN, Inf, and -Inf in atof_generic and
	the various descriptions.

	* m68k.c (add_fix): Replace occurrences of "width==" with
	"(width)==".  This correct a precedence problem.

	* write.c, struc-symbol.h, m68k-opcode.h, m-hpux.h, Makefile: Changes
	for HP-UX from Chris Hanson (cph@kleph.ai.mit.edu).

	* m68k-opcode.h: Reorder movem insns so gdb will see the ones using the
	register list syntax first.

	* symbols.c (colon): Give more useful error messages when something was
	defined as a .comm and is now trying to be defined locally.
	Also, redefining a symbol is a fatal, not a warning.

	* m68k.c: Fixed a bug in using bignums as literal bit patterns for
	floating-point numbers.

(In version 1.31)  Jay Fenlason  (hack)

	* i386*: More patches.

	* Moved machine-dependent option parsing into the machine-dependent
	source files.

(In version 1.30)  Jay Fenlason  (hack)

	* i386*: New new version.

	* atof-m68k.c: Changed to be smaller, with somewhat better modularity.
	Also fixed an obscure bug wherein next_bits would return random bits.

	* m68k.c: Be more careful about creating PC-relative addressing modes
	on the 68000 and 68010.

	* frags.c (frag_new): Zero out the new frag.

	* Don't choke on "foo= bar" or on formfeeds.

	* read.c: Allow Sun-syntax local labels #ifdef SUN_ASM_SYNTAX.
	* m-sun3.h: Defined SUN_ASM_SYNTAX.

(In version 1.29)  Jay Fenlason  (hack)

	* i386.c: Newer version that fixes a bug wherein a jump instruction
	would be split between two frags.

	* i386*: New version.

	* m68k.c: #ifdef M_SUN and -m68010, produce Sun-2 executables.

(In version 1.28)  Jay Fenlason  (hack)

	* m68k.c: Added .single pseudo-op.

	* Made ". = X" and ".set .,X" equivalent to ".org X".
	The pseudo-symbol "." has the value of the location the assembler is
	currently assembling to.

(In version 1.27)  Jay Fenlason  (hack)

	* Merged ns32k and i386 support.

(In version 1.26)  Jay Fenlason  (hack)

	* Added partial ns32k support.

	* Added RMS's evil .word misfeature.  Invented the -k (kludge) option
	to warn that this misfeature was used.

	* Modified some files to get rid of warnings from GCC.

	* Added fix so that / can also be a comment character by itself.

(In version 1.25)  Jay Fenlason  (hack)

	* Installed patches for VMS.

	* as.h (SIZEOF_STRUCT_FRAG): Added space before backslash-newline.

	* messages.c: Fixed typo.

	* app.c: Handle : correctly.

	* error.c: Removed; no longer used.

	* m68k-opcode.h: Added fnop.
	Fixed to correctly handle fmovem with a register list and
	non-predecriment addressing mode.

	* m68k-opcode.h: Fixed to know about long form of FBcc insns.

	* write.c: Warn if a fixup ended up being wider than its field width.

(In version 1.24)  Jay Fenlason  (hack)

	* Accept and ignore -mc68010 and -m68010 switches.

	* Correctly assemble long subroutine calls on the 68000 without using a
	68020-specific instruction.

	* When calling with no filenames, read stdin.

(In version 1.23)  Jay Fenlason (hack)

	* app.c: Rewritten.

	* xmalloc.c, xrealloc.c: Replaced to work with GCC.

(In version 1.22)  Jay Fenlason  (hack)

	* write.c: Fixed a VMS bug.

	* m68k.c: Fixed a bug having to do with turning absolute into

	* atof-m68k.c (atof_m68k, gen_to_words): Try to avoid a problem with
	running off the end of the LITTLENUMS.

	* vax.c: Fixed so parenthesized expressions work.

	* atof-generic.c: Added a cast that fixes problems with some C

(In version 1.21)

	* Changes for VMS support and correct bitfield order for

(In version 1.20)

	* m68k*: Fixed "fmovel #N, fpcr".  Added fpcr and fpsr to the list of

(In version 1.19)

	* m68k.c? (md_convert_frag): Don't put the fixups for absolute long to
	PC-relative in the data segment.

	* atof-generic.c: #include <alloca.h> #ifdef sparc.

(In version 1.18)

	* Re-fixed _vfprintf stuff (?).

	* Made "movem REG, ADDR" work.

	* Improved preprocessing, without temporary files.

(In version 1.17)

	* Don't produce an undefined empty symbol for ".globl foo," (a line
	ending with a comma).

	* Fixed a bug wherein ".long X" became ".long 0" on the Sparc.

	* Fixed a bug which caused many "#APP" "#NO_APP" pairs to dump core.

	* Fixed calls to _doprnt to call _vfprintf #ifndef NO_VARARGS.

(In version 1.16)

	* Merged HP-UX changes from Chris Hanson (cph@zurich.ai.mit.edu).

	* flonum-multip.c: Renamed to flonum-mult.c.

	* m-hpux.h: Created.

	* m68k.c (bcopy): Fixed.

(In version 1.15)

	* struct-symbol.h: Renamed to struc-symbol.h.

(In version 1.14)

	* vax.c: Added a quick fix for the offset of fixed-width branches not
	fitting in the field given.

	* gdb-lines.c, read.c: Added support for .gdline and .gdbline

(In version 1.13)

	* read.c, atof-generic.c: Fixed bugs in reading in floating-point

	* m68k-opcode.h: Made "fmovep a0@, fp0" work.

(In version 1.12)

	* write.c: Fixed an obscure bug in relaction that would occasionally
	cause the assembler to stop relaxing when it really had at least one
	more pass to do.

(In version 1.11)

	* m68k*: Allow register lists in fmovem.

	* Added more floating-point exponents.

	* Print an error message on exponent overflow.

(In version 1.10)

	* Fixed floating point bugs that made it generate incorrect numbers for
	values over 10^16 or so.

(In version 1.09)

	* Fixed bug wherein you couldn't forward reference local label 0.

(In version 1.08)

	* m68k.c, m68k-opcode.h: Added support for fmovem with register lists.

	* Fixed an obscure bug having to do with generating PC-relative
	addressing mode for things in the middle of the instruction instead of
	at the end.

Wed Mar  1 15:29:24 1989  Randall Smith  (randy at apple-gunkies.ai.mit.edu)

	* *.*: Modified copyright notices to reflect new General Public

	* Makefile: Added copyright notice.

Fri Feb 17 09:42:01 1989  Jay Fenlason  (hack at spiff)

	* Patched frags.c so that new frags start out bzero()ed.

Thu Jan 26 14:23:44 1989  Jay Fenlason  (hack at apple-gunkies.ai.mit.edu)

	* Added patches from pace to files as.h i386.c i386-opcode.h
	  imull foo,%eax no longer gets assembled into the 32-64 bit
	  multiply, which clobbers %edx behind gcc's back

	  jcxz/jecxz were backwards

	  There was a bug when using %ebp as a base register with no

	  Instructions like andb $0xffffff, %al used to put out too many
	  immediate bytes

	  The splitting jump instructions across frags could happen when
	  obstack_room()==6 too.
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