Gated is not included in this distribution for two reasons.  The first
is because it is constantly updated and any version included here would
probably be out of date by the time you received the 4.4BSD distribution.
The second is that the licensing terms of gated are somewhat different
than those of 4.4BSD.

We encourage you to obtain gated, it is available without cost via the
methods listed below.  Distribution of gated outside your organization
requires a no-cost license, but within your organization there are no

Gated is available for anonymous FTP from gated.cornell.edu in the
pub/gated directory.  At the time of this writing, the current version
is pub/gated/gated-R3_0Beta_1.tar.Z; check the pub/gated/README file
for more information.

Gated is also available via gopher from gated.cornell.edu at the
default gopher port, 70, in the `Gated Distribution Directory'.  It is
also possible to retrieve gated via e-mail, for more information send
a message to gated-people-archive@gated.cornell.edu with a subject
line of `help'.

If you are unable to obtain gated via one of these methods or wish
information on licensing, contact the developers via e-mail
(gated@gated.cornell.edu) or me directly at +1 607 255 6460.

                                        Jeffrey C Honig
                                        April 29, 1993