The current developers of Gawk would like to thank and acknowledge the
many people who have contributed to the development through bug reports
and fixes and suggestions.  Unfortunately, we have not been organized
enough to keep track of all the names -- for that we apologize.

Another group of people have assisted even more by porting Gawk to new
platforms and providing a great deal of feedback.  They are:

	Hal Peterson <hrp@pecan.cray.com> (Cray)
	Pat Rankin <gawk.rankin@EQL.Caltech.Edu> (VMS)
	Michal Jaegermann <NTOMCZAK@vm.ucs.UAlberta.CA> (Atari, NeXT, DEC 3100)
	Mike Lijewski <mjlx@eagle.cnsf.cornell.edu> (IBM RS6000)
	Scott Deifik <scottd@amgen.com> (MSDOS 2.14)
	Kent Williams (MSDOS 2.11)
	Conrad Kwok (MSDOS earlier versions)
	Scott Garfinkle (MSDOS earlier versions)

Last, but far from least, we would like to thank Brian Kernighan who
has helped to clear up many dark corners of the language and provided a
restraining touch when we have been overly tempted by "feeping