Compiling GAWK on VMS:

     There's a DCL command procedure that will issue all the necessary
CC and LINK commands, and there's also a Makefile for use with the MMS
utility.  From the source directory, use either

VAX C V3.x  -- use either vmsbuild.com or descrip.mms as is.  These use
        CC/OPTIMIZE=NOLINE, which is essential for version 3.0.
VAX C V2.x  -- (version 2.3 or 2.4; older ones won't work); edit either
        vmsbuild.com or descrip.mms according to the comments in them.
        For vmsbuild.com, this just entails removing two '!' delimiters.
        Also edit config.h (which is a copy of file [.config]vms-conf.h)
        and comment out or delete the two lines ``#define __STDC__ 0''
        and ``#define VAXC_BUILTINS'' near the end.
GNU C  -- edit vmsbuild.com or descrip.mms; the changes are different
        from those for VAX C V2.x, but equally straightforward.  No
        changes to config.h should be needed.
DEC C  -- edit vmsbuild.com or descrip.mms according to their comments.

     Tested under VAX/VMS V5.5-1 using VAX C V3.2, GNU C 1.40 and 2.3.
Should work without modifications for VMS V4.6 and up.

Installing GAWK on VMS:

     All that's needed is a 'foreign' command, which is a DCL symbol
whose value begins with a dollar sign.
 |$ GAWK :== $device:[directory]GAWK
(Substitute the actual location of gawk.exe for 'device:[directory]'.)
That symbol should be placed in the user's login.com or in the system-
wide sylogin.com procedure so that it will be defined every time the
user logs on.

     Optionally, the help entry can be loaded into a VMS help library.
(You may want to substitute a site-specific help library rather than
the standard VMS library 'HELPLIB'.)  After loading the help text,
will provide information about both the gawk implementation and the
awk programming language.

     The logical name AWK_LIBRARY can designate a default location
for awk program files.  For the '-f' option, if the specified filename
has no device or directory path information in it, Gawk will look in
the current directory first, then in the directory specified by the
translation of AWK_LIBRARY if it the file wasn't found.  If the file
still isn't found, then ".awk" will be appended and the file access
will be re-tried.  If AWK_LIBRARY is not defined, that portion of the
file search will fail benignly.

Running GAWK on VMS:

     Command line parsing and quoting conventions are significantly
different on VMS, so examples in _The_GAWK_Manual_ or the awk book
often need minor changes.  They *are* minor though, and all the awk
programs should run correctly.

     Here are a couple of trivial tests:
 |$ gawk -- "BEGIN {print ""Hello, World!""}"
 |$ gawk -"W" version     !could also be -"W version" or "-W version"
Note that upper- and mixed-case text must be quoted.

     The VMS port of Gawk includes a DCL-style interface in addition
to the original shell-style interface.  See the help entry for details.
One side-effect of dual command line parsing is that if there's only a
single parameter (as in the quoted string program above), the command
becomes ambiguous.  To work-around this, the normally optional "--"
flag is required to force shell rather than DCL parsing.  If any other
dash-type options (or multiple parameters such as data files to be
processed) are present, there is no ambiguity and "--" can be omitted.

     The logical name AWKPATH can be used to override the default
search path of "SYS$DISK:[],AWK_LIBRARY:" when looking for awk program
files specified by the '-f' option.  The format of AWKPATH is a comma-
separated list of directory specifications.  When defining it, the
value should be quoted so that it retains a single translation, not a
multi-translation RMS searchlist.

Building and using GAWK under VMS POSIX:

     Ignore the instructions above, although vms/gawk.hlp should still
be made available in a help library.  Make sure that the two scripts,
'configure' and 'mungeconf', are executable; use `chmod +x' on them if
necessary.  Then execute the following two commands:
 |psx> configure vms-posix
 |psx> make awktab.c gawk
The first command will construct files "config.h" and "Makefile" out of
templates.  The second command will compile and link 'gawk'.  Due to
a 'make' bug in VMS POSIX 1.0 and V1.1, the file "awktab.c" must be
given as an explicit target or it will not be built and the final link
step will fail.  Ignore the warning "Could not find lib m in lib list";
it is harmless, caused by the Makefile's explicit use of -lm as a linker
option which is not needed under VMS POSIX.  Under V1.1 (but not V1.0)
a problem with the yacc skeleton /etc/yyparse.c will cause a compiler
warning for awktab.c, followed by a linker warning about compilation
warnings in the resulting object module.  These warnings can be ignored.

     Another 'make' bug interferes with exercising various components
of the test suite, but all the actual tests should execute correctly.
(The main exception being book/wordfreq, which gives different results
due to VMS POSIX 'sort' rather than to 'gawk'.)