From:	"Lars Hecking" <ST000002@hrz1.hrz.th-darmstadt.de>
Date:	Thu, 3 Dec 1992 17:56:24 -0400
Subject:      Gawk-2.14 -- Amiga-Port, the 2nd

Gawk on the Amiga has been compiled and tested using the Amiga port
of gcc by Markus Wild (wild@nessie.cs.id.ethz.ch). I recommend the use
of this compiler (at least v2.2.2) because the provided environment
(includes, libs, binutils) allows straight-forward porting of BSD/UNIX
programs. Gcc compiled programs access/emulate UNIX syscalls via a
shared library (ixemul.library); thus, only minimal changes to the
source are necessary. That release also provides a `sh'- command. If
no `sh'-command is available or another compiler is being used,
`config.h' and `Makefile' are to be created by hand. Since I'm afraid
that none of the Amiga-specific make-commands handles UNIX-style
makefiles correctly I suggest the use of Dennis Vadura's`dmake',
which is available on the Amiga (v3.6). I'm currently using dmake v3.8
(a hack) or GNU make v3.62 (another hack :), which even allows
to start multiple make jobs! Thanx to Markus!).

Machine Configuration	(obsoleted by gawk 2.16)
Only copy the following into config/amiga:

Amiga under AmigaOS with gcc
DEFPATH  ".,/usr/local/lib"

The gcc compiler and the compiled executables are working under
AmigaOS 1.2/1.3 as well as AmigaOS 2.x. However, some very special
functions of ixemul.library currently require AmigaOS 2.x to work

How to compile (obsoleted by gawk 2.16)
Compiling and installing on the Amiga rather clones the UNIX-

After you have extracted the `gawk' distribution, `cd' to `gawk-
2.14'. Look in the `config' subdirectory for a file that matches your
machine (in this case: `amiga', if the gawk maintainers put it there

   If you find such a file, run the command:

     sh configure amiga

   This produces a `Makefile' and `config.h' tailored to your system.
   You may wish to edit the `Makefile' to use a different C compiler,
   such as `gcc', the GNU C compiler (recommended), if you have it.
   You may also wish to change the `CFLAGS' variable, which controls
   the command line options that are passed to the C compiler (such as
   optimization levels, or producing `resident'-able code)

   After you have configured `Makefile' and `config.h', type:


and shortly thereafter (a little bit longer on a 7MHz machine >:->,
you should have an executable version of `gawk'. That's all there is
to it!

Testing ( %-/
Testing gawk with the included shell-scripts and .awk-files is not
possible. As far as I found out this is a Shell problem (shell-
metas), not a gawk problem. Using gawk from the commandline requires
modifications, too. To perform at least some of the tests I'd

        make >amitest -n bigtest

then modifying 'amitest' to work with your shell and

        execute amitest

All tests that are depending on UNIX-shell specifics will fail (eg.
redirection of stderr: stderr and stdout are identical on the Amiga).
If I really have the time (currently I'm finishing my studies) I'll
write an amiga-script for the tests ...

Despite testing is not a thankful task, `gawk' works and I found it
very useful for tasks where both shell scripts and C-programs are