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   This file documents `awk', a program that you can use to select
particular records in a file and perform operations upon them.

   This is Edition 0.15 of `The GAWK Manual',
for the 2.15 version of the GNU implementation
of AWK.

   Copyright (C) 1989, 1991, 1992, 1993 Free Software Foundation, Inc.

   Permission is granted to make and distribute verbatim copies of this
manual provided the copyright notice and this permission notice are
preserved on all copies.

   Permission is granted to copy and distribute modified versions of
this manual under the conditions for verbatim copying, provided that
the entire resulting derived work is distributed under the terms of a
permission notice identical to this one.

   Permission is granted to copy and distribute translations of this
manual into another language, under the above conditions for modified
versions, except that this permission notice may be stated in a
translation approved by the Foundation.

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Tag Table:
Node: Top1052
Node: Preface3963
Node: History5556
Node: Copying7899
Node: This Manual27051
Node: Sample Data Files28895
Node: Getting Started31687
Node: Very Simple33398
Node: Two Rules35366
Node: More Complex37450
Node: Running gawk40436
Node: One-shot41385
Node: Read Terminal42521
Node: Long43580
Node: Executable Scripts44922
Node: Comments47145
Node: Statements/Lines48248
Node: When51139
Node: Reading Files53054
Node: Records54781
Node: Fields58015
Node: Non-Constant Fields60628
Node: Changing Fields62452
Node: Field Separators65825
Node: Constant Size75461
Node: Multiple Line79009
Node: Getline81405
Node: Close Input91149
Node: Printing92605
Node: Print93604
Node: Print Examples95738
Node: Output Separators98077
Node: OFMT99815
Node: Printf100959
Node: Basic Printf101863
Node: Control Letters103288
Node: Format Modifiers105102
Node: Printf Examples107607
Node: Redirection110289
Node: File/Pipe Redirection111025
Node: Close Output114498
Node: Special Files117002
Node: One-liners121936
Node: Patterns124658
Node: Kinds of Patterns125636
Node: Regexp126641
Node: Regexp Usage127585
Node: Regexp Operators129614
Node: Case-sensitivity135092
Node: Comparison Patterns137402
Node: Boolean Patterns139563
Node: Expression Patterns141073
Node: Ranges142513
Node: BEGIN/END143923
Node: Empty146477
Node: Actions146748
Node: Expressions149128
Node: Constants151149
Node: Variables156714
Node: Assignment Options158323
Node: Arithmetic Ops160007
Node: Concatenation161673
Node: Comparison Ops163021
Node: Boolean Ops167446
Node: Assignment Ops169909
Node: Increment Ops173983
Node: Conversion176479
Node: Values179554
Node: Conditional Exp182137
Node: Function Calls183465
Node: Precedence186229
Node: Statements189612
Node: If Statement191295
Node: While Statement192823
Node: Do Statement194786
Node: For Statement195871
Node: Break Statement199063
Node: Continue Statement200672
Node: Next Statement203295
Node: Next File Statement205239
Node: Exit Statement208285
Node: Arrays209900
Node: Array Intro211102
Node: Reference to Elements214605
Node: Assigning Elements216548
Node: Array Example217050
Node: Scanning an Array218781
Node: Delete221081
Node: Numeric Array Subscripts222061
Node: Multi-dimensional223941
Node: Multi-scanning227169
Node: Built-in228791
Node: Calling Built-in229748
Node: Numeric Functions231012
Node: String Functions234359
Node: I/O Functions243594
Node: Time Functions246218
Node: User-defined254306
Node: Definition Syntax255024
Node: Function Example259016
Node: Function Caveats260091
Node: Return Statement263134
Node: Built-in Variables265517
Node: User-modified266553
Node: Auto-set270830
Node: Command Line276569
Node: Options277494
Node: Other Arguments284568
Node: AWKPATH Variable286934
Node: Obsolete289076
Node: Undocumented290336
Node: Language History290524
Node: V7/S5R3.1291465
Node: S5R4294169
Node: POSIX295706
Node: POSIX/GNU296424
Node: Installation298055
Node: Gawk Distribution298921
Node: Extracting299374
Node: Distribution contents300969
Node: Unix Installation303773
Node: Quick Installation304464
Node: Configuration Philosophy305633
Node: New Configurations307959
Node: VMS Installation310061
Node: VMS Compilation310620
Node: VMS Installation Details312235
Node: VMS Running313872
Node: VMS POSIX315458
Node: MS-DOS Installation316846
Node: Atari Installation317774
Node: Gawk Summary323536
Node: Command Line Summary324297
Node: Language Summary326730
Node: Variables/Fields328819
Node: Fields Summary329545
Node: Built-in Summary331012
Node: Arrays Summary334217
Node: Data Type Summary335492
Node: Rules Summary336965
Node: Pattern Summary338614
Node: Regexp Summary340847
Node: Actions Summary342067
Node: Operator Summary342982
Node: Control Flow Summary344343
Node: I/O Summary344949
Node: Printf Summary346828
Node: Special File Summary348654
Node: Numeric Functions Summary350712
Node: String Functions Summary351548
Node: Time Functions Summary353380
Node: String Constants Summary354144
Node: Functions Summary355527
Node: Historical Features356586
Node: Sample Program357443
Node: Bugs361697
Node: Notes364545
Node: Compatibility Mode365074
Node: Future Extensions365907
Node: Improvements368204
Node: Glossary370239
Node: Index380680

End Tag Table